Happy Tails

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November 17, 2015

Hi there,

Just wanted to share a few of our dogs, both THS alumns. We adopted Milo (formerly Balou) December 2013 and he has been the perfect dog. He’s very calm, mellow, and sweet. He doesn’t love strangers but he loves his people as soon as they earn his trust. We had such an amazing experience that we decided to add one more and adopted Radar (formerly Gary) this past July. He was one of the dogs brought in from Stockton and had poor skin and fur. At the time it was thought he was a stray.

He’s always been pretty cute but you can see he’s pretty handsome now and no skin/fur issues to speak of. Milo and him are warming up to each other and can occasionally be found sharing a cushion or blanket. They’re both full of love, and so far healthy as can be. Both experiences have been wonderful and we’ll never look anywhere other than a shelter for a dog.

Thank you for everything you do daily for these animals.
Harpreet and Stephen