Happy Tails

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November 30, 2015

I knew the minute I saw Rory that there was something special about him. When we brought him home and took him out of the kennel, he immediately made himself at home and even tolerated my dog Marty following him around the house. It’s been just over a week and you would think the two grew up together from birth. They are best buds.

Rory was slightly scared of Marty’s “crazy” play the first few days but has since come around and even joins in on it! I love watching them play together; they’ve even formed their own version of chase. It helps that Marty is about the same size and age as the cat. I didn’t know much about Rory when I got him which made me somewhat hesitant. But I’m pleased to say he doesn’t seem to have any bad habits whatsoever. He is an amazing cat and I am so happy we’ve found him.