Happy Tails

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October 13, 2015


My name is Travis and I thought I would just write in to give an update about how our Toronto Humane Society dog Harvey is coming along. We came in and met Harvey back in May of 2015 and instantly fell in love with him. He was such a handsome boy and seemed so calm when we would go and meet him on our way home from work. After multiple visits, we decided he was the dog for us and decided to come in and take him home. When I went online it was much to my shock to see that he was no longer listed on the website! I quickly emailed and found out that he had been transferred to Durham Country Humane for adoption. After multiple calls and emails to them, we finally got through and had Harvey on hold. Two days later we were in Durham adopting him and our lives have never been the same since!

Harvey clearly lacked any proper training when we got him, and despite his stubbornness, we were committed to giving him the best possible home. With some advice from Toronto Humane Society K9 we started working on him and his results in that time are impressive to say the least. He no longer pulls on walks, listens to commands, greets and plays with other dogs without issue, calms down inside the house, and gets along with the cats. He is still the lovable same dog that he was the day we got him but with a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance he has become the good boy that he always could be. He still has a little way to go but I thought I would share this story of how any dog, despite some behavioral issues, can have a great second chance at life. Harvey has not been happier in his life and neither have we!

Thanks again THS!
Travis and Kara