Success Stories
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January 15, 2013

Hi All

Here.s a picture of Thorpe with his new owner Mark (13). Mark was thrilled with his unexpected Christmas present and Thorpe adjusted to his new home instantly. He loves to explore, snuggle and purrs like a motorboat. Mark has named him Mack.
Thank you for the wonderful care and service you provide.

Best Regards

Leon Sherriff


January 15, 2013

In November I took the big step of becoming a mom again, I renamed them Stella and Sacha. They were Candy and Shagg.


January 11, 2013


Pepper our cat with no eyes was adopted from you two years ago.

This is a photo of her enjoying a glass of water. She likes sitting on the dining table and steals whatever she finds. 

Jenny Carter.


January 5, 2013

Lexi is proof that no dog is beyond redemption. She came to me scared and anxious. Now she is a big goofball and loves cuddle time. If you're willing to put in the effort to work with them - it's worth it!

She is flourishing and doing well with her new diet, off leash adventures and lots of cuddles/love. A huge thank you to Eric from TSH for seeing me through those first couple weeks as Lexi and I adjusted to each other.

Keep up the great work Eric and crew!

Dharshika and Lexi

Picture: Lexi's journey from November 17, 2013 at the Toronto Humane Society to my couch on January 5, 2014.


January 4, 2013

Dear THS,

Just to let you know...Wikki or now know as a great joy!

My life after a break up has been difficult but since Rex has come to my life we enjoy time together walking and hanging out! He has been a great dog with babies and young nephews and a nieces. Rex hates his winter coat and booties but I have a photo of him anyways. He is a cute dog but his personality is what wins my heart!

Warmest regards,
Rose and Rex


January 3, 2013

I have been very happy with my cat Sylvester Dolce Vita for the past three months. First when my cat was at the animal shelter, his name was Dolce Vita, but I have decided to rename my cat as Sylvester Dolce Vita after he went home with me back in October 2013. 

This e-mail, I am letting you know that my cat has been settled at my forever home very well that he has become an affectionate cat with me. My cat likes to be with me most of the times, but when my cat wants his independence; then he will go to stand by my window's ledge.

Can one of you please share these beautiful photos about my cat and myself either on Facebook and/or your company's website, so everyone knows how much I do love my cat.

P.S. Happy New Year to all the staff at Toronto Humane Society. May this new year of 2014 continue to have full of success, happiness, and love at the animal shelter.

Sincerely yours,



December 31, 2013

Hello THS Staff,

Just wanted to give you an update on my pal Micah, who i adopted from THS in late January 2013.

I kept the name he had  as i like it, though i pronounce it differently then a lot of people.  Micah has been an awesome addition to my household and family.  He is  a sweet cat, still on the chubby side, but i love him just the way he is.

When he first came to my place, he was timid, anxious, and scared really.  Just appeared that he wasn't that trusting of people which may have to do with how he was treated previously.  But it is coming close to a year and Micah has made great progress to the point that he isn't the cat that was given up anymore. 

Micah is at home... he loves to play with his feathered toys or anything that looks like it can move really fast.  I remember when i picked Micah up from THS and was told that he was not a lap cat and doesn't like to be held. But... surprise surprise... Micah loves to curl up and sleep on my lap every evening.

Though Micah has been a chubby cat, and has some ways to go...he has been successful in losing 2 lbs...which I think is due to the amount of playtime he gets.  But he is just awesome to have around.  He is talkative, curious, and at times so funny..just the expressions on his face because he has an intense stare with bright eyes.

Just wanted to say thank you to THS for bringing us together.  Here are a few pictures of Micah (MY-CAH):


December 29, 2013

To each and every one of you at the THS,

I came in one dreary day earlier in the year, peeking at the cats with a friend of mine. After seeing Masya in the very last room in the very bottom cage, with her Persian cat tongue sticking out, a rough haircut and recovering from a severe upper respiratory infection...I melted.

I was told she was not eating, had most of her upper teeth removed and terrible  bowel issues, which may be long term. We did not know if she would survive, or what her outcome would be. The first few nights were scary, as she ate very little and slept the days away. She was only five pounds and available to foster with the option to adopt if she recovered...

Boy, did she recover!

Masya (or Meemee we call her sometimes), is a beautiful girl in all of her glorious ten years. She adores eating now and has gained an additional three pounds and eats and drinks with no trouble. She gets a long so well with our two dogs and brother rescue cat Binx, and is often found on the lower level of the cat tree, or in the bathroom waiting for you to leave the shower. She is a doll despite her hardships, and I can't imagine my life without her now.

Thank you for all you do - and all the veterinary staffs hard work before and during the foster - to help Masya overcome her illnesses so she could find her now forever home with our family!

Warmest regards,


Here is Masya the night I brought her home...


December 29, 2013

Dear THS

We are celebrating Jaxson's 1 yr anniversary with us.

Jaxson has become a wonderful addition to our family and a great companion to Tiko, our other dog.
Jaxson enjoys the cottage life, he enjoys going in the boat and basking in the sun.

If he is not playing with Tiko in the backyard he can be found close to mom who claims Jaxson is a ladies dog.
We are glad to have Jaxson as part of our family.

The Anderson's


December 24, 2013

Our happy story began right around the time my fiancé and I became engaged.  We are both animal lovers and had a particular soft spot for cats and were thinking about adopting.  

At our engagement party we received some money and we thought it would be well spent at the humane society where we could add a little cat or kitten to our family in the making.  Sure enough we walk in and there is an abundance of darling kittens and cats.  Initially we had wanted a cat...  After meeting a few different cats and kittens we came across Puddles (a kitten) ... And when we picked her up she just started to purr and we thought, she's the one!! 

We took her home.. And she wasn't shy at all... Her first plan of action was a nice big poop... Hello! Once business was taken care of she came and cuddled in between the two of us on the couch and let us pet her.....  And then she saw the Christmas tree...  Oh boy does she love the Christmas tree! It was her favourite thing from the get go.. She loves to climb and perch on the branches and knock the ornaments (shatterproof)  off the tree then jump out and chase after them!

She's also a huge fan of her scratching post! Huge fan! Ever meet a kitty with an aversion to scratching furniture? No? Me either... That is until I met Puddles!

She's the cuddliest, sweetest kitty who loves to play, kiss and nuzzle and sleep on our laps!
Needless to say we love her very much..


December 22, 2013

Charcoal is adjusting amazingly in our home. Already acts like he owns the place. Thanks again, he was exactly what we were looking for. A real sweat heart.

Thanks the Downie Family, the girls deciding on naming him Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life being so close to Christmas :) Also was my fathers name, and believe it or not, Charcoals d.o.b. is Sept 19th so was my Dad's.


December 22, 2013

Hello to everyone at the THS,

We are so happy to have Destiny - now Sherane - sharing our home with us. She loves going for long walks and games of catch at Trinity Bellwoods Park, where she gets along famously with the other dogs. By day she is perfectly content to play on her own or relax, or go do errands with us around the neighbourhood. The other day she even ran into an old volunteer friend, to whom she showed much love and appreciation! She is very sweet and very affectionate. As you probably remember she has a skin condition, but she is very good about taking her medication and most of the time she doesn't seem too itchy. We will follow up with her new vet this week. 

She made our home her own right away, and it's strange to think that only a week ago she wasn't in our lives. Thank you for taking such good care of her before we found her at the THS. We are so grateful to you all. 

Happy Holidays,

Maya, Darby & Sherane


December 21, 2013

This past August we decided it was time to get a cat so we drove to the THS to look at the cats. We  walked through the whole cat section and the last cat we looked at was Rosie. Right away we could tell she was the one. We spent the rest of the day (it was too late to adopt that day) by her cage and the next day we came back to adopt her. 

She was nervous at first in our home but was always eager to get pet. In less than 3 days she was running around the house and was so eager to explore everything. She built a relationship with everyone in the house especially my sister who is 4 (and absolutely adores Rosie). As I write this she is lying by my feet sleeping, as she has spent the whole morning running around, which I could say is what she does and enjoys the most. 

We would like to thank everyone at the THS for everything they do for all of the animals, and for helping us find Rosie.


December 19, 2013

I would like to reach out to the Toronto Humane Society and say a big thank you! I adopted "Reece" on October 31st 2013 in a random visit to your adoption area and fell in love with him right away.

He has adjusted very well to our household, and by that I mean he has calmed down significantly. He is very obedient and well trained, we absolutely love having him in our home. 

Since the adoption we renamed him "Luigi", after Anne Hathaways cat "Louie" in the movie Princess Diaries.

Luigi is very much a boy! He loves to climb, run, jump and eat! Boy, does he love to eat. He's not afraid of water either, he loves watching the tap run and sitting in the bath tub after we shower. 

We spend as much time playing with him as possible and can tell he enjoys our company too. I am looking forward to many more years with Luigi and the love he had brought into our home.

Thank You Toronto Humane Society!

Roberto Spalierno 


December 19, 2013

Hello THS

It is been exactly 1 year for today since we brought our beloved "Jessie" home from THS. She was 2 months when we brought her home and was called "Yumi" and now she is grown to be a very big girl of 80lbs.
She is the most intelligent and lovable dog I have ever seen and she loves me, my husband and my two kids so dearly. She was so easy to train and she instantly knew how to fit into our family and our schedule. As small as she was when she first came home it seemed like in a few weeks she understood every word we said to her.
I just want to thank everyone who helped us in the process and I must say that the last year that went by was one of the happiest years for our family and we cannot imagine our life without her around.

Thank you again

Ilanka, Nishan, Melissa and Ryan   


December 19, 2013

We adopted Clayton and Fenton last February.  They captured our hearts when we met them and we were so happy to bring them home.  They had a name change and are now called Miro and Drago but they didn't mind even a little bit about this.

At first they were very wary of their new home, hiding under the bed and behind furniture for most of the day but as time went on they have become very affectionate and a real part of our family.  They were very tiny when we met them but have grown into real big boys.  

They loved being brushed and they love their "bird" toy - a plush toy that they insist on having after after meal.  And while they do like running all around the house at night it is fun to hear them playing.  Yes, we have to vacuum the couch everyday to remove all the hair but it is a small price to pay to see their beautiful faces everyday.

They really like to ensure we wake up early - they love breakfast at 7 am.  These two brothers are very opposite of each other - Drago is a morning kit tie - he loves morning snuggles and always wants to be playful early.  Miro is sour night imd boy - he will sit with us for hours and even wants to always sleep in the bed with us.  

Miro and Drago are very happy now - and sound most of their day sleeping and playing.  We recently got a new home and they are really looking forward to spring so they can play outside on the terrace.

Thank you THS for making them and us happy by bringing us together.

Daniel Thompson and Luben Blagoev


December 17, 2013

Hello everyone - 

Thought you'd like to hear from Buster (a.k.a. Peppy).  He's been with us for over 4 weeks now and we couldn't be happier.  He's settled in quite nicely in his new forever home.  He'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season!!!  Thanks for all your help.

Michael and John


December 16, 2013


Every holiday season I look around and count my blessings, and every year I think about that fateful day in 2009 when I came to the River Street THS to fill the void of furriness in my life!|

After being advised against adopting the first 4 cats I liked (dietary issues, anxiety problems) I asked someone to suggest who might fit in well with three young students. Then I met Wendy (now Maeby!) - she was really vocal about wanting to get out of that box! She fit right in at home, and instantly started showing her sweet, friendly, cuddly personality. She just loves her human and cat friends!

When I first met my life partner Ben, the big test was whether or not he'd get along with Maeby. She fell in love with him instantly, and he with her. Since 2009, Ben, Maeby and I have welcomed Abby cat into the family as well. She was part of a litter at our local pet store looking for a good home. Maeby has turned into a great older sister.

Soon we moved from Toronto to Tobermory, Ontario, and then to Vancouver, British Columbia. The cats were well-behaved throughout the 50-hour drive, and we are so glad we brought them with us. They stayed in pet-friendly motels in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Dryden, ON, Regina, SK, and Banff, AB. Every night, we cuddled up and were glad to be together.

Maeby is so happy in her little apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia. She loves belly rubs, meeting new people, and watching birds and squirrels from her many perches. Everyone who meets her considers turning into a cat person :) 

Happy Holidays!


December 10, 2013

Toronto Humane Society,

We are giving you an update on how our little guy Scarface is doing, we changed his name from Fellow.  His first month was a bit hectic being introduced to his older sister.  Once my female cat finally realized her new little brother wasn't going away she had to accept him.  He has lots of toys he enjoys playing with,  hiding spots he thinks we don't know about. Scarface and Ounce (his sister) love playing chase tag with each other usually early in the morning sometimes it ends up in a little cat spat that's when they decide it's sleep time.

He is used to his routine soft food feeding times which is twice a day, (there is always a full dish of hard food) he lets us know if we happen to be late.  He loves his cat treats, if you've seen the commercial on TV for Temptations cat treats that's Scarface's reaction.

Even though Scarface had various medical problems when he was a kitten to this day he basically only has his eye infection which we give medical treatment for. We know he is partially blind, near sighted but other than that nothing holds him back, he is one active healthy little guy, well not so little anymore. 

We thank you for letting us adopt Scarface, he is loved very much, gets lots of attention, he is never alone his sister always near by when we are both out.

We look forward to many, many happy years with Scarface.

Thanks again THS,

Ron, Yvonne and Ounce


December 9, 2013

After we lost our 15 year old Jack Russell, Joan, and mother to Jane (pictured here) we felt Jane needed a companion. We visited the Humane Society in January 2012 and a staff member  (I'm sorry I can't remember her name) helped me find a good match for Jane.

I even brought Jane into the THS to spend time with several dogs we were considering. As you can see the Vizela cross who we named Charley was a perfect match and became firm friends and very tolerant of Jane !

Jane died last summer at 14 years old and now Charley is a solo dog so I suppose at some point we will visit the THS to find a companion for Charley - she is an affectionate, very sweet and energetic dog who we love having in our lives. Jane loved her too. 

Thank you!


December 7, 2013

Hello Toronto Humane Society Family,

I have submitted an update shortly after adopting Tucker (also known as Tucker to your shelter) in 2007 but it was not posted. Ours is a very special tale and I really hope to be able to share it with other pet parents.

Does anyone remember Tucker? He was brought in as a stray (although no one really thought this to be true at the shelter) in November 2007. I saw him and knew it was meant to be.  One week later he was coming home peering out of the back window of the car watching the shelter as we drove away to his new home.

Many believe things happen for a reason and Tucker has proved to me that this is true. There were 14 other people wanting to adopt Tucker the day I walked into the shelter.  There was a waiting list as he was a stray and time needed to be given for his owners to claim him.  When his waiting time was up I almost lost him to another adoptive parent but because I followed my instinct and took the day off work to be at the shelter before it opened he is mine today for as I was signing his adoption papers another couple stated they were here to see about adopting Tucker.

About 3 years after coming home, Tucker was diagnosed with an auto immune disease.  At the time it was detrimental and seemed like our entire world came to an end. However, with me by his side through the entire process, a truly amazing internal medicine doctor at our hospital and Tuckers strong will, now 3 years later,  he is now doing better than he did before his diagnosis.

When Tucker was sick I did not give up on him no matter the cost (financially or emotionally). Throughout this experience we have learned so much and grown tremendously.  When he got sick everything changed.  Although he ate a good high quality kibble I now (after proper doctor consults and research) happily cook 3 meals a day for Tucker and his 11 month old (cocker spaniel) brother and supplement according to their needs under guidance of a canine nutritionist.  This is just one change of many.  He and this experience has changed my life and in turn his, entirely for the better in too many ways to list here.  His experience will not only prolong his life but continue to change the lives of many dogs to come.

More than anything I want to thank the Toronto Humane Society for giving me the gift of being Tucker's mom.  He lights up my life every single day.
We at times stop in to the shelter with donations so keep an eye out for us J

Much love,

Adrianna and Tucker


December 7, 2013

Here are pepper and milo admiring the 6 ft Christmas tree we recently purchased and put up ready for the festive season.

We adopted them valentines day 2012 and they have been two little treasures.
Pepper was in a feral colony and was taken to river street where she had to have both eyes removed. She was car if the week and having seen her picture on the scratching post, I had to go meet her. I've had a blind cat and a one eyed cat previously so Pepper had to come home with me. I asked the team to pick out a suitable companion for her. One who would not jump on her, steal her food and be a bully. Spotty was chosen as he had been observed to groom other cats. He was from a hoarders house and was very timid. At first, he would hiss at us but soon came around and is the perfect gentleman with pepper.

They are spoilt rotten and sleep on the bed with us at night time. Pepper has mastered climbing on the bed, sofa, table and cat tree in spite of her disability. She has bags of confidence and loves food, enjoying opening the kitchen cupboards and helping herself to the bag of kibble.

Spotty was renamed Milo and he is a very affectionate little boy who loves tummy tickles, cuddles and playing with the laser pointer. 

Jenny and Dean Carter


December 7, 2013

Hello there!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Nala (formerly known and Sarita) into our lives.

We adopted her in late August and she's one of the best things that has ever happened to us! She brings us so much joy and each and every day and I honestly have no idea how we ever lived without her.

So thank you thank you and thank you again!


Ruby and Patrick


December 4, 2013

A little over a month ago my boyfriend and I adopted Coda (previously named Arizona).

She's settled in wonderfully and is the best kitten we could have asked for. She is always purring, cuddling, and loves to play fetch! Better than some of my friends dogs admittedly...

We couldn't be happier with this little girl and can't wait to share the future years with her.

Thanks, THS!



December 2, 2013

I adopted Poppy(seed) from THS in late January 2012. My first update is posted on your site. This is a second update almost a year later: Poppy (a.k.a. Princess) has been with me since January 2012. Labelled "special needs" at THS due to her age (5 years), litterbox challenges (resolved now), and "petting aggression" (read on), Poppy has blossomed into a gentle, loving and playful girl.

Fearful at first, separated from the home she knew, lodging at THS, a brief trial adoption that didn't work out, returned to THS = too many changes in a cat's life. Poppy spent her first few days here (on a foster to adopt trial) in January 2012 hiding behind the sofa. THS cautioned me that Poppy didn't like to be touched, was said to bite when petted, wasn't a "cuddly" cat at all. She was reported to become upset when left alone. Poppy was initially a very timid and silent kitty: it was weeks before she ventured her first "mew" and she still doesn't purr much at all. She didn't seem to know how to play.

That was then. This is now: Poppy initiates play sessions by batting one of her toys (ball, catnip mouse, small stuffed animal) at me, or dropping the mouse at my feet. She jumps on the bed in the morning to ask for breakfast and announces with a dainty "mew" that it's dinner time. She has discovered that a ball of yarn makes a wonderful plaything to be wound around chair legs, dragged down the hall, and batted into the room when I've been at the computer and ignoring Poppy for far too long. Long since out from hiding behind the sofa, the Princess now enjoys several nap locations including her throne in the computer room and her hooded cat bed when the weather turns chilly. She also loves to snooze on "her" chair on the (enclosed) balcony in the summer sun. The Princess is more relaxed if she knows there is someone home, but she does fine if left alone for a short while, too. She often greets me at the door when I come in from shopping. ("Did you remember to buy treats?")

Princess Poppy still doesn't like to be picked up, but she comes looking for, and never says no to, slow stroking under the chin or a scratch behind the ears. (She flops on the floor for this.) In recent weeks she has taken to settling onto the arm of the sofa for a minute of gentle petting during my night-time TV watching. In her own time, in her own way, and if / when it's her idea, Poppy does enjoy a cuddle! My thanks to THS for looking after Poppy until her forever home was ready. It's taken many months, but the Princess has progressed from "special needs" to "special".

She didn't come gift-wrapped, but she is a lovely gift!

Christine Jarvis


November 30, 2013

A few months ago my husband and I adopted a beautiful cat named Pearl from the Humane Society. 
Pearl is an older cat and we thought given that we had an older dog they would be better suited to get along.
Pearl is such a sweet cat. She is very vocal, she always follows me around and loves to be close on the couch.

Pearl has been a great addition to your family.


November 29, 2013

I adopted Jewels from the Toronto Humane Society in July and I just wanted to share his most recent pictures. He is such an adorable dog - I do not know why someone gave him up. 

When we first got him, we found out right away that he was a trained dog - he knows all his commands so house training was pretty easy. 

We knew from the beginning that this dog was full of energy and he still is! He will shred things that I leave around the house if he can get to it and I know this is a bad behaviour; but it also teaches me not to leave things around. We try to distract him and get him toys, rawhides, bones, and antlers to chew on... he goes through everything we give him very quickly. We're still trying to find a toy that he cannot destroy. 

All in all, he is an adorable dog, and I love him. He behaves well with other dogs - as you can see in one of the pictures. He's walking a 12 year old Shih Tzu! 

We used to be in a small condo, but now we moved to a 25 acre property for him to run around in up north and he loves it because it gets his energy out.

Hope you enjoyed the successful story and happy holidays!



November 25, 2013

We adopted our kitty cat (Beautiful) (formally known as Samara) on March 2, 2013.

We just wanted to say that we love our girl so much!

At first we were a little hesitant on adopting an older cat (she's 17) but we took a chance on her and are just so happy that we did.

Our Beautiful is the perfect addition to our family! We love how sweet, curious and gentle natured she is. We love how she always wants to be close to us - whether it's sitting on my husband's lap when he's on the internet - or whether I'm with the baby in the bedroom and she's watching me change the baby from the bed. She just loves to be close. Funny thing is, she will even say hello and come into the bathroom each morning for a stroke.

Ahhh, we just love her to pieces... just thought you should know :)

Jenny & Steve


November 25, 2013

Hello, we adopted Zoe last Thursday. My 5 year old daughter renamed her Rosie (which is pretty close to Zoe). So far she is making herself at home with us. Her favorite spot is on the bed that we share, she likes to sleep on the pillows.

She was a bit afraid at first but the bed is her "safe place". She lets us both pick her up and cuddle and pet her. We call her "cozy Rosie". Every night when we're all in bed she purrs the loudest! Here are a couple of pictures of Cozy Rosie being cozy!


November 23, 2013


I just wanted to give you a little update on Jimi ("Warsaw" while in your care).

I adopted Jimi from the Toronto Humane Society on July 31, 2012. Jimi is the sweetest little guy and loves to play fetch, especially with hair elastics! He is very affectionate and enjoys long cuddle sessions and rinsing his feet under the tap in the bathtub! Jimi is now a year and a half old and makes me laugh everyday. Thank you for providing me with such a lovely companion.

All the best,


November 19, 2013

Do you remember Costello? He is a 7yr old akita mix. He most definitely had some issues when I first adopted him. I am glad to report that with a lot of love, time & patience (& support from our veterinary clinic). Costello is doing absolutely amazing! He is a social butterfly. Loves to play in the field with his friends. Running, chasing birds & squirrels. He likes to swim & play in the snow.

But his biggest accomplishment would be that recently I gave birth to twin boys. Costello has become best friends with my boys. He sleeps in between the cribs & in inseparable from my boys. I'm soo happy that he has achieved these major milestones. There is always more work to do but with his accomplishments so far I am sure we will continue to grow & learn together.

He brings so much joy & happiness to my world. We will keep u updated :)


November 17, 2013

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

We wanted to provide you with an update on our 3 beautiful guinea pigs adopted last year.

Last December, we adopted 6 month old Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington. These 3 brothers were incredibly shy and nervous when they first came home to us. When they were scared (which happened regularly in the first few days), they would all huddle together in the same pigloo, meant to house a single guinea pig. Over those first few weeks, we watched them slowly gain confidence in their surroundings. Soon they were eating from our hands, ‘weeking' for food, and ‘popcorning' (an indication of extreme happiness).

Today they are very happy guinea pigs. They love playing chase with each other both in their cage and during daily floor time. Their favourite foods are fresh basil, carrot, and apple. This past summer they even enjoyed a variety of fresh vegetables from our urban garden.

We are very grateful to the staff and volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society who rescued and cared for our 3 guys before we adopted them. A special thanks to Eleri who followed up with us about how they were doing in those first few weeks.

We are so happy to have them a part of our family.

Thank you!

Nathalie and Dave


November 10, 2013

Just wanted to touch base on our amazing cat Lilac! We adopted her in July and she has made our family feel complete. 

We couldn't imagine our lives without her! 

Here are some recent photos of the boss of our household, Lilac.

The Kumaria's


November 9, 2013

Dear THS,
I adopted Jumping Jupiter and Mercury (now Pumpkin and Pepper) back in mid September. Within only a few months they both have become very comfortable in their new home. Pumpkin is curious and playful, Pepper is more cautious and shy. They love to run around, and are constantly doing happy jumps. They both have become comfortable jumping onto the couch and I'm sure in no time they will be couch potatoes.

I have always loved having rabbits in my life and these two have made my house a home. I look forward to seeing them everyday after work and watching them run and play, or cuddling with each other always warms my heart. I am so happy they are a part of my life. They bring me joy and I'm glad they have somewhere to call home.

Thank you THS for bringing these two into my life. It really has made it better.




November 9, 2013

I wanted to send an update on your adopted kitten we adopted in September. You will know him as Adora but we renamed his Sylvio. Sylvio had been brought to you as a kitten from a feral community so he had never been in a house before. He was very nervous and shy at first. He kept him in our spare room so he could adapt and then once he was comfortable we expanded his space. He now runs around the house like a maniac and plays with our two other cats. They all get along so well and are so bonded now. He is such a special and loving kitten and we are so happy to have him in our lives.

Thank you so much for everything you do and for allowing us to bring this incredible boy into our lives.

Megan and Stephen Osmond


November 8, 2013

We got Moseley (then Muesli) last October, and I didn't realize I hadn't sent in a happy tails story yet until I got our happy anniversary email! We had hoped she would bond with our boy Loki, but it wasn't meant to be. They cuddle through the bars of their playpen wall when they're out for playtime, but we were never able to get them to bond, not for lack of trying, lol.

But we love Moseley regardless and we love the silly faces that she makes while she eats her hay. It seems like at least once a day one of us will go "look at Mose!" and she is doing something absolutely adorable. She has lots of nicknames that we call her now too and she seems to know that all of them are her name. (Mose, Mosey, Mose-o, bunbun, Mosey-moso lol)

We are so happy that she came into our lives and can't imagine not having her as part of our family. I attached a couple of pictures so you can see how she's been. :)

Amber Delima


November 5, 2013

Two years ago our beloved Burmese cat Pumpkin passed away. He was 20 and we considered him to be our ‘middle child'. We also have 2 ‘non-furry' kids, Liz and Sam.

My husband Bob and I didn't think we'd ever be able to love another furry child. Nonetheless, a few months passed and we decided to become THS Foster Parents.

We've taken care of several kittens and their moms, and fortunately, all of our foster animals were quickly adopted. In early September we received an email from the THS Foster Care staff about dogs available for fostering. One leapt out at me - it was for a "one to two week" stay for a 10-year-old German Shepherd, "Maverick". I thought, this will be ‘easy'… Maverick can be with us for a couple of weeks and we'll get to experience what owning a dog is like. So, on September 11th I picked Maverick up and away we went.

The THS didn't have a lot of background information about Maverick, other than the fact that he had been at another shelter and arrived at the THS in late August. He also had his tail cut off (we don't know what happened to him) - so he looks like a bunny from the back. He also has scarring in his hind leg muscles which makes him have a low ‘back end'. The THS wanted to see how his gait would be if he had some time out of the shelter.

A week passed and we took him back for a check-up with THS Veterinarian Dr. Rob Rock. Dr. Rock couldn't believe how well Maverick had done in such a short time and suggested that we should consider adopting Maverick since most people wishing to adopt are looking for much younger animals.

It didn't take long for our decision. On September 25th Maverick became our furry son - all four legs, wet nose and bunny tail. While many people have said what a great thing we've done for Maverick, the truth is, he's done more for us. He's kind, calm and very good looking …and happy to be with us.

Deborah Thompson, Bob McWhirter and family


October 31, 2013

Hello Toronto Humane Society!

I just wanted to share a quick update about Jax (formerly known as Bugsy).

I adopted Jax on October 20th, 2013. It's been a short while, but things
are going great so far! Jax is a very sweet, playful boy who loves his
toys, treats, and going for walks. He is already much loved!
I've attached a few pictures for you guys (and one Halloween edition). Thanks for everything!



October 30, 2013

In February I adopted Jed (now named Henry). I took me 5 hours to get through the adoption process because somebody else was interviewing for him. I was so happy when he was coming home with me. We spend every free moment together and I am happy to say he has made himself right at home.

He loves spending the weekends at the cottage...try and get him out of the water. He chases balls, sticks, anything you can throw.

Haven't had any issues with him...he is friends with everybody, people and animals.

He has become a member of our family and goes everywhere with me.


October 29, 2013

I have recently adopted Kaia from THS and she has been a cutie! I originally came to adopt a different kitty but when I saw Kaia I knew she is the right one for me. She looks so much like my cat from a long time ago.

She got along perfectly well with my other cat after two days and they can't get enough of each other. She knows when its bedtime she would climb in bed me and start purring loudly.

I am glad I adopted her and that she is very happy in her new home. Thanks again THS!


October 29, 2013

We adopted Abbey in the beginning of September, 2013. She was timid for about…3 hours, and then she settled right in. She has been a true joy for us, always there for gentle affection and to provide goofy smiles. She's always eager to get out and explore which ever trail we put before her. She is an amazing member of our family and it's like she's been with us for years instead of months. She loves to romp in the yard with her new roommate, Chelsea the cocker spaniel ( a four year old puppy mill rescue) and can put up with 18 year old Mr. Peterson (the cat) sniffing her fresh vanilla scent when she returns from the groomer.

The staff at the Toronto Humane Society were wonderful people to deal with in Abbey's adoption and with other matters. They were kind, hard working and provided excellent guidance when it came to adding members to our family. We thank them and wish them all the best in the great work they are doing.


October 27, 2013

Hey THS!!

I just wanted say thank you for everything!

I came by to adopt a kitten on the 19th of October, and left with little Gordon (formerly known as Keene). It was definitely love at first sight. After holding in my arms, I knew he was meant to come home with me. He purred the entire car ride home in the box and settled in right away. Gordon had some stomach/stool issues when I picked him up, but now he's back to normal!! He is extremely playful and loves all his toys. He found his litter box and food areas right away.

He purrs 24/7, except for when he's fast asleep. He is very needy but it is very cute.

He also sleeps with me in bed throughout the night, which is amazing! And so sweet. It's been just over a week, and things are going so well. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you again for everything. The whole adoption process was so professional and you guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Anna Harju


October 27, 2013

Good evening!

I want to give you feedback about how I am doing with my new cat Dolce Vita that I have adopted last Wednesday from the Toronto Humane Society. As a result, I have been feeling very happy to interact with my new cat in the evening and early morning time. My cat is a night owl that he is always up most of the time overnight eating and standing by my window's ledge, but it doesn't bother me at all whenever he is making noises during bedtime because I love my cat so much.

I want to let you know that I have a Facebook account plus I am subscribed to the Toronto Humane Society's link on that social media site; therefore, I don't mind you sharing my photos on Facebook and on your site about my cat.

I have decided to name my cat as his first name Sylvester; and then Dolce Vita as his second name. My cat's new name is Sylvester Dolce Vita.

P.S. I am feeling very happy that I finally have a pet at my house who will keep me company.

Yours truly,



October 22, 2013


Just wanted to send you a couple photos of our beautiful boy (Huckleberry to you, but "Tucker" to us) that we adopted on Sunday, October 20, 2013. Even though he has only been with us for about 48 hours, we are amazed at how quickly he has settled in, it feels like he's been here for months! We love him so much, he's an incredibly loving and smart boy!

We cannot begin to tell you how impressed we were with our Toronto Humane Society experience, we are so lucky to have popped in "just to take a look...".

Many thanks,

Lanna and Dave


October 21, 2013

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I wanted to write and tell you how perfectly Rudy (Gremlin while at THS) has fit into his new home.

About a year and a half ago, my other cat Smokey lost his twin brother Bandit. They had been together since birth. After waiting a couple of months, I decided that both Smokey and myself needed another companion. I often saw Smokey walking around our home, looking in the places where Bandit used to sleep. However, Smokey is very timid and afraid of new and strange living beings of any type, and I wanted to make certain that I didn't bring home another cat that would dominate Smokey in his own home. But off I went to THS one Saturday morning and had the very good luck to run into Heidi.

After sharing my situation with Heidi, she expertly pointed out a few cats that appeared to get very well with other cats. Well one of them was Rudy, who looked almost exactly like Smokey except for longer hair. They could have been twin brothers (except Smokey is 4 years older). All I had to do was start talking to him in his cage and he started purring. I thought he was perfect.

When I got him home, he literally leapt out of the box, wandered around smelling everything and made himself at home. Smokey, of course, shied away from him for a couple of days, but then started getting closer and closer. Within a week, they were eating beside each other and sharing the same litter box. Since then, they hang out and sometimes even start cleaning each others heads (although Smokey usually steps away after a couple of minutes, as Rudy gets a little too enthusiastic for him). The integration could not have gone better.

In both pictures, Rudy is on the right and Smokey is on the left. We're very lucky to have found Rudy. We'd like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Heidi and the THS.

Randy, Smokey and Rudy


October 17, 2013

We adopted Boots (black and white) and Missy (ginger) in November, 2012.  They came to us as older kittens, well socialized and calm.  They have been great with our kids and have become their true friends. Boots is a busy cat, perfect for a large family, running up, down and all about making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.  There is also no end to her patience for being picked up and carried about the house by one child or another.  Missy likes to cuddle with the kids in bed and is as laid back as Boots is busy.

Our third cat, Bibi (grey, brown tabby), we adopted in March, 2013.  She originated from a cat colony and was much, much more shy than Boots and Missy.  Bibi was a lesson in patience and compassion for the kids as we had to take our time for her to get to know us.  We built Bibi a temporary den that we put in our family room.  Only Bibi could get in and out of her den and she was able to watch our daily life while feeling secure in her den and join us and explore when she wanted to.  In a only a few weeks, Bibi abandoned her safe den for life in our home.  Bibi is a clever, gentle, playful and good humoured cat and a great new sister for Boots and Missy.

The cats have enriched our children's lives in so many ways.  They are their friends and confidants, someone to keep them company and play with when they don't want to be with a sibling or parent.  

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for your good work with Boots, Missy and Bibi.

Ellie, Georgia, Alistair, Anne, Andrew

October 16, 2013

Well, Layla had her first night at home. She's doing really well! She's eating normally, and going to the bathroom no problemo! She has warmed up to me super fast, we even had a little nap together this afternoon.

It's only been two days and the two little ones are already working out their differences and although timid at first are actually beginning to play together and lick eachother (so cute).

Here are two pictures of Layla and one of Scarlett (little black one). I will send more in time of the two together!

Thanks so much for everything, we love her!!

Liz Hennessy


October 16, 2013

Hello, THS!

We (the Gardner family) adopted Lacie from the Toronto Humane Society back in July.

I was going through the cats adoption page on the website (we live in Scarborough, by the way) and for some reason, Lacie from Room O stuck out to me the most.

She is such an affectionate cat.  Loving, playful, faithful, the list goes on and on.  We all love her to the end of the universe and back.

Whenever we do go out, we know she saddens and awaits our return by waiting at the door all the time. Whenever we open the door to come home, she is there, greeting all of us with a lovely meow. 

THS, there are so many things that we are thankful to you for, but we are mostly thankful for letting us choose Lacie and take her to her forever home.  She is well cared for and spoiled.  :)


The Gardner Family. 


October 16, 2013


Do you remember "Keyblier"? It's been a long time, but I just wanted to let you know how he's been doing in his forever home. We adopted Keyblier back in 2006 when he was approximately 7 years old, well, actually my boyfriend picked him out knowing I would fall in love with those big ears and he was right. I mean, just look at that handsome face!

But aside from his looks, he is the most wonderful companion we could have asked for. He's got a great personality and absolutely loves to cuddle and snuggle up next to you all the time! All our friends and family fell in love with him right away since he cuddles on the couch with everyone! He makes great use of our backyard in Mississauga, sniffing every corner and loves to soak up the sun outside during the summer. And of course, food. His number one favourite, especially chicken. He practically has a nervous breakdown when he smells Mary Browns Chicken! He really makes us laugh with all of his quirks.

So we have had Keyblier for the past 7 years, he's around 14 years old now, and I am truly grateful to have found such a wonderful friend. My advice is to never pass up an opportunity to welcome a great older dog into your life, they still have so much love to give in their golden years!

Thank you THS for bringing us together and for all the wonderful work you do!


Amanda, Andrew and Keyblier


October 15, 2013

Can't believe it's been a year, actually it feels as though Glennie had been here forever. He's a sweet sweet little guy with a sweet little song.  Had a rough moult last spring where he looked quite punk, but all his feathers are back and he's beautiful again. He gets along with all the canaries, budgies and bengalese finches.  Has started coming out of the cage and flying around with everybody else. 

I just love him.



October 9, 2013

In January of this year, we were lucky enough to foster and then adopt, feline sisters Asia and Cauliflower (now called Sierra!) and they have added much joy and happiness to our home! 

They are healthy, happy cats; they are very close sisters, and love to be together all day long.  On a sunny day, they'll sleep together on the table beside the window in sunbeams, or they'll stretch out side by side on the bed.  They love to play with their toys; many of which we bought at a local pet store; but their favorite toy is a piece of string or a crumpled up piece of paper! 

We can't thank the Toronto Humane Society enough, for all the love and care they gave them before they came to live with us.   

Olwyn and Steve, Asia and Sierra


October 4, 2013

We adopted Amanda 5 days ago. The first 2 days she was hiding behind the couches. After 2 days at home, I can see her very happy, playing, and when I come from work, she is meowing and rubbing her head against my legs. My daughter and I noticed Amanda is adjusting pretty well, we already love her so much and so does she.

Adriana Beltran.


October 3, 2013

It has been just over a month now since Denim's adoption. Your staff's support in my adoption of him is beyond any appreciation I can even begin to mention.

Denim has attached with both myself and my spouse as if we were family from birth. He fills our hearts with complete and ridiculous amounts of happiness daily. He is loved and will always be as a lifetime family member.
I hope these words will offer your staff how much their work changes lives, both animals and persons in such an enormous way!

Best regards,

Daniel, matthew and Denim


October 2, 2013


I'd like to give you an update about our two fur babies that we adopted from you.

Chubba (brindle) was adopted March 2012 at age 8. Chubba is her go with the flow self, slowing down with old age but is a trooper. We were told she was only used for breeding before she was rescued and had a lot of health problems. She's been given a clean bill of health and has quickly adjusted to living life the way a dog should and just loves everyone.

Ringo (fawn) was adopted August 2012 at age 4. Ringo went from a bad dog to a great dog, now a calm and social gentle man who is just obsessed with giving kisses. He's come a long way since day one and has become friends with a lot of the neighborhood dogs, who they see and play with everyday.

They attract attention everywhere we go with their presence and friendly demeanor. Both of them get along with each other and will sometimes sleep in the same doggie bed together.

This funny duo are great additions to our family, we love them dearly and the rest of our family just adores them.

Thanks for the honor of being their parents!

The McGarths.


September 29, 2013

Dear THS,

I know we already made a success story but we love Molly (formally known as Nicee) so much that we
would like to show you how much she has grown physically and emotionally.

Molly's birthday was in September and she was turning 1 years old. Even though she is still a kitten she is mature in some ways. When we first got molly, she was very very shy and scared. 1 year passed and she is totally different. Molly has grown to trust us completely and get along (most of the time) with our dog Peppy. They get along like sisters.

Molly sleeps with us and remembers every morning when its feeding time and rushes to the countertop in the kitchen. She is now bigger than the tiny little thing we got her as, but still as cute as a button.

The bottom line is, Toronto Humane Society, we would like to thank you for all the hard work you do and thank you for introducing Molly into our life.

Samantha, Elyse and Marcy


September 17, 2013


Today we are celebrating our six month anniversary of Chevy's adoption. We can honestly say we are incredibly thankful for going to the Humane Society to get Chevy, as he has become a member of our family.

About Chevy's parents: She is originally from the United States, but met and fell in love with a Canadian gent while studying here. While we have wonderful friends and are starting a great life with one another, being a country away from the family and friends with which you grew up can be tired, and sometimes lonely. This homesickness hit particularly strong one March afternoon, and we knew that it was time to act on our long-discussed plan of getting a dog. Our experience with the Humane Society was phenomenal --- after an hour long talk with one of the dog adoption coordinators, he played matchmaker.

As the past six months of walks, cuddles, doggy playdates, more cuddles, trips to High Park and the Island, and even more cuddles have passed by, there is not a day that passes that I don't feel absolutely blessed to have the energy, loyalty, and love of Chevy in our lives. We have embraced the traits and quirks that make him special (his pug snorts particularly entertain children). We look forward to many years to come as his owners.

Ashley, Cam and Chevy


September 14, 2013

Hello THS,

Cody came home with me two years ago after being in the shelter for nearly a year. He was very loving right from the start but needed a lot of work to help with his anxiety. We're still working on it but he is doing much better. He still doesn't like children very much but is attention-loving and incredibly affectionate with adults; he's so quick to jump on the couch and cuddle up to anyone who will let him.

He is so curious and fun-loving, he loves going to the park every day and had a blast camping with me for a month this summer. People still stop us on the street and at the park to ask if he's really Cody, they still recognize him from the THS website or from volunteering with THS. No one can believe he spent a year in the shelter and people are shocked to hear that he was returned to the shelter twice before finding his permanent home with me.

He really is such a great dog with such an amazing disposition given his sad past. I couldn't love him more, we're a great match.

Sasha & Cody


September 12, 2013

I am writing to you to let you know of two funny felines who found their forever homes with me and we couldn't be happier!

Bruce came to us first, in 2010. I lived with cats growing up and missed the company and warmth they brought the home. My boyfriend and I visited the Toronto Humane Society after I convinced him how amazing cats can be (he grew up with dogs.. which are awesome too!). We wandered into the room was Bruce located, and asked to meet him. He sneezed on me (he was getting over a kitty cold at the time), and I knew it was true love. We left with him that day.

After about a year, we decided to give Bruce a partner in crime. We looked on the website, and decided on Pete, who was put on hold for us, so we could go pick him up together. Bruce was very apprehensive at first, but they've grown to love each other. Pete grew into quite a big boned kitty... he is half Bruce's age, but twice his size!

They are so well behaved, and wonderful to cuddle and play with. I'm so happy to have welcomed these friends into my life, and I hope we get to hang out for years to come. I proudly tell friends and family that I adopted them from the Toronto Humane Society, and always encourage others to do the same.

Thank you so much,



September 2, 2013

We adopted Apollo ( aka Oliver to us), about 4 months ago. When we first got him he was a very timid, and shy little guy. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and patients to introduce and bond him with our other bunny Stella.

After about a month and a half of constant monitoring they finally began their, what we hope to be, a long and healthy friendship. They are now the best of friends, always side by side, playing, eating, jumping, and running around. He is such an amazing addition to our family and we love him so much.

Thank you so much to the Toronto humane society for all their help and knowledge in bonding our bunnies.
Here are a couple of photos of our little buns.

Thanks again,

Kailen, Alexandria, Stella and Oliver


September 1, 2013

Hey THS!

We adopted Frankie in May 2013 and he was a shy guy. (because of his past) We brought Frankie home and he instantly broke out of his shell.

He was wagging his tail the moment he arrived, it took some time to get use to everyone and everything. He felt love with a new family, and on the first day I sat down on my floor to pet him and he sat by me, then he went on my laps and fell asleep.

He got along with kids, and he's really protective of the people he likes, he loves our cat and they sleep together, he loves the big dog park where he can just use all his energy and run in circles for 20 minutes, he is a easy learner when it comes to teaching him tricks, overall he is a smart, and a amazing dog :)

So glad Frankie came into our lives. He is doing really well!

