Happy Tails

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November 04, 2015

I’d been wanting a small pet for some time and Dahlia seemed like the perfect fit. She seemed shy but gentle when I met her at the THS and I fell in love with her beautiful black eyes and soft coat. She’s only been with the family for a month but we love hearing her little peeping noises and feeding her treats (she’s loving our garden greens!). And best of all, I adopted Daisy the Abyssinian privately to be Dahlia’s new buddy. Daisy is spunky and mischievous and loves to tease her new friend. Dahlia now has someone to play tag with and share a nice bale of timothy hay when she’s done. The girls spend their days in their big play pen, chasing each other, begging for more greens and showing off their popcorning skills. At night they get their own corner of a “piggy penthouse” we built. They’re happy and healthy and they’re both as pretty as their names.

Thank you, THS!