Happy Tails

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Takara and Alice

Takara and Alice

November 25, 2015

Since adopting Alice Augusta on August 5th, 2015 it seemed we needed a sister for her, so we adopted Takara on November 20th and added the second name of Amai so that her full name in Japanese means “Sweet Treasure”. And that she is!!

So far, she and Alice don’t see eye-to-eye but it’s early days and they will grow to love each other in time. With me, both girls are sweethearts and so loving and so dear. I could never part with either one now. I love them both so much. I have included another photo of Alice (black and white) along with one of Takara (grey and white). Soon enough I hope to be able to photograph them together!

Again, much gratitude to THS staff (especially Kat) for all of the wonderful and dedicated work you do on these little ones’ behalf so that they have a chance at a better life. Thank you so much!

Linda, Alice and Takara Herrington

PS - I also wanted to add that Takara and Alice seem to be slowly getting used to one another. They are still a bit wary of one another and give each other space, but at least we are all living together now and no one is separated in one room!

Takara is just as adorable as Alice but of an entirely different personality, of course. She loves butting your hand to initiate pets and flops on her side, then rolls on her back to get belly rubs. She is so funny and so darling. Like Alice, Takara is a very gentle girl. I am buying a second cat tree since they don’t seem to like sharing. Sisters (lol)!

I have never had two cats at once before and this is beyond great! I love them so much. They are wonderful to watch and to interact with and once they start playing together, well, even more photos will ensue, lol!