Happy Tails

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Beans and Nimbus

Beans and Nimbus

November 18, 2015

We adopted Beans and Nimbus (formerly Twizzler and Swedish Berry) over a month and a half ago and we’ve seen them made significant progress since. When we first met them, we were told they were super shy rabbits that did not like to be touched and they were always hiding in their tube. We saw great potential in them and decided to take them in.

The first week we brought them home, they barely interacted with us and would run away whenever we got near. Over a month later after giving them plenty of love, attention, and free range space, they’ve become more social. We would come home and they would run up to us, always looking for food. In fact, Nimbus is often seen doing binkies and zooming around our living room! Most importantly, they don’t mind us petting them as much now and will offer us kisses whenever we’re near. We’re so proud of the progress they made!

Here’s a photo of when we first adopted them vs now.

Justina Lam