Bonnie, Wendy, and Frankie.


August 31, 2013

Last August our family decided to adopt a hamster. After a lot of research, we started out with PJs but the staff didn't know anything about hamsters and we didn't like the way they treated their animals. After looking in other pet stores we decided to go home and maybe look for a breeder.

Instead, my dad found the THS website and found 14 baby hamsters. That day we went and got hamster supplies. Then we drove down to THS and found Tarragon. We wanted to adopt him straight away but THS was closing. The next morning we rushed to THS and adopted Tarragon. At first he was very shy but after lots of treats and love he was a true member of the family. We can't imagine life without him.

The Sneyd family


August 30, 2013


I am so happy to say that after several months together, our little bunnies Bruce and Betty (formally Zorro and Beatrix) are doing so well! They bonded very quickly to one another and are often caught cuddling close.

Bruce loves to run and jump and play. He is such an energetic bunny but also so loving. Bruce will trade kisses for some grooming. I'll give him a few pets and he will give my hand a few licks and so on. Bruce has even licked my face! Of course, he is always grooming his little love Betty.

Betty is quite a character herself! Betty LOVES her food. Every morning around 8am I give the bunnies their pellets, and Betty is waiting right at the bowl for me. When I try to put the full bowl back down in the cage, it is hard to do without landing on Betty's feet.

Both Bruce and Betty love their treats. Even if Betty is across the room, when she hears the treat bag she comes bounding back. Bruce and Betty look eagerly up at me standing on their back  tippy toes to get as close as possible to the treats.

Thank you to the humane society for helping us build our happy little family. We love them so much.

Katie, Dave, Bruce and Betty


August 22, 2013

Chester, a 1 year old Miniature Poodle cross, became part of our family in mid April of 2013.  We fell in love with him the minute we saw him online, after months of searching for a dog to adopt. He had come from a horrible past of abuse and homelessness.  When we went to go visit him, he was absolutely terrified.  When a staff member brought him in the room, he stayed at the door and would not accept treats. Fortunately the staff decided that we were going to be his parents, and we brought him home.  The first few days he was extremely fearful of both people and dogs.   He wouldn't eat or come close to us, and would stay in his crate all day. 

Slowly he has grown to love us and trust us completely. First he started coming to sit by our feet, followed by sitting with us on the couch and eventually sleeping in our beds at night.  Chester has even come to love our family and friends, human and canine.  He still has trouble with meeting strangers and other dogs, but he has come a very long way. Chester is incredibly brave and has had to overcome so much in his short life.

We are thankful every day for being able to share our life with him. 

Mary, Celeste & Chester


August 19, 2013


Perci is doing great. not surprisingly he is beloved not only by us but also whoever sees him. Such an adorable gentleman he is. He doesn't sleep till I give him a lullaby.

Thanks for giving me the best dog in the world. Sorry folks! One of the best dogs in the world. I am sending some pictures of Percival in case you have missed him. Who can't miss this beautiful gentleman?

All the best for the fantastic staff of Toronto Humane Society



August 12, 2013

To all our friends at the Toronto Humane Society I would just like to give a little update about Luna (formerly known as Wendy). It is one year today that we became a pack thanks to all of you.

Training is going well…she is one extremely smart girl! Luna has made many new friends and just loves her off leash runs through the woods.

Recently she has learned to swim which she is enjoying immensely and it's keeping her cool in these hot months while she waits for the snow to come back (her favourite season).

Again thanks for everything; Luna is such an amazing dog!

Desirée and Luna


August 2, 2013

We adopted "Joe" who was 3 months old a year ago this coming September. We have since renamed him Satoshi and while he has been a challenge, he provides us with hours of entertainment.

Satoshi came to us a biter and boy, was this true! Mom has some battle scars to prove it but with age and a lot of patience, we are slowly moving out of this stage. Satoshi loves to play fetch with his foam balls and bottlecaps and of course, the laser pointer is a BIG hit. He is an expert bug catcher and he loves laying around outside on the balcony watching the world go by.

His morning cuddles are full of loud purring and lots of headbutting and afternoon naps are a great tradition. He is such a little joker and we are so happy to have him as part of our little family.



August 1, 2013

In November of 2012, I decided that I wanted to finally get my own dog. I have had many dogs in the past but it was when I lived at my parents house. I wanted my first dog as an adult. The thought of getting a puppy was out of the question and a rescue dog was the only option.

I went to the humane society to take a look at all the dogs and was drawn to Lambert right away. During our first meeting I remember him being very nervous and frantic. I was the first person to inquire about him and it shocked me because he was so good looking. I could see in his little eyes that he just needed some stability.

After a few days of thinking long and hard about making him apart of my life I realized that I had to take him. I was nervous but it felt right. I remember going to pick Him up on a Thursday. We walked from queen and river to my house at queen and Gladstone. Lets just say we bounded, what a walk! He got along with my cats beautifully right away. When I first got him he had extremely bad separation anxiety, social anxiety and pulled his leash. Nine months later he is a completely different dog.  He is getting more social by the day. The change in even the last month is incredible.

I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is one of my best friends and the love of my life.  Here are photos from Baltimore (formally lambert) at the cabin. It's his favourite place to be.

Thank you THS staff for trusting me with this guy. You have made us both very happy.

Nicole and Baltimore


July 26, 2013

Around September 2008, we had visited THS and while one cat in particular had caught our eye, we opted to wait and give it some more thought. Fast forward to Dec 2008, we thought we would take a chance and go back on the off chance that the cat we had seen in September may still be available.

After walking through and not seeing him, we figured some other lucky person must have given him a home, so we decided to walk through a second time and see if another cat would catch our attention…and to our surprise, he was still there, but we had overlooked his cage.

There was no hesitation this time around…Bobo was coming home. And while he wasn't too pleased about that initial ride home, upon being let out of the carrier there was no doubt that Bobo had found his home, and from this point on, he would be king of his domain.

So glad we made the return trip and made the decision to give a second chance to such a fantastic pet…and who knew, you can even take a cat camping.  

Dale and Yoko


July 14, 2013


It has been about a year since we brought home sisters Hailey & Gillian. They have enriched our lives tremendously. As soon as we opened their carriers they strode out of them and their sanctuary room. They said, To heck with sanctuary; we want to explore. They felt oddly comfortable right away. It probably helped that they had been in the Scarborough satellite of THS in its last days and were able to be out playing and socializing with the volunteers and the other cats, (since there were so few animals left there before moving).

Gillian plays fetch the ball, as she loves to do. Hailey loves to be petted. They fit right in. The first night we woke up to hear the washing machine running. They'd been exploring, of course, and had jumped onto the machine where the digital buttons were and turned it on. Lol.  We've also learned that cats can get chin acne. Who knew?  Hailey's case did clear up pretty quickly and hasn't returned. They have been healthy and happy kitties.

It feels like they have been a part of our family forever.  Thanks to everyone at THS for taking such good care of them.

Melanie & Zhoo


July 11, 2013

Axetris (tuxedo) aka Bacon was my 26th birthday present. My husband and I got him after a year of living together. We picked him because he was absolutely the most affectionate cat we have ever seen! When we first got him home, it was almost a page taken from Marley and Me (he liked to wake us up for play time at 4 AM)! But with love and good food, he shimmered down and now he's definitely a fan-favourite with family and friends. You can't not love him when you come over!!

2 years later, we opted for a second cat, which we hoped would be a good companion for Bacon. We saw Bubbi (creamsicle longhair) aka Pancake and we knew. Back then her tummy was shaved from surgery and her fur was quite short, plus she had a cold. It didn't matter because we loved her attitude. While we love her, she loves everyone. I mean, EVERYONE. UPS couriers, pizza delivery guys, neighbours, strangers, etc. It's really endearing. 

They didn't become fast friends at first but now they're both very chummy toward each other. The picture shows their daily cuddles, but Pancake yawned. 

I'm really grateful for them both and it's all thanks to THS. 


July 11, 2013

It has been one year since we adopted Baldur, an African Grey parrot who suffered from feather-plucking. Ever since we brought him into our loving home, he has been overwhelmed with contentment and has learned many new  words. He has also stopped his feather plucking!!!.

When we greet Baldur in the morning, he says, "Good Morning", and when we leave the room he says, "Cya later!". At night, when we shut off his lights and UV lamp, he states, "Goodnight! Say Goodnight!". And who could forget all those times he asks for a treat when he says, "Cookie? Can I have a cookie?", or  "Peanut for Baldur?". Every day Baldur surprises his family members with his intelligence and ability to pick up on many words or attach each word to an action. For instance, when we fill up his water bowl, he states, "Bath? Want to take a Bath?".

He has also bonded to many of our family members and can frequently be seen giving a kiss to them on command. We are so blessed to have  him in our home and express our sincerest gratitude to the Toronto Humane Society for allowing him to be apart of our family!


July 9, 2013

Well, it will be two years tomorrow since Corky (nee Mary) came into our lives.  I remember the day we first saw her curled up on a blanket in the viewing room and the intelligence in her eyes while we assessed each other. She seemed to know it was one of those potentially life changing moments and it was that look that sealed the deal on our end as much as anything else.

Once home she was intent on putting her best paw forward as she was so eager to please and learned so fast.  She had fostered with one of the vets from the THS for a couple of week so at four months old, all the basics were in place. It was easy to build on that base.  She liked her new home and just how much became evident when we took her back to the THS once day after about 6 weeks for some one-on-one help with leash training.  When she hopped out of the car and the realization of where she was came to her, she became so suddenly and visibly upset it was so apparent she was thinking she was being returned.  A little reassurance fortunately soothed her anxiety, however, and she enjoyed the rest of her visit with her old friends.

Today she is a happy and active dog with weekly hikes down in the Don Valley and regular trips into the backcountry of Algonquin. We couldn't be happier with how she has fit in with our family and at this point, couldn't imagine not having her in our lives.  Not that there weren't issues.  She did have her moments:  An irresistible attraction to slippers (lost count) and eye glasses (3 pairs).  And for the first few months the chances of a roll of toilet paper lasting its normal life span was slim to none.  Then there was the time I found her with her nose in a shopping bag finishing up a 2.5 kg tray of hamburger.  But that's all in the past and it's hard to get mad at her.  It's those puppy dog eyes, you know.

Thanks for bringing us together 
Dave and Carmen


July 9, 2013

About a year ago my husband and I signed up for the foster program. The first foster that came our way was a Queen with her two kittens. Right away we noticed a special bond forming with one of the kittens named Wheels. When it came time for our little foster family to go up for adoption, Wheels had completely won us over and we adopted him.

One year later, we have no regrets. I never thought of myself as a "cat" person but now can't imagine our life without the little rascal. Wheels' funny personality keeps us enterainted. He greets us at the door like a dog when we get home and every night he sleeps curled up at the foot of the bed. Sometimes when we're sitting on the couch, he'll lay on his back accross our lap and have a nap - it's quite the sight. His favourite crowd-pleaser is to sit on the window ledge and try to "catch" snowflakes or raindrops through the window pane. His best friend is our next-door neighbours' little dog named Stella. Sometimes he cries at the door when he hears Stella in the hallway; it's adorable.

I never knew cats could be so loving and fun. We're so happy to have Wheels as part of our family!

Katie and Simon Ostler


July 4, 2013

Hi THS Staff: 

Do you remember Victor aka Snowball. We adopted him late last summer.  Here are some pics of him last winter and I thought you may enjoy them.  Victor is the best!  I think about how he was rescued and it seems unbelievable to me that such a great dog could have been in that predicament.  I am so grateful to the staff at THS and to the people who rescued him from Quebec.  Pictures are attached.



July 3, 2013


Back in February 2013 I was honoured to bring home "Sable", formally known as "Shyla", a 1 year old Husky/lab mix.

Sable has been an absolute joy since the first day I brought her home. She is a playful and gorgeous dog with a shiny black coat, beautiful white teeth and has progress tremendously with her training. Sable is always full of energy and I have enjoyed the challenge of tiring her out! We go daily on all kinds of off-leash adevntures to the beach, cottage and many dog parks in Toronto. She is a gentle and loving animal who never fails to befriend a stranger or new dog and is always waiting with a wagging tail and a smile when I get home/wake up.

Sable has enriched my life in every way and I'd like to thank the THS for caring so well for her. We are a happy family!

Good luck for all your future rescues,



June 30, 2013

We would like to thank you guys at the THS for allowing us to adopt our new member to our family.... Conan.
He has been with us 1 week today and what a difference he has made in our lives!  He is a fabulous dog. We honestly have not one complaint about him. He is very well mannered, house broken, walks great....well most of the time ;) and lives to give love and be loved.

Thank you so much! We love him!


June 26, 2013

Hi THS!!

We just wanted to take a quick moment and update you on our little guy Kurt! As you may remember Kurt was brought to the THS after experiencing some serious trauma to his face in early 2012. He first caught our eye on the THS website where in his bio it explained that he was recovering from surgery. The bio also went on and on about how great he was and that he was VERY serious about affection. We wanted a lap cat, so decided to go in and meet him. In person, we got to see is VERY unfortunate haircut!! But, living up to his reputation he was instantly friendly, climbing immediately onto our laps. While we were getting to know him, several staff popped their heads in to explain just how wonderful he was. We decided Kurt was the one!! That night we signed up to "foster to adopt" Kurt while he recovered from his surgery and ironed out several other small health issues.

We brought him home and it was like he had been with us forever! Completely comfortable with his surroundings the moment he jumped out of the box! Kurt is now 81/2 years old. He sleeps like a senior, but plays like a kitten. Loves his scratching post and playing fetch. He's very social and loves to meet new people. He is still crazy about affection, wanting to be pet as often as possible and snuggling into bed with us at night. He's a quirky little guy who has many traits that are much more dog like. He always keeps us laughing!

Thanks THS for bringing us Kurt! We were truly impressed with the level of care and love that he received from everyone during the 8 months that we fostered him! I've attached some photos, hope you enjoy them!

Erin & Rob


June 24, 2013

My sister took these photos of Ryobi and I.  I adopted her on September 21 last year, happened to be my birthday. We are inseparable now and are about to drive across canada together for our birthdays this year!
She is my darling angel and I wanted to share the photos.

Thank you for bringing us together,
Amy and Ryobi


June 22, 2013

"My name is Mishu and I am an 8-year-old Ragdoll mix. Back in January, my previous owners abandoned me in the cold. I was very skinny and not feeling quite well. I had a bad cold as well as an infected bladder and urinary tract, which was making me pee where I shouldn't. The most lovely couple adopted me and brought me to the doctor, who made me feel so much better. 

I am now the happiest cat in the world! My Mom and Dad play with me all the time and I can always find open arms ready for cuddles. I love talking to them and bringing them my toys to share. I've also put back on a few pounds and am pretty darn handsome, if I do say so myself. 

Thank you for rescuing me and giving me a wonderful home! I am so happy to have found my forever parents!"


June 20, 2013

Hello I wanted to up date you on Jackson (you may remember him as Bailey) my husband and I adopted him April 21, 2012 and I am very happy to say he adjusted very well to his new home (he slept between us on his first night). He is very active and loves attention. We have been smiling ever since we brought him home, after we lost our cat of 20 years we were so happy to have another four legged friend to brighten up our lives and we could have never asked for a more perfect little guy.

Carol Piovesan and Dean Saulnier


June 20, 2013

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I want to share our success story and also help people understand that adoption is not always an easy road. It takes dedication to help your pet feel comfortable and happy in his or her new home.

In November 2011 my boyfriend and I adopted Finnigan from the THS. He was a 4 year old foster-to-adopt kitty with behavioural problems stemming from a urinary infection unnoticed by his previous owners. He came with warnings about aggression and anxiety, and they said he'd always have to be on veterinary food, but we knew he was the one thing that had been missing from our home. I should note that my boyfriend already had experience with cats with behavioural issues, and I would recommend that only experienced and enthusiastic cat owners adopt someone like Finnigan.

At first, Finn exceeded his reputation for being aggressive and neurotic. He attacked us when we went near his litter boxes, went on hunger strikes at the slightest change in our routine, and he chased me around the apartment swatting and biting my ankles whenever my legs were bare. But his bad behaviour was easy to forget when he would snuggle up with us in bed or hop into our friends' laps when they visited. We both love him unconditionally and were happy to work with him. We corrected his bad behaviour and rewarded the good, and we gave him all the attention he needed.
When Finnigan finally progressed beyond his litter box aggression, we started thinking about getting him a companion. In October 2012 we adopted Finnigan's little brother, Pants (named Pearlie at the THS). Pants was a six month old kitten believed to be from a feral cat colony. He had not been socialized and was terrified of people. The THS staff warned us that we would have to work hard to socialize him, but after working with Finnigan we were prepared for the challenge. When we brought him home we kept him in a sanctuary room for a week before introducing him to Finn. My boyfriend even slept on the couch the whole week so Finnigan wouldn't feel alone being locked out of the bedroom. Pants hid under the bed most of the first week but was very curious whenever Finn came near other side of the door. When we finally introduced them, we were completely shocked to learn that they liked each other!

These days our boys are happy as can be; it is clear that both of their lives have improved by being with each other. Now that he has a playmate, Finnigan has lost almost all of his aggression with people and has been encouraging Pants to socialize. Pants gets braver by the day. We continue to see little signs of his improvement, like hopping up onto the couch to ask us to pet him, or peeking into the living room when we have guests. He even let one of our friends (a stranger to him) pet him the other day.

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for connecting us to the two most important members of our family. We look forward to many more happy years with our little boys. They have made our apartment a home, and we couldn't imagine life without them.

-Sarah, Austin, Finnigan, and Pants


June 13, 2013

To my dear friends at the THS,

I can't thank you enough for making me a "Mom" when I adopted "Tara" back in March 2013.   It's been 3 months since I brought Tara home and she has blossomed since she arrived.  She makes me laugh every day with her funny way of playing and she is so smart.   I just love her, she has brought so much love into my life and I look forward to coming home every day from work to her warm welcome and immediate snuggles.

Yes she is a very affectionate and snuggle buddy.   She loves her room with a view and sits on top of her house perch and looks outside at the traffic below and the birds flying .   I can sit there and watch her tail and how it changes when something peaks her interest.

She was the perfect choice for me.   I remember when I came in that day with my work colleagues, I came to see 5 other cats, but one was out for foster and the others didn't seem to catch my attention until I passed by Tara's cage someone I didn't even think about at the time, and she was so anxious for attention and wanted out.  She was an older cat but I think she doesn't realize this because she is so spunky and has so much personality.   We are a perfect match for each other and I know she feels the same.

A week after she came home, I asked her as she was laying down beside my feet a bit shy still, "Tara are you happy her in your new home?"  Do you know she jumped up beside me and licked my hand…I believe she understood me and that was her way of telling me she loves it here and I started crying my heart was going burst with joy!   From then on I knew we would be ok.  We both found what we were missing.

So thank you THS for making both of us the luckiest and happiest family out there!

Hugs, Karen & Tara


June 9, 2013

Hi there,

Apologies for the lateness of this email! It has been about 5 months since I have adopted the loveliest cat ever, Olive (formerly named Cuddles). Olive has adjusted to her new home quite well and is one of the funniest cats I have ever met!

She loves to play with ping pong balls, we can never find them fast enough, and keeping one in your pocket just in case is a good plan!

I can definitely see where the name Cuddles came from, as she never leaves a lap unattended, or a bed unoccupied.

Thank you very much to the Toronto Human Society for allowing me to take Olive into my home. She has been an amazing addition and is adored by everyone who meets her!



June 7, 2013

Hi! My name is Laura Marlatt and I adopted "Teddy" from THS in March 2006. Teddy is a "pitbull" and is now 9 years old and his life has changed drastically since leaving the shelter.

When I adopted Teddy he had a pretty bad case of mange and had mites in both ears and was significantly under weight. It was clear he had been mistreated and was in need of some love and guidance. He now has great manners and is a great example of how wonderful a "shelter dog" can be. 

Teddy is an Anti BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) Ambassador for the "Ontario Pitbull Co-Op" and volunteers his time to do walks to raise breed awareness as well as works with a dog rescue called S.O.A.R where he attends events and helps raise money for dogs that are in a similar situation to him when he was brought into THS. He is a very well behaved boy who gets along very well with other dogs and loves people and children.

Teddy is a true success story! When I walked into the dog kennels in 2006 to hear Teddy playing hockey with his bowl in the cage and getting all the other dogs barking I never would have dreamt he would be as amazing and well behaved as he is now. It took a lot of work to break him of his mouthing and sleeve grabbing habits but it is fair to say he hasn't done that in over 7 years.

Thank you so much to the THS and Marcie Laking for allowing me to take home the true love of my life!
Laura Marlatt


June 4, 2013

I can't believe it's been three years since I took Sid home.

You might remember him as Rolo, a little ginger-and-white male kitten who had too-big ears and loved attention. Well, Sid is all grown up now - three years old, long and lean and the king of the castle around here. He has his own chair and regularly takes over my bed. (Really. He's so long that I often wake up in the middle of the night because he's crowded me into a corner. It's embarrassing!)

I had no real idea what I wanted when I walked into the shelter. I thought I'd just look around, maybe ask one of the adoption counselors for advice. The only thing I was sure of was that I didn't want a ginger and white cat. I don't remember why - something about the colours didn't appeal to me. I was more attracted to the black and grey kitties, so those were the ones I concentrated on.

Then I saw Sid. His ears - and they looked enormous because he was so small - got me. I couldn't help myself. I asked to see him and, when I gave him my hand to sniff, he started rubbing his face against it and purring like mad. I pet him. He lay down and rolled around so I could reach every inch of him. Still purring. And that was it. I knew he was mine.

It took Sid a little while to warm to his new environment - he's a natural cautious boy. In fact, he spent his first night either exploring the apartment or hiding behind the fridge. And he wouldn't let me touch him for quite some time. I was worried for a while - what if he never came to like me? - but soon enough he was the most affectionate and playful cat you'd ever want to meet.

Now he sleep tucked up next to me every night, and the only thing he loves more than sitting in my lap is being picked up and cuddled. Adopting Sid was the best decision I ever made - I love him to pieces! And the best part is that he never grew into his ears. =)


May 25, 2013

Ziba is adjusting to her new home extremely well :)

Thank you to everyone who has been part of her life, walking training and loving her! She truly is special and we love her so much already!

-the Marques family!


May 22, 2013

We adopted 3 month old Lucy, formerly known as Copper, on December 24, 2012, and brought her home to a family of 1 dog, Bean, another cat, Frida, and 2 Lovebirds Squibble and Ginny. The last of our 3 elderly cats had recently passed on, and we wanted Frida to have a friend and companion.

Lucy, we were told, was feral, and we should expect a bit of a challenge to get her accustomed to human contact. It's now been 5 months and Lucy has become the sweetest, most loving cat we have had, and we cannot imagine life without her.

We moved to Toronto from Calgary in 2010 with our menagerie of pets, including our Lovebird Ginny, who had recently lost her companion, Vita. For about a year Ginny was very quiet and seemed depressed, so much so that I thought it might be a good idea to get another bird friend for her. We adopted Squibble, another Lovebird, from the THS in 2011, and since the two have been together Ginny is like another bird altogether. They are always busy chirping, exploring, feeding one another, grooming one another - the fun never stops. If something should happen to either of them, I wouldn't hesitate to adopt another bird again.

Thank you.
Christine, Tara, Bean, Frida, Lucy, Ginny and Squibble


May 22, 2013

Roscuro, now Rosco, has only been in our lives a short period of time and while I (*the* mom) was a little sceptical about having a rat as a companion, I have been more than thrilled to be apart of this tiny little creatures life.  He is full of wonder and entertainment!  I can't wait to get home from work, knowing Rosco will be there, at the cage door, to greet me, wanting his belly rubbed, and with hands out, waiting for his treat.  Rosco now spends his days on my husbands shoulder, being admired by all who meet him.  Thank you Kimberly - your knowledge and speedy responses were ever so helpful in our adoption process.

The McCall Family


May 17, 2013

On August 7, 1993, I went to the Toronto Humane Society to adopt a kitten. In one of the cages there were two tiny sibling kittens (a boy and a girl). I adopted the little girl (and her brother had already been adopted by the time I came to the cage to get her). All I knew about her history was that she and her brother were found near the Danforth and Woodbine. They had been in foster care prior to being put up for adoption. They were estimated to be  about 3 months old.

I called my kitten "Mimi" and "Mimi" and I have been the best of friends for 20 years now!!! I cannot describe the joy and love that she has brought to me, her Auntie and her Grandma! We all love her so. I am happy to report that Mimi is happy and healthy for her age... Earlier this year, her vet  said her bloodwork was terrific and that  he hopes to have such good test results when he gets to be her age!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Humane Society for giving me my special little kitty Mimi. Happy Birthday Mimi and many happy returns!!!!

Lots of love from your Mommy, Auntie and Grandma!!


May 17, 2013

I adopted 3 month old Bear (Lasko) a little over a year ago. I went to the THS to look at several other dogs. I am a retired senior with time on my hands and wanted a large dog. The full grown large dogs that I considered weren't really interested in engaging with me. I saw Lasko and even though he was a puppy was very laid back!  I had lots of questions about why he was neutered so early and the impact on his future health and development. Lucero and THS staff were very patient and took the time to answer every question.  The next day I brought in my 9yr. old mixed breed, Mocha and my son and grandson for a meet and greet. Mocha wasn't all that interested and it took about 3 weeks before she wanted to play and be his buddy.

I must admit, I was a little jealous of how well the two of them bonded. Bear was all about Mocha and I just provided the care. In hindsight that was better for them. Now, Bear follows me just about everywhere and plops himself down close by me.  My senior Mocha sleeps more, but they still play, just not as often and seem content. Bear loves to play "Find It". I take turns with them and they always get a treat after. Of course balls and sticks of any size are fascinating to him.

I realized some qualities about myself during this past year.   I loved having a fur baby and providing all the time to make sure he grew into the great dog he is today.  His gentleness and personality are qualities that I helped instill in him, at least that is what I tell myself and I am proud of that. We are still a work in progress, but he is a wonderful companion and walking buddy.  

As long as animals/pets are considered property, their future and quality of life are at the mercy of their owners.  I am thankful that the screening process at THS is so thorough; considering the pets needs first and all their pets are fixed! I feel blessed by the pet gods to have these two awesome dogs.

Thank you THS,


May 13, 2013

I wanted to send some pictures of my munchkin since it's almost a year since I've adopted him from THS. I'm happy to say that he is well adjusted and very much loved.


May 5, 2013

Dear Humane Society,

Ten years ago I adopted Indie.  (The name on her cage said Lucky and I took it as a sign.  That and her saucer face with big eyes.)  Indie is now 11 and I've never regretted choosing her.  She's a hoot and still gets the crazies and runs through the home for no reason.  Indie is fond of stealing my food, especially cheese corn, butter, pepperoni, parmesan cheese and finding random awkward places to sleep.  I'm grateful that she's mine. 

All the best,


May 4, 2013

Dear THS,

After successfully adopting Blacker back in October, I would often check back on the THS website to window shop for pets.  One day I saw the cutest little Boston terrier named Alice.  She looked so sweet and adorable I instantly fell in love.  I checked the site for the next week or so to see if she had found a home or not.  My heart sunk one day when I saw that she wasn't on the website anymore.  I figure that she had found her home and was happy albeit a bit disappointed.  Little did I know, my husband had made some inquires to find out if she was still available which she was.  He had planned to try and adopt her as a surprise anniversary present for me, however when I saw a couple of days later that she was still available and asked if we could go and see her I ruined his surprise!

Darren, our son Brady and I went down to the THS to have a visit with her.  We all fell in love with her and her backstory of being a puppy mill breeding dog for 6 years as well as having to have 17 teeth removed.  She was placed on hold for us so that Blacker our lab could meet her as well as our twins Carter and Evan.  The adoption turned out to be a success.  Alice and Blacker had a rough start with learning each others boundaries, but things are coming along sharing walk times, toys and even sometimes food.  Alice has been a wonderful addition to our family and loves going for long car rides or even just cuddling up for some TV time with all of us.

Thank you to everyone at THS for their helpfulness to make this adoption a success!

Heather, Darren, Brady, Carter, Evan, Blacker & Alice Trussler


May 3, 2013

Hello friends at the Humane Society.

We adopted 'Zoe' (now named Stella) at the beginning of November - she was at the shelter with her kitten-brother and her Mum was also there - I believe you'd found her and her litter mates outside.

Stella has been and continues to be wonderful. She has a very loving personality without being too needy - she's happy to play on her own and entertain herself but loves to cuddle and will come lie on my or my partner's chest and purr for half an hour in the morning or when we get home from work. She loves chasing toys around the house and has even started to 'retrieve' them, bringing them back to drop them in front of us so that we can throw them for her again. She recently fell in love with a blue grocery bag and spends lots of time lying on it or playing in it (we can'f figure out why she loves it so much).

I've attached a few pictures for you.

Thanks for this wonderful bundle of joy.



April 29, 2013

Hello THS Staff!

I wanted to take the time to send you a little update on Cleo, the cat I adopted from THS on September 15th, 2012. It was an incredibly tough process, picking out the cat I wanted to bring home with me, and I spent quite a lot of time trying to make up my mind. But I finally settled on Cleo, and now, after seven months of living with her, I can't tell you how thrilled I've been with my decision.

Cleo settled into her new home at once - she didn't even bother to hide out once I brought her home. She got to know every nook and cranny of the place right away, and by her second night at home, she was sleeping right up by my pillow at night. That's been "her spot" ever since. She's incredibly friendly and inquisitive, and she spends her days either happily following me around the apartment or snoozing on the couch or the bed. She was shaved and a little overweight when I adopted her, and I'm happy to say that not only has all her hair grown back, she's also lost some weight! She seems very happy in her new home, and I've discovered she's always up for a belly rub! It took her only two weeks to learn my routine and the sound of my footsteps in the hallway, and she's always waiting right there on the front mat when I get home every day. She loves chasing around laser pointers and stuffed mice tied to strings, and she'll even hop up onto my bed for a snuggle when my alarm goes off in the morning!

Thank you so much to the volunteers and the adoption counsellors working in the cat wing of THS for their patience and understanding when I was visiting and trying to find my kitty. Cleo has been incredible addition to my life, and I'm grateful every day for her affection and presence. I truly believe she was meant to go home with me that day. I've attached a photo of Cleo up in her rightful place (the bed, right next to my pillow!) so you can see how great she looks in her new home!

Thank you again,


April 28, 2013

Hello THS,
Almost a year has gone by since we visited you on June 9th of 2012 in Toronto and I adopted Copper (formerly Peggy Sue). Since that time Copper as become the most welcome addition to our family. Copper accompanies us on daily off-leash hikes around our 120 acre farm north of Belleville, where she loves to run and play with other dogs that we meet in the woods. She also enjoys sleeping at the foot of our bed and going on road trips in the back (or sometimes front) seat of our car. Of course because she is a hound dog it is no surprise that Copper's true passion is eating delicious food, lol.

Copper is a very social friend and loves when people come over to visit her. She enjoys the company of anyone that she meets and is very good with children. She also lives with 2 cats who find her rather excitable but tolerable nonetheless, haha.

Thanks to you THS for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the company of an amazing family member and best friend.
Copper is doing great and so are we.
Gary Shaver


April 26, 2013

In November, 2012, our family adopted BunBun (at the time named Trix). He has been such a pleasure to get to know. Always inquisitive and social, BunBun brings tons of joy to our lives. Our 9 year old daughter has learned so much about loving and caring for animals. We decided to adopt a female partner for him in March and after 3 weeks they were successfully bonded and now it is double the fun to play with, and observe them. We feel so lucky to have these two awesome bunnies.

I can't say enough about the THS Special Species expert, Kimberly Booker who took the time to answer dozens and dozens of questions I had, both before and after we adopted BunBun. She was so knowledgeable and generous with her time. I was amazed at the support. When we were looking for a partner for BunBun she kept me up to date with suggested potential buns and even when we adopted from another shelter, I emailed her videos and pictures to interpret, and tons of questions to get help through the bonding process. Thank you so much Kimberly. We love our bunnies so much and promise to give them the best home we possibly can.


April 22, 2013

Hi there!

In March 2012 I had walked into THS, looked around, and asked the staff "Which dog is right for me?". They brought me to charming Dixie, who was recovering from a femoral head ostectomy (surgery that removes the hip joint) and a spay. I decided to foster to adopt her, but I knew after the first night she was a keeper. She started at 31lbs and is now at a much more reasonable 38lbs thanks to a steady diet of t/d (her favorite!) and j/d. She manages miraculously well since her surgery, and only ever has issues when she overexerts herself. Her favorite activity is visiting the lake and loves to wade when it's warm enough, though never deeper than she can stand.

Dixie turned my life around. Before I got her, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I was heavily medicated, and could barely get out of bed to do basic functions. Her and I worked together on getting more mobile, me mentally, and her physically. After a while, I was well enough to start coming off medication as Dixie was able to taper off of her painkillers! 

Working as a Registered Veterinary Technician, I have the pleasure of taking her to work with me where she can charm my clients just as she charmed me. She's extremely goofy, but gets along well with almost every pet and owner coming through the door. 

I'd like to thank THS for the wonderful service they provided, for pointing me in the right direction, and for providing a lifelong friend.


Gillian, RVT


April 13, 2013

It's been about 3 weeks since I brought Lexx, (12 years young), home with me. When I was at the THS, I noticed special signage on Lexx's cage regarding him being a sponsored adoption, which caused me to stop and take a look. It was enough time for him to get up from under his blankets, and as soon as I saw this big, handsome boy, with the greenest eyes I've ever seen, I thought "How is he still single?!" I want to give huge thanks to his sponsor (Lexx is priceless and I believe in paying it forward!), and to the amazing volunteers and staff who prioritized Lexx's well being, far beyond just his physical needs.

I can report that Lexx left his shyness behind when he came home, and he spent his first night in bed, stretched out beside me. We are like old friends and he loves his new, forever home. He has a special spot to lay in each room, where he can keep an eye on what I'm doing, and when I'm moving around too much and he is tired, he will call out to me to check in! He is being treated like the king he is, and returns the love with head butts, almost constant purring, and I've even gotten a couple of licks!

He is the perfect guy- handsome, affectionate, clean, has life experience, appreciates the small things like sitting in an open window... Huge thanks to everyone who cared for him!

Lexx and Laura xo


April 11, 2013

THS: just a quick update on "Tobi" [previously Spritzer], adopted from THS late Dec. 2012. Most of the behaviour concerns have been modified to a great extent and Tobi has become a loved and respected member of the family here in Mississauga.

We believe he is a "Walker's hound" which was originally bred for racoon hunting, in Virginia, in the 1700's; if so this explains his occasional glances to see  what is up in the trees while on trail walks.

Thanks to Eric & Jasmine for believing in his potential and allowing his adoption; he is a happy well-adjusted dog at this point & his behaviour training continues.

Attached is a photo of Tobi on his favourite picnic bench [Milton, Ont] getting ready to chase his ball.


Jack Buddin
Mississauga, Ont.


April 10, 2013

Dear THS and THS friends,

In January 2012, my fiance and I adopted our Oschie (oh-shee), a beautiful aussie shepherd/mixed pup previously known as Lotus. We chose to adopt from THS because my beloved childhood dog was a rescue from THS, and the fond memories of her have made me a lifetime supporter.
During our search for a pup we looked on the website religiously for a few months before we came across Oschie, and when we saw her we were out the door in less then 10 minutes and on our way to meet her. It was love at first site, she was half asleep and hidden in a corner behind her brothers and sisters. Although she had just eaten and was lethargic, she was the first pup to acknowledge our presence by sticking her nose and paw out of the cage, and cocking her head. It was almost as if she intended to say 'hi guys'. Completely taken by her we decided to make her part of the family. She has grown into the epitome of the perfect dog, she is incredibly intelligent, calm, empathetic, affectionate, loving towards all people, children and animals (even squirrels!), but most importantly she resonates happiness. On her walks, she always has a trot in her step, a wag in her tail and a smile on her face, it is no surprise she puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.

Thank you THS for bringing Oschie into our lives, we are forever grateful,
Lily & John


April 10, 2013

This is Randall in his new forever home. He is totally amazing. Could not ask for a better companion.

Thank you so much for letting him come into our home.
Lori & Lorenzo Casullo


April 9, 2013

Hey guys!

We just wanted to take a few minutes to send you all an update on our little buddy, Marley (Whom you all knew as "Rolo") 1 The past 7 months have been perfect with this guy as an addition to our little family! Although there were some crazy times with him still being so young and having mega-esophagus, we couldn't imagine life without Marley around!

He is SO playful and adorable, and we're pretty sure he doesn't realize he barely weighs 10 lbs, because he walks around like he thinks he's bigger than a great dane! His stomach condition is also MUCH better, so he is definitely the happiest little guy that we know!

Thank you all again so much for you assistance during the fostering and adopting process. You made it much easier for him and us, and we appreciate everything that you have done for our favourite little dog!


Rusty, Alannah
& Marley


April 9, 2013

Hey THS!

My name is Isaac Cabral and back in april 2012 I adopted this little guy here. He goes by the name of Basil!!

I know what your thinking "o man I loved that little guy!!" So do I and my girlfriend! I'm happy to report that he is as happy as a clam. With a lot of patience and care he is completely house trained and lovin' life!

I want to thank the THS for allowing me to adopt this bundle of joy. And to whoever had Basil and gave him up.... You lost the opportunity to have a great friend with you for life.

Take care guys!!

Isaac, Charisse & Basil


April 6, 2013

We adopted Seeley who is now known as Napali (Na-paul-ee) on December 9, 2012.  She immediately made her made herself at home and after only a few hours she was out from under the couch and interacting with us.

Over the past few months she has gained some much needed weight and is acting like a very happy, playful, TALKATIVE and affectionate feline. We are so happy to have adopted her and have been nothing but happy with our decision. Napali has really seemed to have settled into her personality and is a mischievous but very good hearted creature. She is still a little tentative with new people but gets accustomed to them quick enough.

We just wanted to say thank you for providing the opportunity for us to find such an amazing little friend.


Jody and Adrian


March 31, 2013

Hello staff and friends of the THS,

Here is my lovely companion, known as Bianca to the staff  (but today we call her Snow). Snow came to our family on Oct 31st, and what a lovely girl she is! Snow came with several health challenges, and much medical follow-up. Today however, she has a great report of good health, and has the energy to go with it.

Snow is loved by all our family, particularly by my grown grandchildren who always enjoy their time with her. Snow loves her walks, her dinners and her quiet time. Sometimes she can become a tad anxious, but we comfort her and stay by her side at such times and she is wonderful.

Snow has become a cherished member of our family. She is such a delight, and always gives back as much love as she receives.

Thank you, for Snow.

Barbara Bridekirk


March 30, 2013

Dear THS,
I'd like to share with you how seamlessly Lolly has fit into our family.  We adopted her February 11th 2013 and it feels as though she has always been a part of our home.

She is the most gentle dog who loves to cuddle and thrives on all the attention she gets from us all. She is very protective of the kids and watches them closely as they play outside. When they venture too far off she herds them back to the driveway, much to my thirteen year olds dismay!

She was a little timid around other dogs at first but now wants to play with every dog she meets. She has a best doggie friend in a yellow lab named Isla and when they are together they are inseparable!

I know that we rescued her,and we happily gave her a forever home, but if truth be told the love we give her is returned tenfold!

A sincere thank you to everyone at the THS you are truly special people. A special thank you to Eric for being so skilled at what you do!!!

Lee-Anne, Kevin, Matthew, Nolan, Olivia and Lolly Williams


March 30, 2013

Dear THS

I wanted to update you on how Pepper (formally known as Tsnami) is doing. We met Pepper in February 2012. She was a foster to adopt kitten who had a very rough beginning. She was the runt of the litter, the sickest of all her sibling kittens yet the only one to survive. She needed a lot of extra care for the first 8 months as she struggled with a reoccurring URI and needed constant vet visits and antibiotics. However Pepper is a fighter and as she's grown shes been able to fight her URI much better, and hasn't needed antibiotics since September.

When we met it was love at first sight, and we had to have her. She adjusted to our home instantly, and followed us every where we went. She was very happy to have a forever home, and we are very happy to have her forever.
We also adopted another cat from another humane society, and they've become great friends.

Pepper is the best thing to happen to our family, and we love her dearly. She is a happy, funny, outgoing, and curious little girl who loves playtime. I couldn't imagine my life without her, and I want to thank the THS for their great care and effort in taking care of her until we were able to meet our little princess and take care of her ourselves.

The first picture is of Pepper (the all black cat) and the second picture is of Muzzy (her best friend and brother)

Maria + Paul


March 28, 2013

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for giving us a wonderful gift.  A beautiful silver tabby named Missy.  It's been almost one year since we brought home this precious bundle of love and cuddles and purrs!  We decided early on that we would like to adopt senior cats to give them a wonderful second chance at a forever home.  We have raised many cats from kittens and loved it as much as we do Missy but when we saw her face we knew she was for us. 

Missy was living at THS for one year and was a diabetic in remission.  She is under the care of our local vet and has changed our lives so much.  She runs as fast as she can to the door when we come home from work,  meowing her little face off, it's so sweet that she missed us as much as we missed her.  If you leave one room that she's in and go to another for more than ten minutes she meows at the top of her little lungs.  We have to call to her and let her know you are there or go and get her and carry her to the next room to be with us.  She has us well trained. She sleeps above our heads on our pillows at night, you might wake up with a paw on your forehead or in your eye sometimes in the night.

We realized also how special she was when the workers at THS were in tears because they were sad to see her go but knowing she was going to her forever home. 

p.s. she meowed the entire one and a half hour drive to our home. But it was worth it every minute of the trip. We stopped several times on the way to make sure she was fine.  We are truly blessed THS and thank you for what you do, each and every one of you!!

Sincerely, Cary and Lu-Anne Newell


March 28, 2013

On Thanksgiving weekend, we decided that we would go and see the cats at the Humane Society to see if any jumped out at us.  We did not want a kitten as we currently had an 8 year old dog.  I viewed the cages and didn't see any in particular, but my boyfriend came running over all excited asking if I had seen one named "Timon".  I went back and checked him out and we decided to think about it for 24 hours. 

The next day we returned to adopt him :)  We have had him for half a year now and we adore him.  He is so sweet and nothing bothers him.  You can tell someone really loved him in the past as he loves being around people and loves being picked up and snuggled.  Funny enough, he is not only litter trained but toliet trained as well.  We have caught him peeing in the toliet on numerous occassions and I even got it on video :) 

We are greatful to the Toronto Humane Society for taking him in and adopting him to us.  Timon has his forever home as we will never part with him.

Lori Campbell


March 26, 2013

I'm sorry this email took so long. Aug 2012 we decided to add an extra member to our blended family.  We didn't know what kind of dog we wanted... just that we wanted one.  My step-sons walked around with my fiancé trying to find a dog that looked like it might fit our family but it was the THS staff that suggested Bella.

She's one of the best things that has happened to us.  She is incredibly kind and loving! We didn't know her past and were shocked at how well adjusted she was with the boys.

I got into a car accident in March 2012 and had a lot of difficulty walking after the accident.  Samus has been my driving force to get up everyday...her loving nature has been almost therapeutic. 

Thank you THS staff!!


March 25, 2013

In September 2012 we adopted Coco (formerly known as Zander) an adorable ferrel kitten. Once she came home with us she was timid and hesitant to come out of her cat carrier.  We were worried it was because she was not used to humans, but then noticed a small and obviously painful infection from her spaying. We brought her back in the next day and the wonderful staff at the Humane Society took great care of her and within a week she was well and back home with us. 

From that point on she has earned the nickname 'Cuddles' because it is the only thing she wants to do - including during meals when she enjoys sitting on our laps as we eat (getting maple syrup out of the fur on her tail has proven to be quite a challenge). She runs to the door to greet us once we come home, insists on sleeping in the bed and of course attacking the sheets every morning.

