The Shelter Buzz

July 30, 2010

New Q&A Area

We are happy to announce the launch of our new question and answer area. Here we will be addressing various questions from the public as well as accepting comments or further questions.

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Our first question from Rita of Toronto is:

“Why are there no stray animals at the THS?”

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June 18, 2010

Improved Dog Runs

During the revitalization the THS consulted with outside experts from the University of California who made several recommendations on how to improve life for the animals while they are in our care. One of those recommendations was to provide more space for the animals here at the shelter. One way we have done this for the dog runs located on our main level is to make a hole between two of the current cages. This essentially will double the ammount of space that each dog has while they are at the THS.Furthermore, this minimize disruption to the animal when cleaning of their run takes place as we can put the animal in one side and close it off, clean the other side and then vice versa. This means that the dog will never have to leave their run if it needs to be cleaned. Moving animals to new cages can be disruptive to them and should be minimized.

We are proud of the changes we have made and are confident that our short term closure will reap long term benefits for the animals. We hope you will join us on June 28th for our grand reopening.

June 18, 2010

Intensive Remodeling/Retraining

Despite being closed to the public there has been a lot going on here at the THS. Staff have received comprehensive retraining in all aspects of shelter life so that when we  do re-open on we will be more knowledgeable and better able to serve all the animals that come into our facility.We have completed some minor renovations of the facility, most notably the lobby will have a new layout and welcome desk which will always be manned by our customer services staff to assist the public when they come in.Staff are excited about welcoming animals back into the shelter. We are eager to bring back foster animals that are ready for adoption and to accept owner / custodial surrenders on.

We are excited about our new website and computer database system launching and having more information available to the public about our animals in an easy to use online portal.

Shelter reception area gets a makeover Brand new reception desk in its final stages of construction
Shelter staff during one of many training sessions Comprehensive re-training continues...
New online adoption portal goes live!

June 15, 2010

Bird & Reptile Room Remodeled to Enrich Animal Stay at THS

As part of the Toronto Humane Society’s revitalization program we have remodeled many areas of our shelter. These changes were made with the animals in mind of course! We want to ensure they have the most comfortable stay while are in our care.We recently completed the repainting of our Bird & Reptile room. Our intention was to create an environment which more closely resembles the animals’ natural habitat. Since the animals who will be housed in this room are usually from a tropical setting, we painted the walls in a jungle theme with lots of trees and leaves.With a south facing skylight in this room, the animals can enjoy natural light throughout most of the day. This natural light adds to the environment, making this room a comfortable place for the animals while they wait to be adopted.

Our Special Species Coordinator, Ruthann, along with many volunteers, have worked very hard to make this room a happy home for our birds and reptiles.