Happy Tails

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October 16, 2015

We have proudly been the loyal and loving companion to Trinity since August 2014 when we met her as an eager and playful 11-month-old pup.

Trin arrived at the THS a month prior to our initial encounter, apparently found as a stray. She was described to us as having been “very skinny” with her ribs showing, broken teeth plus abnormal wear for a then 10-month-old, and some scars and scratches. She was unavailable for adoption for her first month while the wonderful staff and volunteers at THS worked their magic to bring her up to a healthy state. As luck would have it, we were visiting the THS very shortly after Trinity became ready for her forever home. She was lively and sweet and excited to bond. She was already very well trained, fully house-broken and great with people.

While the staff at the THS were unsure about how she would do having an adoptive-feline-brother in our house, Trin showed her true gentle nature with nothing but affection for him, even when he gave her a few swats at first. They now groom each other regularly.

Trinity is a loving being (although her love for squirrels usually wins out), incredibly patient with overly-fussy humans, and full of kisses for kids. She loves her daily ritual of playing fetch at the park and napping. We are showing you how tuckered out she gets after a long day of playing at the beach!

Sometimes on our walks, other dog owners will comment on how surprised they are that “she is a rescue” - as if to expect she be less well-adjusted! This reflects a terrible untrue stereotype that there is something “wrong” with rescues. We are so impressed by the THS and thrilled with our life-enhancing experience! Please support rescuing animals from your local shelter and change this false reputation.

From Emma & Fred