Thank you to the entire team who took such good care of her - we are so lucky to have her!

From Mark and Kristina


March 25, 2013


I just wanted to give a quick update on our two kitties that we adopted from THS. We adopted Evie (formerly Dori) in August 2011 at the age of 2, and she immediately fit perfectly into our home. She loves to play and goes crazy for catnip. She's very vocal and will let you know when she wants your attention. She's also very sweet and loves a good cuddle.

Last year we decided to adopt a friend for Evie (and us). In December 2012 we returned to THS and saw Olive (formerly Malika) and instantly fell in love. At just two months old she was tiny and adorable. We brought her home and she stayed in our spare room for about a week as we slowly introduced her to Evie. After some initial hissing, it was not long before they were friends. Olive is so sweet and cuddly, and also super playful. She loves to lay on your lap for hours and hours.

Evie and Olive have truly made our home complete. We would like to thank the staff at THS for giving our kitties a second chance and helping them find their forever home.

Colleen & Rob

(PS: In the pictures, Evie is the calico and Olive is the tabby)


March 13, 2013

In September 2012 my family and I fostered the most amazing 4 year old terrier beagle boy from the Toronto Humane Society, his name is Piper (originally named 'Helm'). We were told that Piper was a stray from Quebec brought to Toronto, and it was here the very good Humane Society vets diagnosed Piper with Heart Worm, a nasty disease that is exactly what it sounds like. So, we fostered Piper until the vets at THS had him 100% again, and in early December we adopted Piper, making him our newest member of the family!
Piper has a great life, he is energetic, playful, loyal and much more! Piper enjoys going for walks and especially runs. He likes to play with his green dinosaur chew toy, formally known in our household as 'Dino' and yup, you guessed it, Dino squeaks!

Although adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful and kind thing to do, you must always keep in mind (as we learned) that you don't know everything about the animal in terms of habits and so on. For example when we brought Piper home he couldn't even get up the stairs! It was shocking, he would go down the stairs into the basement (which he could do quite well by day 2) and whimper and whine because he would get stuck down there! We have defiantly worked through tackling the stairs now along with other obstacles. Despite this, adopting is very rewarding!

One of our fondest memories with our pal, Piper is when we came back from a night out, we opened the front door and who should come trotting down from upstairs but, yes, Piper! Which was quite a surprise because the last we had left him was in his crate....downstairs. And when we looked over, sure enough the crate door had been busted down. Quite a "Houdinni" act!

Piper could run in the backyard for hours and cuddle with Dino for just as long. He is safe, happy, healthy and loved!

We would like to thank the Toronto Humane society for everything they do for animals everywhere and for  all the families they help complete. Adopting an animal from THS will be the gift that keeps on giving!


Nicholas, Sue, Jennifer, Julia & Piper


March 12, 2013

In Mid-December, 2012 my husband and myself went to the Toronto Humane Society to adopt a cat.  We were looking for an older cat to add to our family of two other senior cats and three children.  We met Neige (formerly Frosty) in the cat room.  She is a beautiful white 12 year old cat, with a lot of personality!  She is very affectionate, talkative and loves to nap on your knees for as long as possible.  She still enjoys playing with cat toys and loves to drink water from the bathroom sink first thing in the morning and will meow her head off if she doesn't get what she wants!  She has fit in beautifully with our other two cats and she loves our three kids.  If you are thinking of adopting a pet, give an older pet the opportunity for a loving home for their golden years, you will be rewarded with lots of love and appreciation.



March 10, 2013

It's been 9 weeks since we adopted Jingles from the THS and we couldn't be any happier. He has adapted quite well to his new home in Guelph and has made friends with most of the other dogs in the neighborhood, at least he manages to get them all barking at the same time! A special thanks to the staff at the THS for their love and care of the animals especially Eric who set us up with Jingles. You guys are awesome!

Ron and Deborah Ridge


March 9, 2013


I thought I'd take a minute to update and thank THS.

On May 23, 2011 I adopted Charlie (aka Hernando) a cute and wild 8 week old kitten. On December 14th, 2011 I adopted Abbie (aka Twix) a sweet and shy 8 week old puppy. They have turned into great friends. Abbie is no longer shy and the wild in Charlie usually makes him the instigator of their often vigorous play sessions. They have both enriched my life and I am glad THS was there to bring them both into my life. I hope you enjoy a recent picture of them.

We have been across the country and back. We started our adventure together in Toronto. Moved across the country and back.  Been on planes and boats and of course cars. We've lived in four homes in a year. And they have stayed happy and secure through it all. 
It makes me know that home is anywhere you live with your family.

Thank you again for these two gems. People are always surprised when they find out I adopted them from THS because they are both beautiful and of lovely temperament.

Warm regards,


March 9, 2013

Hello Friends,
It has been a week since I took Carly home. I was told that she is very shy, anxious and sometimes aggressive when she is not feeling comfortable and that she would be hiding under the bed for a long long time. With these difficulties lying ahead, I still chose this lovely beauty as my 21st birthday present. I find it hard to believe that she is now lying by my side as I am writing this letter, just 7 days after adoption. I still remember the first night, Carly spent most of the time in a hole that I had never known it was there in my apartment until she came! As I was expecting her to hide in that hole for a week or two, she spent the second night with me on bed (miracle)! We are so closed together now that Carly follows me everywhere!

To me, it feels like it's our destiny to meet each other and keep each other accompany! And thank you so much for taking good care of Carly before I met her! Hope more people find their friends with paws!

All the best,
Ruby Liu


March 8, 2013

Hi, I want to let you know that Blueberry, a Golden Oldie I adopted from you late last year, is happy and healthy in our home! Now known as Mr. Blueberry (just to add to his fine gentlemanliness........he really is very grand and soooooooo handsome), he has adjusted so admiringly to his two young whipper-snapper siblings, Ziggy and Iggy. Ziggy is a 15 month old long-haired Chihuahua, and Iggy is a 14 month old long-haired Chihuahua/miniature Doberman mix (whew! such a mouthful!).

They are both a tad "wired", to say the least, and adore Mr. Blueberry; who generally observes their antics from some high-up perch, but sometimes is seen ‘flying" across the living room in hot pursuit of those little pups, or being pursued by them! He has only ever given them one swat, to mind their p's and q's, and they accepted his discipline by leaving him alone ( temporarily),tails between their legs! It is truly awesome to witness the developing love and respect they have for one another everyday.

Thank you so much for giving him to us. We will adore and cherish him forever,

Sigrid Wolff


March 7, 2013

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I wanted to thank you so much and update you all on how Jeyne the kitten is doing. 
I fell in love at first sight, and Andrea was so extremely friendly and helpful and made the adoption process so very easy.

Jeyne who has had a urination problem (peeing on the bed) in the past has had no difficulty using her litter box, and she is such an energetic, playful kitty!

She loves cuddles and chin scratches, sitting by the window and playing with a large stuffed teddy bear that resembles her fur.

She is the most darling little kitty and I'm so happy to have her in my life, hopefully she loves it here as well.

Thank you again for all you do, and perhaps Jeyne will have a furry buddy sometime in the future!

Sincerely, Jennifer


March 5, 2013

In October, 2012 my husband Darren, eldest son Brady and I visited the THS to find a new family friend.  After looking at several choices we decided on two dogs: one a yellow labrador, and the second a black labrador mix named Presto.  We had learned that somebody ahead of us had decided on the very same two dogs.  I kind of feel like Presto chose us.  He came right to the front of his holding area and sat there almost smiling at us as if to say "please take me home."

As fate would have it, the lady before us chose the yellow labrador.  During our interview we were instructed that Presto was very shy.  Well that didn't last long!  After about a minute of being in the interview room he went right to our 7 year old son Brady and made friends!  We had to place him on hold until the next day so that our twin 4 year old boys could meet him.  I went about my work day looking forward to finishing work so that I could take the boys down to meet him.  To my surprise, my husband had already taken them down, finished the adoption and brought Presto home.  On picking me up from work, I was confused when there were no children in our van.  I turned around saying "is that a dog in the back?" My husband said that there was no dog and I was seeing things.  I turned all the way around and cried "Presto!" What a wonderful surprise!

Presto has since been renamed Blacker after Toronto Marlie Jesse Blacker, a favourite of my oldest son.  Blacker became an instant member of the family and we cannot dream of life without him!  Thank you THS!

Heather, Darren, Brady, Carter & Evan Trussler


March 2, 2013

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I wanted to update everyone on my big girl Trina, a lovely senior cat I adopted in mid December 2011.  I originally came across the profile of Trina on the THS website in late November 2011. Reading through her profile and looking at her two cute pictures, I knew I had to meet Trina. I went that week to visit her. I spent some time petting Trina and, when no one else was looking, Trina licked my hand just a bit. At that moment, I was sold! A few weeks later, I brought Trina home and within five minutes of having her here, she was already walking about exploring the apartment.

Trina has been such a wonderful addition to my home and to my life. When I come home she always greets me at the door with a cute little welcome home meow. She will always sit beside me on the couch and it takes absolutely no effort on my part to make her purr; even just a simple "hello Trina" makes the purr come out. Trina will go out of her way to sit on anything and everything in my apartment - when I come home and kick my shoes off, she's sitting on top of them in no time! Trina is also very popular with my friends and family. Everyone who meets her leaves with at least one picture of her on their cell phone!

I love Trina so much and although people tell me that she is a lucky cat to have a forever home, I feel that I am the lucky one.

Thank you,
Danielle Nelson


March 2, 2013

We've had the pleasure of welcoming Marlee (formerly Cajun) into our household, and wow, he loves to be a good boy! He's learned to sit, stay and lie down. He's learned not to pull on the leash when out for walks. Before he would pull so hard his front paws were off the ground more than they were touching! He's also showing major progress with his seperation anxiety.
He's really enjoying city life. Going on runs with his daddy is his favourite part of his day! And mummy switched him to a home cooked diet and all his bathroom problems went away within days.
A little piece of advice I can offer new dog owners, and it's nothing new - Persistance is KEY!
Marlee needed guidance in every category possible - housebreaking, excitability, socializing with other dogs, pulling on leash. Within the first month he had shown such an improvement because we wanted a well behaved dog more than we wanted to be lazy.
Thank you THS!
Our little happy family


March 1, 2013

Wanted to update you on Poppy's progress. She was named Poppyseed at THS but now is known as Poppy. She came to me as an almost-5-year-old declawed "special needs, foster to adopt" cat - but Poppy and I knew the day she came home (January 24, 2013) that "foster" would definitely=

become "adopt." We had some adjustment re litter box issues - now resolved. Poppy also initially showed a strong wariness of people - past experience? - too much change in her life? - but she now invites a good belly rub, accepts prolonged petting, and loves gentle T-Touch massage, especially around her ears. Poppy sets limits and goes at her own pace (usually a happy bounce!), but in response to a quiet home, gentle touch, and lots of patience, she is becoming a lovely and loving little girl! Thank you to previous owners who surrendered Poppy to THS, and to THS staff and volunteers who cared for her until her forever home was ready. You've given me a wonderful gift in Poppy! One of Poppy's favourite activities is supervising the Betta fish as Baggins does laps around the aquarium in the den.

Christine Jarvis


February 28, 2013

I would just like to give a little update on our beautiful boy Basil (THS name Pepsi).
We adopted Basil in the middle of Sept 2012. He was one of 13 puppies born at the TSH to beautiful patient mom Lexi. When we came to the shelter to see the puppies, we approched the cage with 5 pups. There were two boys and three girls. Basil was the smallest. When they let the pups out to meet us, they all ran over except little Basil. You could see he wanted to but was a little bit tentative. When the other pups ran away, Basil seized the opportunity to get his share of loving from us. After all the advice about not selecting the shy, scared or reticent one (BASIL), we knew this little man was coming home with us.

Basil has two cat brothers, Zulu and Angle-B, and very happy human sisters that adore him. He gets as much love as he gives.

Basil has grown into the most handsome boy. He is a sensitive, loving, easy going lad. He is the fan favorite on his walks every afternoon with his walker Helen. He is happy to be the official greeter for the pack to both dogs and humans.

Thank you THS, for providing a happy, healthy and safe start to Basil, and his brothers and sisters.
Candy and Anthony


February 28, 2013

So I adopted my best friend (Murphy) here almost two years ago. We have had such great adventures already camping in Algonquin Park. Im guilty of spoiling him and he has put on a few pounds since he has been with me, however im trying to get him back into shape. He is a very caring playful animal who I could not do without now.

Thank You very much

February 27, 2013

Binky celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday (she was 2 years old when we adopted her).  I cannot imagine where we would be right now without the love of our bunnies.  And it is all because of Binky, Ella and the Toronto Humane Society.  I want to thank you for saving them, for giving them the medical attention they needed when they arrived in your care and for allowing us to adopt them.  They have inspired us in so many ways and have fostered such a deep admiration for bunnies and a deep understanding of their plight.  Thank you for helping rabbits and other small domestics who don't usually get a second chance.  They have changed our lives for the better, forever.

Please find attached some pictures - Binky is the white bunny (in her Coach scarf), Ella is brown (in her tiara).

Thank you for our blessings :)

Michelle Wasyluk


February 20, 2013

I adopted Nala in October. She has adapted very well to my house, racing around for an hour each night, spending most of the day with me on her bed near my desk, sitting with me or my girlfriend when we are watching TV, and sleeping on the bed with us at night. She loves her treats, loves checking out all visitors to the house, and sleeping in the guest room when there is sun.

Lots of purring, almost all the time she is with us, and a bit of crankiness when she doesn't get her way (which is not often now that we have figured out her dislikes). I think she is very happy, and I am very happy with her. She's found her permanent home. 

Don D.


February 20, 2013

Hi there!

My name is Duncan (formerly known as Plumpkin) and I was adopted from the THS in August of 2012.  I just wanted to say thank you to all of the staff and volunteers there for your kindness and for taking such good care for me.  I came to the THS with an injury and FIV, and you provided me the necessary surgeries and a new lease on life!  Now I am super happy in my new home!  I like to be like a ninja and stealthily pounce on my toys, which happen to be all over the apartment.  I especially love attacking and snuggling with my Kong.... mmmm...Kong.... I also like head-butting and kneading my parents before I nap on top of their bellies.  This is particularly nice when they've just finished eating.  I enjoy chasing my tail on the bed - it's a great opportunity to practice my acrobatics!  Last, but not least, I love all of the attention and love that I get from my family. 



February 19, 2013

Hello THS!!

At the beginning of December 2012, I was looking to adopt a furry little friend, and was first looking at a cute little rabbit. When I lost the opportunity, I was quite upset. I was looking at the adoption pages and found myself in tears from the cutest kitten I had ever seen. Little Popeye (originally was named Aramis) was the animal I was meant to adopt. I was concerned with him only having one eye, but that didn't stop me from adopting him, and helping him to learn to cope with his disability.

When I first payed a visit to Popeye, we bonded instantly, and we played together for almost 2 hours that first day! A few days later, I filled out the paper work and brought him home. He is the greatest pet anyone could ever ask for. He loves to cuddle with me while watching movies, sleeps right next to me every single night to keep me company, and greets me every morning when he rubs my face with his furry little face. He has adjusted so well to my home, even though he is partially blind and is getting better every day. Everyone who meets my little One-Eyed Wonder falls instantly in love with him, and he loves them right back. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you again THS Family for bringing this amazing little kitten into my life, and making it all the better. Popeye is the one thing that has made moving away from home easier. I love him so much, and love him more and more every day. 

Stephanie, and Popeye :)  


February 19, 2013

To Our Wonderful Friends at THS,
Since we have adopted our special needs Lab/Retriever mix Nelly, she had been a delight to our family and a wonderful addition to our family. Nelly had a rough start, she had some special needs that needed attending to. But in a short amount of time, she was as fit as a puppy and she is healthy as can be.

We wanted to take the time to thank you THS for the wonderful rescue work you do day to day and giving not only the animals a second chance but providing families such as us an opportunity to open our homes to a loving animal.

Nelly has been with us since the Spring 2012, she had just past her 5 yr birthday in Dec 2013 and she is as happy as can be. Our 5 year old daughter is also very happy and Nelly is the most gentle and protective dog for her. We cannot thank you enough for the work you do and we will contiinie to suppport THS and spread the word.
Regards and Keep Up the Good work!
<3 Ramon, Jackie, Leann and Nelly!!


February 16, 2013

In April 2012 I adopted this crazy little puppy shows named Arya, she had more energy than she knew what to do with, luckily I work on a farm and she attends work with me everyday! She is now a year old and our family pet, she is our favourite form of entertainment. And LOVES the horses!! Such a character!!! I look forward to our life together, she's truly my best friend. Adoption all the way!!! 

Thank you so much THS for filling the void in my life.


February 13, 2013

Hello THS adoptions staff,
During your November adoptathon I came in to the shelter looking for a buddy for my 6 year old cat Merlin (formerly Marcos, adopted on Labour Day 2010).  There were a number of cats that caught my interest on the web site, and staff spent a lot of time with me looking at all of them.  I ended up with Jelly, as he is now known, a 3 year old marble tabby. 

When I brought Jelly home, he was terrified, and it took several weeks in his sanctuary room before he settled down and became friendly with me.  I was very cautious about introducing him to Merlin, but now, 3 months later, they are playing together and keeping each other company.  Recently, I found them cuddled up together and here is the picture of the 2 of them.  Merlin has the white markings on his face, and Jelly has the clipped ear.

Thanks to all of the adoptions staff, especially Matt, who took the time to help me find the right cat.


February 12, 2013

Hi there!

I'm writing to update you on the status of Queen, who I adopted in April 2012.  As you likely remember, she's an older, smoke-coloured, sweet-natured, blind cat.  I am happy to report that Queen has been doing great since coming to live with me!  She adjusted to her surroundings very quickly and finds her way around perfectly well, despite the fact that she can't see.  It's really incredible - she can jump on my bed or the couch from quite a distance away!  She loves curling up on or in anything on the floor - her favourites include boxes, reusable shooping bags and books.  She has even curled up on top of a banana!  Lol...

Queen (or, as she is affectionately called, "Queenie") is adored by everyone she meets.  She purrs constantly and loves nothing more than sitting on my lap and being petted or brushed.  Well, maybe there is one thing she loves!  She was so skinny when I adopted her that I wasn't alarmed when she put on a bit of weight, but her appetite returned with a vengance once she got settled with me!  She is very vocal, especially when she knows it is time for her wet food.  She greets me at the door when I get home from work in the evening and follows me around yowling until I feed her...what a character!  She started getting quite big, so she's now on a reduced calorie diet.  The vet has confirmed she is perfectly healthy, and I look forward to a long and happy life with her.  She will be 13 next month.

I have attached some pictures of Queen from the last year.  My favourite is the one where she is wearing a straw hat - it was taken on Halloween, when my friend and I dressed her up as "Anne of Queen Gables!"  (Haha...she didn't even mind, she curled up on my lap and we took tons of pictures while I pet her!)

 I am so grateful to the Toronto Humane Society for connecting me with Queen. She has brought so much love, joy and humour to me. I can't imagine what my life was like before her!

Thanks again,
Lindsay & Queen


February 9, 2013

Nelly is very happy!

I really like her and Ii take good care of her, and we think shes really cute.


February 5, 2013

We came and took one of your Kittens in July last year, and we were asked to let you know how she is getting on.

She is getting on wonderfully. She is really affectionate and friendly. She gets on very well with our other cat. We have renamed her Singha, and in the picture she is sleeping with Tatti our tabby cat.

She did have an episode about three weeks after we received her. She had to stay in the Rosedale animal hospital over a weekend, and was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. We never found out what was wrong with her, but she has been in good health since.

Overall, we would like to thank you for Kanga/Singha, she has brought lots of fun and happiness to our lives!

Andrew & Laura McNaught


February 4, 2013

About 8 months ago, we rescued Jaxon, a young dog (about a year old) who had just arrived at the THS from a Quebec shelter.  We felt it was time to share his success story with you! It has been a wonderful experience so far and we are very much in love with this little boy. From the minute we brought him home, he has only wanted ONE thing from us... LOVE! He craves love and just wants to cuddle all day.

Jax has learned a lot in such a short period of time. We have taught him how to sit, stay, give paw, high five and fetch his ball. It has been so much fun getting to know this little guy and discovering more and more of his personality everyday. He always makes us laugh with the funny things he does, such as sitting on our laps and trying to hug us with his paws! He is a gentle soul and we really couldn't have asked for a better first dog.

It was a pleasure working with the THS. They were extremely helpful during the adoption process. It took us many months to find the perfect dog for us, but we finally did and we are so thankful for having been given the opportunity to have Jaxon in our lives.
Thanks Humane Society for all your help.

Jory & Jay

February 2, 2013

Dear THS! This is Lucy. We adopted Lucy in 2002. She has turned 11 years old this year. Lucy has been healthy, happy, and a wonderful addition to our home. Thank you for your wonderful work at THS, we will come visit soon!!!!!

Paul and Michael


January 31, 2013


We just wanted to let you know that our new little kitten "Willow" has become such a source of joy to our family.  We adopted her on Christmas eve and she is the best present we ever got!!  She's got the loudest purrr, a cuddly snuggle and a little bit of crazy kitten antics that keep us laughing.  Thank you so much THS for taking such good care of her...she's awesome!!


January 31, 2013


Curtis is fitting into our family very well. He settled down quite fast. We all think he is the cutest thing ever. We all love him very much.

He is a very curious little thing, gets into everything! Loves his new toys we bought him. Curtis is the smartest dog I have come across in a while, because he has caught on to the house training within the first two days.
Curtis is the perfect addition to our family and we are very grateful that we had the chance to find him and take him home from your shelter. He seems really happy and so are we.

Victoria Sheppard


January 25, 2013

Hi there!

I was just going through the happy stories on the THS website while pretending to take notes in class, and felt like I had to submit mine. It's long overdue, but Romeo was the most amazing friend I could have ever asked for. 

My family had recently lost our bull terrier, Brophy back in the early 2000s, and we decided to take a trip to the THS to browse. We came across the cutest, most amazing looking puppy we have ever seen. He was a little brown ball of fat, and we decided right there that he needed to come home with us. I will never forget when we took him to the front desk to check him out, and he peed on the counter. We named him, fittingly, Romeo. 

Romeo was the most amazing, kind, gentle, wonderful, funniest and happiest dog I have ever met. He was always so wonderful as we grew up together, and would never hurt a fly. He was a really odd, funny dog as well. He walked with his toes sticking out, and had this funny puppy style wiggle until the very end. 

Last summer, in 2012, Romeo got very sick, and was put to sleep. It was one of the saddest days of my life and I miss him every single day.  He was so special and wonderful, and he made my childhood amazing. He was the best.

In September, we once again went to the THS, and found another wonderful puppy to light up our lives, and we named him Basil. I will include pictures of both. Romeo was the furry, blond one, and Basil is the the brown, sort of German Sheppard looking one. He is wonderful and special in his own way. We have been so lucky to have both boys in our families. 

The puppy with the black face is Basil at 12 weeks old. The other two pictures are of Romeo (rolling around on the couch, and the other one is when he snuck up our stairs and we caught him, he has a very guilty look on his face)



January 25, 2013

Hello THS Staff,

Earlier this month I adopted my adorable cat, Nala (now Luna) from the THS and I've attached an update- she's amazing!

The whole adoption process was a great experience. I appreciate all of the help in finding a perfect match for me and commend everyone at the THS for their work with these animals.

With Best Wishes,
Danielle and Luna 


January 24, 2013

Abby was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society,  by a lady who found her as a stray but could not keep her. Abby was in a module with 2 other cats  hunched in the back because she was so scared. When approaching her cage, she would hiss at people and cower even more. Her sad little eyes melted my heart, and it then that I decided I would interact with her even more.

When I got her of the cage and into my arms, she would freeze into the fetal position with her tiny ears flat against her head. Each day, I would spend more time with her, and decided that I wanted to adopt her and take her home. I adopted Abby in October, 2012. I have 2 other cats that I adopted from THS, Buster and Willa. When I first took Abby home, she would hide behind a cabinet I have in the spare room. It did not take her long to get attached to her new big brother, Buster, and her new big sister, Willa. Abby will follow Buster everywhere he goes, and he is teaching her more and more every day. Willa has had a helping paw in this as well. Now, Abby is playing with both Buster and Willa and will even sleep with Buster on the big bed.

Abby has been a delight to have in my family. It goes to show that if these scared kittens or cats are given a chance and the love they are looking for in their forever home, they will definitely complete any family.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society.


January 22, 2013

Well hello there! 

My name is Biggie Smalls (formerly Rossi) and nine years ago I was adopted by the best family I could have asked for. When I was first adopted out by the humane society I had four legs, but unfortunately the home wasn't the right fit, and I had to come back to have my front leg removed - the other cats at the home didn't really get along with me, but now I've got my three working legs and wonderful family! We've explored three cities together - Halifax, Ottawa and now Toronto, never have I wanted to be with anyone else, and here in my forever home, I couldn't be happier! I'm a little fatter than when I left, but I'm just cozy and comfortable in all my hiding places!

Adopting Biggie is the best decision I have ever made, and is truly the greatest companion a girl could ask for. Thanks THS for pairing us together, we are a happy duo and I love him soo so so MUCH! 

January 22, 2013

Dear THS, 

About 7 months ago I saw Rama on the THS website and had to come and meet her. The very skeptical Thai puppy had a very interesting start to life. I instantly fell in love; unfortunately someone had already put her on hold by the time I decided to put my application in, my heart was broken! 

The very next day I checked the THS website again and to my surprise she was available! I rushed down to the THS and left that day with her as my new foster puppy! I changed Rama's name to Mila and she started her transition into becoming a regular happy go lucky puppy. It took several weeks before Mila started to become comfortable in her new surroundings but eventually she realized she was in a safe place that was her home. 

Mila had to make a few trips back to the THS before I could fully adopt her, but after a couple months she officially became mine in October. 

Mila has really come out of her shell since she first came into my life, she is still a little shy around new people but loves her family and friends! She is very outgoing with all of the dogs in her life and to new ones that she meets at the park. Her best friend, Troy, a 120lb black lab mix, is also a THS rescue - they are inseparable! They love playing together at the cottage, endless acreage to run around! 

Mila is continuing to grow and develop into a wonderful dog. She is quite the cuddle bug, who from time to time sneaks her way into my bed at night! 

I just wanted to send my many thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at the THS; they made all of my experiences very easy and enjoyable. As well, a huge thanks for Dominique who rescued her from Thailand - she will always be your girl at heart. 

Many Thanks, 



January 21, 2013

 In September 2012 my family and I fostered the most amazing 4 year old terrier beagle boy from the Toronto Humane Society, his name is Piper (originally named 'Helm'). We were told that Piper was a stray from Quebec brought to Toronto, and it was here the very good Humane Society vets diagnosed Piper with Heart Worm, a nasty disease that is exactly what it sounds like. So, we fostered Piper until the vets at THS had him 100% again, and in early December we adopted Piper, making him our newest member of the family!

Piper has a great life, he is energetic, playful, loyal and much more! Piper enjoys going for walks and especially runs. He likes to play with his green dinosaur chew toy, formally known in our household as 'Dino' and yup, you guessed it, Dino squeaks!

 Although adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful and kind thing to do, you must always keep in mind (as we learned) that you don't know everything about the animal in terms of habits and so on. For example when we brought Piper home he couldn't even get up the stairs! It was shocking, he would go down the stairs into the basement (which he could do quite well by day 2) and whimper and whine because he would get stuck down there! We have defiantly worked through tackling the stairs now along with other obstacles. Despite this, adopting is very rewarding!

 One of our fondest memories with our pal, Piper is when we came back from a night out, we opened the front door and who should come trotting down from upstairs but, yes, Piper! Which was quite a surprise because the last we had left him was in his crate....downstairs. And when we looked over, sure enough the crate door had been busted down. Quite a "Houdinni" act!

 Piper could run in the backyard for hours and cuddle with Dino for just as long. He is safe, happy, healthy and loved!

 We would like to thank the Toronto Humane society for everything they do for animals everywhere and for  all the families they help complete. Adopting an animal from THS will be the gift that keeps on giving!


Nicholas, Sue, Jennifer, Julia & Piper


January 17, 2013

Hello THS Staff and Volunteers,

My husband and I went to the THS with the intention of adopting a cat, it was at a time when the facility was overflowing with cats. We walked through the whole cat area to give all of them a fair chance. In a lower cage I saw two big green eyes checking me out. I bent down and put my face up to the cage to get a better look, out came a paw and slapped me (claws in) in the face. I had found my cat, or she had found me!! At the time she was estimated to be approx 1 year old with no history as she was found as a stray. We brought her home and she's been the best cat ever. She was definitely someones pet at some point as she instantly recognized the can opener sound. Miss Akimbo cat is now 18 years old and still going strong. Adopting her was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for giving her a second chance (her THS paperwork had listed her as having "a questionable temperament" but she turned out to be a real sweetie) and giving us many years of love and enjoyment.

Please find some pictures to share with potential adopters.

Sincerely, Christy, John and Aaron


January 15, 2013

Dear THS,

How can we begin to thank you for bringing the beautiful (and she knows it), smart (at times too smart), and affectionate (so many kisses) Maeby into our lives?

We don't know if you recall, but Maeby (who went by Ubu at the time) arrived at the THS as a neglected doggie. Weighing in at whopping 11kgs she was a skeleton of a dog with a heart of gold. Never one to hold grudges, she quickly stole hearts at the THS by being her social and charismatic self. 

We fostered her at first, counting down the days until we could officially adopt her and call her our own. She doubled in weight (now a glorious 22kg), quickly learned new commands, and started to get along with the foster kitties in our home.

While we have had Maeby since June, she has been battling an extreme case of isolation distress. Perhaps she was abandoned in her previous life, and she fears being left on her own again. Luckily she was never destructive, but she was very vocal, and would pace our house for hours when we were gone. With the help of a trainer, a dog walker, and our new vet we have finally started to see some improvement. We are just hoping that it gets better from here on in (fingers crossed!). We are so glad that we are able to help Maeby with this obstacle. She hasn't had the best life so far, but we are doing everything possible to make sure her next chapter is as awesome as she is.

Thank you so much to the staff and volunteers at the THS for all that you do. Not only did you rescue our Maeby from extreme neglect, you took amazing care of her until she was able to come home to us. The ongoing support from the foster department, medical team, and trainers has been immeasurable. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts- and we know Maeby thanks you too!! 

Gratefully yours,
Christie and Corey


January 11, 2013

Hello, Toronto Humane Society! 

Almost a month ago, my family adopted Cooper (formerly known as Callum), a Border Collie mix. We felt the need to email you with an update. 

Cooper is fitting in really well with our family. In fact, or dog training classes start tomorrow! We all love him to death, and he's being a VERY good boy. He's enjoying his walks and visits to the dog park, and has made quite a few friends around the neighborhood. Thank you so much for everything you do! All animals deserve a great home, and thanks to you, most of them get one!

Anyways, thanks again!


The Stamfords

January 9, 2013

Hello!  I adopted Thumper and wanted to share our story for your Happy Tails page -

Over the holidays, while running some errans on the east side of Toronto my boyfriend and I stopped in to the Humane Society to look at the animals available for adoption. We walked through to the back of the "Special Species" room to find Thumper, an absolutely adorable, furry grey bunny who was missing his front teeth. I put my hand out for him to sniff and he stuck his little face through the cage and licked my hand and captured my heart.

Thumper quickly settled in and made himself right at home. He is very affectionate, loves having his back scratched and chasing his toy ball. He has such a sweet and lively personality and will make it well-known when he wants attention. Like me, he is a vegetarian and loves green veggies and bananas, so much so that he will hop into the kitchen when I am preparing his meals and stand beside him until I'm done. I love this little guy and my life has become instantly better with him in it.

I would strongly urge anyone looking for a pet to consider adopting from the Toronto Humane Society. The staff is wonderful and take great care of the animals and of course, the animals are so full of love.

Thank you,


January 5, 2013

We adopted Dusty (formerly Amy) on May 5, 2011. She came to us very shy and nervous of many things, even of her own shadow at times. The first time we saw her in the pen she was barking this loud ear-piercing nonstop bark. We worried she might bark like that all the time, but it didn't deter us because we knew she was the dog for us. Funny thing is she's hardly barked since the moment she set her paw inside our door, not even when the doorbell rings. I think she just really wanted to be taken home.  She does make hilarious sounds all the time, but it's more like happy talking.

Dusty has come leaps and bounds in the year and a half we've had her. She went from being afraid of the smallest ripple of water on the shore to diving head-first off the dock! We weren't sure how she'd react around cats so when we decided to get a kitten we took our time introducing them. The cat is now fully grown and Dusty shows off her motherly tendencies and licks him dry any time he gets wet (he loves water). The Humane Society did great work socializing her and I'm happy to say she looooves playing with other dogs, talk about leaping and bounding. She has shown that with a little patience and guidance she's willing to overcome any fears or misgivings. She's an intelligent, very loving and cuddly girl.

This is my second dog from a shelter, my first was adopted in 1996 by my parents and was coincidentally also named Amy. She was my family's dog for 15 years and we're eternally grateful for having had her in our lives.

Anyway, we want to thank you for giving us our best friend.

xo - Anna & Brian


January 4, 2013

To everyone that helped with our adoption process at the THS,

It's been almost 4 months since we got Shay (formally known as Angel) and we could not be happier. She is a handful of puppy sometimes but we love her unconditionally. She has gotten much bigger since she has left the Humane Society, still she is just as adorable! She loves socializing at the dog park with both dogs and humans, as well as at home with our bunnies. She even thinks she's a rabbit sometimes, asking for bunny treats and toys, trying to cuddle up to them. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to give this pup an amazing life!


Jacky, Vickie and Shay

Attached: Shay at 4 months, 5 months and 6 months


January 4, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on Bear (the cat formerly known as Prince). We adopted him from the THS in October 2012 and even though it has only been a few months, it is hard to imagine what life was like without him.

He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives and we are just so happy that we found him. He settled in quickly and now spends his days relaxing, cuddling, sleeping and playing with his toys. We named him Bear because of his teddy bear qualities - soft, cuddly, adorable and affectionate.

He loves to be held and sit on our laps purring away. He's just a big bundle of love and we look forward to coming home every day and seeing his happy little face. Thank you so much THS for bringing us together! :)

Aisling and Brad


January 1, 2013

Dear THS,
thank you for letting us adopt our beautiful kitten Molly (formally known as Nicee).
even though we adopted her last month, it feels like she's been there forever.
Unlike most kittens, she's low hassle and well behaved.

She loves laying on the keybord of our computer and having a long snooze.
Since our dog is a bit chubby, they play tag to burn some pounds.
We couldn't be more happier with our new companion.

Elyse, Samantha, and Marcy


December 30, 2012


We would like to thank the wonderful staff at the THS, especially Andrea Evans and the behaviourist, Jessica, who spent hours with us one weekend recently helping us pick out our first cats. They are doing wonderfully together. You will remember them as Punky (the orange tabby) and Harper. We are so happy that we decided to bring home two of them, for they are the best of friends. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to take cats into the Enrichment room and try out pairs together, to ensure that we had two that got along well. The process of finding our two boys was so much fun, and is a memory we will always cherish.

As well, we had so many questions, having only owned dogs before, and Andrea basically gave us a weekend course in cat ownership, answering all our questions and providing information we didn't even know to ask for as well! We were so impressed with the THS, and will remain lifelong supporters of its work.

Attached are some photos.

Once again, thank you so much for these lovely companions, who have added so much joy and fun into our home!

Warm regards,
Janice and Dan Bennett


December 27, 2012


It's Maya and Shivon! Shivon was one of the 5 lab/whippet mix puppies adopted in March 2010. I would just like to say that the past 2 years have been fantastic!! Shivon is an amazing dog. I can't imagine my life without her.  I have been teaching Shivon various tricks and commands since she was a puppy. She now knows over 80 tricks and commands, including paint, hang a christmas ornament, fold a towel, hug my leg...  

If you'd like to check us out on YouTube and Facebook, here are the links:

Happy Holidays!!

Maya and Shivon :)


December 26, 2012

Here is a photo of Alice the cat, and Rosie the dog. Both were adopted from the THS. Alice came first, in September 2011, and Rosie arrived just 3 months ago, in October 2012. Although this photo doesn't really show it, they are good buddies. Alice continues to charm us in her feline/weird ways. Rosie, who (we think) has lab & shepherd in her, is happy, goofy, energetic and affectionate. They both have brought a tremendous amount of happiness into our home. Thank you so much for making it happen.

Brooke, Richard, Georgia, Charlotte, Chloe, and Rosie & Alice.


December 24, 2012

Hello! My name is Lumen, and I am 8 months old.  You guys may remember me by my old name, which was Prune. My mommy and daddy are both such big fans of the show Dexter that they named me after a character on the show.

I've been here about 7 months now, and I like it quite a bit. My family is very nice, but I wish my brother Bishop  and my sister Jane (both of whom are cats) would play with me more often. I try to play with them, but they get scared, think that I am trying to attack them, and go hide somewhere, when all I am trying to do is play with them. I do love them both though. Maybe we'll become friends when I'm a little older and less energetic.

My parents are awesome though. Daddy plays with me a lot and Mommy is quite affectionate with me. I like sitting on Mommy's lap, even though I'm so big that I no longer my whole body on her lap.

This picture was taken when Mommy and Daddy had a Star Wars party. They dressed me up to ook like Darth Vader. The costume felt weird at first, but after a little while I liked it a lot. I think mine was the best costume at the whole party!

I hope all my friends at the humane society are doing well, and I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love Lumen.


December 21, 2012

We adopted our little boy Frankie on November 4, 2012.  He is a beautiful Maine Coon/Tabby mix that we just adore.  Frankie is doing great and he has settled into our home just like he had lived here forever.  He immediately became part of our family and we just love his company. 

Frankie loves to play with his toys and he will fetch his ball and bring it back to us, which we just love.  He makes us laugh and brings joy to our lives everyday, we don't know what we would ever do without him.  A very special thanks to The Toronto Humane Society for giving us the newest member of our family that we love so very much :)

Scott & Lynda


December 18, 2012


I am writing to give you an update on Cleo, a 1 and a half -year-old black domestic short hair I adopted in mid-November 2012.

Cleo was very sweet and affectionate from the moment I met her at the THS, and she continues to be even more so in her new home. She was very comfortable in from the moment she jumped out of her box. She asked many questions as she roamed around the apartment, purring and meowing. The more comfortable she became, the cheekier she became too!   

She enjoys (far too much) pulling down the ornaments from the bottom of the Christmas tree (which is now almost bare).  She gathers the little balls and hides them in her tent, or chases after them in a flurry around the apartment, rolling them forward as if they are trying to escape her.  She is very playful still, very kitten-like, and gets a lot of exercise running around the apartment, chasing her toys and anything else that happens to catch her eye, like my feet! 

Cleo loves to sit at the window and look out at the squirrels and smell the fresh air.  She spends at least a couple hours every day looking outside, excited by the sights and sounds and smells.  She loves to hide herself behind the curtain and watch the world.

She enjoyed the first light snowfall of the year, sitting on my lap outside on the porch for a few minutes, batting her little paws at the falling snowflakes.

Cleo had kittens at a young age, and she seems to miss them. Every so often, when she has access to something soft that she can carry: a sock, my earmuffs, a slipper, it is gathered and carried into her tent or the middle of the floor, where she positions the item at her midsection as though it is feeding.  She will lick the items and meow in a kind of sad way, asking me to come and meet her newly found little baby. I hope to one day be able to adopt a kitten for her to take care of, she seems to have a very strong urge to mother.

Cleo is a gift, I can't imagine my home or life now without her.  Thank you to the staff at the THS who helped me adopt her, I hope to come back and adopt again.

Kelly Bailey


December 18, 2012

Hi Friends;

I had adopted Swiper back in 2010 and sent an update that year.

You may be glad to find out that he's doing just as well if not even better now!

I may or may not have changed his name to Clark Kent when I took him home (he likes this) and he now has a column up on!  He's a pet personality and everyone's favourite doggie!  He was featured in the Toronto Star as one of GTA's cutest (I write for both publications as well.)

He just wrote a festive piece and recalled his time spent in your care.

He loves his life and I, as his fur-mommy, want to thank you for being such an awesome shelter.


Chloe Tse


December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays to everybody that took such amazing care of Madonna! We are still loving our special girl!


December 17, 2012

Dear THS,

We adopted Pluto (now named Printer) yesterday and we couldn't be happier!

Printer has already adjusted. He slept well, ate well and hasn't barked once except in happiness. He even slept through the night w/out any problems or crying. The family came over to see him and he got along with EVERYONE.

We are so happy with Printer. He is amazing. Such a joy! I wish we could take every dog and cat from THS and bring them home. We were treated so well when we came in yesterday and you kindly answered all of our questions.

We've activated the free trial of pet insurance as well. Printer has already been adorned with a new coat, booties, and all other necessities for our new family member!

Please find pictures attached. The are not professionally done but I think they really show everyone's happiness, including Printer.

Thank you so much,

The Kismatali's


December 17, 2012


Betsey and Rapture have an amazing story to tell.  Betsey was dropped off at the Toronto Humane Society with her little tiny 2 week old kitten Rapture.  A few hours after being in the shelter another family of kittens came in without a mother to look after them.  They were placed with Betsey and Rapture and everyone got along great.  Betsey took care of her little foster kittens like they were her own, that's how big her heart is.  

I met Betsey, Rapture and the foster kittens at their human foster home.  I fell in love with Betsey's wonderful personality immediately.  The minute I met her, she wanted to be my friend, giving me head butts and letting me hold her, and also letting me hold her kittens!  So trusting!  I knew right away that I wanted to give her a forever home, and I didn't want to separate her from her only biological kitten after all they had been though together, so there was no question in my mind that Betsey and Rapture were going to come home with me when their foster time was over.  I've always had a soft spot in my heart for black cats, and now there were two who came into my life and they were mother and daughter!

When all the kittens were old enough to be weaned, they all went back to the Humane Society to be spayed and neutered.  I was so worried that someone else would find Betsey and Rapture and take them home, or even worse, separate them.  I called everyday, and I was told that they can't put animals on I kept calling to see how they were doing and if they were ready to come home yet.  One day in March, me and my sister got the cat carrier and went on a rescue mission!  We weren't leaving without 2 black cats!  Our rescue mission was successful and that afternoon we FINALLY got to bring home Betsey and Rapture safe and sound.  That day, my sister also met a furry little girl that she fell in love with named Luna who came home with her the very next day.

Betsey, Rapture & Luna are all very happy (and spoiled) in their forever homes.  They are all looking forward to Christmas catnip and head butts forever and ever.  

Kellie Elliot


December 15, 2012

I adopted Rebus (originally Chico) from the Humane Society in April 2012.  I think he chose me as he barked at everyone that passed his kennel exept me - he just looked with those take me home eyes. I met him on Good Friday and was not able to take him home as I had nothing for small dogs (I've always had big dogs), with the help of Stacey, our adoption co-ordinator I was able to put him on hold and pick him up the next day. 
He is a wonderful loving dog that just loves to snuggle with his people.  He enjoyed his training classes and passed with flying colours.  We attended Woofstock and Paws in the Park - I have included a photo of him hopping in for the photo op with the mascot at Paws in the Park - did I mention he is a bit of a ham for the camera.  We really could not ask for a better dog and can't imagin our life without him.  I never thought of my self as a "little dog" person but Rebus has certainly turned me into one.
Thank you everyone at THS.
Elaine Crichton


December 14, 2012

We adopted Eden in July 2012. Eden is a cuddly "love bug" who enjoys going on walks, chasing squirrels, sitting pretty for treats and making people smile. When we first met Eden, she was wearing the "cone of shame" and was depressed so we were not quite sure about Eden's personality. However, she adapted to her new home very quickly and now we know that Eden is anything but shy and sad! Eden has lots of energy and and is always following her nose to new scents and smells.  We are very happy with our decision to adopt from the humane society and Eden has truly become a member of our pack. 

