Welcome to Meowvember!

Meowvember is a month-long extrava-catza, dedicated to rehoming as many cats as possible. All adoption fees are variable: adopters will spin the adoption wheel to find out how much their adoption fee will be! Fees range from $20-$60, or even free!

All adoption fees have been generously sponsored by Catech: they have committed matching every adoption fee. Meow!

Each adopter will be entered into a weekly raffle draw, to be held every Caturday of the month. Raffle prizes range from gift baskets, cat carriers & goodies, and a cat tree! These items have been donated by Ren's Pet Depot.

Starting this month we will also be giving away a Litter Locker with each cat adoption! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOuB8eALodg ) Litter lockers have been generously donated to the THS, for new cat owners. Litter lockers will be added to the feline adoption package for 1 year, or until quantities last.

Oh, and each kitty goes home with a toy and a tent - thanks to Ren's Pet Depot and Fresh Co for their support!

So if you can't support Movember, support Meowvember! Be a part of the solution for the  homeless cat crisis in the GTA. Support the THS adopt a cat, and adopt love.

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