Foster Animals

Foster Program
Toronto Humane Society relies on the dedication of Foster Parent Volunteers to aid in the recovery and development of animals that are not quite ready for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons. Foster parents offer temporary homes and care for animals until they are ready to be returned to the shelter for adoption. The main goal of the THS Foster Program is to provide animals in our care with the opportunity for happy and healthy future.

All Foster Parents must:
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Have animal care experience, preferably in an ownership or volunteer role. 
- Have time to care for animals in their home.
- Have access to reliable transportation to ensure quick transport in case of an emergency.
- Be able to abide by the Foster Care Agreement signed upon joining the program.
- Attend a Foster Orientation.

The first step at becoming a foster parent is to attend and orientation session where you can submit an application.

Foster Orientation Session for New Foster Parents
Sunday, April 27th at THS, 2nd floor boardroom @ 2pm
Please RSVP to to confirm availability.