Bobbi and David


December 9, 2012

About a year ago, we adopted Sniffles when her family was moving and couldn't take her with them. At first she was a bit timid, but now she is fully at home with us. She is a "senior" bunny but you could never tell by meeting her. Her favorite thing to do is hop around in her pen or explore the house. She loves cuddles and is amazing with our dog. Most people would say that it would be the rabbit afraid of the dog, but for us, it was backwards! Our dog was very curious about Sniffles and Sniffles couldn't care less about our dog. Now they are good friends and when ever they see each other, they sniff each other out and then keep on going about their own business. 

Sniffles is an amazing addition to our family!

Thanks to all staff at all animal shelters for making these adoptions and success stories possible!

December 5, 2012


I just wanted to say thank you for the fuzzy little angel. He is my sweetie pie. My little guy. 

I don't know what brought me to THS that particular day but that Wednesday I found myself texting my brother to come with me for some company and before I knew it we were on the second floor peering into the cages. There were so many sweet little furballs. And even though there was more than enough to choose from I hadn't really connected with any of them. I was almost ready to go when my brother said "What about this one?" He was standing beside the last cage in the third room. I hadn't even noticed a furball was in there he was dark grey and sitting in the shadow.

When I went over to the cage and bent over to see him closer he immediately came over and started to meow at me. He was so sweet. So incredibly sweet. I didn't even really have to think about it my heart had already decided. I wanted this little furball to be MY furball. And so the adoption began...
I had to foster-to-adopt because he had been ill and was still under medication while I brought him home. Everyone at THS I dealt with and was in contact with was so helpful and kind. And Monday November 26th, the little fuzz, as he has come to be known, was ALL MINE! I was so happy I couldn't contain myself. This sweet little guy was officially my boy. 

He has brought so much happiness to our lives. He is the fuzziest, affectionate, crazy little creature :) He will snuggle for hours and play just as long. He entertains me more than I entertain him. And I really have to stop buying him toys but I can't help it. He never ceases to make me smile whether he is playing, sleeping, snuggling or following me to the bathroom. He has settled into his new home as quickly as he settled into me and my husband's hearts. 
I love the little fuzz more and more every day. I don't know how I can love something so much that I just met but I do. 

Thank you THS for bringing the love to me. 

Kathy, Errol and Little Fuzz (aka Patches)


November 29, 2012


I adopted Lexis (used to be Trickster) this passed Thanksgiving weekend and couldn't be happier to have her in our home. At that point I had brought my bunny Wylie to the center a few times to meet a potential friend, and immediately I knew this one was the one for us. Being born in a shelter, Lexy has flourished at home under the watchful eye of her new big brother. Their bonding process was a breeze and they became fast friends, much to my delight!

Lexis is just under 6 months old right now and has already proven to be a smart girl with lots of energy and a need to explore. She is the resident sweetheart in the house, always ready for a snuggle and content to be on anybody's lap or in their arms.

During my search for a second rabbit I had become discouraged numerous times in finding one that had as much personality as Wylie - but Kim was fantastic in helping me with questions, concerns and arranging multiple bunny meetings. Wylie and Lexis have proved to be the dynamic duo I was hoping they would be. I come home to find them snuggled together or playing, either way they are clearly a pair. Wylie is so much happier now that he has a friend, and bonding Lexy with humans was easier with Wylie by her side.

I am so grateful to everyone at the THS and all their help with this adoption process, you guys are fantastic. Lexy sends her love, but is glad to be outta there ;)

November 26, 2012

I just wanted to share my successful story of my amazing babies.

On the first week of May 2011, I adopted then known as Roger and Albie( now named Mickey-grey one and Toby-orange one). My boys are the most affectionate cats that I know... Always giving kisses, calling out to you when they can't find you and snuggling into you when it's bed time( especially Mickey he always sleeps by my head every single night).

Our family just seemed to be missing one small thing. That little thing was my little girl Lilly(previously known as Nessa). She completes our home and only took 3 days to get along with her brothers. To make things sweeter we got her on family day of 2012. Her multi colors on her fur and the loud purr she gave me the first time I held her got my attention and I just had to have her and what an amazing girl she is. She loves being held and cuddled and will let you know when she is hungry or if you are not paying enough attention to her, even chase you until you pick her up.

I want to thank the toronto humane society for blessing with with my precious cats who make my day everyday!

Here is a picture of the littles ones having an afternoon nap:)


November 25, 2012

We brought Kalsani (aka Butterscotch) home in July of this year. From the first 5 minutes she was cuddly, playful, and utterly confident. Despite a bout of tummy trouble in her first week with us, she has grown like a weed and at 6 months, is now a healthy, lovely young cat.

She loves to play fetch, hide and seek, tag, and cram-all-the-toys-under-the-furniture. She also enjoys watching "Squirrel TV" out the balcony door. Kali is quite happy in her role as queen of our household, and we are very glad to have her with us!


November 21, 2012

Hello to the staff at the Humane Society! I wanted to update you on how Suri is doing since she came into my life and made it infinitely more wonderful. In short: She's GREAT! A first-time cat owner but longtime lover of cats, I made several trips to visit with different cats and was given helpful pointers from the staff on who might be a good fit with me. Eventually I fell in love with Suri (who, being ten years old, had that name long before Suri Cruise, it should be pointed out!) and brought her home right away. By the end of our first night together she had climbed onto my bed and made herself at home, which gives her a perfect view of the television. Her favourite program appears to be Gilmore Girls, by the way... She is such an affectionate cat who loves my partner and all visitors - especially if they give her tummy a good rub! Thank you so much for helping me find and fall in love with Suri!

-Mark and Suri


November 20, 2012

I adopted Nala about 6 weeks ago. She has adapted very well to my house, racing around for an hour each night, spending most of the day with me on her bed near my desk, sitting with me or my girlfriend when we are watching TV. She loves her treats, loves looking out the window onto the street, and sleeping in the guest room when there is sun.

Lots of purring, almost all the time, and a bit of crankiness when she doesn't get her way (which is not often). I think she is very happy, and I am very happy with her. She's found her permanent home. 

Don D.


November 20, 2012

To the Toronto Humane Society;

My name is Renaldo and I was adopted from the THS one year ago.

My Mama had every intention of getting a small kitten, but she couldn't resist my charms as I purred and poked at her when she walked by, and I was only 18 months old, still a kid!

When she was filling out the adoption forms I had been fed, and fell asleep afterwards and the refused to wake up from my food nap when it was time to go to my new home, and then my Mama found out I had chin acne!
But my Mama found it so endearing that she also takes food naps and had chin acne! It was meant to be!!

I love to join my Mama and her friends for tea parties, tubes of lipstick, tampons (especially the ones in the cardboard!!), pens, and shoelaces. I love to sit within reach of Mama or in eyeshot of everyone in the room.
I also love to scare the tiny teacup Yorkie on my floor when I prowl the hallways. He is the size of my head and I am considering making him lunch, only because he is irritatingly loud, and ruins my chill.
I also love to have my back scratched when Mama is on the toilet, in fact, I insist on it. And I must be scratched every night before bed until I fall asleep or I will be a very silly kitty if you do not come home.

I love it here! There are so many good places to sleep, and Mama has kept a very hideous vintage shag carpet because I love it so much. And yeah, I have a little pot belly, but so does Mama so it's all good!!!

Sending all my love to my kitties in the shelter, just be yourself, that's my advice, and soon you will find forever homes!!!


Adopted 24/11/2011

ps- I give great FACE, here are some of my pictures!


November 18, 2012

Hello THS Staff!

I wanted to take the time to send you a little update on Cleo, the cat I adopted from THS on September 15th, 2012. It was an incredibly tough process, picking out the cat I wanted to bring home with me, and I spent quite a lot of time trying to make up my mind. But I finally settled on Cleo, and now, after two months of living with her, I can't tell you how thrilled I've been with my decision.

Cleo settled into her new home at once - she didn't even bother to hide out once I brought her home. She got to know every nook and cranny of the place right away, and by her second night at home, she was sleeping right up by my pillow at night. She's incredibly friendly and inquisitive, and she spends her days either happily following me around the apartment or snoozing on the couch or the bed. She was shaved and a little overweight when I adopted her, and I'm happy to say that not only has all her hair grown back, she's also lost some weight! She seems very happy in her new home, and I've discovered she's always up for a belly rub! It took her only two weeks to learn my routine and the sound of my footsteps in the hallway, and she's always waiting right there on the front mat when I get home every day. She loves chasing around laser pointers and stuffed mice tied to strings, and she'll even hop up onto my bed for a snuggle when my alarm goes off in the morning!

Thank you so much to the volunteers and the adoption counsellors working in the cat wing of THS for their patience and understanding when I was visiting and trying to find my kitty. Cleo has been incredible addition to my life, and I'm grateful every day for her affection and presence. I truly believe she was meant to go home with me that day. I've attached a photo of Cleo up in her rightful place (the bed, right next to my pillow!) so you can see how great she looks in her new home!

Thank you again,


November 14, 2012

We adopted our first dog, Buddy, from the THS in August 2010. He is a 10 yr old black cocker spaniel that is a true gentleman. He is a calm, sweet and quiet gent that just wants to cuddle up and watch tv with us on the couch.

After two yrs of being the only pup in the house, we decided to adopt another dog from the THS in June 2012. The new member of the family is our little girl Happy. She is a 4 yr old blonde cocker spaniel. Her name describes her perfectly, she is always happy and ready for fun. Her little tail never seems to stop wagging.

Both Buddy and Happy have brought so much love to our home and we couldn't imagine life without them.

Thank you to the THS for giving us two amazing pups that give us so much love and endless smiles everyday!

Heather & Paul


November 14, 2012

My rescue dog Willow (8 months) and her litter-mate Zep: Puppy-play date!! Adopted by 2 different families from the Toronto Humane Society. Our family consist of 2 "humans", 2 rescue cats, and 1 puppy..We receive so much love every day from all of them!!


November 12, 2012

Hi, THS.

Three weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon, I popped by the THS in search of a kitten - Foxie - I'd seen online.  It was love at first sight and I took Foxie home on the TTC/GO transit that very day.  A month earlier, we'd lost our pal, Keith (adopted from the THS 12 years ago) and James was mourning his passing.  We figured that Foxie might be just what James needed to cheer up.

Foxie as rechristened "Henry" and spent 3 weeks in the quiet of the master bedroom.  During that time, resident cats Mia and James introduced themselves by waving from the other side of the sliding glass doors of the solarium and playing "paws under the door" at the other bedroom door.  Clever James liked Henry so well that he learned to open the door so Henry could explore the rest of the apartment.  James was once again his happy-go-lucky self and couldn't wait until Henry could come out to play.

Now that Henry's more used to us, he's having a wonderful time.  When he and James aren't playing tag (all day and sometimes all night), he is sleeping on the bed with Mia.  This picture was taken when he was preparing for his afternoon nap.

Thanks to the wonderful people at the THS and the special volunteers who rescued Henry from a feral cat colony and allowed him to be adopted.  We all love him and look forward to many years together!

Marsha, Mia and (sweet baby) James


November 8, 2012

To my friends at the Toronto Humane Society,

It's me, Gracie! A little over a month ago now, my human came to the River street location where I was staying to pick me up. She had read about me for days on the website and finally decided to come in the day before we both moved into our new home! I haven't had the easiest road, and being a little bit older than some of the other cats, I was starting to get used to being alone. But that day I had a feeling that something was different. Normally I'm pretty quiet, but on this day, before she even turned the corner I knew someone was there and started to meow. Before she came to say hello she talked to Mitch a little bit farther away from my kennel, but I just knew she was there for me! It didn't take long before we were head butting and cuddling like old friends. Everyone could see that we were the perfect match. The next day, she came back to sign the papers so I could officially adopt her and I finally got to see my forever home. 

I was scared at first so I didn't eat much but soon I started to get comfortable. About a week after I moved in, my human found out that I can't hear very well. Sometimes because I can't hear, if I don't see her I get scared, so I call to her to make sure she's still there, but then she comes to reassure me that she isn't leaving and that everything is okay.
Because I find human grooming habits so questionable, sometimes I try to give her a bath while she's sleeping so that her hair gets clean! Also, I know what time she has to get up in the morning so I make sure to meow real loud and nudge her so she gets to work on time. I don't know how she got by before me! I think that sometime people think of their cats as their babies, but I'm definitely the mama in this family.
I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of me while I stayed with you, and thank you for helping me find my forever home. 



October 29, 2012


I adopted Stanley (senior cat of the week) just over a month ago and am happy to say he is the best companion I could have asked for. Despite being a senior cat at 11 years old, he has lots of energy and loves to play. He has a snowman filled with catnip that is his personal favourite and he will often carry it around with him. He is incredibly curious and loves to explore - on top of the fridge, behind the fridge, behind the curtains etc - and will spend lots of time looking out the windows.

He likes to talk and is sure to let me know when he's found something interesting (like the barking of the dog in the apartment across the hall) or if he's in need of some attention. But most of all he is so loving. He sleeps next to me every night, follows me around like a shadow and loves to curl up in my arms. He'll often sit on my desk and watch me work and is sure to great me at the door whenever I come home. Plus his pink nose and ears make him the most adorable cat ever.

I have had lots of fun getting to know Stanley and am so thankful to the THS for helping me find him (especially Andrea for her patience showing me almost every cat before we got to Stan) and helping him find his forever home.



October 28, 2012

Hello Andrea!

We just wanted to thank you again, and send a few pics of Danziger settling in.  He's doing so well!  He didn't even stay in his little section of the apartment for a minute, he set right off marching about, exploring and giving everything a good sniff.  He's covered some ground!  He looked a little wide eyed for a bit, and then he was all purry and belly up, rolling about within an hour.

He ate all of his dinner, and he's sitting here now with us on the sofa as if he's always been here.  He's the best cat we could have hoped for, we're so happy!  He really has the nicest, sweetest personality, he's not a tiny bit shy, and he's so polite, haha, he didn't even think of trying to jump onto the counter while we were making our dinner.  He is so lovely that he even divides his time equally between the two of us, he doesn't even have a favourite.  Awww.

We're still working on a new name for him, Jimmy or Frankie seem to be the likeliest suggestions we've had.

Thank you so, so much, he really is the perfect cat, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience at THS.  Thanks for making it so easy for us, and for all of the great advice.  It was a pleasure meeting you!

Take care,

Steph & Jeff


October 27, 2012

Hello THS Family!

At the beginning of August, we decided we needed a furry little companion and had searched far and wide for just the right one when we came across the most adorably furry little lionhead bunny named "Fuchsia" (who we later renamed to Lupa). We fell in love with her picture and had to go see her, and when we did that very day, we had to bring her home with us. We wanted to spoil this little girl and we definitely did! She got plenty of toys, but she was quite content with blankets and boxes. We thought we could do more to make her happy though. Our companionship was a lot but nothing could compare to the companionship another rabbit could give her. So we set out to find her a husbunny!

We went to the 2012 Bunfest and just happened to come across "Philip" in the THS binder of adoptable rabbits. We wanted him! Just from his little picture we knew there was something special about him. We discussed if we were ready for another rabbit after becoming first time owners only a few weeks before. We knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity of meeting "Philip" though so we went later in the week to visit him and scheduled a meet and greet with Lupa. We wanted him so badly that we even told Lupa it'd be nice if she could like him so we could take him home! The introduction went so well that we got to bring "Philip" home that night :D

We had read that bunny bonding is a difficult time for both the bunnies and the owners but our experience was anything but difficult. Lupa and "Philip" (who was renamed to Nero) loved each other from the beginning! When we had them separated at the beginning, Lupa and Nero would play tag with one of them out of the cage and the other one in the cage :) Now they follow each other everywhere! When we got Nero, he wasn't too fond of getting pets or coming up to see us. After being with Lupa for a week, he will now come up to us and sometimes will tolerate some long as he gets a papaya treat after :) They love their toys but blankets and cardboard boxes are still the preferred method of fun.

Thanks to the Toronto Humane Society and Kimberly in the special species department, we have a wonderful little family with our two beautiful buns. We couldn't be happier and we're so thankful we could give them a forever home!

Best Wishes
Kaitlyn, Massimo, Lupa and Nero


October 27, 2012

We want to tell everybody that Robinson now Oliver Ingles bonded immediately after we got home, he said to tell you that he truly appreciated all the things that you guys have done for all his buddies at the Toronto Humane Society and himself, I have found a home now, and I know for a fact, I will be taking care of, thanks guys for everything, I will keep you posted. yours happy paws, Oliver Ingles


October 25, 2012

My name is Chanelle and a week tomorrow, I was fortunate enough to adopt a special little lady, Tizrah. I just wanted to share some photos of her and let everyone know that she has settled in purrrfectly! I can't begin to understand why any person would not want her compaionship.

From the first moment I had opened her kennel to introduce her to her new home she waltzed around my apartment, checking every nook and cranny. After about 1 hour of being in her new home she was on the carpet sprawled out like she owned the joint. After the 2nd hour, she hopped up on the couch and sat beside me. By the 3rd hour she was in full snuggle mode, laying on my stomach for the remainder of the night! She even slept in my bed that night too! 

Over the past week, Tizrah has made my home her home. We get up every morning together and snuggle while I have my coffee and get ready for work. She waits patiently to resume snuggeling when I arrive home from work, running to greet me at the door. She has just started to play with her toys but mostly sleeps the day away in kitty bliss. She follows me around the house while I do my chores and sits on my computer tower while I'm on the computer.
I had recently been going through some tough time in my life and since I've gotten Tiz, everyone says I've been much happier! My boyfriend said he noticed a change and a coworker did too! I may have saved Tiz, but in reality I'm sure she saved me. I firmly believe that this was meant to be considering she was going to be the staff pick, the day I came to adopt her! (the poster didn't even get to go up!) 

Tiz surely is 'my delight' and has filled this past week with joy and happiness. How could anyone be sad or upset with a beauty like her in their life? I'm so happy that she is apart of my family and can assure you all that she will be well taken care of! 
I'd like to say a special thank-you to Mitchel, for helping me in the adoption process. The information you gave me was so helpful! I promise you that Tiz is in great hands!
I've enclosed a few photos of Tiz for you all to enjoy!

Thanks again!

-Chanelle Guilbeault


October 25, 2012

Hello THS Staff and Volunteers,
During the summer of 1994 my husband and I went to the THS with the intention of adopting a cat, it was at a time when the facility was overflowing with cats and they had put out an adoption plea to the community. We walked through the whole cat area to give all of them a fair chance. In a lower cage I saw two big yellow/green eyes checking me out. I bent down and put my face up to the cage to get a better look, out came a paw and slapped me (claws in) in the face. I had found my cat, or should I say, she had found me!!

At the time she was estimated to be approx 1 year old with no history as she was found as a stray. We brought her home and she's been the best cat ever. She was definitely someone's pet at some point as she instantly recognized the can opener sound. Miss Akimbo cat is now 19 years old and still going strong. Adopting her was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for giving her a second chance (her THS paperwork had listed her as having "a questionable temperament" but with nurturing and patience she turned out to be a real sweetie) and giving us many years of love and enjoyment.
Please find some pictures to share with potential adopters.

Sincerely, Christy, John and Aaron


October 24, 2012

It's been about 8 months since we decided to add to our family and adopted Dexter (formerly known as Escobar).  Dexter immediately got along with our Golden Retriever puppy, Kaylee, and protects her like a big brother would.  It was thought that Dexter was a Gordon Setter mix, but after completing DNA tests it was confirmed that Dexter was actually a Golden Retriever/Doberman mix.  

We began fostering Dexter after having some teeth removed during dental surgery but when he looks up at us with that crooked smile, you can tell that he doesn't mind it at all and it doesn't deter him from enjoying life to the fullest.  He is quite a handsome, friendly and affectionate boy, always looking to please his family.  He spends hours a day playing with his "sister", Kaylee, and the two of them can sure get into a lot of mischief! 

From the moment we met Dexter, we knew he was the one for us and he has not proved us wrong.  We can't imagine life without him, as he brings so much joy to our lives.  Thank you THS for bringing us together, we couldn't have picked a better companion!  Know that he is well taken care of and loved dearly.


Jeff and Lisa


October 16, 2012

Hello all

I just wanted to update everyone about my new little guy I adopted in February. "Sylvester" (renamed Buddy) won my heart when I was volunteering at The Humane Society. I would secretly spend much more time with him than necessary. Then I started coming to the shelter to visit him on a regular basis - praying he hadn't been adopted. Then I thought, this is crazy. I will adopt him!

He has really adjusted to life at my house and has come out of his shell. He has such personality! He meows or "chirps" when I say his name and will be in bed with me every morning patiently waiting for his breakfast. Buddy has a favourite toy mouse I've named Mr. Blue Eyes and it melts my heart when he trots around my place with this toy in his mouth and then drops it on my lap. He's a tad chubby, but there's just more of him to love. I love love love him and believe that Buddy picked me. We're both happy!

I attached a few pics. Ok, more than a few.



October 15, 2012

Adopted from THS in Feb/March 2009.

Jitz loves to lay in the sun and listen to the sounds & breeze coming through the patio door.
Jitz loves 'Temptations' a bit too much.  However, she was fat when we got her and we try to make her run & play as much as possible.  We limit her food but she eats a whole bowl in under 1 second.  lol  We buy her the more expensive 'healthy' brands whenever possible.  She does not like wet food.
Jitz prefers feet over hands touching her.  Preferably hard toe nails to scratch against.
Jitz prefers males over females in general.
Jitz likes watching TV.
Jitz has a very accurate biological clock where she barges into the bedroom approximately 5 seconds in the morning BEFORE the alarm clock goes off.
Jitz loves being brushed.
Jitz hates being left alone, but is friendly to her cat sitters.
Jitz loves to lay on her back with both sets of paws curled up, and loves being told how cute this is.  It is extra cute on her hind paws.
Jitz pounces about and jumps high into the air when she has to go 'poo.'
Jitz wisely chooses the bath tub to poo if she ever accidentally gets locks out of her litter room.
Jitz spends over 20 hrs per day laying in her box.  (a cardboard box that a pair of boots came in)  If you ask her to get in her box when she's not, she will.
Jitz also enjoys laying on papers if they are sprawled about.
Jitz is sometimes pronounced Gitz.  (a hard G sound versus a J sound.)  This started when someone accidentally called her Gitz.  We like both.  She likes both.
Jitz, when in a playful mood, likes to chase humans around and jump up to slam her body against the back of their legs as they walk away from her.
Jitz received over $100 worth of Xmas presents in 2011 since she is the substitute of children.  Animals are better.  :)
Jitz is terrified of the vacuum and will hide under a bed for 24 hrs afterwards....unless of course she hears the 'Temptations' bag being rustled.
Jitz stares at humans for hours at a time, without turning her head away.  She is freaky like that.
Jitz is nervous of sudden sounds and movements, humans have to move in slow motion at times or she will run away.
Jitz hates being held but will tolerate it for about 30 seconds from males.

Summary....Jitz is unique.


October 14, 2012

Hi all at Toronto Humane Society. I want to let you know how Peaches is doing. I got Peaches in July and she is a Lovely little girl doing great. She has a few little problems but with the help of our vet I am sure she will be fine. Thank you THS for giving her to me. After my Melanie died I never thought I would get another cat but Peaches is great. She loves playing with balls and the laser light. I have a big window she loves to be in. Thats her favorite place also on my bed. It is great to have someone to come home to. Thank you again THS 

Sheelagh & Peaches.


October 11, 2012

Dear everyone at the THS,

I adopted Pete (formerly known as Bailey) from the THS just over a week ago. When I adopted him I was told that he was a little uneasy around humans and that I would have to be very patient with socializing him. Turns out, I didn't have to be very patient! Within a couple of days Pete was snuggling, purring and playing away! He's quickly become a part of the family and I am so grateful that you brought us together. Thank you for everything!



October 11, 2012

Hey THS!

Back in January, I was lucky enough to adopt Diego the Wonder Dog. In the months since then, he's completely become part of my family. Everyone who meets him falls totally in love with his friendly grin, and his wagging stump of a tail, and how when he gets really excited he seems to forget how to walk quite properly, and so looks rather comical running up to greet you.

Over the summer, we did a fair amount of travelling. He came camping with me, and we discovered a love of the outdoors, but a hatred of bugs - poor guy got his hindquarters bitten quite badly by mosquitoes. He also took his first boat ride with me, and behaved like a champ! While he doesn't mind running into the stream at the dog park, he was certainly not fond of the shores in Georgian Bay, with all the mud and slippery rocks.

When I was taking Diego home, I remember telling you guys that I would send you a picture of Diego napping with my cats. Well, here's two! The other pictures are all from our day on the lake, up in Spanish, on the north shore of Georgian Bay.

Thanks again, guys. All the best!


October 10, 2012

Hello, my name is Mona (formerly known as Monica). I am writing to you today to tell you about how much fun I am having in my new home! I came into the Humane Society with my siblings as a kitten in the summer of 2011. By October, all of my brothers and sisters had been adopted except for me. I was very sad, until one day my new mommy came in and instantly fell in love with me. 
She took me home to meet my new sister Anna (cream), and my brother Spencer (black), both of whom are lively french bulldogs. At first I was a little worried, I had never been around dogs before, and they were so much bigger than me! But as I grew to become the big kitty I am today, Anna, Spencer and I became the Three Amigos! We have fun chasing each other around the house or playing hide and seek.
I love watching TV, especially sports! I like to chase the puck or ball back and forth across the screen, sometimes attacking the other players. My nana likes to scrunch up paper napkins to make balls for me to play fetch with, it's so much fun! I also love to sit in my grandpa's office chair. I make sure to sneak on every time he gets up out of it, even if it's only for a second.
I've been in my new home for a year now, and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for introducing me to my new family!


October 9, 2012

Dallas has to be the best dog adoption ever…

As a family we had talked for nearly a year about adopting a pet. During one of our March visits to the River St. shelter, we noticed an energetic young yellow Labrador Retriever in an adoption room with another family and although we had seen the Lab elsewhere the shelter we hadn't ever seen her interacting with a family. As we watched her we all felt like that dog was the kind of pet that we were looking for.

We were fortunate to get to meet Dallas on our own and she was a ball of energy - we submitted our adoption documents and we took her home the following day. Although she talked the entire ride home - Dallas was amazing right from the start and adjusted instantly to a nice routine.

It has been an incredibly rewarding six months since our adoption. She adapted so fast to our house and our routines. She looks forward to her morning and evening walks, especially when they include a stroll by Tim Hortons where the staff know her by name (and give treats accordingly!).

The fields behind our house offer her acres of space to roam and play fetch, and she has discovered a bunch of canine friends that have welcomed her to the neighbourhood. She loves swimming in the pool and the lake and lounging around afterward and she has become a very muscular dog capable of long stretches of physical activity.

Her level of understanding of commands is very extensive and she responds instantly to us. She is such a smart and eager learner that we are no longer surprised by her intelligence.

Thank you to the THS staff for doing all the work - it has not gone unnoticed and we are lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.


The Condlln's


October 3, 2012

Dear Humane Society

It's been two weeks since I was adopted from you guys at The Toronto Humane Society. Although you took great care of me during my stay there, I am so much happier now!!

I'm writing to you today with the help of my owner (I don't think I need her language skills, but she insists) to give you an update on my new life. Here is a typical day for me:

7:00am - wake up, wiggle and stretch
7:15am - go on a leashed walk with my new bestdogfriend for 30 minutes followed by a dip in the lake
7:45am - breakfast of raw chicken backs and ground raw turkey, eggs, peas and carrots
8:00am - 11:30am - snooze inside and outside and pick which dog bed I want to nap in
11:30am- 12:1pam - 40 minute leashed walk around the grounds and chase lizards
12:10pm - 3pm - snooze, play, get belly rubs
3:00pm - 3:30pm - raw frozen marrow bone time! YUM
5:30pm - 20 minute romp off leash in the fields and play
6:00pm - Dinner! the same as breakfast
7:00pm - 30 minute leashed walk with all the members of the family
7:30pm-10:00 pm - watch tv, chew on a pizzle, play with the other dog
10:00pm - Bed time! Knowing I get to do it all again tomorrow!

I am so happy and have become such a good boy. I am so confident that my owners are in control that I don't have to worry anymore. I don't growl at anyone, I don't bark or jump up on people. We go to the beach several times a week and I'm an awesome swimmer- if I do say so myself - although I must refrain from drinking the salt water.

Thank you all for taking care of me - you are so important in this world.




October 1, 2012

Hello THS,

We adopted Garnet (new name Nacho) yesterday and we are all so happy. Its been such a joy to watch him settle in and explore his new home. But nothing beats the feeling of him coming up to us to cuddle after a long time of playing and exploring.  With his constant purring and affection,  we can't help but think it's his way of letting us know- this is home. We are so thankful of the great care and wonderful staff at THS that helped us connect with our new buddy.  Keep up the good work!


Danny, Karla & Nacho


September 28, 2012

Hello THS,

This email is a little overdue but better late than never. In Sept 2005, my wife and I lost our old dog Sammy to cancer. We got home that day from burying her and the house felt utterly empty to us. So I jumped on your website and started to search. I discovered Spooky (black face) and Cookie (white face) and told my wife about them. She took one look and we both agreed that we would be at your door the minute you opened the next day.

When we got there, we couldn't find them, and our hearts sank. As we were walking around the kennel, we turned the corner, and their they were, cuddled in their pen. My wife gripped my hand. We went through the interview process and met with the dogs, who both were happy and enjoyable. We adopted them and the rest is history.

It is now September 2012, and both dogs are still with us. They are old dogs now with elderly dog issues, but we have no children, and these two poops are more than we could have ever hoped for. Cookie has had one eye removed due to glaucoma, but remained rambunctious, especially in the evening. And Spooky has gone deaf and partially blind, but I think he likes it cause now he feels he can get away with more stuff. Both dogs have overwhelmed our lives with joy, and there is not a day that goes by that I feel truly blessed to have them

We still have a few years left with these two dogs, but when they do leave us, we will be back to adopt more from THS. I have become a monthly donor to your establishment. It was the least I could do to thank you for all the wonderful things you do for these animals.

Bless you all,
Ryan and Claire Peddle
Whitby, ON


September 27, 2012

Dear Friends at The Toronto Humane Society,
We wanted to let you know that Phoebe (a.k.a. Ali) has done a wonderful job transitioning into our home and adjusting to the rhythm of our daily life. She appears to be very content in her new surroundings.

Phoebe gets a lot of attention from my 5 year old daughter who is absolutely besotted with her! I am enjoying her tremendously as well. She is a great companion and loves to sleep nights curled up on my bed. Phoebe is very affectionate and enjoys hanging out with us wherever we are in the house.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided her in the months before we found her. We appreciate all that you have done and are so happy with the new addition to our family which would not have been possible without your help and support.


September 27, 2012

Woof, Woof,

Hello my name is Happy the happy poodle! I was rescued in May 2007 by Maria, my Human!
I'm now in California, and boy I'm having a great time!

I'm a dominant dog, so my human had to correct a few times. I adapted to her and our relationship just kept on growing.
We are a great fit for each other. She loves me!

After being adopted, I had some skin issues but my vet realized that this was diet related!
I'm now on a prescription food, and I'm doing really well.
I also had my teeth cleaned at the SPCA of SF. My human was really concerned. I pulled trough, and now I have really nice teeth. :)

My human had a baby, and he's now my best friend his name is Kyle. We play, sleep, go to the park and beach together almost everyday!

Sometimes I get in trouble because I like to steal Kyle's food, Maria the alpha human does not like that.

Anyhow, thank you Toronto Humane Society for bringing me and my humans together.

I really love and feel comfortable in this pack!

I have attached a few photos of my life

Love Happy the happy poodle :)


September 15, 2012

To the Toronto Humane Society Staff and Volunteers,

I am writing to tell about my short (but sweet) adoption of the new addition to our family: Sid the ferret. Though it seems like longer, it was just over 3 weeks ago that I adopted our new ferret from the Toronto Humane Society, and he fits into our family just perfectly. A week or so before we adopted him, our family had a very sad loss of one of our ferrets from a battle with Cancer. Our two ferrets (Tinker Bell and Carleton) had been with us for 2 years and are a big part of our family. Both of them were just over 2 years old. Carleton had been sick for a few weeks and losing him at such a young age left a big hole for us and for Tinker Bell as well. They were always together and I knew she needed a friend soon. As both ferrets were adopted from a ferret rescue I checked back there first but none of the ferrets there seemed right. I was looking for a big male, with a gentle disposition. After a week of looking and hurrying to find a playmate for Tinker, I opted to search the Toronto Humane Society website not with high hopes that I would see a ferret amongst the dogs and cats.

To my surprise, amongst all the hamsters and rabbits in the "Small Pets" section, a photo just jumped out at me. "Petey the Ferret" or "Sweety Petey" as they were calling him, with a predicated age of about 2. Perfect. Well if that was his nickname, I knew he had to be great. I only had to see the two photos and read the description of him to know I wanted to meet him. As soon as I could I made some phone calls and sent some emails to set up an appointment. At the appointment I brought Tinker Bell to make sure they got along. It was love at first site (for myself and for Tinker). The ferrets got along great right away and I was eager to get him home.

He seemed to feel at home as soon as we brought him through the door. He explored for 3 days straight (with very little sleep from all the excitement). Him and Tinker Bell played constantly and the playful chatter he made encouraged her to do the same. He jumps and runs around the house to play, but the best part about him is that he loves people, and he loves to be loved. He follows myself and the family around when the two of them are not playing and is always tilting his head up for attention. He always cuddles and gives kisses, in appreciation of a good neck rub. He has spent the last 2 weeks at the cottage enjoying that new environment as well.

Needless to say, Sid is the exact ferret we were looking for. He is perfect for our family and for Tinker Bell, and he came along at just the right time. I would like to than the Toronto Humane Society, and more specifically, Kimberly, for putting up with all the emails and arranging something for us so quickly. It was such a pleasant experience, with an amazing outcome. Thank you again,



September 14, 2012


On Saturday July 21, 2012, I adopted Khali. I have renamed him Tesla as he has an electric purrrsonality! He's a big handsome boy with beautiful black fur a lot to say. Curious and playful, he proved to be a bit of handful for my eight year old cat, Seshat but she quickly showed him she was the Queen of our household (even though she is half his size). I am happy to report that he's adjusted very well indeed and the two of them are getting on well but since it's been less than a week I am happy things had progressed so well. This morning I was delighted to wake up to two happy, furry faces cuddling on the bed with me.

I discovered that Tesla is a Bombay. He has the short, patent-leather black fur and coppery-gold eyes typical of that breed. He also weighs a lot more than he looks as he's all muscle.

Kudos to the THS for advertising an adoption drive for black-furred friends. Both my cats are black and they are happy, loving and wonderful company. It's not the colour of the fur or skin, that counts but what lays beneath. I am hoping more people will give these lovely creatures a good home.

Thanks again from all of us,

Moira, Tesla and Seshat


September 11, 2012

Hello Toronto Humane Society!

Just over one year ago, my fiance (Flynn) and I adopted Joey, a senior Labrador-Boxer mix. She has brought so much joy into our lives and we have had a great time together. While she enjoys going to parks and going on long walks, her favorite thing to do is snuggle, and we make sure she gets lots of them!

As we were planning our wedding, we couldn't imagine our day without her. So two weeks ago when we got married, we made sure that she was there with us.

Thank you so much for taking care of our Joey-Girl one year ago and introducing her to us. The three of us are a very happy family and we truly cannot thank you enough!


Beth, Flynn and Joey


September 8, 2012

It has been 17.5 years since Gilbert [formerly Rusty] won my heart and a place in my home. He was only 4lbs but the THS staff had estimated his age at 2 years. Upon bringing him home and showing him all the important features; food, water, litterbox, he did some exploring on his own and quickly found his favourite spot - the bed.

At almost 20 years of age he is still somewhat active, and a very vocal boy, but he needs a little help to get to his spot. Gilbert was a fast learner and mastered the use of the step stool [which are found in front of the bed and every couch in the house and at grandma's] in a day. I cannot imagine what life would have been without him and am so thankful to THS and the great work you do.

Colleen & Gilbert


September 7, 2012

Hi, I just wanted to update you on our adoption of Jackson on April 21, 2012 (you would now him as Bernie). He quickly made himself quite happy sleeping on the bed with us on his first night. He loves to play, and be petted.

He has a lot of energy and he is really getting long (could be that he loves his food)!! Jackson (aka Bernie) has been with us now for 5 months and has really made our place a very happy home.


September 3, 2012

We adopted Banjo, formerly known as Ashley, approximately two months ago (July 2012). She is the most playful and affectionate little pal we could have asked for. She loves napping on the couch, going on long walks by the lake on her long leash, hanging out on a blanket in the park, and burrowing under the covers at night.

In just a short time she has already gone swimming in two lakes, learned a few tricks, eaten lots of snacks, and been a wonderful companion and cuddler. We are ecstatic to have found her and look forward to many wonderful years of fun with our best friend. 

Bridgette and Josh 


August 30, 2012

We adopted "Tiny" (now named Farrah Fawcett) from the shelter in July 2011 when she was surrendered for a problem with her eye. After a surgery to remove her one eye she was placed in a foster home with a staff member and fate stepped in when we met her when she was out for a walk.

It was love at first sight. She now has two sisters Julie and Babette two Japanese Chin's, and she has become inseparable with Babette. They are constant companions for each other and not a day goes by when they aren't seen tumbling around in the grass together. They share everything together, from their food to their toys.

We couldn't be happier with our newest little addition and can't imagine our lives without her!

Joanne and Seamus xox


August 29, 2012

Lucy is a beautiful 3-year old black cat which I adopted almost 6 months ago on March 16th 2012. She first came to me very shy and wary, initially spending most of her time under the bed. But after a few days she started to venture out, becoming more inquisitive about her new surroundings. As the days went by, I could see how she was gradually becoming more adjusted and confident in the surroundings of her new home. While Lucy will still even now spend time under the bed, she will also freely and easily wander the condo, happy to lie on the couch, a living room chair or, quite often, the window sill in the sun.

Although still timid - especially when around people with whom she is unfamiliar - it has been a great pleasure and delight to see Lucy develop over these 6 months into an obviously much more confident, happy and contented cat. And what a great purr-er she is! Any time she's interacting with me, she purrs! I love it!  Recently, I've also been very pleased to see her actually come up to visitors in my home and allow them to scratch her head. It's obvious that she has developed a real sense of belonging here with me. It's great to see.

Lucy has a very sweet and gentle personality and it is also obvious that she is a cat who loves lots of affection. As Lucy's trust of me is now secure, her desire to both give and to receive affection has become more evident every day. I see this in the way she enjoys being near me, always looking for lots of attention and petting. She especially loves plenty of head rubs!

In morning she will be there waiting by the bed for me to get up, and when I sit on the couch with my morning cup of coffee and newspaper, she will be right there, jumping up beside me, purring madly! I keep thinking … what a different cat she is from the day I first saw her! Lucy is also a very playful and active cat, always ready to chase a ball and to amuse herself with the toys she has, both on her own and in ‘play time' with me.

Just to conclude, I knew when I first saw Lucy at Victoria Park that she was the one. These last 6 months have been certain proof that I was right! I'm lucky to have her.

Chris Rae


August 26, 2012

On May 2 2012 we brought home our beloved newest addition to our family. His name was Darrian, although we now know him as 'Elvis', which seems a much more fitting name sue to his overwhelming size and singing voice. Impossible to ignore, and he'll make sure of it, we are so happy with our gentle giant who will always be sure to distract you from whatever you were doing to giving him some much demanded attention. Always there to greet us when we come home, he is truly a ball of love with a neverending supply of affection, he really has secured his spot as the centre of our family.

Thank you so much for bringing him into our live we could not imagine our family without him.

Adriaan, Amanda, Steph and Alex


August 23, 2012

My name is Marley although you may know me as Sweet William.  My new girl re-named because she says the name suits my crazy fur and Faux hawk.

I have been here almost a week now.  My new family is very nice but they are still having some problems understanding me, except my new girl and her friend.  They always seem to know what I want.   My girls Mom is always reading a book that has a picture on the cover that looks like me.

They have been spoiling me with fresh cucumber and apples along with my kibble.   I absolutely hate tomatos and those silly vitamin c candy.

They also gave me a pig-loo to hide in when the adults come to close.  I love my pig loo and its great for playing peek a boo.

I have met the other pets I hope in time we can become friends but right now they seem to ignore me.  The little kitty keeps peeking at me but then he turns his back on me....How Rude.   I think he was mad because I don't like to share my cucumber.

My girl's Mom is sending you a photo of my first night.  The grey kitty is timber...the rude one.  

Hope all my friends are doing well

Marley AKA Sweet William


August 22, 2012

Hey there!  I wanted to give you an update on my baby girl!  I adopted Alyssa from THS in April.  She has since been renamed Luna - which suits her just fine.  She knows her name already, and I think she looks like a moon cat.

She became comfortable at our place almost immediately, and within 2 days she started playing with Toby - our 8 year old cat who has been with us his whole life.  He wasn't too sure at first, but they are slowly becoming buds.

Luna is just absolutely FULL of energy.  Constantly playing, chasing anything she can get her paws on.  She gets lots of love every day, and is a very happy girl.

Thanks for everything THS!

-Kim Elliot & Jordan Sylvestre


August 20, 2012

We want to send you an update on Madra (THS name Olive Oil) since we adopted her over a year ago.

Since we last wrote about Madra's progress on July 12th 2011, we're pleased to say that she has come a very long way since then! Although she still gets skittish around loud noises and strangers, toward us she is much more comfortable and relaxed. She would frequently join us on her couch blanky to receive her daily head and chin scratches and her occasional treat. She also started to let us sit along with her while enjoying her naps on our bed. She is such a sweet girl and I really can't imagine the stresses she must have been under when she lived on the streets at such an early age. Everyday is a new experience with Madra as she constantly surprises us with her steady progress. Feral cats are such a reward if you have the patience and willpower to let them go at their own pace. It's not easy, but once you win their love, it is the most remarkable feeling in the world! 

Thank you THS for rescuing Madra and for allowing her to be a part of our home, we absolutely love her!! 


August 11, 2012


I got Bill, a Bull Terrier mix from the THS on September 6, 2008 when he was 6 years old. I was informed he had been a guest of THS twice before. The shelter staff told me he was a very nice dog, and I met him and agreed. He has been with me since, I have taken him out to the all over the country camping. He was been the best friend I have ever known. We have shared tons of experiences together over the last approx 4 years, and expect to have many more. Bill has been there for me more than most people in my life and I thank the THS for doing what they do everyday. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a dog to not pass over the older fellows and gals, they are very appreciative and usually calmer than the puppies, and even come house trained. I have adopted a 10 year old and a 6 year old dog from the THS and both dogs could not have been better friends.



August 9, 2012

We absolutely love having Little Pauly (now Hunter) with us! We had been considering adopting another forever friend for some time now, and when we learned that there were several adorable black kittens needing forever homes, we knew that there was no better time than then to visit the THS!

Hunter took to his sanctuary room immediately, and within just minutes was eagerly exploring every nook, cranny and alcove he could find! He is extremely inquisitive and has graduated to exploring the entire house. He and Kookie, our 9 year old DSH, are slowly becoming friends.

We are thrilled to have Hunter as part of our family! We are extremely grateful to the Toronto Humane Society, who continues to make it possible for families to find their forever friends and everlasting companions!


Liza, Adrian and Kookie


August 7, 2012

A big hello to the entire staff at THS!

Hi it's me Fala. It has been 4 months since I found my forever home. I am so happy here. My family takes me for lots of walks, we play fetch in the back yard (which is huge!), go swimming in the river (I even pull my daddy in for a swim he he) or we just relax and I get lots of belly rubs. Did I tell you my back yard is huge, lots of room for me to run around. I have even made some friends with the dogs that live in houses that border our back yard. I didn't like them at first, but I eventually learned that they are not a threat to me. I even get to go on car rides to see Mike the Wolf Man Martin. They tell me that he is a dog whisperer and is helping to train my family to cure me of my issues. I am walking better on a leash, until we see another animal - and there lots of those around here! I like to chase them out of my back yard - after all it is MY yard. I chase the squirrels up the trees and then I will sit there, making sure they don't come back down, and they don't - until it is time for me to go inside. I miss you guys, but don't worry I am very well loved and extremely happy in my new home. Here is my mum as it is time for me to have a nap.

Hello everyone. We are so thrilled with Fala, she fit right in the moment we got home and became very content right away, as you can see from the photos. She is a fabulous dog, and we are very puzzled as to why she was surrendered to begin with. She is great with my young nieces and nephew. She loves to play tug of war with my nephew. It is quite funny as she pulls him one way and a few moments later you will see her pulling him back again! With the baby, she keeps a close eye on her. If she is crying or someone is holding her, Fala is right there watching. When they leave, she is always ready for a nap. She loves to be where ever we are and is quite mischevious when we are not in the same room as her. Even helping herself to the remainders of a roast beef, when I forgot to put it away. Fala is so loving and just wants to be with us whenever we are home. We have learned that loud noises are not her thing - she goes downstairs and stays there until it is over, thunderstorms or fireworks especially. We are working with her on some of her behaviour issues - dog agression being the biggest problem. Once she is used to them she is ok. We are working on her stay command and Mike says eventually she will be off lead. She is doing much better, but still has a long way to go. Fala loves to play fetch, we have gone through about 10 tennis balls and 1 frisbee. She has been great during the heat, she will sunbathe outside and will ask to go inside when she gets too hot. Even with the heat she always wants to play, we just play in moderation and are careful she doesn't get too hot. She has never been grumpy or irritable. We are so lucky - she is amazing, we can't say that enough. Dr. Evan says her hip is on the bad side, and is watching it closely. However, seeing her play with us and the kids, you wouldn't know she has a dodgy hip. At the moment the glucosamine is doing it's job. Thank you for taking good care of her, she is lovely and didn't deserve to be in a shelter for so long. We are very thankful that we came in to your shelter that day in March and found her.

Paul, Carol, Rob and Amy.


August 3, 2012

About 2 months ago, my family and I decided that it would be a good idea to add a new puppy to the family. Being that our older dog Shelby was getting older, we thought it'd be a good idea. We decided that, male or female, our dog would be called Nemo. The first place we looked was online at the humane society and we were thrilled when we saw 3 hound mix puppies up for adoption, and one, to our surprise, was named Nemo.

Walking in to the humane society, he was the first dog we saw. It was as if we kept getting signs that it was meant to be. After the interview, we were heartbroken to know that we wouldn't be able to adopt him, because I was the one who would be home alone with him all day, and am a couple years too young to adopt him as primary care giver. After explaining that we would be caring for him as a family, we were able to adopt him and I was happy to say we were Nemo's new owners.

He grabs everyone's attention with his beautiful eyes, beautiful colors and his strong long legs. He really is growing into a beautiful dog. He gets along with our older dog Shelby, and our other dog Misty very well. When we first brought him home, Misty didn't know whether to trust him or not, but since then they've both gotten along with each other.

Thank you humane society, for our wonderful addition. He's a wonderful, beautiful dog, and we wouldn't want him to change one bit. We're very excited to enjoying many years with him. We love him so much, and we'd love to thank Don who helped us in the process of adopting Nemo.

Again, thank you. We send you a couple of pictures of Nemo enjoying a beautiful day outside.


July 21, 2012

HI everyone at THS, from Jigglypuff and myself.

It was a sad year as I just lost Vibram at the age of 21.

I went to THS to see about adopting a cat and was introduced to Jigglypuff.  She was not my first choice but I was lucky Liz brought me back to her cage to show her off again.   She is getting up in age and at 13.5 yrs old, time takes a toll on some animals.  She was listed as "special needs", well there really isn't any special needs for her, a pill, some good food and a place for her to call home. Done, Done, and Done.

She is special though, what a wonderful companion.  She wanted so bad to be on the bed she took the chance of jumping up and fell down on the floor, just to be with me. (she's a little over weight). She was embarassed and didnt come back,  So I went out and got steps for her, now she goes up and down as she pleases.

She constantly purrs and loves to be played with. The only rule with her is, if you call her fat, you have to play with her for 10 min.(LOL, you guys at THS are funny).  She's fun, she talks sometimes (l'll learn what she says/ wants) and loves to be brushed.

She has this thing of wanting to go out in the hall and sit in front of the door. I wonder if she is thinking one of the THS staff she knew for so long is going to come down the hall.

Thank you for keeping her for so long at THS, she made a lot of friends there and I am glad you guys let me take her home.

I look forward to coming home now.

As I write this, Jigglypuff is patiently waiting behind me, with legs crossed, as every "Lady" does.



July 21, 2012

Hi there, it's been almost a year since I got this new wonderful addition to my furry family: Lola (previously named Alice).  I saw Lola at the pet store through the pet adoption program which I think is a great way to get the animals seen by potential new owners and it was love at first sight! 
Lola has been a perfect addition to our 2 dog (Kash and Kody) and 1 cat (Kalu) family; she blended in right away and enjoys spending time with her furry and human family.
Thank you
Sonia and Dale Cumberbatch


July 20, 2012

Dear Humane Society,

We are writing to you on behalf of Frida (previously known as Patty Cake) who we adopted last month. Our beautiful kitty is so great and we love her a lot. Even though we were warned that the kitty may not want to socialize with us during the first few days, Frida took a liking to us and slept with me on the very first night. Now my son and I take turns on who gets to sleep with our little kitty. She is not only super friendly and welcoming to all the guests she is so smart, she did not have even one litter box accident even though we changed its location! We are so pleased with her, she is so great. She spends her days napping around the house, giving us little kisses, eating and playing with her toys. She especially likes to run around in the middle of the night, I guess that's due to the napping during the day. :)

Anyways we would like to thank you for introducing us to our wonderful kitty. We hope you are happy to know she is happy, healthy and growing super fast!


Jessica and Isaac


July 19, 2012

I adopted Billy and Willy from the shelter in January 2012. They are the sweetest, gentlest cats I have ever met, and are both very affectionate. People don't believe me when I tell them they were born in a feral colony!
When I brought them home, they hid under the bed for most of the first day or two, but have now adjusted and claimed ownership of my apartment. They even meet me at the door when I come home from work! They're still a little shy around other people, but are adjusting and becoming more confident. 

Billy is a big softy, and loves to be cuddled, crawl into cupboards, and lazily attack anything stringy (including my hair!). Willy likes to run around like a lunatic, eat plants, and to chatter at pigeons through the windows. Their favourite hobby is to chase around one of their toys in my bathtub, and they like to nap together under my bed during the day. They are inseparable.

Billy and Willy are amazing cats and are just perfect for me.


July 13, 2012

Hi THS, Charlie here!

It's been nearly 6 ½ weeks since Jo-Ann and Evan fell in love with my peppy attitude and my handsome Shih Tzu-mix looks (they saw past my awful pound cut) and I am happy to report that I am living the good life!!

I was described by the shelter as a Wallflower and a bit of a loner, but that isn't at all true.  It must have been my shyness and fear speaking while I lived those ten days at the shelter because I have come out of my shell and my true personality has become apparent.  I kept my original shelter name because every time I was called by it, I wagged my tail in recognition and elation and my humans did not want to confuse me!  I met my new vet shortly after I was adopted and got a clean bill of health so I am happy about that!  The vet especially loved my sparkly teeth after the THS cleaned them up - thank you for the pearly whites THS!

When I am at home, I love nothing more than the company, and bum rubs, of my human parents and have super high energy all of the time.  I especially love collapsing on the floor on my side and "running" while making silly growly noises.  It turns out that I was fully housetrained when I was adopted so I impressed my humans by not having any accidents in the house and my record is still perfect as I paw (type) this.  I know all of my basic commands and am excellent at sitting as I wait to cross any street.   I rarely bark, other than when I am in the backyard, and only to assert that I am the King and protector of the house.  I also bark and whine when I see "ghosts" at night in the dining room out of the French doors.  My humans are slowly teaching me that I am safe with them in my forever home, but I am still a little hung up on my previous life at this time. I never knew how to play with toys before my humans took me home so it took about a week for me to realize that I can have fun with a squeaky stuffed squirrel or my outdoor rope.  I love to play tug of war with my dad, and when I get too excited after a good game, I take off in the backyard and do laps around the garden, onto the deck, and then back again, usually collapsing on the cool grass when I am done in my "superman" pose.  My humans say that I should enter into the track competitions at the Olympics - I would win for sure as I am super fast!  I love the company of every human and am a real people person but I am nervous around every other dog and like to greet them with a toothy smile.  Luckily, I have an older step brother that lives with my human dad's mom and I am starting to get better socialized and realize that other dogs are my friends and nothing to be afraid of.  My older step brother and I love to walk side by side and smell the same fire hydrants - I hope that we will be really close soon!

I must be off now to lounge on my plush and cozy dog bed, but I enclose a couple of pictures of me.  One is of me and my old pound cut on the car ride home from the THS on May 29th and then the other is one of me, King Charlie, with my new fabulous hairdo and protecting my backyard. 

Take care THS and thank you for finding me my forever home!


July 12, 2012

Almost four years ago we adopted a special needs dog named Monty.  Monty had suffered a severed spine and unfortunately surgery by the veterinarians at the Toronto Humane Society was unsuccessful.  THS purchased a cart for Monty as he was a young dog and he was becoming depressed with his situation.  An ad was placed in the Toronto Sun to help find Monty his forever home and I immediately fell in love.  Monty was also featured in the THS' television commercial for Whatever It Takes!

We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Monty is doing great and loving life.  Here is a picture of Monty relaxing and enjoying a peaceful moment with his dog walker.  Thank you for everything you did to save Monty's life 4 years ago.  We may have made a difference in his life but he has most definitely made a difference in ours.

Paula Cook


July 12, 2012

Hello Everybody at THS,

I was adopted successfully to the Chow family. I love them so much that when my brother and sister return from work I call for them at the patio and run around excitedly. I love when they come home and greet me that is my favorite time of the day…and breakfast, dinner, healthy treats, before bed time snuggles and play time. I miss everyone at THS especially Tess who fostered me, but to be honest I am the most happy here with my new family. I'm going to let my sister take it from here.

Love and wet kisses to you guys. Keep up the great work on finding good homes for the rest of my friends.

Our family adopted Wilma late May '12 and I had an instant connection with her. This beautiful quiet girl sitting there staring at me we made eye contact and at that instant I knew she would be going home with us. It took a few trips to adopt her she was popular with many families, but we knew she would be the newest member of our family. We kept her name, because it was too unique to change. Look at her she's a Wilma.

Her adjustment was a godsend we were worried it would be a difficult transition being left by her old family, taken to the humane society, staying with Tess and finally coming to our home. J
She has her own "bedroom" crate with her favorite blanket and her BFF (a stuff less giraffe). She is perfectly content playing on her own or with us (although she prefers to play with us). She loves to sleep all over the living room- on top of the couch, in her crate, on the floor and on our large couch pillows. Miss Wilma is not a barker except when we are coming home and she's just too excited to contain herself. Her first vet and grooming appointment was a success. She loves to chase rabbits and birds, but is still adjusting to why they will not play with her. My mom loves to throw her a piece of ice as her "popsicle" treat when we are cooling off with ice cream. She is still working on adjusting to males, but we are patient and teaching her not every man she meets is a threat.

We have been extremely lucky to adopt a quiet, playful and adorable girl. They say she is lucky to have us I truly believe we are just as lucky to have found her. She has completed our family and we could not imagine our lives without her.

Thank you THS staff. You guys are amazing and Wilma is very happy.

Please find a few picture to share with other amazing adopters.

From Erica, Mike and Anita


July 5, 2012

Hello THS Staff and Volunteers,

My boyfriend and I adopted Charlie, a 1 year old tuxedo cat, on May 22nd, 2011. We had a wonderful experience with the entire adoption process and we'd like to thank all of the staff and volunteers for being so informative and friendly. Charlie is a perfect addition to our family and we'd like to give you an update on how he's doing.

While visiting the THS for the first time, we were overwhelmed with all of the amazing cats available for adoption. Being first-time cat owners we were excited and intimidated by the situation. After talking to a few volunteers and spending some time interacting with all of the cats, Charlie stood out to us because he was so immediately affectionate. One of the volunteers let us pet him while she was feeding him and we fell in love with him. We decided that we needed to think about adopting him and left for our car. Half way to the car, we turned around and went back - we couldn't leave without Charlie!

When Charlie came home for his first day, he was a bit shy. Since he was rescued from a neglectful environment, we weren't surprised that he was a little cautious at first. He found a cozy spot in our shoe closet and held post there for a while to scope out the new situation. He migrated to under our bed for the night where he ate and slept for the first night. 

We left him alone for a while the next day. But, while laying on the bed in the evening, Charlie jumped up onto the bed for some attention!! Since then, he roams around our apartment with confidence and pride. He loves chasing just about anything but his favourite toys are the ones that have feathers on them. He's quite the hunter and can jump around 3 feet in the air to catch his "prey". He is still super affectionate and we love him very much. 

We'd like to conclude this email by again thanking everyone at THS for helping us learn about Charlie's needs and for making his transition into our family a smooth one. We've included a couple of pictures of Charlie roaming around his home for you to see.

I think we will be back soon to adopt a friend for Charlie... Until then - keep up the great work!

Kind regards,

Tina & Nelson

June 21, 2012

Hello THS & Volunteers!
On May 12th of this year, my boyfriend and I adopted "Grey Wind" which we renamed Wolfie from the Toronto Humane Society. Upon our first visit, we saw the little 2 month old kitten and were immediately taken by him.

The next day we arranged to pick him up & take him home with us. Gingerly placing him inside our home we let Wolfie get familiar with his new surroundings. He was timid at first but has become quite at home adventuring into all the nooks & crannies! Either extremely quite or making quite the ruckus with his toys, Wolfie has added new excitement to our lives. You can often find him in our bed sleeping beside us, lounging on our laptops, underneath the shower curtain (his new favourite spot) or loyally following us around the house.

Wolfie is truly is the most affectionate cat we've ever come across. Purring & humming non-stop whenever you pick him up….not fussing when you hold him for long periods of time…perched on our shoulders to get a better look around... waking us up in the morning with a head nudge and lick to the cheek…and when we open the door to our house after work and see him sitting there on the matt every.single.time to greet us.

We've been utterly in love with him and couldn't feel any luckier for landing such an amazing addition to our family. We can't imagine not having Wolfie in our lives, so we extend our deepest gratitude to the Toronto Humane Society for ushering such a beautiful animal into our lives.

With the warmest of regards,
Natasha, Bruno & Wolfie.


June 21, 2012

Hi THS Staff,

I have been looking to adopt a kitten/cat for a really long time, but never seem to have made the connection with any; or when I have they were already adopted out. I went to the shelter on June 8th, 2012 to just look at the furry little felines, but little did I know the hallway upstairs was filled with the newly arrived kittens. There I saw Dena (renamed "Laila"). She was transferred to the THS from another shelter. There was also another kitten that sparked my interest. I filled out the adoption papers to look at Dena (now known as Laila), and perhaps some of the other kittens as well. I first had Laila taken out. As soon as I took her in my arms she purred and placed her paws on my chest and snuggled in my arms. She didn't try to squirm away. She stayed in my arms still and content, while purring the whole time. At that moment I had a warm feeling in my heart and I felt tears at the corner of my eyes. I knew instantly that she's coming home with me. I didn't even want to look at the other kittens. I knew that we have both chosen.

Laila is a member of our family now. My parents and both my siblings give her all the love and attention she deserves. I love waking up to her cuddled beside me and the morning licks I receive from her are just priceless. She's a very smart little kitty. She can now shake hands, though sometimes she forgets. It's still a work in progress. She also looves falling asleep on my laptop lol.. Now I have to hide all my wires cause this little monster loves to chew on wires.

I just can't picture my life without her. I have always told myself if I ever have a daughter I would name her "Laila", Although not human, she has become a huge part of my world.

I want to thank you for bringing this bundle of joy into my life. Laila now has her forever home with her mommy.

Best Wishes,



June 18, 2012

Hello THS,

I adopted my buddy Oden from the Scarborough location on April 29th, 2012. He has been the most fantastic companion that I could've wished for. He settled into the house very quickly and is always full of energy and love. Oden loves to talk, and will respond in kind when I call to him. He has sorted out a schedule for himself and can be found napping on the couch during the day or on top of the bookshelf at night or sometimes if the mood strikes he'll sleep on his cat bed too. Everyone in my family is completely in love with Oden, he is super friendly to everyone and is just the sweetest cat ever. 

I am grateful for the help of THS Staff that guided me towards Oden and can't wait to find him another feline friend to play with in the coming few months. As a first time pet owner, I could not have dreamed of a better outcome. Thank you once again.


Nafiul Ahasan


June 17, 2012

Hello THS staff,

My husband and I adopted B.B. (now Toutou) from the River St. shelter yesterday. I know it has only been a day since he came home with us, but I just wanted to write and let you know how well he's doing already.

We put him in a spare bedroom with his litter box, food and water bowls, a new cat bed, a scratching post and some toys. We thought it would take him at least a few days to adjust to his new surroundings, but he's made himself at home right away. He prefers the human bed as opposed to his kitty bed, he loves chasing his feather/fishy wand, and he seems to enjoy sitting by the window mesmerized by the birds and people outside.

He didn't stop purring for a good 4, 5 hours after we brought him home from the shelter. He plops down in front of us begging for belly rubs and pets. He is mostly definitely not shy, curling up next to my husband before falling asleep there himself, and this was his FIRST night home with us! This morning, my husband woke up to a sleepy kitty on his stomach.

Attached are a few pictures of Toutou in his new home. Thank you so much for everything you do, especially for bringing Toutou into our lives!

Tong & Kamal


June 12, 2012

Now I know what you're thinking...
Are these two related? Nope, not at all. the big one with 2 white cheeks is Mur, my 14 year old diabetic cat with a heart Murmur. I've had him since he was a kitten (he also had the heart murmur since he was a kitten hence the name). The little one with one white cheek, his name is Lazlo. (formerly Tuck) I've been searching for a pal for Mur for quite some time, because Mur has always had a pal but lost his best pal Jay when he was 11 to chronic kidney failure. He had another pal Risa for about a year but then she moved away, and that was when Mur was just so needy and a sad kitty so the search began. knowing Mur had health problems, I was actually looking for a cat that did not look like Mur and then WHAMO I was at the THS and saw Tuck and his Mini-Mur look was a win. And so Lazlo came home. It was a random happen chance that the Mini-Mur was at THS.

Anywho Lazlo and Mur are buds. Lazlo's kitten antics don't always agree with Mur as Mur is not a fan of vampire kittens. But they get their cuddles on and both of them together are a talky pair. Lazlo was listed as feral when I got him but he sure loves everyone that visits (unlike Mur who is a one person cat)

Thanks THS for your tender care with his feral attitude, he is extremely easy going. He is also an in your face cuddler and I mean in your face all the time. When he got himself into trouble by injuring his eye and had to wear the cone of shame for awhile, that did not stop the face cuddles... Try getting face cuddles from a cat cone head covered in fresh kitty litter in the morning... not so fun.

He is overall a good kitten. he is still learning not to go on the kitchen counters but he learns some things from his elder kitty the Mur. They are both about the same size now and Lazlo is actually a bit bigger. if you don't see their faces it's very hard to tell which cat is which. However it is extremely easy to tell which one is Mur in the dark. Whichever cat bites you in the dark is Mur because Mur is a grumpy old cat that will not hesitate to let you know he when he does not want your pets, unlike Lazlo who just loves all kinds of attention. It's also nice to have a bug catching cat back in the house since Mur seemed to have retired from that a few years ago, Lazlo is quite the terror to the hairy centipedes in the basement and will often spend hours hunting them.

I Love these cats and Lazlo is a fantastic kitty. I'm happy with him and so is Mur.


June 8, 2012

We adopted Muriel (Nee) Meriel three weeks ago from the THS.  We were looking for a sight impaired cat to become forever friends with our one eyed cat Pepper (former resident of the THS as well).  

Luckily we hit the cat lottery jackpot, as the two cats are fast becoming best friends forever.  They spend their afternoons cuddling and snoozing on our king sized bed.  We were concerned as Pepper (the one eyed cat) used to sleep underneath the covers (depressed maybe?).  Now that Muriel is in the picture, he spends his afternoons sleeping outside of the covers, side by side with his new friend.  

Muriel is a gentle cat, and vocal as well. Talking loudly to everyone that will listen.  The pair will often spend their mornings looking out the window on the lookout for birds, bugs, dogs, and walkers in the neighborhood.  



June 7, 2012

I want to share my story with you all. First off, my brother died in his apartment on April 8th. His cats were alone with him for 3 days.

My sister and I were out west visiting our other brother in Winnipeg, who has terminal cancer, when we landed we were told the bad news of the brother here.

He was a cat lover, like me. He asked us never have them put down. We had to go and feed them until we could surrender them. It broke my heart, because they could not be separated. The one named Paws was a one man cat. I never even saw him ever, but his brother Snow knows me and loves everyone, as you know.

Anyway there was another one, he was a stray my brother took in because the owner was going to have him put down because he was moving. My brother would have none of that and took him. While we were waiting to admit them there, he was adopted by a friend. It broke my heart because if I never had my cat Champ, I would have taken them both, but I could not.

I went last Sunday to see how they were doing, I found out his brother died of a broken heart, and the stress was too much. I walked into the room where they are all loose, low and behold, who came running up to me, and rubbed his head on my mine? SNOW!!

I cried, I was so happy to see him, I made up my mind right then and there, after hearing of him being alone, I promised and committed to him I would share my home with him and his brother here, for life.

He will be well loved, like Champ is, who lost his sister last year from cancer, I still miss her. I brought Snow home, my Champ postured and hissed at him, of course, Snow just looked at him and probably was thinking, "Your point is ???. Your daddy told me I'm here too for life lol."

They both get along, sleep with me on the bed, and never bother each other. I know my Champ was lonely for his sister.

I'm 66 still working for the school board, 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Champ is used to me gone at night. I was wondering about Snow. I got home, they were both there to greet me.

I know if it was me who died, my brother would have taken Champ. I'm doing it for him, and also because Champ is family too, and will be well loved for life. He loves his toy mouse and my shoe laces. He has to go back for some dental work. After that, he will be here always.

Sorry for such a long letter, Just want to tell you how happy I am I went there last Sunday and saw him there.
I live alone, and they're all I've got. I will love them forever, I know he is happy now, the poor little guy, has been through so much. I will also be volunteering there too, as soon as I can.

Donny T


June 3, 2012

We adopted Frodo (formerly Freud Jan. 30 2012. I went to the THS at least once a week and visited the website daily for at least six months looking for our forever buddy. At first I was like a kid in a candy shop wanting to take home every dog that I saw. I had the adoption papers for three dogs but at the last moment something didn't seem right in each case. The first day that I saw Frodo something clicked and when Nancy came for the meet and greet it was love at first sight for her. Frodo is my first dog and I never realized the resonsibility and the cost of having a dog but he is worth it. It took six months for us to find the perfect dog so I seriously suggest to any potential adopters be patient and wait because eventually your perfect dog will be there also. As I said Frodo is my first dog so I had obedience classes with Shas at the THS and I can't thank him enough. I am now a monthly donor because being down there so often I saw first hand the great work being done there. I want to thank the THS staff for their great work and putting up with me for six months.

Once more thanks Shas.
Nancy and Patrick.


June 2, 2012

We have had Costello for four days now and he is great. He is so happy. We will keep you updated. Thank you for giving us this gift.


May 29, 2012

Hey there,
I have an amazing and inspiring story for you, and everyone else who wants to know what adopting an amazing animal can do to your life. I have grown up with dogs and animals my whole life, mostly dogs and horses. I moved out on my own when I was 20 years old and I wanted my own dog for companionship but it was never the right time for me. Then August 6th, 2011 I decided to take a trip to the Humane Society and see what kind of poochies were available to me. It wasn't even my idea it was my mother's so I thought I would check it out. As I start walking in the 1st room, I laid my eyes on a beautiful and sweet German Shepard Mix. He was 7 months old, and the connection was made instantly. Probably because he reminded so much of my old shepard Lachen, whom was with me and my family for almost 11 years and I missed him dearly. My friend persisted on us to continue looking but my heart was set on him. His name was Scotty (which I changed to Ziggy because everyone thought I was calling a human), and when I spent time with him before adopting him I knew he was mine.

I took him home 2 days later and like any dog who has been through a tough time he had a hard time eating and trusting me, but with a lot of time and dedication I raised him into an amazing dog. When he was 1 years old, he showed his true colors to a person from my past who tried to hit me. He automatically jumped infront of me and warned him intensly to back off and it worked. I lost my best friend in Afghanistan, my boyfriend and I broke up and I was severely depressed. If I didn't have Scotty (Ziggy) in my life I don't know how I would have dealt with other severe obstacles. Everyone says I saved his life but the truth is, he saved mine. I will forever be grateful to him for that. I would definitely adopt again, or even foster, and save another poochie who needs my help. Thank you THS for this amazing gift !!

On another note, I would like this to be posted on the website. The picture of him and I was 1 week after I received him.
Thank you !


May 29, 2012


Peaches the cat here, want to say hello to all of my friends at THS. I was adopted in March 2012 by my new mommy and daddy.

I came to THS after spending 7 years with my first family, I was very scared, shy and didn't have much of an appetite. I just wanted to find my new forever home.

In March, my new mommy and daddy came to visit THS "just to see" and they instantly fell in love with me (I think it was my fluffy white and tan fur). Although I was shy and scared, they could tell I was a friendly cat and wanted a new family.
I now live with my new family, love to eat and I have a new cat step brother Tito - at first we were unsure of each other and kept our distance, but now we sometimes play, run around the house, relax outside on the balcony and take naps together. He's much younger than me at 2 years old, but we keep each other (and our mommy and daddy!) on our toes. I'm very happy and love my new family - and would like to thank THS for bringing us together!

Peaches Queme-Pimentel


May 28, 2012

I adopted Murphy in March of 2011 , he immediately became my best friend , I cannot imagine what it would be like without him now.  He has adjusted well to his new home.  I enjoy the outdoors and he shares my camping adventures - I look forward to many this summer.  He is a very content animal and is just happy to be around the people who care about him.

I would like to especially thank the Toronto Humane Society for being so professional and making my adoption of my new friend very easy and stress free. 


May 26, 2012


My husband and I just wanted to shoot you all a quick email about Bradley's first 48 hours in his new home! He now goes by Toki, and he is settling in beautifully in our home. He was a little overwhelmed at first, there was so much to explore! He is now calmer, and a very happy fellow. He has a favourite chair on which to take naps, and loves to snuggle with me...on top of my laptop! He is an absolute darling, and we are so happy with him here. Thank you so much for letting us give Toki the forever home he deserves!

Rosemary and Jon


May 24, 2012

Hello THS,

My fiancee and I brought home 6 year old Chloe (formerly Pebbles) in February 2012.  She was surrendered to the THS twice before due to anxiety issues.  Chloe was very shy and nervous when we first brought her home and unfortunately had a few out of litter-box episodes.  But thanks to the kind, patient, knowledgeable and understanding THS staff, and a little patience on our part, we were able to resolve those issues.  Now Chloe is a happy house cat and we are exceptionally happy to have her.

Chloe loves play and attention.  When she is not lounging, she will happily follow us around our home quietly observing us.  She is a very affectionate cat and loves being pet and rubbed.  She does not have an aggressive bone in her body - she will chase after strings and toys but will never scratch or bite a person.  Chloe is very quiet and only meows when she is hungry.  She especially loves tuna, and will treat us with the sweetest meows and the most irresistible dilated eyes whenever we open a can of tuna.

We love our little companion and are glad that she found her happily ever after with us.  Attached are some pictures of Chloe enjoying her home.

Thanks again to the great THS staff especially Shannon Caulfield, Sara Russel and Megan Davidson.


Klint & Steph


May 20, 2012

Hello! I wanted to give you an update on Archie and Betty-- Who are now Luke and Leia for your Success Stories page!

Luke and Leia are settling in quite well. They are both still a bit jumpy when I try to pet them, or pick them up, but I realized last night, as Luke cuddled up next to me, and Leia next to him, that they must consider me part of the family now. 

Luke is a rambunctious little guy, who goes wholeheartedly into everything he does. He bosses the cat, and rearranges his cage, and when he's done that he flings himself onto his back to relax. If you're looking for Leia, she's finding a way to break thru bunnyproofing, as she is the resident escape artist. This was proven to me at 6am the other morning, when Leia woke me up by jumping onto my bed -- their cage was closed when I went to sleep! The first thing I did that morning, was get a bigger clip to keep the cage closed! 

They are constantly grooming each other, cuddling each other, and are so aware of what the other is doing -- it's adorable. 
They are definitely part of the family now. Thanks so much for helping them out in a rough time, and helping me to find them. 

From Sarah, Luke and Leia. 


May 15, 2012

Mambo is the little gray and black dog....

We adopted Amy now know as Mambo a little over 3 years ago.  She has turned out to be a great pet!  She is the most cuddly animal we have ever met.  She is a friend to everyone and tries her hardest to defend us by barking at the door when anyone comes.  Although if they come in she just rolls over to get her tummy scratched.

She loves to sleep and eat, go for walks and sleep, have a tummy rub and sleep.    I think you get the idea.  She is not a high energy dog, but that is what our family needed.  For those people out there who think they will have a lot of change if they get a new pet, that is true, but in our case this dog has been worth all the time we give her.  The love and affection are more than worth the time and effort.  Dispite a rocky start she and other other dog Lindy have become great friends which is just we everyone needed. 

Thank you for such a little treasure she is a lovely loving animal and worth her weight all 12 lbs of her in laughs.  To all you people out there... think about a rescue dog... I cannot image my live without these pets now...

Barbara Vinette


May 14, 2012

Dear THS,
On March 21st, 2012 we lost one of the sweetest dogs in the world after a battle with kidney disease. The story of Sidney is a long winded one, with far too much detail to elaborate on, however, in short he was a stray found running through traffic one evening. The unfortunate truth is that he had likely been turned out of his home because of his health problems (of which there were many). We took him in and cared for him but it soon became apparent that our purpose in his life was to help him transition. At approximately 11 years old there was not much that could be done for him except to keep him comfortable. This loss was devastating.

We decided as a family that there was so much that we could do for elderly dogs in need of loving homes and people to care for them. We are currently in the process of starting a Retirement Rescue for dogs, in memory of Sidney, so that there is a safe, loving and quiet place for them to retire. With that in mind we began our search for the first official resident and were introduced to an adorable elderly dog named Tika (since renamed Teala). Teala had been with you at the THS for about a year and had been in and out of fostering looking for her new forever home. We knew that she had some health problems and aggression issues but that did not faze us for a second.  Our primary goal was to bring her into our home to provide her with the stability and affection that only a forever home could afford.

After a successful meet-and-greet with our other 2 dogs, Forrest and Lucy, we were confident that Teala was going to fit well into our home. Her spunkiness immediately earned her the nickname ‘Gremlin' but within a few weeks we noticed a great improvement in her temperament and attitude towards us - that nickname is no longer used and has been replaced by a friendlier ‘Teala-bo-Beala.'
Teala has become a gentle and sweet old lady, who seems content with and comfortable in her new surroundings. She continues to surprise us with just how much love she has to give and is living proof of the old adage "blessed is the person who earns the love of an old dog."

Sasha, Craig and Teala-bo-Beala.


May 10, 2012

I thought I'd take a moment and share my wonderful success story with you.

Last fall I adopted a rat named Julius from the Toronto Humane Society. I saw that he was about the same age as my current Dumbo rat Dale so I thought he'd make a potential companion for him. Dale had been living alone in a pet store and had only had human interaction. Julius had also been by himself. I decided on day to go and see Julius.

Well, it was love at first sight. As soon as I called his name he crawled down from his hammock to see me. I consulted with Kim, the small animal specialist and adopted him that very evening. He's been one of the best furry friends I've ever had. He's very friendly and loves attention. Julius loves running around and playing. He also loves my cat Phoebe. He will affectionately lick my hand when I give him a little scratch or massage on his back. He seems so appreciative every time I feed him or give him a treat. He's the most easy going boy. I absolutely adore him.

Thank you to everyone who cared for him at the THS!



May 08, 2012


I adopted Dolores on February 9th, 2012 and it was the best thing I could have ever done.

When I first met Dolores, she was a shy, under weight cat.  She had just gone through surgery to perform an operation that would leave her deaf in her left ear.
She was half shaved and malnurished and not very social.

After taking her in, I've noticed a significant change in her demeanour.  She is very affectionate, more vocal, and follows me everywhere!
She loves to cuddle and sleeps on me almost every night.

Dolores likes the finer things, and is most happy with a generous serving of organic cat food, and napping with her stuffed animal 'Shirley'.

I LOVE coming home and spending time with Dolores. Thank you THS for taking such good care of her for me. She's finally home :-)




May 08, 2012

Dear Mitchel:

You asked that I follow up with an email on Vespa and her adjustment to her new home. To begin with, her name is changed to "Gracie". It took about 2 weeks of her trying to scare the dog away, scratch him, etc. before she finally decided to let him get close. They are now quite a pair. My dog, Buddy, never gives up if he thinks there is a chance of friendship. They will now sleep about a foot apart and when the dog is sound asleep, Gracie will clean him. It is lovely to watch the two of them, the big old lumbering dog and the swift and nimble cat. We have had a number of crashes and yelps but they both appear to thoroughly enjoy one another. 

Her favourite thing to do is to pull my pin tacks out of the cork board and chase them around the house. The dog does not like stepping on them, but he is learning to keep a look out for them. Today is the first time she attempted to go outside. It lasted perhaps 5 seconds before she got scared and ran back in. I am truly grateful for this, as this girl can run! She loves to be stroked and to sleep snuggled right up next to me. We are still working on her letting me hold her, but that will come. Clipping claws is a challenge. As for her "screaming" that you warned me of, I have never heard it, so it is not an issue. She has been checked by the vet and given a clean bill of health. 

Thank you for allowing me to adopt her, it has made quite a difference around here. I am so glad we have her as part of the family!

Nancy Johnston


May 06, 2012

Hello everyone at the THS.  We adopted Spud (new name Molson) a week ago and he is a absolute joy. Molson is really good with meeting other people and dogs.

We have 2 cats at home and slowly everyone is starting to get along. Molson just ignores them but the cats are still unsure of our new family member.

Molson loves his mulitple daily walks and is starting to remember all of the basic commands. All he wants to do is cuddle, sleep, socialize, and lick everyone. 

My husband and I are so grateful to have found this amazing dog and cannot wait to take him camping and up to the cottage.

Thank you for all you do and your hard work at the THS does not go unnoticed.


May 03, 2012

Hey there THS!

Its been just under three months now since we adopted Egdar the cat formally known as York and he has adjusted beautifully! His favorite pass times are lounging in the cat tree, battling his new sister Mimi and following me around the apartment.

Although he can be a little skittish he is by far one of the most affectionate cats I've ever met. Whenever we have someone over and they meet Edgar that feel compelled to "win" his affections. He loves to be loved and will lay on the couch next to you rolling on his back and doing cute kitten things until you give him some face rubs.

He loves to play and his favorite thing to play with is a little toy fish, he throws it up high in the air and chases after it. Once I found his little fish in the pot that was sitting on the stove after he threw it in there!

Every morning Edgar will climb up on the bed and very quietly lay down beside me until I wake up to pet him. I call him little bird sometimes because the sounds he makes are much more bird-like then cat-like, he is just too sweet.

We are so lucky to have Edgar, I don't think we could have found a better cat for our little family :)
Thank you so much to everyone at THS for bringing us together <3



April 26, 2012

We adopted Abby formally Adele in June 2011, and have been meaning to write to thank all the staff at the society and especially Tess for their patience and understanding as we worked towards the commitment of adopting Abby.

Though Abby can not speak we hope that she is as delighted with the outcome as we are. She is a wonderful good natured girl and we consider ourselves so lucky to have been chosen by her. She is affectionate, loving, and a real character, but no pushover.

As the t-shirt says: "Some May Say I Rescued My Dog… But it's My Dog Who Rescued Me".

And yes we have 4 of them, Abby declines to wear hers.

Thanks again to all the staff we continue to spread the word about the good work of the Toronto Humane Society.

Paul, Kim, David and Carolyn


April 26, 2012

Thank you so much. I never thought I would find my forever home. But I have! And I have some great new friends. You may of known me as Lucky but I am Little Miss. There I am on the left and that fat fellow is Senour. He is my protector and new best friend. I also get to order around Mia a big stupid black lab who helps me groom myself.  Though I have lost most of my teeth and my eye sight is not the best I find my way around my new palace every well. I do remember to give my new mom and dad lots of love. I often follow them around showing my thanks.

Thank you again
Little Miss


April 23, 2012

Hello THS staff (and a special hi to our friend Kimberly who gave helpful tips to my mommy in the beggining). We will let my mommy give you a bit of an update on how we are doing so that we can go and continue playing. Today is our birthday you know, and we got lots of gifts to explore and play with.

In December 2011 we visited the THS to drop off some gifts for the wonderful animals waiting for their forever home. As we were walking in, we saw a large poster of three bunnies (Chase, Elvis and Bandit). Three brothers who were so closely bonded that they could not get separated. It was love at first sight. My sister and I decided that we were meant to be together. We completed the application form and were very fortunate to have had our application for adoption approved that same day.

Here we are....4 months later. Today the boys go by Thumper, Timid and Trooper (although they kept their original names as their middle names). They are 1 year old today and they are enjoying their birthday gifts and attention. We are so happy to have them as part of our family. They have joined our other pets and have brought new adventures and laughter with everything they do. They are very active and happy to have the run of the downstairs.

We must admit, it is quite a bit of work to care for the boys. They are very active and quite messy but all in all we do not regret our decision for one moment. The love they bring far superceds any work and change that we have had to make to our daily routine.

So we don't sleep as late as we used to, so we don't put our feet up and go to sleep as early as we used to, so we have a broom in our hands more frequently than ever before and we would not have it any other way. The joy they bring with everyday that passes and as they allow us to get closer to them we are grateful to THS for keeping them safe for us until we found each other.

We can hardly wait untill they get closer to us so that we can cuddle and groom them. For now they are good at grooming one another and they are allowing us the occassional cuddle as they know that make us very happy.

Hey Kimberly, Trooper here, my brothers and I hope you are well. We asked our mommy to send a cheque to the THS in appreciation of all the good care you gave us and for helping us to find a wonderful fun and loving forever home. So keep an eye out for that cheque.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our new home.


April 23, 2012

I wanted to write in update everyone about Stuart (grey) and Wallace (formerly Roy; black and white).

Wally and Stuart have been with me now for almost 2 years, and are definitely ruling this roost. Despite Wally's skittishness and Stuart's various injuries at adoption time, these boys got to know each other quickly and are now loving brothers. They are also an attentive and equal opportunity welcoming committee for any visitors who happen to drop by their kingdom, rubbing absolutely everyone legs vigorously.

Both boys enjoy voicing their opinions on most things, chirping at trespassing birds on the balcony or squawking loudly at 7am when I don't shuffle fast enough to put down that morning's delicious fresh food. They also enjoy belly-up middle of the bed snoozing, chasing lasers, and conquering the vacuum cleaner. Moments of happiness or triumph are expressed by both boys in the form of high decibel couch-shaking purring, and in Stuart's case, a steady stream of loving drool and head butts.

Stuart and Wally have become the best alarm clocks and furry companions anyone could ask for; we are truly a family. Thank you THS, for bringing Stu and Wally into my family- I cannot imagine my life without these adorable furry balls of personality in it.

Thank you,

from Lyndsay and the boys.


April 21, 2012

Hello THS!! It's been a long time coming but my husband and I want to share Norman's (formally "Fluffy's) success story!

In July of 2011 my husband Shawn and I suffered our first miscarriage, then a week after that our cherrished bunny Lucy Ricardo passed away from GI stasis. We were distraught to say the least. I missed Lucy's comfort that only she could bring when I was sad. I missed her presence deperately.

A few weeks after her passing, I began looking at the THS website. Shawn and I are from St. Catharines, but you see our local humane society does not spay/neuter it's rabbits, (which is not in any way humane because rabbits, just like cats and dogs, will not make good house pets if they are not spayed/neutered. It's not fair to the animal). We loved that THS provided this service for all of their little creatures!

I spent a few weeks looking at that website for a potenial bun bun that I would like to take home and love. I wasn't sure what exactly I was looking for, as breed and looks were not a concern. When I saw "Fluffy's" picture, its was love at first sight! I told my husband that we were going to take a trip to Toronto for that rabbit! He was all I could think about! It was already "Fluffy's" second trip back to the shelter and we wanted to take him home for good! I called the THS before travelling there, to make sure he would still be available when we arrived, (we put him "on hold" so to speak!).

I was so excited to meet him, I could hardly contain myself! A very helpful staff showed us to the rare breed rooms when we arrived. I spotted "Fluffy" a mile away!! He is a large breed New Zealand/Florida White and towered over all the other little bunnies. We walked up to his pen and he jumped up on the wire as if he knew we were coming for him! I reached down and stroked his soft white fur, only to be scoulded for touching him, (there were signs informing guests not to touch the animals because of germs and transmittable dieases that we humans carry around! I totally understand, but it was so instinctual to reach down and pet him!! Sorry!) I knew we would be taking him home right away, and there were a lot more of our germs to go around...hehehe!!

We met with the very knowledgeable worker in the rare breed department. She let us hold him and play with him. As soon as I had him in my arms, I knew he was ours! He snuggled right into the curve of my neck! We proceeded to the area in the front of the THS to fill out all of the necessary paper work and met with a pet adoption councelor. We were so impressed with the adoption process. It is great to know that the THS are not just handing out pets, they are very selective of the owners!! After about two hours, we got approved to take "Fluffy" home! We had brought a pet carrier with us for the long journey. When I saw the size of "Fluffy" I worried it might not be big enough for him!

Shawn and I decided to name "Fluffy" Norman. I had already picked the name out from the internet pictures the THS had posted! He looked like an old man, and therefore required an old man's name! Norman has brought us nothing but joy day in and day out!! He fit right in to our home and made it his own! Norman is litter trained and has never had an accident! He uses it faithfully...but boy do we know when he has to go because he bolts for it! Norman has his very own walk-in closet for his hay, litter, toys, food and water dish. He spends night time in the closet and has free run of the house during the day! Norman loves to sleep and play on the area carpet under our dining room table. He hops from chair to chair, and lounges in the corner. When I open the door to his closet in the morning, his hops to his place on the carpet and waits for his mixed greens and dried cranberries. Every night around ten thirty he hops to his closet for bed, and waits for his piece of dried papaya. He also throughly enjoys carrot tops. When we bring our groceries into the kitchen and put them on the floor, you can bet that Norman is there sniffing out the carrot tops and leafy dark greens! He is very curious and is always sniffing out new things around the house...nothing gets by him! Norman loves to snuggle on the couch with me. I love petting his big soft ears.

So in closing, I want to say a HUGE thank-you to all the staff at the THS for all you do for the animals that cannot do for themselves.
Thank-you for taking in my Norman and giving him a second chance that we may now love and enjoy him!



April 17, 2012

Hi THS Staff and Volunteers,

I adopted Uma, a 3 month old kitten born on the street, in early January. She hid under my bed and was a quiet as a mouse! So, I decided to head back to THS and adopt again, only four days later. She quickly changed on the day that I brought home Jacob, a 5 month old kitten born into a loving home. They became instant friends and do everything together. Both are amazing and social cats who love everyone.

I wanted to thank the kind lady who brought in Jacob and his four other sister kittens back in January. Based on reading the intake form, I could tell that you had a special bond with Jacob and it must have been a hard decision for you to bring them into THS. I consider myself very lucky to have adopted him. He's one handsome guy. He still plays fetch with me every night. I think he's a dog sometimes. His new "sister" loves him a lot and he kind of protects her....I guess because he was used to having sisters of his own.

Thank you to THS staff and volunteers. You do a great job! I will be popping in every now again again because I bought a new condo on River Street. I told the "kids" that they will be able to see the THS from our living room windows and they can watch over it and protect it like the great hunters that they are :)



April 15, 2012

Hello THS,

We adopted Hope (now Josephine) in August of 2005. She had a very troublesome beginning, dealing with
the many challenges she had to face. In 2007, we made a move together to Northern Ontario - another
major adjustment living on the lake.

Doing work from home, she was very envolved with my computer work
(mainly sitting on the keyboard, slapping the screen, etc.) She loves being on the deck watching
nature, roaming around the property with me, catching some rays, chassing things. She is very healthy
and happy. Hopefully the people from Oshawa who brought her in to the THS will read this, and know
that she is doing well, and is lovingly cared for.

Rita Pepin


April 14, 2012

Good day Humane society! I just wanted to email you about Thelma the cat that we adopted and brought home on Family day! She has blended into our family easily!!

She is happy and comfortable! She has a vet and she is health as healthy can be! She loves her perch, her cat dishes and her fancy waterfall water dish! She loves to lay in the bathtub and roll around!

She always hangs our in my son and stepson's room and at night she cuddles up to me! Thanks so much for the joy we call our little princess Thelma!



April 14, 2012

Dear Madam or Sir,

We adopted Kirby a few weeks ago. At the time, he was pretty antagonistic with other dogs, extremely anxious (esp. regarding separation), and fearful of the numerous sounds from the street. Now, weeks later, he is confident, a little less anxious (still demos the door every time we leave him for even a few minutes) and great with other dogs.

At High Park on our walks, he is patient with even the most seedy of canine-characters. He's most comfortable sleeping under my desk or Sam's desk (my partner), and really loves to play. While still mouthy, we've developed commands (i.e. "quiet" and "close") to which he responds by closing his mouth immediately.

He's been a wonderful addition to our family. Attached are a few pictures of him in his new home.

Thanks Humane Society for your help! All the best.


Joe MacKinnon and Sam Butwell


March 23, 2012


Approximately one year ago, we decided to go down the Humane Society "just to see" if we even wanted another pup as our's had passed on a couple of months earlier. We looked at all the pups and didn't feel any connection to any off them until we were about to walk ou. In the last kennel was a medium high dog of mixed breed (I am a red head). She had a lovely red coat and I said to my husband "Look love it's another red head" I then put my hand out to her to smell - she did - them she lifted up her paw and put it directly on top of my hand and held it there....I looked at my husband and I said..well I gues that's it.

It was we brought "Shandy" home that day, however she was renamed Bailie before we even got home. She is a Chow Sheppard cross and today is her 2nd birthday ! She now also has a little brother named Lennon, who is 1 year old (Lab,boxer, terrier cross). They keep each other very busy and we love them both. Attached you will find a picture of Bailie sitting with my husband.

Noel and Shelagh Rees.


March 23, 2012

My name is Charlie (known as Chester when I was adopted).

I was adopted in February 2008. I have relocated to Barrie, Ontario with my owner. I came to the Toronto Humane Society as a stray. I had fleas, was malnutritioned and had a problem with my nose. I am a very happy, healthy doggy now and thanks to the Toronto Humane Society have found my forever home.

Me and my best friend go for long walks along the lake every day. My owner had just lost her beloved Yorkie Samantha who passed away at the age of 18 when she adopted me and is very greatful to the Toronto Society for bringing us together. I am 11 years old now and still going strong. We hope to have many years together! Thank-you Toronto Humane Society.

Charlie the Pomeranian


March 23, 2012

Hello Toronto Humane Society family,

I would just like to thank-you for helping us find our dog Copper a brand new little brother, and a new member of our family. We adopted Chance, formerly known as "Lucky" on January 31st 2012. Chance has been a great addition to our family and always makes you smile.

Chance has learned a lot in such a short period of time, such as all of his commands and walking off leash. Chance has received a new nick name in our home "Chance Romance", when he hears it, he just lights right up and the tail starts wagging. Chance is now 8 months old and growing more and more every day. Chance can't seem to get enough of the dog park. Even though it's not quite summer, it is hard to keep him out of the water.

His big brother Copper has adjusted to him really well and enjoys having Chance accompany him on walks and car rides. It has really changed Coppers life having a brother.

I would just like to thank the Toronto Humane Society team for making it such a memorable day and wonderful process on bringing this little guy home, we will always remember the THS team and just remember how fortunate we were that day.

Sarah Wurr


March 22, 2012

I had been thinking about adopting a pet for about two years. I would check the site every few weeks, and then I saw Nabob. Nabob had dental disease when he was brought to THS and had to have all of his teeth removed. I'm sure that many people saw that and thought he would be too much work because I had reservations myself. The thing is; I could. not. stop. thinking. about him. After two long years my cat finally found ME!

Once I brought The ‘Bob home he took about 15 minutes to check out his new surroundings before he decided that it was okay to relax - on my chest of all places. He's a lovely little kitty who greets everyone who comes into my home with a little squeak. He's even ‘broken' the hardest friends that I have by bringing over his little fur mouse for them to play with. He's an older cat so he's pretty chill but when it comes to his fur mouse he transforms into a wrecking machine. Granted it's only for about 20 minutes before he needs to rest - but it's great to watch!

He wakes me up every morning exactly 10 minutes before my alarm for some cuddling, and if I ‘sleep in' I get soft toothless nibbles on my cheeks and chin. I literally fall in love with this little guy every single morning.



March 18, 2012

Dear THS,

I wanted to send an update on Darian, who we officially adopted a few weeks ago from THS. Because of some issues in his previous home with not consistently using the litter box, we were fostering Darian for a month prior to adoption to see how he would adjust to living at our place. But from the first few minutes of being in our apartment, Darian has made himself at home.

On that first day, he immediately wanted to explore the whole place and after about a half-hour, was contentedly lying on the floor in the sun. Since then, he's continued to become more and more a part of the family - greeting us with happy meows and flopping on to his back for stomach rubs when we arrive home, being very friendly with any visitors we have over, and politely waiting until after the alarm's gone off in the morning to start talking to us.

He's also had no problems whatsoever with using his litter box, despite his history. After being in the Humane Society for more than six months, Darian seems to be very pleased to have finally found his forever home - and we are thrilled to have him!

Thank you, THS, for taking such good care of him and for all the wonderful work you do.

Karen and Aaron


March 16, 2012

Our family discovered Jack on the Toronto Humane Society website after months of looking. His name, Jack, made him the perfect addition for us, the Russell family (though we don't believe that he has any Jack Russell in him).

He has a great energy, which has been tempered gently by his current Puppy Training Class. He's a pretty quick learner and can now sit, stay, come and down on command. He is walking better on a loose leash and is eager to make friends with the other dogs in the neighbourhood.

Jack loves to sit on our laps, though his rapid weight gain (at 5 months, he's 45 lbs.) will soon put an end to this as our laps are quickly disappearing! His new favourite place to walk is the Brick Works where he sits on the benches with us.

Jack loves to chew on plastic ice cream containers and cardboard boxes and he absolutely loves to have his belly rubbed! We are very happy to have Jack in our family and we're pretty sure that he loves to be with us.



March 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

It has been one year since we adopted our beautiful boy Foley. He has been a treasure to us and on this anniversary we wish to say thank you again to everyone at the Toronto Humane Society. He has found his " forever home " and we " our forever Pup ". In his own words .........

Hi my name is Foley, well actually H.P. Foley..... more on that later...... I want to say a big thank you to all my buddies at the Toronto Humane Society. All I ever wanted was a " real forever home" and guess what, on March 16th, 2011, I GOT ONE !!!

I had been living in Hamilton & was surrendered to their SPCA twice. Then I was sent to the THS. They were kind people there & cared for me, played fetch with me, took me for walks & gave me medicine when I needed it. I never lost my playful spirit thanks to them. Then one day a nice couple came to see me & actually wanted me, just ME. It was hard to say good bye to the great people at the THS, some even cried when they heard I was leaving but were happy for me too. I left them my toy to remember me by & give to some other nice dog.

It was my new Mom's birthday and I was her " present ". My Dad says I am " the gift which keeps on giving " . My new family take me everywhere in a Jeep. I love to ride with my head out the window & my ears flapping in the wind sometimes even with the roof down. I have gone swimming a lot in Lake Ontario , Lake Erie, and boy I love Cherry Beach too. I have made friends there. My Dad plays fetch with me in the water. He has a great throwing arm. My Mom says I am a gold medalist swimmer, whatever that means. They also take me for drives to Guelph to visit family, Stouffville, Niagara on the Lake and Long Point my favorite! I get to go shopping with them, walks around the neighborhood, bar-b-ques, all kinds of dog stuff. I am lucky to now have three or four beds . My doctor is a block away., I model sunglasses doggie goggles. I get great treats, at Christmas I got my own stocking, my grandma made me some homemade biscuits....yummy & I get special holiday hats & collars. Woof, I am lucky.

At home I have a big fenced in yard to play in. There I have my own toy box, with a soccer ball, tug of war rope, other squeaky toys and several frisbies. I even starred in my own video to teach other dogs to catch a frisbee. Last summer when it was really hot I even got my own doggie swimming pool. Wow, life is good.

So you see, you the THS folks really found me a great " forever & ever home ", I love it here and I just wanted to thank everyone . Without your kindness & hard work who knows where I'd be......

.......Oh, and the name change, well because I was a senior dog my parents got me for " half price " . Boy, did they get a deal ! So now I am officially Half Price Foley. But I prefer H.P. Foley, sounds more important and besides it looks better, on my facebook page !!!

Thanks soooo much Toronto Humane Society for finding me the best home ever. I will never forget you. Enjoy the photos of me.


H.P. Foley

P.S. I don't spill my water dish any more .


March 14, 2012

Hi THS staff,

My husband and I adopted Star back in June 2011.
She is such a sweet bun and we love her to the bits. Her favourite treats are apple slices, strawberries, and dried cherries. She would even do simple tricks to beg for those treats :). She has warmed up to us now, when we watch TV, she'd hop over and nuzzle us until we rub her head and cheek to her satisfaction. She is super active, when she is happy she'd dash around and around in the hallway, sometimes when I call out "bunny poo!" she'd dash towards me and do a binky. She is just sooo adorable!

When we first got her, she was very territorial with her food. It is getting much better now, she actually allows us to stick our hand in her food bowl to give or even take away her food! Some times she still grunts a little when we try to "steal" her food, but she rarely lunges at us now.

Here are a few pictures of her :) hope you all enjoy

Ting and Albert


March 13, 2012

Hello to all my friends at the Toronto Humane Society!

My name is Kodiak, as in Kodiak Bear. (known as "Cody" at the Toronto Humane Society) I answer to Kodi still, but I also go by "Kodi Bear", "Mr. Bear", or "Kode Man".

I instantly won the hearts of my family when I was adopted by them in March 2011. I am so lucky to have a great Mom & Dad who love me so much... and an awesome SISTER, Bella. Bella and I have become best friends. We immediately clicked and have been inseparable ever since that day in the "meet and greet room". I truly think I have met my soulmate. We are both Boxers so we just get each other, however she's about 6 months OLDER than me, but I'm already 20 lbs heavier than her!!!

We usually spend our days by starting off with a run in the morning with our Mom, then wrestle around the backyard for a couple of hours throughout the day, and then cuddle and nap in the afternoons. Sometimes if Mom and Dad both have to work our Grandma comes and picks us up and we get to hang out with her for the afternoon!! She just loves us so much and spoils us like crazy. She even makes us our favourite dinner (rice and chicken) when we come over for dinner!!

My favourite time of the day tho is the evening. I get to cuddle up with the whole family when we watch TV after dinner, and then I sneak up into Mom & Dad's bed at night time for even more snuggles. Anyways, just wanted to send a quick note to let all of you know how great I'm doing, and how great of a fit I am with my new family. My family also sends their thanks for how grateful they are to have me.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society!!


March 06, 2012

Hi there!

My name is Jeni, and I have adopted 3 Fancy Rats from THS. Most people think of dogs and cats and I think the little guys get left behind sometimes so I thought I should give them a little light too.

I have had rats for most of my life and am fairly experenced. I myself was looking to adopt a dog in need from the THS but then I found the Small Mammals. I looked through the different postings. There were Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, and Guinea Pigs.

I enjoyed the many rats I have had, they are very intelligent and very affectionate and can be quite silly at times.

When I inquired about Snap Crackle and Pop I was told that they had behavioural problems. I went in to meet them. Kim, the small animal specialist was not in on that Sunday so I met a different lady I believe named Krista. She brought me back to see the little guys. They were a little bit afraid and it took some patient and coaching to get them to come out but once they were out they were so lovey. We decided then and there that they were coming home that day! I filled out the paper work and away we went. Never to look back.

It is March now and I got these little guys at the beginning of January and I couldn't be happier with them. They have come a long way and love exploring all the corners of the room, and any other little objects they can find.

I'm also fostering Lock, Stock, and Barrel who are a little bit more challenging.

Many thanks to the THS and to Chris who volunteer so much of his time to help get these little guys ready to go to a forever home.

Jeni Zurachenko


March 06, 2012

Hi THS staff,

I adopted Petey (formerly Petie) on Nov 26, 2011. Petey was a very anxious, very skinny boy when I first brought him home. He hid behind the stove for at least a day. When he did start exploring, he encountered my existing cat, Blue and was none to pleased about it. Petey and Blue hissed at one another and fought quite a bit. On top of that, Petey had some urinary issues and had to go to the vet on and off quite a bit in the first month. After about a month, things started to improve.

Petey and Blue started to become friends and Petey's urinary issues began to clear up. His charming and quirky personality started to come out! I bought him a tall scratching post and he quickly claimed it as his own. He started to seek me out for treats and would stand on his hind legs and meow the sweetest meow when I pulled the treat bag out. I'll also never forget the first time he tentatively climbed into my lap for head rubs. He is very food orientated and if I left my food unattended, you would hear him munching away on it - even tofu!

He loves to sleep beside my head at night and he and Blue will share the bed - which is lovely. His urinary issues are still present - but we're working on getting him to use the litter box and so far, so good! He's my charming little guy that will show his affection with a quiet purr and by rolling on his back for tummy rubs! I couldn't imagine not having him around and am happy to say that he's really blossomed and is doing well!



March 04, 2012

Dear THS,

I would like to say how our cat Butterscotch (formerly Ice Cream) is doing. Just over 2 weeks ago a forever dream came true for me. I have wanted a cat since I could talk but my mom has never loved cats. What inspired my parents to finally get a cat is when my best friend's 19 year old cat, Chloe, who was adopted from the THS passed away about a month ago. That Saturday my friend, who is even allergic to cats, went to get a new cat. His name is Bo Bo and he is 4 months old. After I visited Bo Bo my mom decided to let me get a cat.

As I was saying on Saturday February 18, 2012 my parents and I went to the shelter on River Street. We spent almost 4 hours looking for the right cat. Finally I came past the cage of Ice Cream who I had been looking at earlier. I asked my parents if we could have him, but they were concerned because he had an eye infection. I was down but determined. I asked the volunteer if we could talk to the vet. The vet said all we had to do was give him drops and he showed us how. Ice Cream didn't even squirm so we decided to take him.

He is a middle hair mix with the softest white and caramel coloured fur in the world. That is why we renamed him Butterscotch. As I am writing this he is sitting beside me giving me kisses. Every night he sleeps half the night in my bed and half the night bugging my parents to come and play. My mom even gets up at 5:00 in the morning to play with him!! These 2 weeks have felt like 2 hours I have had so much fun! He LOOVES being brushed and petted. He plays like a 2 month old kitten instead of 2 year old cat. He loves playing with his springs and krinkle ball. When I shoot Nerf guns he comes running and picks up the foam bullet in his mouth and drops it at my feet. I play hockey with him in my room all the time.

The eye drops are not hard for a cat and every time after the drops he gets a treat. Upon looking at his charts and bio his birthday was listed as February 18, 2010! What a great birthday present!!! Now we can't forget his birthday!! I'd like to thank the Toronto Humane Society for bringing the best kitty in the world (Butterscotch) into my life.

Sincerely, Carson and family


March 04, 2012

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I want to bring you up to date on my rabbit Leroy (now called Jasper), whom I adopted this January. He brings such joy into my life: it fills my heart with pleasure to see him happy, healthy, and exploring his world.

I first saw Jasper's picture on the THS website in the spring of 2011. He was a young dwarf rabbit who had been rescued by the THS after he was found fending for himself outdoors. Having three rabbits and a cat already, I resisted the temptation to rush down right away and bring him home. But I continued to see his picture on the site as I checked in over the following months. When, in December, I saw that his picture had disappeared from the adoption page, I was at first relieved that he'd found a home... but then some kind of hunch prompted me to call the THS. I found out that he hadn't been adopted after all. Instead, he'd been slated to go into foster care; he was simply too frightened of humans, and needed the socialization that only a home can provide before he'd be suitable for adoption.

So--I brought him home as a foster. The idea was that, if he got along with my other rabbits, I would adopt him. The THS provided everything I needed as a foster parent: Jasper's pen, his litter (he's impeccably litter-trained), his kibble, his toys, a huge bag of timothy hay, and the knowledge that if he needed medical care it would be covered by the Society.

Six weeks later, I adopted him. He is still nervous, but gets more confident and relaxed with each passing week. He's the sweetest little critter; he does bunny-flops in his pen next to my desk as I'm working; he comes to me for pets and papaya-enzyme treats; when he's out playing in the livingroom he loves to explore. And--the best part--he has made friends with Ecco, my other dwarf rabbit, and they hang out together and groom each other.

I want to thank you for giving animals like Jasper a second chance. The wonderful staff at the THS, like Kimberly Booker in the Special Species Department, had already helped Jasper make great progress by the time I brought him home. All he needed was a little extra peace and quiet, stable surroundings, and daily social interaction to bring him out of his shell.

Best wishes,
Shelley Wall


February 27, 2012

Hi there,

I just wanted to send an update and a thank you for letting us adopt the kitten in late January formerly known as Toes- now Penelope Pussycat! She's a great addition to our family.

After our oldest cat passed away, our 8 month old rescued kitten Hunter was very lonely and needed a new buddy. As soon as we saw Penelope we knew she was the one! She couldn't have fit better into our family, and she and Hunter are the very best of friends.

Within 5 minutes of bringing her home he was showing her around the litter box and bringing her toy mice. The two of them are inseparable and will disappear for hours playing or napping and sharing toys.

Thank you to the great staff at the THS for letting us adopt this beautiful girl, all 3 of us love her to pieces and we can't imagine life without her! We hope her sisters went to an equally loving home.



February 25, 2012

Hi to the THS!

Last July my boyfriend and I decided to get another cat for our 3 year old Male named Maverick. He was not to fond of older cats so the only option was to bring a kitten home so they could grow up together. We walked into the cat ward took one look at Tiber (now known as Judas) and instantly fell in love. He was so talkative and did not hesitate to come right up to the cage.

We brought him home and gave him a sanctuary room for a couple of days. Maverick definitely knew he was not the only one anymore. It took him awhile to adjust to Judas being around and also being so tiny! Had some aggression issues at first but realized that there was no way Judas at 2 months was going to do him any harm. Months went by and finally Maverick realized he had a new friend.

This was the best thing for the both of them as Maverick needed another cat in his life and Judas now cannot live without his brother.

Thank you to the staff at the THS for helping us find the perfect addition to our family!

Ashleigh Hauck and Sean Stevenson.


February 20, 2012

To the wonderful people at the Humane Society,

My fiancé and I adopted two month-old Labrador-mix Charlie, since named Kerberos, from your River St location at the beginning of February. We wanted a companion for our ten month-old Labrador-Shephard, Anubis. Anubis also came from the same Society location at two months.

Initially we had been cautioned about supervising Kerberos and Anubis' play but even at their first meeting at the Society Kerberos started rough-housing immediately. We soon learned Kerberos has a big heart and like Anubis, no fear!

They are doing wonderful together and already sleep, eat, and play together. Kerberos' extensive puppy training has been greatly aided by our experiences with Anubis, and of course, Anubis himself!

Kerberos has an easy example to follow and in the three short weeks we've had him he's learned to sit, come, stay, and respect his leash. He even gets along well with our four guinea pigs, and has mercifully avoided Anubis' guinea pig-induced scar on his nose!

Like children we often compare the two and it's remarkable to see the differences and similarities in personality.

We want to thank everyone who helped make finding Kerberos such a great experience. A special thanks to Bridgett, who was instrumental in helping us pick Kerberos out of his litter.

Sincerely, Nathan and Bukky


February 20, 2012

Hi THS staff! In November 2011 we adopted our first pet, Simba our cute little kitty. At first I wasn't sure he'd adjust to our noisy home but that definitely wasn't a problem. The day we brought him home he decided to my bedroom was HIS and from that day on he has sleeps with me every night. It took a few days for our kitty to get used to getting around the rest of the house and adjusting to the loud noises and all the new people but he caught on quick.

Today Simba is a huge part of our family, he eats his meal next to us and has a bedtime just like the rest of the kids. I have to say he is extremely affectionate and very smart. He figured out how to turn on the sink taps, we come home to see him playing in the water in the kitchen; gotta figure out how break that habit. But his constant snuggling and purring makes up for all his mischievousness. Thanks to THS we have found the missing piece to our family puzzle.



February 19, 2012

Ruckus joined our family about 6-7 years ago. He was originally surrendered to the THS with a severely broken leg. THS vets had to put his leg back together with screws, and although we'd seen his photo on the website, it was months before he was available for adoption.

Ruckus came to us with severe separation anxiety and abandonment issues which meant a significant change in lifestyle for us to be able to give him the consistency, training, and routine he needed to be a happy dog. Promoting the cat to "dogsitter" so he would never be alone helped immensely too. It took well-over a year, but the hard work paid off!

He's great with children and animals of all sizes, from cats, to guinea pigs, to assorted wildlife. He still hates to be separated from his famly, but this has made him the ultimate camping dog! He stays with you on the hiking trails and never dashes off, even when he's uncovered a conga line of otters crossing the trail. He's calm and still in a canoe, and will never leave the campsite or wander off.

He's had canoe and backcountry camping and hiking adventures of all kinds. His broken leg has healed well and he's become a quite the jogger - he's even climbed a mountain or two - with no signs of slowing down.



February 17, 2012

Hello THS,

I am a long time lover of cats, unlike my new husband (as of 9/2011). Moving from a small town to a large city, let alone new country, I knew getting one would be a great comfort. I finally convinced him, so off to the Humane Society. Secretly, I wanted 2 cats, and he went in wanting one. As we walked around, my husband spotted a brother and siser pair, Max and Maxine. We fell in love instantly!! And I got my 2 kittens! For about the first month, they found every little crevice and nook in our home and were frightened as ever. But after some gentle loving care from my husband and I, they now sleep with us and are instantly on our laps when we sit. My husband has now ventured over to the other side and is officially a cat lover! Our place is so much more livelier, and has made moving away from family that much easier.

We got then back in November of 2011. At that point, Max, was extremely shy and the girl, Maxine, was much more loveable. Now, she is still lovey dovey and definitely a Daddy's girl, but Max (aka King Cat or Mr. Professor) is such a Mama's boy and more cuddily than she is. He lets me hold him and rub his belly for a couple hours just before bed, just as if he were a baby. We are very glad we got a pair, because they entertain each other more and explore together. It is so cute to watch them lick one another and cuddle together! They, also, love to lay in my small knitting box and our laundry basket of all things. On their explorations, they have found our fish and watch him from a distance, thankfully they aren't able to reach him...yet. We are very proud parents and love them immensely!!!

I am attaching some pictures of their adventures and cuddling!
Thank you THS for bringing this family of four together!

Alex & David


February 15, 2012

"Hi, THS Staff! My name is Libya (formerly Libby) and I want to thank you for helping me find my Forever Home. It isn't often a 10-year old kitty like me is adopted, but I have been with Mommy and Daddy for two and a half years now and I'm doing wonderfully well! I'm loved so much every day and it's all because nice people like you gave me a fighting chance.

You took a chance on a 10-year old sweetie with broken and missing teeth, a bad leg, food allergies (which I no longer have because I am on a BARF diet, the kibble didn't make me feel well), and a URI infection. You cleared up my infection and spayed me so that I could be adopted. You gave me that chance. I'm a very good girl with a big warm heart and I'm happy you could see through my injuries and help me survive. Mommy and Daddy are so grateful you took me inside from a bag left outside your doors because they couldn't imagine life without me. I'm their special girl!

Thank you so much! I am a very happy, healthy kitty and the vet says I still have many years left in me. Thank you for helping give me those happy, healthy years!

Always grateful to you, Libya"


February 10, 2012

My name is Nayana and I wanted to write in about how well Miss Kitty (formerly known as Hollywood) is doing.

Miss Kitty has been with her family for four years now. We don't know anything about Miss Kitty's past because she was dropped off at the Humane Society in a cardboard box in the foyer. THS was kind enough to take her in and help her become healthy and adjusted. When Mommy first met Miss Kitty she was asleep in her cage. Mommy wanted to adopt every cat at the Humane Society but something was very special about this little ginger brat. Miss Kitty sensed something was happening because she woke up from her slumber and looked into Mommys eyes. With that one look, Mommy knew she had met her new kid.

Despite her rough beginnings, with the help of THS and her forever home, Miss Kitty has blossomed. Miss Kitty is an always curious and always loving cat. She is a strong communicator and lets her Mom and Dad know when she needs something with the sweetest softest little meow. She likes to play with her squeaky mouse and investigate grocery bags when they arrive. She always greets us at the door when we come home and perches on the bed when we sleep. Miss Kitty is a very strong and wonderful cat and has been by Mommy's side through thick and thin. Mommy could not have asked for a sweeter Kitty.

Thank you!!


February 03, 2012

Hello THS,

Almost two months ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream by adopting a beautiful kitten of my very own. The first time I held Telsa (formerly Jermaine) at the Humane Society he was so little and he trembled in my arms, but then, he very gently began to purr and I knew it was a perfect match.

Tesla settled in to apartment life almost immediately and within days my bachelor was his little kingdom. Right from the start the range of strange little noises he makes have brought my little living space to life. He "chirps" almost constantly, you can always hear him coming before you see him, and his purr is loud like a motorboat with a broken engine. His favourite activity is pulling paper, receipts and bits of cardboard out of the recycling bin and chewing them to smithereens. He'll even chew on the edge of a book as I'm reading it, no paper is safe!

Every morning when my alarm goes off (the first time) Tesla will curl up on my chest or on my shoulder next to my ear and purr. It's like having a vibrating, feline, hot water bottle to wake up to every day.

Tesla has brought so much joy and love into my life. He comforts me and makes me laugh by turns. And after only two months of having this beautiful fur-monster, I cannot imagine life without him.

Thanks THS, for bringing this wonderful little man-cat into my life.

Rebecca and Tesla


February 03, 2012

Dear THS,

We adopted Olive and Dee in mid December and wanted to let you know they are doing very well in their new home.

As you can see from the pictures, they are healthy and happy and inseparable! One minute they'll be chasing each other around the house, the next minute they're following us from room to room. They play with all kinds of toys and a laser pointer, happily scratch the sisal posts, sleep through the night and wake up with energetic "hello" calls five minutes before the alarm goes off in the morning.

They are lovely cats! Even the vet remarked on their first visit how adorable they were; and that man has seen a lot of kittens :-)

Cheers, Jackie & Steve


January 29, 2012

Hey there Toronto Humane Society and Friends!

I wanted to write my success story on the cat I adopted from you! Her name was formerly "Celeste" but I renamed her to Phoebe after she started following me around and acting weird but loveable (I got the name from the TV show Friends, if you've watched it, you know what I mean).

At first when I got Phoebe, in November 2011, she was very shy, and when I saw her in her little cage, she looked so upset and unhappy. In comparison to all the other cats who seemed to be super cheerful, this one stuck out to me the most because of her cute little "sad" eyes. She didn't get up much when I tried to first pet her, and I thought there was something wrong with her, my mother asked me if I still wanted to get her, and I said of course. The workers at the shelter told me she is very shy, and it might take her some time to adjust to her new living situation with me.

Within 2 minutes of being in my home, she was trying to find every hiding spot there was, under couches, desks, beds. But I managed to remove her from spots she was trying to hide from, and gave her a comfortable, yet, semi private area in my room for her to sleep in. She adjusted really well to the spot, and stayed there, as she fell asleep. After she woke up, she started exploring my house more, and eventually, she started to come up to me, licking my hands and purring. I bought her a feather toy to play with, and once she got warmed up to me, she has never been so loving and outgoing!

She is one of the most playful cats I know! And what I love most about Phoebe, is that I can really tell she appreciated me adopting her, she shows it every day by following me wherever I go in my house, not in an annoying way, but a way where she always stands by me just in case if I'm ever feeling down. She also is really friendly to all of my guests! Greeting them with a friendly meow and going right up to them and purring. Oh! and she is also a bit of an attention hog, making my friends pay more attention to her than me, it's really funny!

I am so glad that she is a part of my life now, and I never plan on giving her up, she is a part of my family now, and I couldn't ask for a better pet! :D

Thank you so much for letting me adopt such a wonderful pet, I promise to always care for her and look after her, and keep her cheerful and outgoing! :)

I hope my story inspires more people to adopt more pets from you guys, because you truly do a really great thing, taking in pets, and fostering them until the find a home, thanks again for letting me adopt my cat! It means so much to me.

All the best!

- Shirin


January 29, 2012


We wanted to give you an update on our cat Maggie who we adopted back in November 1999. She was one of the cats who were being adopted from the Christmas windows at the Eaton Centre. The cats who were up for adoption were in the windows where people on the sidewalk could see them. We asked the adoption agent about Maggie and when we first met her Maggie walked right over to my husband and gave him a big kiss. That was it, and we knew she was the cat for us!

Since then she has been a wonderful addition to our family and has had many adventures as an indoor/outdoor cat. Now she happily spends most of her time napping and looking out the window or begging for treats. She is now approximately 13 years old and she is very spoiled and well loved. She loves to cuddle and she has an uncanny radar for snuggles - the minute someone in the house is napping she shows up and gets right in there! She is also very dramatic and loves to flop onto her side in what we call the 'luxury flop'. She has been a lovable companion for our golden retriever Arizona (who died last year) and our black lab Scout who loves to chase her around the house.

Maggie has been a wonderful cat and we have been very happy to have her as part of our family. Thanks so much to the Toronto Humane Society for all the great work you do in finding forever homes for the animals who need them!

Stefanie, Aaron, Aidan, Abby, Scout, Maggie (and Arizona) Dickerson


January 26, 2012

Hello all at the Toronto Humane Society.

I wanted to let everyone know how Maly, our 3 1/2 year old beagle was doing!

We started fostering Maly end of Oct because she had a urine infection and kennal cough. We continued this until the THS vets told us she was ready for adoption 3 months later. The THS was amazing, they helped us with her treatment and followed through till she was completely healed and ready for adoption. It didn't take long for Maly to fit in. Maly is very affectionate and loves to be the center of attention. She's also very soft spoken and doesn't bark which was quite surprising, knowing she's a Beagle, and beneficial since we live in a downtown condo.

At first, she had separation anxiety every time we left her alone. However she has improved and is now completely house trained. She loves going on long walks and sleeping! She sleeps almost 6 hrs a day and is very particular about where she sleeps. She loves to be cozy and will do anything to have the best sleep, such as sleeping on 2 pillows on our bed, rearranging the sofa cushions to sleep on, sleeping in her doggy bed with a bundled-up comforter, or on a fresh pile of cloths straight out from the dryer!

We love taking care of Maly, and Maly loves taking care of us. Especially if we are sick or down she will be there to be affectionate and comforting. We are really grateful for all the support THS gave us during her fostering and adoption. We are definitely lucky we found our Maly, she is the best dog anyone could hope for.


Prit & Shim


January 25, 2012

Hey Mitchel,

To give you an update on Socks: We are doing very well. It was just me and Socks for about three months. He is still very quiet and calm, very snuggly. Though he doesn't always sleep on the bed with me overnight, if I lay down for a nap he is always curled up right beside me. He loves to sit on the couch with me, and when I am sitting at my desk to do work, he tends to come sit behind my computer and wait for some attention. But his favourite thing by far is to sit on the window sill and look outside. I took Socks to the vet, and though he did have a cold/virus infection of some kind when I first got him, it has all cleared up now and he has a clean bill of health.

Then my cousin rescued an abandoned and ill kitty from the woods. As they were not able to find a home I took the cat in. At first Socks did not like my new cat, Peach, as Peach is significanty younger and almost always wants to play. Socks was less than assertive and sometimes the kitten's youthful energy overwhelmed him and I would have to get involved. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to keep the kitten as a result, but over the holidays the two cats came with me to my mother's for 2 weeks. The stressful experience seemed to bring them together and Socks even stood up for Peach to protect him from my mom's cats (who were being kinda bullies). Now, though sometimes Peach still annoys Socks, Socks is much better at asserting himself, telling Peach when to get lost, and even initiates play with Peach himself.

I have attached a few pictures. I have a couple of Socks just hanging out or playing, one of him playing with my new cat in the papers from a package I received, another one of the two cats on the chair of mine they have inherited (they sleep on that thing all day, I can't get all the hair off it now even if I tried) and one of me taking a nap with both the kitties. That picture was taken by my significant other. It was an important moment to me as I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep Peach, but that was the first time they both stayed on the bed together (normally when Peach came up on the bed, Socks would run away).

Hope all is well with you and the shelter,



January 25, 2012

Hi There!

I wanted to share the story of Fitz (formerly Angel), the kitten we adopted in November... He is such a happy little guy and was the perfect addition to our home! He is full of energy and is an amazing jumper/climber! His new favourite place to sleep, believe it or not, is atop the hoodies we have hanging on the back of our bedroom door.

He also loves to cuddle and has been accused of being a "big suck" by our friends!

This has been such a positive experience and we can't wait to adopt our next one!


Cassandra, Steve & Fitz


January 25, 2012

Hello Toronto Humane Society (THS) Family,

It was a pleasure for us to visit with the animals, staff and volunteers on Dec. 19, 2011, and we were exceptionally fortunate to have the exciting opportunity to meet adoptable Whippet-mix puppies that day. The mother was friendly and her pups were incredibly interested in meeting everyone. The pups were all fantastic, but we had to make the fun decision of selecting only one to adopt.

We selected Buck Devo Lima, formerly known as Arthur, based on his energy, alertness, and good looks. Many people that we meet are enchanted by his coat colour. He is beginning his puppy training lessons and will soon be as great in behaviour as he is in looks. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you THS Family for helping us with Buck's adoption.

João and Gláucia Lima


January 22, 2012

Hello All at the Toronto Human Society,

We just want to take the time to thank you all for helping us adopt Togan (on January 15, 2012), our precious little mixed beagle/hound. Togan has settled in very nicely with us, we are getting her into a routine that fit's in our schedule well.

On Saturday Jan 21st we organized her first ultimate Spa day (2 and a half hours) at the new Pet Smart in Etobicoke. When we brought her in, all the employee's were drawn toward her. Natasha & I have never spent so many hours outside walking, running and playing as we have now....this is a good thing. Overall Togan has been a very good girl and with further training things will only progress.

We are attaching some pictures of a happy girl in a great home.

Natasha & Blair


January 21, 2012

In Febuary of 2011, I adopted my belioved rabbit. I was looking on the website, and I live quite far, but when I saw her picture I new she was the one. Her name was Pipi at the time but I have changed it to Sophie. She comes when her name is called, and circles until shes dizzy when she sees her veggies! She is honestly the sweetest little thing ever! She loves to cuddle, and could do it all day! She binkies and loves to sit with her mommy! She gives little bunny kisses and is perfect! I couldn't have asked for any better! She has some words to say of her own:

"Hey guys! It's sophie! Just wanted to say hi! My new mommy is the best! She gave me a big cage and because I'm special, it's a big doggy cage so I have lots of room! I know I'm cute, and I always use it to my advantage! I like to stretch and take up as much room as I can when I sleep! My favourite spot to sleep is under my mommys bed! She pets me and I don't like when she stops so I give her lots of kisses and I'm such a suck up! I have a big sassy attitude and I like to get what I want! When I'm hungry in the morning, I like to stomp my feet and make as much noise as I can to get my food! My mommy was very patient with me, she showed me that I don't have to be shy and she lets me personality shine! I love to pose for pictures because I know I get bunny snacks after! Thanks for everything THS! You guys helped me find my forever home! I learned to be a real bunny! I love my new home and I'm very happy! Everyday is a new day of exploring! Thanks again! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am!

P.S. I'm sitting beside my mommy munching on some lettuce while she types because I dont know how! Thanks!"


January 21, 2012

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how well Suzy, now named Soha is doing.

On her first day home she immediately found a safe place to hide and she stayed there for about an hour. I gave her sometime to come down from her trip and then I began to walk around my condo with a long piece of string and it didn't take her long to come out of hiding. She followed the string around the condo, I introduced her to each room. I showed her where the litter was and her dishes of food. Once the string was put away, she darted for her safe place again - I left her alone.

When I woke up the next morning, she had eaten all her food and water. Her litter box was used and she was sitting on the chair in the living room watching my every move. I spoke to her gently as I got ready for work, constantly talking to her as I walked around. Her eyes did not move from me and she didn't move from her throne.

I got home from work that day and she was sitting in the middle of the floor with a toy in her hands. I gently and quietly walked around and finally made my way to the couch to read a book. She sat two feet in front of me and meowed constantly. I patted the couch, motioning for her to come up and join me. Within two minutes, she was beside me and I was scratching her behind the ears, she purred..... Soha stayed with me on the couch for a good hour.

Every night now, Soha gets her daily scratch behind the ears, we play with her string and ball and she tells me long stories about her day. A couple times a week, when I am in bed, she jumps up on the bed and watches me but it only lasts about half an hour then she finds her safe spot again.

I love Soha and it seems to be a great fit! I have attached two pictures for now, one in her favorite chair and another of her sitting pretty. Thank you for your great care of Soha during her visit at the Humane Society, she is now home and settled!

Best regards, Tammie


January 20, 2012

Hello to my friends at THS!

After a grueling two-and-a-half hour car ride to Whitby and Oshawa, I am finally HOME! Jen (my female person) says the drive was only that long because the weather was terrible, but when I wasn't napping all over the seat, I was distracted with my favourite Kong stuffed with some treats, so I didn't notice. As soon as we stopped in Whitby, I got a nice walk to see if I needed to mark any territory (I didn't).

Jen and Jared (my male person) took me shopping at PetSmart! They let me pick out a new Kong toy with tails so that we can play fetch and tug (but only if I'm good). There were even some other dogs at the store, and even though I wanted to sniff them I followed Jared when he walked me away. I wanted to be on my best behaviour so that Jen and Jared would like me! The staff at the store were excited to meet me - Jen and Jared were there yesterday picking up my leash and told them about me. They say I'm a cute little bear - whatever that means. I got lots of pets and some delicious liver treats.

I remembered how to sit... but only for the nice girl that gave me the liver treats. When we got to my new home, I got to meet some other people (they don't live with my people, but upstairs in the same house... I don't quite understand that yet). They were so nice, and they loved to pet me and give me attention. I think I like them, too! I also got to sniff all over my new home, and there are lots of interesting smells in here! I am especially interested in the smells coming from this big white metal box (Jen says she calls it a "fridge") but I'm not allowed to get inside it.

I also smell these other things called "cats", but my people are keeping the cats in their bedroom for now. I got to see one of the cats, but she was all angry and had a big bushy tail, and she hissed at me, so we're not friends yet.

Jen gave me a few treats once we got home, and in exchange I sat for her a few times, too. I am following her all over the house like glue, because it's her house and I want to be near her. She made me a nice bed in my new crate (where I'm lying down now) and gave me my evening food, though I'm a bit too excited to eat much right now (or maybe I had too many treats?).

Looks like Jen is going to take me for another walk now! I miss you guys so much, but I know I'm going to be happy here with my new family, too!

Love, kisses, and slobber!
Diego (and Jen, because she has fingers, and I don't!)

PS (from Jen): Hi! Since I wrote this last night, we have introduced Diego to the cats. So far, he's treating them with absolutely no attention, and the cats are warily giving him his space. He's taken very well to his crate, sleeping in it at night and sometimes when he naps during the day. He snores! We've had one little accident in the house, and of course it had to be on the carpet, but he's otherwise been a total angel. We love having him with us, thanks again!


January 20, 2012

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

My family wanted to send you guys an email letting you know how Tiny (his name when we adopted him) is doing! We adopted Cheico around 5 years ago. Cheico is the best dog we could ever ask for! He is the glue that holds our family together. He is the most loving and funny little dog ever.

We can proudly tell you that Cheico has the best life any dog could ever want! He is so well behaved and calm, we always take him to dog parks and let him off leash with no problems at all. Many people have told us they have never seen such a well behaved and active chihuahua!
Cheico loves hiking at Greenwood conservation area by our house. He is a little nature dog.

My family loves this dog to death and he gets treated like a king. We take him on so many adventures to dog parks and conservation areas, he loves it. We attend Woofstock in Toronto every year and other dog events as well!

Thank you so much for everything you do!

The Stanley Family


January 20, 2012

I want to share my story of Snowball and Nippy. I went there last summer (2011) with my Snowball. Although Snowball has very good personality, I was a bit concerned that he might not be able to find a friend there. He found Nippy (Athna at that time) there and it was a most successful (and easiest) bonding ever! They fell in love each other at the first sight. So I brought them together.

On the first day, I was told, I separated them in case they fought. Guess what! They missed each other over the fence. So I let them stay together from the second day. I haven't seen any fight until now. After I played with Snowball and let him go back his home (he sent me a signal by giving me many many bunny kissed when he wants to go home), Nippy grooms Snowball right away! She does not like to smell someone else even though it is from her mommy! Snowball goes everywhere as long as Nippy goes. They napped together like an old couple.

I built a huge bunny condo for them and they stay there when I am away for work. One day I did not lock the bunny condo door tightly. My living room is bunny proof so there was nothing dangerous. Guess what happened! They were too excited so they chewed some of my books and played so well! When I came back home, they were in their condo and gave me this innocent look. I was not mad at them at all. I was just very surprised that they knew they had to go back home when I came back home.

I am so glad that Snowball was able to find a perfect mate. The only sad feeling is.. he seems to like Nippy more than myself. Well......

I am attaching a picture of Snowball (left) and Nippy (right)


January 19, 2012

We adopted our cat Chiquita on November 20 2011 from the humane society, and it took her about an hour to decide this was home, "our" bedroom had become hers. She's very delicate and even though she tends to climb she's yet to send things flying off the shelves.

We're very happy to have her here, to see her in the morning down at the foot of our bed and sitting waiting to greet us when we get home. We'll buy her toys, a scratching post and she'll ignor them all in favor of a balled up piece of tin foil, she's quite a character! She loves hiding in the bathtub just behind the curtains and jump out at you at just the right moment.

We can't believe someone would give her up but we are so happy to have her here with us.
Kimi & Peter


January 19, 2012

We adopted Tater (then called Baby) from the THS in early Nov '08 when she was probably about 8 months old. I had made several trips the THS without finding the right dog, and on the 3rd visit, I saw Tater crouching on the small bed in her cage, and I thought she was pretty cute. However she immediately growled at me and I remember thinking "that's not a smart move Dog" and I moved onto the next cage. But then I realized that although she had growled, she hadn't advanced towards me, so I figured she was just scared and not being aggressive. So I walked a few paces back to her cage, and this time she hopped off her bed and came over to greet me through the bars. I went home and told my husband about her, and we returned to the THS the next day for a meet and greet. The THS adoption agent was very forthright about Tater and told us about a couple of issues we might have with her. (which I appreciated; I never once felt like the THS hid anything from us so that we would adopt her) Tater seemed to like us, and us her, so the three of us set off to start our new life together.

Tater was not house trained, wasn't leash trained and had the energy of 3 dogs. It was clear that no one had ever spent the time with this dog to teach her anything, and she definitely had a mind of her own. For the first 6 weeks we owned her, I seriously wondered what on earth I had done bringing this dog into our house. But I kept working on the training with her, and miraculously, right around the 2 month mark, she morphed into the most amazing dog ever! She's the queen of the dog park and everyone knows her by name. She is just a charmer! Just goes to show that all that most dogs need is some direction and affection to become wonderful members of the family. Here's a picture of Tater at her most a play bow!

Tater is such a great dog that just 3 months ago, when another shelter dog (not from the THS) caught my heart, we adopted a brother for Tater. She took him under her wing right away and they have bonded beautifully. The house now is rarely quiet...the two dogs are either wrestling, chewing on their squeakies, or cuddled up together snoring! We are so thankful to the THS for taking such good care of Tater while we were looking for each other! In fact, because our experience with Tater was so great, I started volunteering at the THS as a dog-walker as a way to pay back for Tater and all the other beasties they tend to.

Everyone, please adopt! Shelter dogs make great pets!


January 17, 2012

In October 2010 I adopted Bogard (now Bogey) a sweet 5 year old Cocker Spaniel mix. Bogey and I had problems from the start. He loved his cage. He knew how to open it.

He had arrived in Toronto from Timmins, and I suspect had never been on a lead. He was anxious to go home. He missed the baby. Every time he stopped when a woman got out of a car I knew there would be a baby in a car seat. He was a digger who escaped under the fence. It was fortified with bricks so he jumped the fence.

He was house trained but when I was out for more than 3 hours he would poop on the floor behind the sofa, and rush to his bed when I came home. He did not leave his bed until the mess was cleaned up and I had forgotten it had ever happened. The groomer said he was the first dog with ADHD she had ever worked on. He tore plastic bags and created garbage in a tidy house That's just for starters... My daughter pleaded with me to return him, but I couldn't imagine anyone else putting up with his antics.

Then he crossed the line. After being out for about 20 minutes at 11 p.m. he peed and pooped on my rug in front of the sofa. Rug went to be cleaned and Bogey to the vet to rule out urinary tract problem. No problem. At 5 am the following morning I heard him moving around. I got up to find him with his leg lifted against my sofa. I simply said "What are you doing." Caught in the act he ran to his bed and faced the back wall. While washing the floor and the sofa I decided to take him back to THS, but something happened that day. I wish I understood the way a dog thinks. He lay on his bed for 10 hours and would not get up even when I said magic words like "treat", "lead" and "walk". Eventually I picked him up and put him in the back yard, expecting he would try to jump the fence. He did his business and came right back.

I wonder about those 10 hours. Did he sense that he had gone too far? Did he know I was ready to give him up? I wish someone could explain this to me. From that day forward I have had the perfect dog. He understands more commands than I realized. He is well behaved and very affectionate. He is sweet. We play ball. He loves his kong, Well, almost perfect dog. He still pulls on the leash when there are birds or squirrels that need his attention.

I can't imagine life without Bogey. He has taught me to really appreciate a well behaved dog. My previous dogs were pups when I adopted them. There were no serious behavior issues. Now I know how difficult dogs with behavior issues can be, and I know how rewarding it is to stick it out. I'm a senior who does not know how to post a photo. He looks like a tall English Cocker Spaniel.

Esther Dalys


January 12, 2012

Hi everyone at THS! It's me - Zoey! It's been six months since Mom and Dad came to the shelter to pick me up, and I've been having the best time with them, my brother, and my doggie sister, Eleanor!

When Mom and Dad visited the shelter the first time, I was already on hold. Mom's heart was real broken. She logged on to the THS website every morning just to look at my picture even though I was going to another home. On Friday Mom went online one last time to see my super cute face and was shocked to see the check mark was gone! She and Dad raced down to the shelter to visit with me and it was love at first bark.

Since then I've been exploring the neighborhood with Eleanor. We love to go to the park and play. I am more outgoing than my sister so I've been helping her make friends. I went camping this summer and had the best time digging holes on our campsite and sleeping in the tent! These days Eleanor and I are waiting for more snow to play in. I sure do love my family and they love me too!

Thank you very much for bringing us together!



January 10, 2012

In May 2011, I started volunteering with the shelter and was instantly drawn to a handsome black cat named Tigger. His big green eyes were so full of love and curiosity and I just knew we were meant for each other. On adoption day I learned that he had some stres issues and perhaps a skin allergy as well. The green cone he was wearing just seemed to make him even more adorable to me. The minute the staff opened the cage to introduce us and he gave me his first kiss, I was hooked!

Tigger has become such a huge part of the family and my heart since the first day I brought him home. he loves to cuddle and play with his new big brother, my grey cat Battle-Axe.

He still has stress issues from time to time but has greatly improved. I think he just needed to know that his new family wasn't going anywhere.

I can't imagine my life without him. I'm grateful for him everyday!

Thank-you so much!
Heather Ireland


January 06, 2012

Once upon a time in Scarborough Ontario there was a young couple Roy and Stephanie who dreamed of the perfect puppy to complete their home. After months and months of searching for this beautiful puppy they went to the Toronto Humane Society to try their luck.

When they first set their eyes on the beautiful Petunia all shy in her corner they had no doubt in their minds that she was the one.

Determined to bring Petunia home for Christmas Roy and Stephanie applied for the adoption of Petunia and got her just in time.

Ever since they brought Petunia to her new home the shy little girl have evolved into a wonderful Puppy with an amazing personality. She is very energetic, loving and happy. Roy and Stephanie can never imagine their lives without Petunia again!!

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for making our lives complete!

Roy and Stephanie


December 30, 2011

Dear THS,

This fall, my roommate Emma and I started entertaining the idea of getting a cat. We like to consider ourselves relatively well-educated animal lovers, so we researched our decision before we made it. Once we'd made sure we could afford a cat and worked up the gumption to enter into the adoption process, we knew that there would be no turning back in our hearts our minds. We adopted Flip, a beautiful male silver tabby with white socks and silly green eyes on November 10. From the minute we introduced him into our two room apartment he became the focus of both of our lives.

We soon got know his likes and dislikes, but not before our shy boy worked up the nerve to come out from under the bed. We've tried to make the transition as comfortable as possible for him and so far he seems to be adjusting quite well. He absolutely loves to hide under blankets, we have to check carefully before sitting down on beds! He also enjoys pouncing on his mouse toy and playing with soft pieces of string. His favourite places to be scratched are under the chin and behind the ears :)

Flip has come so far and he is still exploring, growing, and changing with us. We're so glad to have him and we couldn't imagine living without him now.

Thanks THS,
Muna and Emma


December 27, 2011


I'm writing in regards to "Polly" (now named "Mouse"), a "pudding" Jack Russell Terrier who was adopted on September 12, 2011. My husband and I had been searching the shelter websites for many months for a dog that we could offer a good home to and who would be a good fit for us.

Finally, we found "Polly" at the beginning of September, on your site and had to go meet her. We made the one hour drive into the city prepared to make a major change! (it was like having a discussion to have another "kid"). When we finally got to the shelter we heard this really raspy bark from the entrance area and went down the hall to go find her.

There she was, in a crate just after the first set of doors and as she saw us, she rubbed up against the crate just like a cat would; she just wanted us to touch her. The second she wiggled into the sitting room to meet us, I knew she had my heart! I told my husband that I wasn't prepared to leave without her so we asked to come back the following day with our ten year old Jack Russell to see if they would be okay with each other.

When she first came home with us, it took her some time to settle in, naturally, but what was so funny is that she would literally tip-toe into different rooms of the house and check to see if Meeko was around. It was especially funny when she would peak around the couch in the living room! She was also more reserved and cautious, and very observant. It's now the end of December and things are amazing. We gave Polly a new name; "Mouse" as she didn't answer to "Polly" and "Mouse" was very fitting as we got to know her! She has settled in with us and Meeko (our other dog) very well and very quickly - it's almost as if Mouse has always been part of the family. Now, she runs excitedly and confidently into any room she chooses, and she shows her affection toward all of us, even Meeko!

They are becoming great teammates and enjoy barking on occasion together to protect their home and I'm sure they will soon snuggle together. Mouse loves to go for walks. The second she hears that word, her little bum wiggles all over the place! Her and I go three times a day (including our nightly family walk with the four of us). And the dogs are getting really good at walking together and being more patient with one another. Mouse loves seeing the kids in the neighbourhood waiting for their school buses in the morning and she has made friends with some of the other dogs in the area. She's a very happy-go-lucky little character who is full of love and just wants us to cuddle and play with her... and she's super funny! Mouse has bonded with all three of us, and although Meeko still resists her kisses, he shows his affection to her in his own little way. And he's a different dog now too! He enjoys going out for longer walks with me and Mouse and he literally gallops through the house in pure joy and excitement! He needed the companionship! It's been a rewarding experience for all of us.

Since bringing Mouse home, she is becoming a great snuggler! She was awkward at first, but she's learning quickly :) It is our nightly ritual that she snuggles with me on the couch while we watch t.v. (and she snores!) and Meeko either joins us, or snuggles with his dad. And on occasion, Mouse will jump into bed for a few minutes in the morning and have a snuggle with us too! She's also learned how to "sit" and we are working on "paw" and "tummy". She loves to have her tummy rubbed, so i'm trying to teach her that when I say "tummy", I'm offering a tummy rub. she doesn't show any interest in any toys, and seems to only want to play with our hands. Her mannerisms are very puppy-like in her play. She play bites and snaps (as if she is offering love bites), so we are assuming that no one really played with her prior to us. Also, she snorts when we play almost like she's laughing - it's super cute. Both my husband and I have a huge feeling of fulfillment from not only adopting Mouse and giving her a new home, but from all of the joy and laughter that she brings our family - she's stuck with us and I have a feeling she is perfectly happy with that :)

They say that you don't chose the dog, but rather, the dog chooses you, and I really feel that way. Mouse and I are the best of buddies and she goes everywhere I go (at home); we have an amazing bond, already! Thank you for joining us with Mouse, we are so grateful to have found her. I have included some photos for you.

Sincerely, Ryn (and Ben) Weisz


December 23, 2011

One year ago on the 23rd of December, we were lucky enough to pick up Lucy and bring her back with us to her new home in the Muskoka woods. Lucy had been rescued from a grow-op and, given some of the things we have discovered, she probably had a challenging life for her first two years. The vets at THS suspected some liver problems given what was then a high ALT level. This appears to have been confirmed in her latest blood tests which show an elevation to 1200. Nevertheless, we love her and she has proven to be a loving companion.

You may recall she had anxiety issues and was prone to urinate slightly when faced with stressful situations. This problem has continued to plague her, but now is much reduced. She has always gotten along well with other dogs, but meeting new humans has been a stressor and she has shied away from any new contact. However, she now seems to be more inclined to give new humans a chance and will go and sniff an outstretched hand.

She has now done 4 courses at the Muskoka District Kennel Club where we are members. Although she obviously had had obedience training, we did two novice level obedience courses mainly for socialization. This has been followed by two Rally O courses. Given her natural Doberman tendency to watch everything in the room, except her handler, it is unlikely that she will gain many competitive points, nevertheless, she loves the Rally training. When we go to the club and use the ring when no one else is in the building, she can do every exercise perfectly, and with enthusiasm.

As you may remember, Lucy is our fourth Doberman, and the first that didn't come directly from our breeder. Knowing the breed, we have enjoyed helping her to find the natural Dobie within. She is a delight and as we wish her a happy "birthday" we want to wish you, and the THS staff a very Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.

I have attached two pictures of Lucy. One was taken a few weeks ago when we actually had some snow here in Muskoka. The other was taken last night on the Rally course with Lucy forging ahead, as usual, to get to the next test point.

Thanks again and all the best
Gord and Shelley


December 20, 2011

Hi Guys

sorry for the delay in sending you an update on Noah now Bubs.  Bubs is an awesome cat that keep me VERY entertained! lol. Yes, as you cautioned, he is needy, but he is all Bubs... resilient and loving, playful and almost always on.

Thank you so much for taking care of him until he found his home with me.

Merry Christmas!
Brenda & Bubs


December 18, 2011

Hi Guys

Just a note to let you know that Tiger is doing fine.

He spent most of yesterday under the bed but today he checked out every corner of the house. He was a little confused with my covered litter boxes but is now used to them. He is eating well. He loves to roll on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He stays in the same room as his new brother and sister - they are not friends yet but no hissing or fighting. Hopefully they will be playing with each other in a day or two. He is a real sweetheart and I am glad to have him.

Here are some pictures taken by his proud Mother.

Keep up the good work - the animals need you,

Carole Gross


December 14, 2011

In April of 2011 we arrived at the Toronto Humane Society shelter with the hopes of adopting a cat or kitten. After visiting all the cages and trying to decide on which kitty we should adopt we settled on Mystic. His unusual colouring and amazing eyes are what caught us first and foremost, his lovely nature captured our hearts second.

He was 2 years old and most people pass adult cats up. We couldn't though and we are so glad we didn't. He's incredibly affectionate and loves to sit on your left shoulder when feeling needy. He greets us each day when we come home and loves and craves our company when we are there. He has developed one habit though which we cannot explain. Balls of paper seem to fascinate him and he regularly empties the trash bins and collects the bundles and brings them to us. We sometimes wake up in the morning to find our bed surrounded by a ring of paper balls. His version of a fairy circle I'm sure.

We are so happy with him and could not have asked for a better cat. Thank you to all those at the shelter who provided the start he needed in life until we came along and welcomed him into our family.

Steve and Sue Duncan


December 11, 2011

Attached are some pictures of newly adopted Belle and our cat Benny. We adopted her last SUnday and she has adapted and settled in marvelously. She and Benny are roughly the same age (1 1/2) so they have plenty of play time together, and as of this morning rest time together.

If you wish to post this 'success story' please go ahead.

Kind regards,



December 11, 2011

Hello there,

I thought I would share with you all our wonderful success story. About a year ago, I visited the humane society to look at some of the cats and that's when I met my beautiful tortoiseshell cat, Kaitee. The second I held her in my arms, took one look at her, I knew she was the one. She loves to get into trouble, but I can't stay mad at that adorable face of hers.

She has a weird adorable habit though. She LOVES boxes. And when I say loves boxes, it's not just the occasional "I'm going to sit in this box and look pretty", oh no! It's the whole "this is my box, I have made it my fort!" type thing. If you open a box, turn around for a second, she'll be in that box in no time. If you pass the box, she'll definitely try to grab you to make it known not to mess with her box.

She knows exactly how to make me laugh and smile. She's amazing. Thanks to the humane society, I have found my best friend - Kaitee. I can't remember a time without her, she's my everything. I send you a couple pictures - One of her on her favorite pillow, and the other of her when she climbed up on my door.

Again, we thank you.
Danielle Martin & Kaitee


December 07, 2011

Hi There!

I just wanted to send an update on Moose (formerly Dozer I think). He was one of the 12 Cane Corso mix puppies that came in feb 2010. We went to PetSmart to buy dog food and TAS was having an adoption drive and we came home with a puppy. Moose was such a fat ackward little puppy but we loved him immediately!

Moose and such a good boy and loves his brother Rocky (the Eurasier), he also loves pretty much every dog big or small and will try to make friends with the smallest dog he can meet. Moose is very spoiled and has lots and lots of toys that he loves to hoard! He is now over 100lbs and still thinks he is a lap dog and will try to snuggle with us at any opportunity. He loves to sleep and still snores like he did when he was a puppy! Moose and Rocky are looking forward to christmas and even have their own stockings that 'Santa' will fill.

The staff at TAS were very helpful and do wonderful work! Moose was neutered and had an umbilical hernia repaired before we even met him and has had no complications from either of them! We recommend people adopting from TAS all the time and every day we use restraint from adopting new dogs we see on your website!

The pictures are Moose as a puppy, Moose at centre island and Moose staying cool in the summer

Thanks from Jake, Siobhan, Moose & Rocky


December 04, 2011

Dear THS,

I have been a monthly donor for many years and in August 2008 my daughter and I decided to visit THS to see if there was a dog that my daughter could call her own. She had allergies to specific breeds so we knew we had to find one that was hypoallergenic. I wasn't sure we could find one at THS but we headed down to THS on August 23, 2008 to try our luck. And boy did we strike it rich!! It was an adoption blitz weekend and the shelter was packed with potential new pet owners.

There was only 1 dog there that she might have been compatible with but I wasn't quite sure. While we were waiting to speak to someone about adoption I spotted a new dog that was just surrendered and was getting his picture taken for the website. My daughter and I rushed to the back room where our new best friend had been put in his cage. He was only a year and a half and was a Shi-Tzu, poodle, maltese mix. He was perfect. He only spent 5 minutes in his cage and we began filling out the papers. His name was Mong and that was changed to Monty who has become my best friend and big baby. He is the best dog I could have ever hoped for. He is such a sweet dog and so loving!

Then on November 27, 2010 I felt the desire for another cat for our family. My cat had passed away on November 10, 2003 and it was heartbreaking!! He was 14 years old and was my first real pet and my best pal. He had cancer and his passing affected me so badly that I could not even think of replacing him for another. Seven years later we ventured to THS again looking for our new family addition.

There were 3 kittens from a litter. We were behind a couple who were adopting one boy and one girl and had begged us to take the third kitten because they felt bad for taking his brother and sister fro him. I assured her that we would be taking him home and we did. His name was Edsel ( yuck! ) so before we had even left THS his name was changed to Nico. He was 2 months old and had a little black booger mark on his nose. This added character to our new baby. He had been a terror at times,climbing into our Christmas tree and knocking off ornaments but has become such a special part of our family. He was a great addition to our ever growing pet family. We have a 17 year old cockatiel named Spike and a 4 year old Lionhead rabbit named Riley. We are looking to expand our pet family even further. We visited THS yesterday and spotted a kitten named Warren. We are looking to add him to our brood!!

Thank you THS for all you do and for providing myself and my daughter with 2 beautiful additions to our family...and possibly a third today!!

Pam and Lindsay Zambri


December 03, 2011

I have sent you some pictures of Zoe, as you can see I have renamed her. She is a pleasure and such a sweet and pretty kitten. It only took a couple of days before she came up and sat up on my lap. Zoe loves to play with her balls, one is a little yellow soft one that she carries in her mouth, it looks so cute, she has even started to bring it back then waits for you to throw it "a very smart little girl."

Zoe also loves to give kisses and has a very loud purr, she is such a joy. Of course, she does have her little mischievous times as most kittens do and you have to expect.

I am so thankful to you Liz for your assistance, it was very much appreciated. I will keep in touch & send more pictures to you as she grows.

Kindest Regards,


December 03, 2011

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I walked into the Toronto Humane Society in September of this year looking for a "new" older dog in need of some TLC who would make a great addition to my home. Instead, and by pure chance, I stumbled upon Nico, a 4 month Bernese Mountain Dog cross. Nico immediately captured my heart with his warm eyes and cute fluffy hair, I knew I couldn't leave him there. I immediately filled out an application form and had the amazing chance to meet this little guy. Now 2 and a half months later the little puppy from the THS is a big bouncing bundle of joy who has brought so much to my life.

He is so calm and caring beyond belief, but still manages to maintain a very mischievous and stubborn side that is reminiscent of myself. We're two peas in a pod. Nico loves playing with other dogs at the dog park near my house, and is always excited to meet new people. In fact, on our daily walks if he doesn't receive as many compliments, pets and attention as usual he gets all glum. I think he knows he is cute, and undoubtedly uses it to is advantage. He has quickly learned sit, lay down, shake paws, and stay commands and is a perfect gentlemen around friends, family, strangers and even my parents' cats.

He has become my partner in crime, my exercise buddy, the best friend (and protector) a girl could ask for, and my world. I want to thank all the staff at the THS for this amazing little guy. I can't imagine my life without him and I have all of you to thank for that.

Alex Ruyter


November 29, 2011

Hey THS,

My partner and I adopted Dalton nearly a month ago now, and he is a peach! Everyone is always shocked at how calm and well behaved he is. We are working on his separation anxiety and leash walking, but aside from that he is the perfect dog. He has adapted very well, barely noticed any stress when he arrived at his new home.

Thanks so much for this wonderful addition to our family!


November 28, 2011

Hi there,

About a month ago, we adopted Whisper (who we've renamed Pixie). We just wanted to let you know that she's doing great and has settled in just fine. After we brought her home, she spent about 10 minutes under the bed, then got down to business exploring everything in her room. Within two hours, she had eaten, used the litter box, and come up on the bed for some chin scratches from us. A few hours later, she jumped over the baby gate and got down to exploring the rest of the house. She's a bold little thing.

One month in, she has totally made our house her home. She's not shy about asking for affection, attention or food. She's got a fantastic purr, and she loves hanging on the couch with us and having her back and belly rubbed. She's working things out with our boxer, who really just wants to be friends. Every once in a while, we hear a hiss and we know they've come face to face, but that's about it. She's never used her claws or even growled at the dog. We're not worried about them; they'll be just fine.

Thanks for the opportunity to add Pixie to our family. She's a wonderful addition and we love her to bits.

Jennifer and MairiElle Nicholson



November 27, 2011

I thought you might like to know that two of the cats from THS are now doing very well in their new home. In October, I adopted "Tom" and "RickyRoss". They each seem to be enjoying the company of their new brother. Together they are exploring every inch of the house, moving everything that's not tied down, and spending hours running up and down the halls chasing toys and each other.

I've included a few photos of their activities here. Feel free to use them however you would like.

Thanks to you all for taking care of my boys until I could.

Janine Geddes


November 21, 2011

I wanted to send you some pictures of the kitties we adopted two weeks ago! They are doing great and are growing really fast! Dodge (Lopper) seems to be growing the fastest and I'm a little worried he's going to get fat so I've started them on a feeding schedule. And I'm so happy we got Bentley(Zeze) too! He's really cute, and loves giving kisses and sitting on my shoulder when I'm on the computer.

They haven't got used to the dog yet but we're working on it every day.
Thanks again for all your help, I attached some photos of the kitties!!



November 21, 2011

Boomer is the THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO US !!! He is such an amazing little soul filled with so much love. He's quite silly too. His personality is very different from when he was in the shelter. He took about 2 days to trust us, and now he's our best friend. He has learned to sit, stay, walk beside us and not pull on the leash. He's been a breeze to train. Everyone always asks us about him because he's so unique looking.

He LOVES to cuddle, loves to be covered in a blanket and ... he loves to nap. He also answeres to "BOO" and "BOOM-ALOOM" which is quite hilarious. His little legs get tired on walks, so we are trying to build his endurance! He is so friendly to everyone he meets and is eager to be socialized with other dogs once his cough is over.

Boomer can't wait to come to obedience classes :)


November 20, 2011

Chloe was perfectly quiet on the whole trip home. We thought she might just be cowering in fear, and anticipating some hissing or aggression we just opened the box and gave her some generous space to let her out. What happened was actually a pretty nice surprise: she popped her head out and gently jumped out. She then bravely (with her belly a little low to the ground) investigated the room that she'll be spending the next while in until she is comfortable with the smells of the house.

Since then she's found her bed, her kitty litter, and a comfy little place in the closet. The nicest surprise of all is when I was out of the room cooking dinner, she came right up to TK (my boyfriend) for some scratches and a pet before heading back to explore the closet a bit more.

We left her for the day as both myself and TK went to work, and when I came back I spent some time bonding with her. During this time she seemed to develop a trust for me, and when she heard things like loud noises she'd run or look to me for protection. Later, she came up to me looking for affection, and after a few minutes she rolled over onto her side and let me pet her belly (!).

TK came over and with my help, she got used to him as well. After a few hours she was cuddled next to him on the couch. Not once during this whole time has she ever hissed or swiped at us. It's been incredible.

Anyway, we went out tonight, and when we came back, Chloe (now Skelly) was looking anxiously at us, waiting for some more attention. TK worked up the courage to pick her up, and he sat her in his lap. She settled in, and after a few minutes was resting her chin on his knee, purring contently!

TK and I were prepared for months of work with her. Never did we expect that she'd go from the most angry cat in shelter to a lapcat within a day. Everything is working out amazingly, and we're so happy that we've been able to give her the chance she deserved. I still need to introduce her to my roommate, but given how easily Skelly has warmed up to us, I'm sure she'll warm up to her no problem.

Here are some pictures of her, all settled in. Skelly's already part of the "family"... and I think she knows it.

I'm sure we'll have more updates as time goes on, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing she's been so far.



November 20, 2011

Hello to all of the staff at THS.

I just wanted to send you a quick update on how Eva (formerly Diamond) is doing. My partner and I adopted Eva in September from the River Street location. She was being wild and crazy while the other kittens were sleeping and we knew she was for us.

We brought her home and put her in her sanctuary room, but within an hours she was ready to take on the whole apartment. The very first night we had her home she decided her sleeping place was on my pillow (or my head) and she has slept there every night since.

When we first brought her home we noticed she was sneezing a lot and eventually took her to the vet for some antibiotics which cleared it up within a week. Ever since then she has been a happy and healthy kitty who is just as wild as when we got her! We couldn't imagine our lives without her and we're so thankful to THS and all the great work you do.

Thanks again!
Alison, Adam and Eva


November 20, 2011

Hi There,

I wanted to provide you with an update on our adoption. On June 12th, 2011 we adopted Eli, now known as Fezy. At first he was quite shy and apprehensive. But he started to warm up quickly. Fezy is a little explorer who is fascinated by movement, light and sound. He enjoys playing with his toys but in particular his feather wand. He never gets tired of chasing it around the apartment. Surprisingly enough, he likes to fetch as well. We bought him a plush ball toy but were surprised when he started fetching it. We throw the ball and he runs after, catches and runs back to us with it and patiently waits for us to throw it again.

He has a great demeanour, a unique personality and loves to cuddle. He was taken to the vet after we adopted him and the Vet found him to be in great health.

When we were first contemplating adopting a cat, we were a bit hesitant about the idea because we have a guinea pig and were concerned that the cat could attack the guinea pig. Even though Fezy's profile mentioned that he got along with rabbits- we were still doubtful. We went ahead with the adoption and it turned out to be a great decision. Fezy was curious about Gwenn (our guinea Pig) but never tried to attack her. He has realized that she is part of the family and when we pick her up to pet her, he lies next to us, never hisses at her or engages in attack mode, he simply lies down and we pet them both at the same time.

In the past 5 months, he has grown quite a bit, he is very comfortable with us and we love him very much. He is the king of the house. I am attaching a number of photos so you can see how he is doing. Thank you THS for your assistance and the service that you provide. Keep up the good work!

Thank you.


November 18, 2011


A lovely thing happened today that I thought I would share with you.

At six months of age, Kiki was classified as overflow at a regional shelter and came to me via the Toronto Humane Society, to be fostered until adoption could be arranged. There was no returning her and for the last decade - through many moves and adventures - she has been my constant companion and best friend.

I want to this moment to thank the Humane Society from the bottom of my heart for helping deliver this cat into my life.

Sharon Alexander


November 16, 2011

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing things you guys do at the Toronto Humane Society. About a month ago I went to adopt a cat from the River St. location. I ended up coming home with Lucy and she has truly made our home complete. She is the sweetest cat with so much love. I've attatched some pictures of our precious new family member. Thanks again for everything you lovely people do! :)



November 16, 2011

My 18year old cat passed away in August and I took a trip to the THS to see the cats looking for good homes, there were so many I wanted to take them all home with me! I wanted an older cat as the kittens were the most popular and also LOTS of work and so I strolled around trying to decide. I spotted Mort because he came to the front of his cage whenever I passed by and gave me the eye, (you know, the one that says "hey, I'm cute, come over here") I couldn't decide so went home to give it some thought.

I returned the next day and adopted this barrel of fur and fun. Apparently he was a stray transferred from the TAS, so his history is unknown. At 7 years I thought he was older but he's playful like a kitten!! I was worried he'd be nervous adjusting to my small apartment but as soon as I popped the box open he explored, and in 20 mins looked at me as if to say "yeah, this is nice, so when's dinner?" It was like he'd lived there his whole life. He's made the couch his own, loves to play with his string and tells me when he wants something. He's not the most snuggly of cats but he is super affectionate and loves, loves, loves being petted. I'm working on getting him to sit on my lap, I don't think he's ever done that! He has the cutest way of squeaking when he yawns :) Goes crazy for his catnip "mice" and likes to sit on the balcony surveying his kingdom (I keep my eye on him out there).

Thanks to the THS for all the incredible work they do, Morty (as I call him) is super happy and I'd advise anyone to consider an 'older' cat. Many people see them as old and assume they're close to cat heaven. Older cats have tons of life left, are litter trained, scratchpost trained. Many, many cats live to 16-18 years these days - even longer, that's a lot of years. It's so sad to see them rejected when all they want is a second chance to love and be loved! You won't regret it.

V and Morty


November 14, 2011

I have adopted 2 pets from the humane society. First was my cat, Chloe who lived to the ripe old age of 23. When she was 6 we decided to adopt a puppy, Venus, who had some issues for sure.

For 2 years Chloe lived in the basement and only ventured up when the pup was out or sleeping. After an initial rough patch the two became like two peas in a pod. They ate together, slept together and sun bathed together. Venus lived to be 15. Both of these pets lived long wonderful lives and enriched all of our lives especially my children's. They grew up knowing the love of an animal and how to nurture and care for another living thing. This has helped make 3 wonderful caring adults.

Thank you and until next time.


November 14, 2011

Hello, We just wanted to send you an update and let you know how Tito (Kai when we adopted him) is doing. We adopted him in October, 2011.

We feel so lucky to have been able to adopt him from the Toronto Humane Society, he has turned out to be the best dog and our best friend! He has adjusted to life here with us really well.

When we first met him he seemed shy and a little nervous but he has really opened up and become a social and friendly puppy. He loves to run around (he is really fast!), play with his toys, cuddle with us, and can't forget his favorite pass time, getting his belly rubs!! Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!

Karen and John


November 13, 2011

Hello there,

My boyfriend Brice and I adopted Roo Roo one month ago today, and couldn't be happier. Roo Roo is so cute, playful and affectionate. If he's not hanging out with us, he can be found by the window bird watching or on a stakeout in the kitchen looking for mice (he caught one! really earning his keep). Guess he can add "Mouser" to his resume along with "Cutest Cat Ever".

The feather wand is his sworn enemy, and he has planned and executed many attacks. He loves chasing down his fake hedgehog and never tires of the classic "foot moving under the blanket" game. Roo Roo can be a bit of a crazy character - doing funny little jumps, and slip-sliding on our slick tiled floor when he runs too fast. He also makes the weirdest meow sound that shakes his whole head when he sees birds - it's provided us with much amusement.

Roo Roo's leg that was broken is doing fine - he's jumping and running with ease. When he sits it splays funnily, but that's just another idiosyncrasy to add to his unique character.

We've got a bit more work to do in the scratching department... he knows that he is being naughty, but that doesn't stop him from doing it! Hopefully with the water bottle in effect, he will turn to his scratching post instead of our bed.

Roo Roo is a big talker - always meowing when we go into the kitchen (he thinks he should be fed every time), and he likes to say hello when we come home, and "J'accuse!" when you accidentally wake him up or surprise him. Roo Roo is kind enough to tolerate our showers of affection (for the most part, anyway), and loves a belly scratch upon our return home.

We are very pleased with our adoption, and love our little son very much!

Amy & Brice


November 12, 2011

Hello there! My name is Midnight and I was adopted at the end of July 2011 by my new family.

I just wanted everyone to know, that I am doing really well and am very happy and content. I do want to thank several people for this happy outcome: Firstly, I really want to thank the volunteer who wrote up the description of my personality on the humane society website. I was described as calm, patient, affectionate, tolerant and loyal. That is what led my Mom to me. She knew that I was very special!

I also want to thank the lovely lady who was present when I got adopted. She was very happy that I was getting adopted and even sent me home with my favorite toy!

Lastly, I want to thank all of the wonderful volunteers and vets who took such good care of me while I was there. I do consider myself to be fortunate. My new family saw beyond my health issues and the fact that I was a black cat. I urge anyone reading this to please give my friends who are at the humane society a chance. Black cats are pretty adorable and we also tend to have great personalities as well.

My Mom tells me that sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night and see me by her side with my green eyes shining at her full of love, and then she knows that she did the right thing by bringing me into my loving and forever home.

With lots of love, Midnight (Burrito) and family xoxo


November 11, 2011

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

We wanted to share with you our success story. My husband and I were at the Toronto Humane Society a month ago to adopt a dog. We met and fell in love with Apache, a 1 1/2 year old Husky mix who arrived at the THS through a partnership with Quebec. Apache is full of energy, spunk and love. He is very affectionate, well-behaved and lots of fun to play and run around with. His two favorite things are running to his heart's content with a toy in his mouth and getting his belly rubbed. But nothing gets Apache more excited than when we come home. Apache is absolutley amazing and we adore him!

We found the perfect dog for us and can't imagine our house without him!

We've attached a couple of pictures of him on what he believes to be "his" couch =)

Thanks so much!! We couldn't be happier!

Sincerely, Chris and Laura VanVliet.


November 10, 2011

In June of 2004 I volunteered as a "Bunny Cuddler" for the THS. That is where I met and fell in love with a little "unadoptable" 1 1/2 year old bunny named Billy. They told me he had "anger issues" and had been abandoned. It took all of 10 seconds to realize that I had to take this little guy home and work with him.

I fostered him, changed his name to Paxil and knew he had found his forever home with me. Since then he has mellowed out, but still maintained his big as life personality. He has kept me company, made me laugh, made me insane with his insatiable appetite for speaker wire, and made me appreciate bunnies for who they really are. Next month Paxil will turn 9 years old and I cherish every day we have him.

Thank you THS.

Patricia Manning


November 09, 2011

I wanted to update everyone about Ethan, my 17 year old diabetic cat that I adopted from the THS in April of 2010. I have fantastic news. He is now in remission. I am so happy about it. When I adopted Ethan I was a little overwhelmed about diabetes. Can I really give him needles and check his blood glucose levels. The answer is yes. I have learned so much about diabetes and I want to thank vet Karen Ward for taking good care of him while he was at THS for 2 years before I adopted him.

Although he keeps to himself alot and has not bonded with my other cats, Ethan is a happy camper. I have seen my cat Lynx groom him on occasion and Ehan did not seem to mind. Every night when I come home from work Ethan comes to greet me with the other cats and proceeds to come out into the appartment hallway. He rolls over in the hallway and exposes his tummy for a rub. He also rubs his face up against the wall. (I would say he is happy at age 17).

Ethans favourite place to hide is my closet in my bedroom. He chills out there alot of the day. Every once in a while he makes an appearance inthe living room. I want to thank THS staff and vets for doing such a wonderful job with all the animals. I have been a cat volunteer for the THS for almost 2 years. It is a very rewarding job and I have learned so much about cats. The THS is a wonderful place to visit and adopt an animal. Ethan is proof of that. I am someone who likes to adopt older cats and special need cats. I would adopt OJ if I could because older cats need to spend the rest of there days in a pleasant home.

Pictured on the right is Ethan in the bathroom chilling and Ethan in the linen closet lying on the blankets. Once again thank you THS. I challenge every one to come down to the THS and see for yourself what a wonderful place this is and its only going to get better. Also THS needs so many more donors.

Thank you. Greg (The cat man)


November 09, 2011

I adopted BeepBeep from The Toronto Humane Society in July, 2011. When I first brought him home, he was extremely scared and timid. I could tell he had never been in a car before as he shook the whole way home. In the first few days after his adoption, I felt very sorry for the life he once had. He was originally from a breeding facility and was surrendered to the Quinte Animal Shelter and then The Toronto Humane Society after hadn't been adopted from Quinte. I could tell his previous life was not fun, as it should be for any dog! He didn't play with toys, make eye contact or wag his tail and most liked to stay in a corner alone. He seemed depressed, scared and abandoned.

It is now November and BeepBeep is like any other joyful dog! He plays with friends at daycare, plays with toys at home, loves to cuddle up in my bed and shows his teeth to smile at me when I get home (he does not bark!, only when he's overly excited). I treat him like a baby, maybe a little too much, but nonetheless he is a great boy!!! I am so happy to have him. He is a joy to have.

Here he is at day care (the white HAPPY poodle). My BeepBeep!!!

Sarah A. Colucci


November 07, 2011

My name is Sarah Wilson and I adopted Princess Snowflake on October 9th, 2011 from the Toronto Humane Society.

Today is her Estimated Date of Birth (2 years old!!) so I thought it would be a good day to email you an update of how we in are doing.

In one word -- great!

She is adjusting to my small, quiet, bright apartment slowly but surely. I believe she was in the shelter for approx. 10 months so I am not surprised this is taking some time and patience. She has used the litter box no problem from day one. And was eating regularly within the first couple of days -- which was a relief given her history of diabetes. I am constantly on the watch for the symptoms that Liz and the vet said to look for if there are any problems (overdrinking, overurinating, eating voraciously, lethargy, etc. -- but she has not exhibited these) Now I am in big trouble if I fall a few minutes behind feeding time... lol She will let me know what she wants and when and this is how I know she is beginning to trust me more as the days go by.

She has some favorite spots -- but always prefers to be where she can see me -- as I type this she is laying behind the computer and every so often will come over and give me a little head nuzzle just to make sure I still love her. I do!! I just took a pic with my phone and have attached, forgive her dopey eyes, she kind of half-opened them when the camera clicked. She also has some favorite toys -- which I am introducing slowly -- all of Sara's detailed notes regarding her behavioral analysis make so much sense -- I don't know how she got to know this cat so well in such a short time!! But she is wary of too many new things at once, and takes time to adjust to change just like the notes say so it was really reassuring to read that. Also -- the part about her being 'clingy' -- like I said, she is slowly becoming more independent -- but always likes to know where I am and what I'm doing -- and will follow me around to make sure she knows what's going on -- I find this absolutely ADORABLE!

We make such a good match :)

I also can't tell you how beautiful I think she is -- like seriously the most beautiful cat I have ever seen -- I am not sure what to call her color though -- is it tortoise shell? Her papers say brown tabby/white -- but I thought it was maybe tortoise shell, or dilute calico? Sara is probably right though !!

I have her first vet visit booked for next Saturday which will be 1 month since I have had her -- and I will be having them groom her too -- I don't think she will like me very much for that but I feel like she deserves it as part of starting her new life :) I feel like she is happy -- she purrs all the time and is very social if I have people over to visit she will go over to them and want to introduce herself.....

I feel blessed to have brought her home into my life, that for some reason we were meant to connect with each other that day and be together -- I couldn't be happier :) I only hope and pray that other deserving animals (especially the longer-timers who have been there for many months like Princess Snowflake had been) get to go home to the place they belong too!

Thank you for the compassion that you bring to the animals that need it the most each and every day.

Sarah & Princess Snowflake -- 2 years old today
--for her birthday I will be making a donation to the THS


November 06, 2011

Hello! I would just like you to know how well Dyllon and Gwyneth are doing in their new home. We are so happy to have them! We adopted them back in February of this year, and they have come a long way in learning about play, love and trust. They are now called Sky and Cloud. These "hot chicks" make us laugh as they bop and sing to their favourite "cool jazz" tunes on the radio. They love to take turns swinging on their bell chain, singing to their mirrors and sharing some delicious broccoli. After a busy day they relax, cuddling and snoozing together, knowing they are safe and loved.

Yours truly


November 02, 2011

We have been having some wonderful fall weather here in the falls the past few days and I have had a little time off work so me and Venus have been out for some adventures! Snapped these photos at Dufferin Islands you can see she had no interest in the ducks and geese, but there were a few squirrels and chipmunks that were very glad she had a leash! lol Oh and we even donned the angel wings halloween afternoon and trick or treated at 2 houses (a neighbour she's getting to know and my folks)!

Chase and I couldn't be happier with our decision to take her home, she does take extra care, but she is so worth it! We are making progress with the kitties and with some new people too, we recently started introducing her to our family and friends (wanted to wait til she was really comfortable with us first). And with the tips from Shas it is going well!

Thank you so much for all your help and for taking care of this sweet girl for so long, we are so glad you didn't give up on her, and we are so grateful to have her as part of our family!

Much love,
Kelly, Chase and Venus

P.S..... the cats aren't quite ready to thank you yet! lol ;o)


October 30, 2011

My family has long supported the mission of the Toronto Humane Society adopting into our lives several amazing dogs each of whom we treasured. In 2008 I adopted Tucker, an 11 year old Lab mix from your shelter and for two years he spent the golden days of his life making my life golden as well. It's been over a year since he passed away and until a few months ago I hadn't been ready to even think of adopting again. Who could fill Tucker's shoes?

Well, I stopped in at your shelter a few times over the past month and decided that I really missed having a buddy. A met a few dogs but it was Max (formerly Rupert) who stole my heart. Although Max was considered a senior citizen at his ripe age of 7, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a puppy. Max came from Quebec abandoned, infested with fleas and had lost most of his hair. You wouldn't know from his energy and zest for life that he'd come from a life of such hard knocks.

Max LOVES the shower, he gets overwhelmed with excitement every time I go into the bathroom and jumps in the tub hoping he'll get me to turn on the water. I don't think any dog showers as much as Max. He loves rummaging through the garbage but never eats anything, I think his curiosity just gets the best of him. Every where we go Max is the main event, which he relishes and he is quick to accept belly rubs from any one who's willing.

Of course adopting is a risk...any friendship is and Max is not perfect, (who is!?) but I named him Max because he is a Maxamillion... a friendship worth more than a million and for sure a one in a million guy.

Thank you!


October 24, 2011

Hi Mitch and Ashley,

Just wanted to update you on the boys.  We have them all set up with their litter boxes and food and water.  They have been spending the entire evening investigating the house.  They are quite freaked out, especially Tom but Toby has been out for petting quite a bit.

We are so happy with them.  We will continue to update you and send some pictures when they feel up to it.  Thank you both for your help and work.  We felt so good about everything thanks to you both.

Dale Williams and Karl Wilcox

PS it's so nice to have the purring around the house again.


October 24, 2011

Hello there,

In August we lost a very beloved cat that had been with us for 8 years. In October we decided we wanted a new little furry friend in the house. I initially saw Mona (now called Lola) briefly at the River St. site but she was napping. Her photo was so adorable though, that we decided to go visit her again, this time at the Victoria Park site, where she'd been moved to. The staff there were delightful and this time Lola was out and about. She was so good-natured, laid back and friendy! She let us pick her up and hold her and made no fuss. We decided to adopt her right then and there and she has been just delightful. She is a sweet, good girl that just loves getting brushed and having her belly rubbed. She has taken to sleeping on my bed sometimes, which means my feet will stay nice and toasty all through the fall and winter! Our vet says she seems to be in excellent health and we will be putting her on a bit of a diet to lose a couple of extra pounds she's got. We are so happy to have Lola in our lives. Thanks, THS!



October 23, 2011

Hi my name is Erin Vassilakos. 2 weeks ago on thanksgiving monday I adopted 5 mnth old Rickey (Now known as Popper) an orange and white spunky kitty. When I came in to THS he took an instant liking to me, sitting on my lap and being his friendly upbeat self. He enjoys popping his head out and being social which is why his name is Popper. He enjoys playing with his toys and purrs and loves being pet. He has found a great home he was eagerly looking for when I first saw him reaching his paw out of his cage for me!




October 16, 2011

Hello to all staff at THS.

In August 2011 we adopted Lima (formerly known as Shady). We were taken by her story - senior black cat with hyperthyroidism, requiring daily medication, who spent 7 months in the THS.

Lima has since settled wonderfully in our downtown condo. Her frequent purrs sound like lawn mowers and her favourite game involves hiding behind the laundry and pouncing out on her string.

Lima has added wackiness and love to our home. Thank you for introducing us to her!

Jeff and Gary


October 15, 2011

Hey There!

We adopted out two black cats from the THS in late August 2010. When we adopted them we were asked to keep everyone there updated and we would like to take this opportunity to do so!

When we brought Pandora and Percy home they both were being treated for respiratory infections. After their first visit to the vet to get their shots it was suspected that they had feline herpes, which was causing the infections. We were given medication and they spent another few weeks being medicated with pills and eye drops :(. Ever since they have had only minor outbreaks which have cleared up on their own without any medical intervention :).

When we went to THS to adopt Percy we weren't really looking to adopt two black cats. We fell in love with the little furry ball that Percy was and after hearing that Pandora was only comfortable around her sister we were convinced to take Panda home too. We are VERY happy we did. They both have HUGE personalities and its hard to remember what life was like without them. They were very shy when we first brought them home. They spent most of their time hiding under the couch and trying to avoid being seen. Now you can't leave the room without Pandora attached to your leg. They spend hours of the day (and night) chasing each other around the apartment before tiring themselves out and finding a human to cuddle.

They are both very intelligent. They answer to their names, and have even learned how to play fetch. Panda has learned how to turn on appliances and locates the phone for us every time it rings (which has come in handy a few times). When we come home from work they are waiting at the door to be loved, and demand to be pet before we are allowed to take off our shoes. Percy has claimed daddy as her own and spends most of her time sitting on him and licking his hands (which is kinda gross.. but I don't have the heart to stop her). Percy sleeps on her back (which is adorable), and Panda likes to sleep in between the two of us in the bed or under our arms if we let her. And both LOVE to have their bellies rubbed.

Both of our babies are very loving and needy and I can't imagine our lives without them. They will stay with us their whole lives - no matter what. They have a forever home.

Meaghan and Chris.


October 14, 2011

Dear staff at the Toronto Humane Society,

We are pleased to tell you that Beamer (formerly Pico) has settled into his new home beautifully. He's a handful, but a joy nonetheless.

My boyfriend and I went to the Humane Society to "just look" at some dogs on September 17, 2011. We had another dog in mind as it was, but Beamer quickly stole our hearts. He was sitting in the corner of his kennel and came right to us when we walked by. I asked him to sit, he sat, I asked him to shake paw, he happily gave me his paw. After that brief meeting, my boyfriend and I quickly went to fill out an adoption application for him. We were elated when we were accepted and got to play with Beamer one on one in the interview room. He was very timid, but it was love at first sight (excuse the cheesy cliche). We brought him home the same day and the rest is history.

Everybody Beamer comes across is surprised at how well behaved he is, especially at just 4 months old! When we brought him home, we realized that his sit and shake paw performances were just a fluke. He actually wasn't trained, but it didn't take long for him to learn his basic commands. It only took him 1 week to learn "sit, shake paw, lie down, and roll over". He is a very smart dog! I guess that's natural since he is a shepherd/labrador mix; both very intelligent breeds.

Since being adopted, Beamer has been spoiled to bits. He shamelessly rolls over for belly rubs on a constant basis. His favourite treats are homemade liver loaves and peanut butter and banana biscuits. He occasionally gets a fancy doggy treat from the local dog bakery down the street. We take him to the beaches for long walks and have 2 dog parks just around the corner from us. He has been very well socialized with both people and animals already. He's great off leash as well!

We cannot thank you (the fantastic staff at THS) enough for the great care Beamer and litter mates, among countless other animals have had and continue to receive. We are truly blessed to have Beamer in our lives.

All our very best,

Katharine and Derek


October 13, 2011

Hi, on August 20, 2011 Caramel graduated from the Toronto Humane Society and became a beloved member of our family.

We re-named her Jessie (which means God is Gracious). She came in, laid down on the bed we had set out for her and promptly went to sleep like she had always been here. Jessie is loving and funny and a delight! Jessie has fit in well with our other dog who is 12 years old and our cat (who thinks she is a dog!)

Thank you to the staff of THS for the positive experience we received when adopting Jessie.


Cynthia Stretton and Carol O'Byrne
Jessie, Maddy and Maggie the cat!


October 12, 2011

It's Carlos, remember me? I'm using my owner's computer because I still don't have my own. My new parents are really really really nice! And I am being a very good boy, so good that they even bought me a bone today! It's a bit dry but it's ok. They told me I have an appointment with the vet on the 20th of this month. Do they know I'm a dog and I don't keep track of what day is it today??

Anyway, I just wanted to say that they are treating me very nice and they seem to be very happy with me. I sleep with Javier, he snores but so do I.

Miss you, and I will come see you one of these days.

Carlos (aka. Max)


October 12, 2011

Hello all, I'm just sending this to let you all know that Keyla is doing great. The country life is definitely for her. She has lots of space to run and play and much to our pleasant surprise does not need to be on a leash. She is a very obedient girl. We have even been taking her our on the trails in the bush off leash and she will come when called back no problem. Her barking is not a problem at all because she has not too much to bark at other then a few chipmunks running around. She can be silenced when she does start to bark too much. All in time.

She is the biggest suck too. She just wants to get under your skin, she can't seem to get close enough to you. She has been excellent in her create at night however she does not like to be left out in the dog run by herself and will bark until you give in. We are working on that. She's getting the picture fast. She seems to be a very fast learner. We don't know why her other owners gave her up, I'm sure it was a hard decision to make for them. She is an excellent girl. Very smart and full of lots of love. Maybe she just needed the right environment to shine.

Thank you for making what we think was a good choice for Keyla. We are really enjoying her.

Carla & Ed.


October 07, 2011

This is unbelievable! Abel is doing SO well here!!! We made her sanctuary room.. and then she completely abandoned it within 14 or so hours in favour of the rest of the house! In the first hour with us, she ate both wet and dry food, she drank water (from both water bowls!), she used the litter-box in every way possible, she liked her brush, she even played with all her toys! She is so adorable and seeing her come out of her shell like this is so rewarding :)

She didn't seem to sleep much last night, but she explored the whole apartment down to the last corner. The only things I have noticed with her is that she blinks one eye more than the other (like she's winking half the time).. I think it may be dry? She is still scratching her tooth against objects around the house, like it's itchy or something, probably just do to healing I suppose, and she is still sneezing. (Which is very cute :)) But I think all of these things will heal in time and with lots of TLC.

My favourite part about her is how she follows you from room to room looking for belly rubs and what not. She even sits with Alanah and I to watch TV! (She's sitting on my lap as I type this email!) I think we're going to have a very happy home here. Attached are some pictures, not the best quality, but I'm sure you'll see what I mean about her coming out of her shell. We're so happy to have her, thank you for helping us find her.

Lexie J. & Alanah S.


September 25, 2011

Hi Mitchel and friends!

We're writing again to provide you with a vet update. Smudge has met her new vet and was a very good girl with all of the staff, they called her beautiful and loved having her visit.

Her bloodwork has come back and they don't foresee any issues, same with her fecal sample. She behaved very well getting her nails trimmed and she looooved all of the attention, she licked everyones hands, it was really sweet to watch.

Smudge keeps adapting well into our home, she's a wonderful companion and we're both totally in love with her.

Thank you for all the great work you do at your shelter, and for introducing us to Smudge!

Below are a few more pictures of Smudge at home.


September 07, 2011

This is a Success Story about a Boxer American Bulldog mix named Jack (Formely known as Brutus). My family and I had lost a dog of 13 years. We knew we needed someone to fill our void and we knew we would find someone who needed us.

My mom and older sister went to see the dogs before my other sister and I. They saw this dog named Brutus. He would wait at the door of his kennel for them to walk by again. I mom instantly had a connection with him. When my younger sister and I got to meet him he warmed up right to us. We then decided that he was going to be a part of our family.

When we got Jack he only weighed about 65 Lbs. He is now approx. 110 Lbs. I would like to thank The Toronto Humane Society for helping us find a new member of the family. Jack has been with us for around 3 or 4 yrs and we have all grown to love him and his goofy looking face. He will forever be a part of our family.


September 01, 2011

Our family adopted Mushy (we kept his original name) from the Victoria Park Satellite adoption centre almost two and a half years ago. There were a few rabbits there that day, but my son insisted we adopt Mushy because he had been at the shelter the longest. Mushy is a very friendly bunny. He doesn't like to be picked up very much, but loves to sit on my lap while I groom him. He is not a skittish bunny and will lounge quite comfortably in the family room while we walk about.

He doesn't mind the vacuum cleaner either and will make a point of coming out to look at it as it moves about the carpet. Mushy has free range in the family room (we bunny proofed it) all the time and hops in and out of his cage which is always open. His litter box is in there and he is litter boxed trained. Mushy is well loved and very spoiled! He's a happy family member.

Mimi, David and Cameron


September 01, 2011

This is me hanging on my new porch greeting the neighbourhood. My name used to be Bond. James Bond. 007 with a License to Love. I'm the small husky/shepherd with one leg too short from an injury. My New Person and I want to thank some special people at the Toronto Humane Society. Thank you for rescuing me in the first place, broken leg and all, from a Quebec kill shelter. My Person is thrilled that I was saved. She says I am "an absolute joy". A slurp to Jenny the adoption counsellor for sticking with us through all the paperwork and questions even when she was so busy. I'm having a ball. My Person calls me "LitLon" [Little London] after London, the Littlest Hobo. Not only do I look like him, my Person says I seem to be that smart, too. Another thank you slurp to the dogwalkers for taking me out, I haven't had a single accident. I have my own real fire hydrant just outside the door. I already learned to sit and wait at the doors before going in or out. It only took me four times to learn it. I can "sit/stay" and "down/stay" in the park for a whole minute already.

I'm trying really hard to be The Best Dog Ever. I'm learning all the time. We go out every couple of hours and practise for awhile. Sometimes I get to play with some big dogs on my lunge line and I have so much fun bouncing and wrestling, nobody even notices that I limp. Mornings, we play in a sand lot to strengthen my legs. I still hobble a bit but with exercises, massages, playing with my new dog friends, training and walks, it's less and less. I rest my leg awhile and away we go again. It's so cool to wake up in my crate next to the bed in the morning and realize that my Person didn't go away--she's always right there where I left her. Everyone in the neighbourhood loves me. I 'give paw' to people, let them pet me and wag at all the dogs. I make people smile. I have my own park to visit.

My Person says if I can get my sit/down/stay just a little longer, in a couple of days we can go on something called, a 'bus'. It's a big rolling kennel full of new people to meet and places to go and things to sniff. How exciting! So if anyone out there sees me with my Person, I walk with a bit of a wobble and I look like a small version of the Littlest Hobo. Stop and say hello because I love to greet new people and dogs.

To all my kennel mates left behind. NEVER GIVE UP--there's someone out there who thinks you're special if you're patient. Keep wagging. And for any people thinking, "That dog isn't perfect so I don't want that one," follow your heart. It might be the right dog. Don't look at all the things we can't do--look at all the things we *can* do. If you have faith in us we might be more than you can ever imagine.

LitLon aka Bond


August 31, 2011

Tara is doing very well. Her intestinal problems seemed to have cleared up. She loves everyone and has rapidly become my lover and a wonderful Lap Dog. Although she is over 30 kgs, she just climbs on my lap at night and cuddles right up as I watch TV. I know she is a bit big for a "Lap Dog", but you try telling her that! In only two days, She has already learned to sit, lie down, and is learning to shake your hand. I fell certain that she will be very easy to train. I have had her out for short walks off the lease and she just sticks to me like glue, a wonderful temperament. We all love her. Thank you!!

Jack Wallace


August 23, 2011

My wife and I adopted Dude (Black cat) when he was a kitten just over 2 years ago. He immediately became part of the family and loved to roam his new home and sit on his dad's chest for hours on end. He is still an affection boy but now he sits on his mum's lap being too big (12lbs) for his dad's chest.

Last year at approxiamately this time we saw Tubbs on the THS web site and we went to see him all 22 lbs of him !! We had to wait a day or 2 because he had some problems at the time including a heart murmur. The THS vet explained the problems this overweight old cat (12 years old at the time) had. We took him home anyway and to this day we are pleased we did. He purrs constantly and just about shakes the house when he does . He gives kisses on request. When he meows I am sure he disturbs the neighbours.

We were warned that because the old boy was the same sex as Dude and older instead of younger, that integration might take some time, perhaps a month.

Fortunately for us both these cats have great dispositions.

Tubbs came home to his own bedroom , his dog bed ( cat accommodations were too small) his food and water bowls and his litter box. My wife and I took turns sitting with the Tubbs. By the morning of the day after he arrived the Tubbs and the Dude were reaching under the door with their paws and talking to each other.

The next day they both had the run of the house and its been that way ever since. The little guy as he is known chases the big guy up and down the stairs until the big guy tells him he has had enough. They really are best friends with marvelous accepting personalities.

Tubbs was taken to our vet within a week of coming home (and voluntarily every 3 months thereafter) and with his restricted diet (try that with 2 cats in the same house) and the exercise he gets trooping up and down the stairs and through the house he is down to 17 lbs with yet another lb to go however he is much more alert, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The 2 of them continue to be affectionate with each other and with us and bring much joy to our household.

We owe the THS a great deal of thanks for the care they give the animals in their charge and especially for allowing us to adopt Dude and Tubbs.


August 18, 2011

Hi everyone

Harlow is doing really well and she has been a joy to work with. She is a sweet girl and with some training she is now a model dog.

I would love to thank the staff for bringing Harlow into my life she is my new best friend!

Shaun R. Coghlan


August 16, 2011

I would like to take this time to thank you for all that you do.

My family adopted Marylou from the Toronto Humane Society nearly 5 years ago now. Marylou is a Stafford shire Bull terrier, and the biggest suck I have ever met. She fits in perfectly with our family and has an amazing personality. She even does a look that we call "Elvis" because she lifts up her top lip in an "I'm all shook up" kind of way. She talks like Chuwbakka from StarWars, which makes us all laugh on a Daily basis.

Our family adopted Marylou after we had some tragedies, including the passing of our old dog Coco, who we adopted from the SPCA. Marylou has been a lovely addition to our family and an amazing companion to my father who works at home, so she is his company and exercise throughout the day. She keeps him busy with her gigantic dog bones which she has hidden everywhere in our home.

She is very much a city dog and loves to go for walks, as long as they are on the sidewalk, she tends to get nervous still around other animals and tends to avoid them as much as possible. She also avoids puddles.

Again, thank you for the amazing work you all do,

Marlaina Kahn and Marylou


August 15, 2011

HI there to all my friends at the Toronto Humane Society!

My name is Kodiak, as in Kodiak Bear. (known as "Cody" at the Toronto Humane Society) I answer to Kodi still, but I also go by "Kodi Bear", "Mr. Bear", or "Kode Man". I instantly won the hearts of my family when I was adopted by them in March 2011. I am so lucky to have a great Mom & Dad who love me so much... and an awesome SISTER, Bella. Bella and I have become best friends. We immediately clicked and have been inseparable ever since that day in the "meet and greet room". We are both Boxers so we just get each other, however she's about 6 months younger than me, but I'm already 20 lbs heavier than her!!! We usually spend our days by starting off with a run in the morning with our Mom, then wrestle around the backyard for a couple of hours throughout the day, and then cuddle and nap in the afternoons. Sometimes if Mom and Dad both have to work our Grandma comes and picks us up and we get to hang out with her for the afternoon!! She just loves us so much and spoils us like crazy. She even makes us our favourite dinner (rice and chicken) when we come over for dinner!! My favourite time of the day tho is the evening. I get to cuddle up with the whole family when we watch TV after dinner, and then I sneak up into Mom & Dad's bed at night time for even more snuggles. Anyways, just wanted to send a quick note to let all of you know how great I'm doing, and how great of a fit I am with my new family. My family also sends their thanks for how grateful they are to have me.

Thank you Toronto Human Society!!

Lots of love and kisses,


August 14, 2011

Hi, we just wanted to say thanks to all at the humane society, especially Tess, and to let everyone know that our new addition is doing amazing. We adopted Lucy 3 weeks ago and she is the most amazing dog. She became part of our family instantly and has even claimed one of the patio chairs as her own as you can tell by the picture.

Thanks again to all,
Judi, Jim & Lucy


August 04, 2011

We adopted Arabella, now re-named Audrey, in September 2009. Audrey had come to the THS as a stray and had already been adopted once. Unfortunately, it did now work out with the new owners and so she was returned to the shelter. From the moment that we saw her and she saw us, we knew that we had to bring her home!

Audrey has been an amazing addition to our lives. She loves to go for walks and play hunting games. When she was adopted she already knew some basic commands, but has since learned many new tricks and loves to show off her talents and earn a treat! Audrey loves to see all of our family members and friends, and greets them with a very enthusiastic tailwag!

We cannot imagine life without her now, and love seeing her curled up at the foot of our bed every morning. Thanks THS!

Niall, Erin & Kieran


July 26, 2011

Hi Toronto Humane Society!

We adopted Tanooki (formally CoCo) in March 2011. We brought her home expecting her to pull the usual 'I'm going to hide under the bed until I'm sure it's safe here' cat routine. Instead, to our delight, she spent her first few hours in our apartment exploring and purring loudly. Since then she has always been eminently curious and outgoing. She becomes fast friends with everyone she meets, loves to play and the consensus is that she is the sweetest cat ever! Even when she's being not so sweet (she loves to try to get you to share your food with her by sticking her face in it, should you look away for a second), she's totally endearing.

Thank you for introducing us to Tanooki, there couldn't possibly be a better cat for us than her!

Christine & Ken


July 22, 2011

Hi there everyone!

I adopted Argus last month and he quickly stole my heart. He is just a joy to have around. He is very vocal - he likes to call me from other rooms - and of course, he is the friendliest of little guys! He loves attention and I can't wait to get home from work, as he now waits for me and greets me at the door with a purr!

Anyway, he has asked me to pass on this message to you at the shelter, as he remembers you all fondly (he doesn't miss being there however), and wanted to let you know how he was:

Remember me? My name is Argus and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my new mom and my forever home. I was adopted a little over a month ago, and although it was a bit scary at first, by new mom had a room all ready just for me and I settled in pretty quickly. Now I can sleep anywhere I like (but mostly I like to sleep beside or near my mom!)

She is the best mom and lets me cuddle with her anytime I want! She has given me lots of toys to play with and she is always willing to stop and play with me - so I have been getting a lot of exercise!

Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you for taking good care of me while I was waiting to go to my forever home!

Yours truly,



July 19, 2011

Dear THS,

My boyfriend and I had been looking for a companion for our English Bulldog, Forrest, for quite a while. We were attending obedience training at the THS with Shas for a number of weeks, each week being introduced to a different dog to help with Forrest's socialization. On the sixth week, our last training session, we were introduced to a timid Australian Cattle Dog mix named Piper (since renamed Lucy). It was almost as if fate had brought us together, with 5 weeks of unsuccessful introductions behind us, Forrest immediately took a liking to Lucy. Lucy wasn't even in the system when we decided to adopt her because she had only been surrendered a few hours earlier.

It took some time for Lucy to settle in. With regular visits to the dog park she went from the dog that would shy away from others to the social butterfly that began to approach dogs and their owners alike. We have also worked through the minor issue of Lucy's nervous and excited peeing. She is a very clean dog that took to the house training rules very quickly. As well, we have minimized her tendency to bark unnecessarily and car rides have gone from a state of panic to a nap in the back with Forrest.
Lucy and Forrest have been the best of friends since day one, with their affection for one another growing each day.

We would like to give a big thank you to Shas for introducing us to Lucy, adopting her has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family. We could not have asked for a better dog, her sweet and loving disposition has changed our lives forever.


Sasha and Craig,
Lucy and Forrest.


July 18, 2011

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

We adopted Bruno from the Humane Society near the end of last year. He is a special needs cat, but you could not tell from his happy and boastful demeanour. He was a little apprehensive and wary at first mainly because our first cat, but now he runs the household. He's adorable and has bonded with his sister-cat. His name is now Lennon, because his sister is Yoko.

Next month, he will be turning the ripe-old age of 1. His daily routine involves waking me up at 6 to make him his breakfast, playing with my mom's apron strings, sleeping and bothering his sister alternately throughout the day, and waiting for my father to arrive home near the garage door.

He is a great addition to the family. Enclosed are some pics of his cherubic face.


Allison Ritchie


July 14, 2011

adopted Taz AKA (Tazie Joe) from the Toronto humane society on Jan 2/2011. Taz was tranferred from Toronto Animal services along with his sister Sylvia. They were split up because they were fighting with each other. He is very friendly guy, loves to cuddle. He comes running when he hear bag of treats being open. He loves any boxes, he will get into them. He and Pinkie Joe play together and clean each other. It didn't take him long to make himself at home. He didn't want to stay in his sanctuary room. He looks like my Joey that passed away. He has similiar personality like him. I am glad that he came home with me. He is a big part of my life now. He is doing great, settling his home very quickly. Loves being out in his balcony.

We would like to say thank-you THS staff for bringing us together!

Kelly and Taz


July 13, 2011

Hi! Thought I would send you an up to date photo of "Sherlock", whom we adopted about 8 weeks ago. His name is now "Walter" and he has fit into our family so well. We all love him, especially Norman our Boston Terrier, and Walter's new best friend! What a great little dog he is! We took this photo of him after he had his first "summer cut"!

Thanks so much!
Lesley, Mark, Norman & Walter


July 12, 2011

I just wanted to update you on Olive Oil's (new name Madra) progress this past month since we adopted her.

The first two weeks of Madra's stay with us was tough on her. She was pretty much confined to her sanctuary room (which is a small closet) and would not leave the box in which she came in or from underneath her THS safety blanket. Thankfully us being the patient people that we are, let Madra take all the time she needed to get use to us and her new home.

She slowly started to come out of the closet every so often to explore, first during the night and then during the day. She especially loved to chase after her toy mouse which we would pull around the house for her. She would bounce out of the closet with excitement to chase after it, realize she was out the closet, and run back in. This would last for another week.

Thankfully, this past week, Madra has decided that underneath the drying rack is a much better fit for her. I took a photo of her recently sleeping like the beauty she is (attached), safety blanket tucked away.

This morning for the first time Madra sat in front of me and looked up at me in anticipation for her morning meal. She still gets frightened if we get too close, but she's slowly starting to realize that we will love her for the rest of her life!

She is such a smart cat and so curious to discover new things. When I was pulling the mouse on the string, for instance, she just kept looking at the string and following it to see where it was attached. I feel just by looking into her eyes that she's so much more than just a cat. She has indeed melting our hearts!

Thank you,
Maria and Conor


July 02, 2011

Thought you'd like an update on Dexter. We adopted Dexter on June 13th and he's been such a joy. He's settled in immediately and is happy in his new home. Dexter has met many new friends at the dog park and enjoys walking through the forest and visiting friends with ponds (that's the Labrador in him)….just loves to play in the water. He's turned into such a wonderful companion not to mention a very smart boy.
I also wanted to extend a great big thanks to all at the staff at the THS for making sure that Dexter was the right fit for us (although we came in for another dog), they were extremely open about all of their dogs that were up for adoption and we certainly found the right dog for us.

We'd be happy to update you from time to time.
Ann & Andrew


July 04, 2011

Last September (2010) my fiance and I adopted June from THS. We first saw June on the THS website and knew she was "our perfect match". THS made the adoption process a great experience for us, and we were very appreciative, seeing that we had never adopted a pet before. And now almost a year later, we couldn't see our lives without her in it. June brings so much joy and happiness into both our lives, and she completes our family. Thank you again THS!

Daniel Alison & June


July 02, 2011

Hello, I wanted to send an update on "Sally", my wonderful tuxedo cat that I adopted in January 2010. When I came to the River Street site last year, I brought my boyfriend with me to take a look at cats as I had been planning to adopt one for a while. We went to the humane society just to look around, but once I got there, I knew I would not leave without bringing a cat home. When I first spotted Sally, she was one of the the only cats in the room that was playing with the toys in her cage, as many of them were sleeping. She immediately came to the front of the cage and purred the loudest I have ever heard a cat. Although she appeared to be a kitten as she was very small and skinny, the worker told us that Sally was actually a year old, and had been waiting for a few months to be adopted. I immediately decided that Sally was the cat for me, and asked if I could adopt her.

That night, we brought Sally home. She was a little nervous at first, and hid under my bed for about an hour. However, once she realized she was safe, she began running around back and forth between rooms to stretch her legs. Sally appeared to be so happy to have a new home. As time went on, I realized how friendly and active Sally really is. I have had her for the past year, and her favourite activities include playing catch with her fake mice (yes she plays catch), staring out of the windows, running around the house and chasing me around the home. Sally loves being near people, and family members always tell me how adorable it is that she follows me around the house, and seems to always need to sit nearby, purring loudly when she is spoken to and given attention. Adopting Sally was one of the best decisions I have ever made because she brings so much joy to myself, and those around me.

When I first adopted Sally, she was one year old but weighed less than 5lbs, within a week, I noticed that Sally started eating a lot, and she was already beginning to gain weight. She is now a healthy 9lbs and loves to eat her cat food as well as treats. The vet tells me that Sally is one of the most gentle and loving cats they have seen, and she is very healthy! She is also very courageous, and was the first cat that decided to run out of the examination room at the vets office in order to explore the rest of the building!

I would like to thank all staff at the Humane Society for the great care they give to the animals that they have in their care, waiting for a good home. Upon bringing Sally home it was clear that she was well cared for as her personality and interactions with people show that someone was there along the way, helping to train and care for her.

Thanks again,

Karri and Sally


July 02, 2011

We adopted Switters (renamed him Mossimo) in December, 2 weeks before Christmas as we had been thinking about saving a pet for a long time. As well, our 7 year old kitty (Bella) needed a friend.

It took 4 people from the humane society to put Mossimo in to the cat carrying box for us to take him to his new home. Poor kitty had rough start in life and was emotionally challenged, he needed patience, love and understanding.

Initially, Mossimo hissed anytime we tried to go near him and for the first 2 weeks, he did not leave his sanctuary room. He would only eat in the night when we were asleep. When he did emerge, again, only in the middle of the night did he trust to venture outside of his sanctuary.

I would approach him slowly and let him smell me before slowly extending my hand to pat him. Initially, he hissed and cowered when he would see your hand and he would hide when anyone stood up in a room...

With lots of love, patience and understanding, I am happy to say that he has gained a lot of confidence, a few pounds (he loves his treats!) and has learned to trust his new, forever mom, dad and sister.

Our proudest moment was about 2 months after we brought him home; Mossimo was stretched out in from of the fireplace and did not budge when we stepped over him.

He is a very good kitty and easy to train. He is eager to be a good boy, loves to chase his string and snuggle. I captured this picture of him one day when he was stretched out on the pillow on our sofa. What a handsome boy!

Tammy Gillingwater


July 01, 2011

We just wanted to say "Hi" to all the people at THS who looked after us before we found our new home. Twix and I are doing great!!! We're totally spoiled and have become so at home and relaxed.

Barb has made us toys and plays with us all the time. Twix and I call out to her after our nap and she picks us up and cuddles until we're ready to go and play again!!!

Although I was the 'shy' one when we were there I've come out of my shell and put Twix to shame. He was the one who played with Barb when we were at THS, but I am the one who is a hugs hog now.

We're always chasing each other, napping together and we share our food... but the treats are a different story. We get our treats and tend to play with them before we eat them - it's so much fun!!!

Please let everyone there know that we miss them . We hope all our friends have found homes that are just as much, if not more, fun than ours!

I've asked Barb to attach these photos so you can see how we live now!

Love to everyone,

Hurshey Bear (aka Marley) and Twix (also Punkin)


June 29, 2011

Hi there,

It's been about 9 months since Bandet -- or Bubbles as we call him -- came home. At 12, he's still full of energy and love; he's a wonderful boy who adores his walks and the occasional treat (and, of course, he isn't opposed to a more frequent treat schedule!). He was the perfect addition to our family.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of him and most of all for introducing us!

Spencer, Sim & Bandet


June 29, 2011

I adopted a kitten named Herbie with FIV at the Toronto Humane Society and it was the best decision I ever made. I recently discovered that Herbie is part Maine Coon, lucky me! He is beautiful and extremely affectionate.

He is not shy and he's friendly to all people. Because he is considered FIV he is not allowed around other cats but he gets along great with dogs :) I have him on a very healthy diet and he's not sick at all. He's full of energy, and is extremely comical, he is also very appreciative and acts much like a dog by following me around and always full of affection.

Needless to say I'm in love with my 12 week old kitten and want to say thank you for letting me adopt him! I have had cats all of my life and I can honestly say adopting one with FIV really isn't any trouble at all, Herbie is just like any other cat, actually he's more special because he is so full of affection, not aloof at all, he's completely worth it and deserves the best of everything in my opinion :)

Jennifer Davidson


June 28, 2011

Hi there,

My husband and I adopted 'Jimmy' almost a month ago, and even after this short time, we couldn't imagine our lives without him. He brings great joy to our lives and, if my feline mind-reading skills are up to par, loves us and his new life a great deal too.

He loves to play with his toys (his favorites are a mouse that makes real squeaking sounds and a bright orange stuffy named 'Dave'), sleep on top of his 'cat condo' (the special sleep/play/scratch area my husband made for him the day before we brought him home), and get lots of cuddles in the evening before what we affectionately refer to as 'crazy hour'.

We've even started him on a harness so that we can take him into our private garden on ground level. With no dogs allowed, and a completely fenced surround, Jimmy loves to walk on his leash and explore this new environment.

We are enjoying watching him grow, learn, and play. He is one of the smartest animals we have ever known, and he completely has our hearts.

Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.

Tanya and Tony Ross


June 24, 2011

Although Suzie Q arrived at THS in June 2009, I did not meet her until January 2010, when she began to be featured as a THS Cat of the Week. As a cat volunteer, I began to include Suzie Q was on the list of cats I visited each week. She was such a doll - whenever I sat in her cage, she would crawl onto my lap and just enjoy being petted non-stop for the entire duration of my visit. I could not understand why someone would not jump at the chance to bring this precious gal home.

In March, I decided that Suzie Q needed a forever home, and my home would be it. If she had any anxiety about her new surroundings, I did not see it. Within 20 minutes, she had used her litter box for the first time and within an hour, she knew where to find food and water.

It has been amazing to watch the transitions in her behaviour over the last 3 months. Initially, she would only sleep on my bed; however, she soon discovered that in the afternoons, the best spots of sunshine are in the guest room on the other side of the house. Just in the last two weeks, she has discovered that dining room chairs are also suitable as loungers. Similarly, when she first arrived, whenever I was unlocking the door to come into the house, I would see her peering cautiously down the stairs to see who was coming in the door. Now, while the key is still in the lock, she is already at the door, waiting to greet me.

Now, I'm not saying she's perfect. Who knew such a little thing could snore??? But, believe you me, when I am awoken every morning by her little Suzie Q kisses, I am more than happy that she is part of my family.

My sincerest thanks to all of the cat adoption staff (in particular, Mitch) who loved and cared for Suzie Q in the many months that she resided at the THS.



June 24, 2011

My daughter (13) and I visited the THS 3 days in a row before deciding that "Whitby" (who we have renamed Smash) was the girl for us. We have always been a two-cat household and after losing our beloved Heidi (the 13 year old daughter of a kitten we adopted from the THS 15 years ago), we were feeling like an incomplete family but knew that a new addition would have to be just the right fit.

Enter Smash!
She is so full of love and energy and is such a sweet girl.

She has made herself right at home and has been playing, eating well and cuddling on our laps since the moment she got here. She even woke me up one morning with a little lick on my face!

Our older cat (12 years) Patchy has not been quite as taken with Smash's charms just yet, but she's slowly coming around.

We love her so much and she has helped fill our hearts back up after losing our special girl, Heidi. Thank you so much to everyone at the THS. Everyone was so helpful and patient with us while we made our decision. The entire experience, from beginning to end, was one that we would highly recommend to anyone interested in adopting a pet.



June 22, 2011


Baru & I clicked from the moment I met him. As I walked into the THS six weeks ago, he was the 1st animal that was genuinely drawn to me. I'm so grateful that we met that day because he's been a joy to be around ever since and will continue to be for a lifetime! Baru (formerly named Chong) was returned to the THS not once but twice for "aggression" issues. Well, I can safely say that these issues are no longer. Having been an avid pet owner from a young age, I didn't see any true aggression in this dog from day 1 and as I read the reports on his previous homes, I truly believed it was "owner error". This has turned out to be accurate. He plays at the dog park with other dogs & people 3 times a day and is very gentle with children. I went through an extensive 3 day screening process to adopt Baru which I believe in retrospect to be extremely positive. The THS simply wanted to find a good home for my boy and this has definitely happened. Here's the clincher, his brother, Cheech (who's now Shep) was adopted by a family a couple of blocks from me. Therefore, Baru gets to play with his brother on a weekly basis! What an affirmation that this was the right situation for both dogs and owners.

Many thanks to the THS and their great staff for assisting with the process. Baru misses you but is even happier with his permanent home!



June 22, 2011

Hello! I was adopted 2 months ago from the THS by my mum and dad. I was known as Tiny - I've now been renamed Max (or Maximilian if I've been misbehaving!!)

I have been settling in really well to my new home. I have a 3 year old sister called Rikku, who mum and dad adopted from the THS 2 years ago (she has her own 'success story' on December the 19th 2010!)

I love my new family, and especially enjoy chasing my sister around the house. She was a bit wary at first but has accepted my excitable behaviour now and will in turn chase me too! If I'm very lucky she will even give me a wash....although I get bored pretty easily and end up chewing on her ear :)

My mum and dad think I'm wonderful and pick me up all the time for cuddles...which I'm quite fond of and generally fall asleep either around their shoulders or on their chests - I like to stay close to them you see.

I wanted to give a big thank you to all the THS staff for looking after me and letting me go home with my new family. There was a particular girl who interviewed my mum and dad who was just great - she was so nice and kind :)

Big meeps and purrs,
Max and Rikku (....and Sarah and Ross!)


June 21, 2011

Hi, I adopted Rufus (formerly Spock) from the Human Society in October 2007. I was told he was thirteen years old. That would make him at least sixteen years old today, and besides being slightly arthritic he is a healthy and happy dog who still loves long walks. Rufus is one of the many Shepherd X breed dogs that Shelter's are filled with. These dogs are extremely obedient and even tempered. And talk about hybrid vigour! Purebred large dogs are not spry at 16. I could not have hoped for a more loyal companion. He was already housebroken and trained to heel while walking off leash (stopping until my say so to cross the street) when I brought him home. You could say Rufus trained me. He loves to cuddle, to walk to High Park and sniff around in the woods. It is a joy to adopt an older dog because they have cultivated a personality already. He doesn't bark, but he "talks" communicating excitement with a hilarious vocabulary of grunts and yelps.

When I visited the pound to look for a dog, I was told I should not adopt Rufus because he had been seized from a panhandler in my neighbourhood a few months earlier. A week later I came back because I couldn't forget him. Rufus' former owner had actually passed away but that man's roomate, who had tried to take care of him eventually did introduce himself when I was walking Rufus. He was thrilled that his roomate's dog had found a good home and that he would have the opportunity to say hello now and again.

I can't thank-you enough for giving me the best dog ever! If anyone is reading this site looking to adopt a dog and is not certain that they are able to be home every four hours to housetrain a puppy, I would highly recommend adopting a relaxed older mutt.



June 21, 2011

Hi there, I wanted to send some photos and an update on little Robert, the mini pin that came to THS in December 2010 at 1 month old.

I was a dog walker with THS from January- May. I fell in love with Robert and his heart-warming story. I was so lucky to adopt Robert in April and brought him to his forever home. Robert is now 8 months old and full of energy and spunk. He doesn't let his disability stop him from anything.

He's the best behaved puppy and everyone just adores him. He's brought so much joy and happiness to me and my 8 yr old Yorkie Daisy and everyday is more amazing with him. He's a happy healthy little guy and my house and our lives are so much better with him in it.

Here are some pictures of the little man now. I hope you will use his story in your success stories.

Here's the link when he was ready to leave (I saved it)-

Thanks & Regards, Stephanie Sinden


June 13, 2011


I am always smiling now, and its thanks to our new member of the family, Azra ( previously Putsie). My boyfriend Brandon and I adore animals and wanted to own a pet of our own…That's when we decided to visit the Toronto Humane Society.

It was so exciting to see all the beaming eyes and whiskers of love seeking cats and kittens. We initially wanted to take them all home, but agreed on Azra. She is sweet, cuddly and adventurous…she absolutely adores her forever home. When we get home we usually find her curled up sleepy soundly in the corner of the couch. We love Azra very much and are very grateful to the THS and all the wonderful endearing staff. Azra has truly made our lives better and we will do our best to return the favour.

Thanks Again !!!!!
Sheridan, Brandon and Azra


June 06, 2011


It's Dave the Dachshund, I know I made a lasting impression on you during my stay at the humane society because I have made that same impression on my new family. I now have a brother named Kaufman, he's a little bigger than me, he's a Boston/Jack Russell terrier mix, but my best friend none the less. I spend most of my days playing, barking and just hanging out with Kaufman. My mom and dad have taken me to the dog park, long walks down by the lake, and to a giant pet store for my summer attire. They force me to wear sunglasses in the car, but it's cool, Kaufman has to wear them too. They talk a lot about camping and swimming, I guess that's why they bought me a life jacket. My days are filled with big adventures and great company. I am a perfect fit for my new family, thank you.


Craig, Brianna, Kaufman and Dave


June 04, 2011

When we arrived at the shelter we knew right away that Mr. Tim Miggins (nee Lucretius) was the kitty for us. Little did we know how much we would fall in love with him! He is the friendliest cat, and loves to follow us around the apartment and inspect everything that's going on around him.

For about 2 hours each morning and again at night he is "hyper-cat" and runs at lightning speed like a horse from room to room chasing or being chased by invisible creatures that only he can see. His favourite game is fetch with his bouncy ball, and he will drop it at your feet when he lets you know its time to play. He has a basket that he naps in, and loves to sit across the top of the armchair when people are sitting in it, swatting your face with his tail. At night he sleeps at our feet on the bed and wakes us up every morning wanting to play.

We love him so much and are so thankful to the Toronto Humane Society for introducing us to our new best friend!

Mary & Andy


June 04, 2011

This is my baby. It has been eight years now. Brooklyn arrived at THS as an emaciated stray covered in open sores. She had been tossed out like garbage in the middle of winter. Her sorrowful past only makes me love her more. She is incredibly loyal, almost to a fault. I cannot leave her at a kennel, as she thinks she is being abandoned again. When I get her home, she sleeps for twenty four hours. She won't even get up to go for a walk! My next door neighbor is a trusted and loving friend who Brooklyn adores. Brooklyn won't go for a walk with her either. Brooklyn refuses to leave my side. In spite of her maligned breed, Brooklyn is a sweet and gentle girl. She is my best companion. My love for her grows every day.

Patricia King


June 02, 2011

Dear Humane Society,

I am writing today to tell you what a pleasure it's been to adopt one of the cats from THS. We have adopted a cat named Jedi 7 years ago, when he was 4 months old. He was small, scared, and a little anti-social at first. He was also sick, so I had to feed him food through a special syringe, given to me by the local veterinarian. Jedi cooperated and healed very quickly! Within the few first months of his life with us, he grew very attached to us.

Today, Jedi is a very loving cat. He is very sensitive, sweet, and kind. He senses when any one of us is upset and likes to comfort us by sitting on our lap and licking our faces! He also loves to sleep curled up next to someone's side. In the morning, he wakes me up by purring in my ear and sitting on my arm.

I could not have asked for a better cat. He is definitely an amazing family member for us!!! Thank you, Human Society!

Tatyana K.


May 30, 2011

Hey guys!

I know how excited everyone was that Batman finally found a home, so I didn't want to keep you waiting too long before letting you know how things are going.

The short answer: it's going awesome!

Batman is an adventurous little guy. I got him home yesterday and opened the carrier so he could come out, and he immediately started walking around the room, checking things out. Then, he wandered out into the rest of the apartment, paying little mind to my other cat, King, who was following him around curious as can be regarding the new presence in the apartment.

It didn't take long for Batman to become very comfortable in his new Batcave and was laying beside me purring up a storm while I gave him chin rubs. He and King are becoming fast friends, as you can see in a couple of the pictures I've attached. They love to bird watch out the back door together!

You'll definitely hear more from me again soon, I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am that I adopted Batman, and how happy he seems to be about the whole thing too!

Have a great weekend all!


May 20, 2011


We just wanted to send our thanks and an update for Caesar. We adopted Caesar mid April 2011. He has turned our lives upside down in the best possible way. He is so sweet and loving, he is a 65 lb lap dog. He loves to sit on my boyfriends lap and watch tv. Where Wes is so is Caesar, they are joined at the hip. He is so energetic...he loves to run, and we have started taking him hiking on weekends so he can play. We are working on learning to play fetch, but he loves tug-a-war and can play for hours. Everyday he learns something new, and finally learned his name last week ( he was found wandering so he didn't know it when we adopted him). He loves to have his belly rubbed and he hugs when we walk in the door. He loves to ride in the car and when he doesn't get his own way, he gets this "pitiful puppy" look on his face and drops his chin on your lap and just stares. It makes me laugh every time. The cats still aren't sure what to make of him but everyday gets better and a little easier.

I didn't think it was possible to completely change everything we do so quickly, but I find myself looking for things for us to do with Caesar, places to take him so he can run around. He truly is a joy and we are so grateful to have found him.

Thanks so much,

Natalie Wes and Caesar


May 19, 2011

Hello friends at the THS! It's me, Ravi!

I just wanted to send you a quick hello to let you know that I'm doing great over here at my new house! My humans tell me how much they love me every day. They say that I make them so happy and give me so many hugs and kisses. I LOVE hearing what a good girl I am - so much so that I start to purr all to myself! I've even taken to acting like a human these days. When my human Mommy comes home from work, I jump up from my bed and run circles around her feet until she picks me up and gives me a hug. I really hug too! With one paw on each of her shoulders, I give her l little kisses and snuggle in.

My vet says that I am such a sweet little girl and that I am very healthy too.

I really want to thank everyone over there for taking such good care of me and keeping me safe. I hope my humans get me a little sister or brother some day, and when they do - I will come by to say hello and teach you my new hugging trick!

Lots of love,


May 17, 2011

Hey there!

My boyfriend Matt, and I moved to the city in early February, and decided within the first week of living in our new home that we wanted to adopt a cat from the Toronto Humane Society.

We arrived at the THS, and I immediately spoke to a wonderful, and extremely helpful volunteer on the kind of cat we were after. I knew we would be happy with any cat, but it was important to me to adopt a cat that was older, and who had been at the shelter for an extended period of time. The THS volunteer had many cats in mind that would be a perfect fit, and Billie (formerly known as Gwenevere) was one of them.

Billie had been born on the streets, and had been picked up by animal control services many times. She had been adopted at one point, only to be abandoned, and picked up by animal control services once again. To add insult to injury- she was missing half a tail that had most likely been taken off by another animal. Despite her rough life, she is the sweetest cat we have ever met.

When we took Billie home, she opened up to us immediately and fit in perfectly. She loves her belly rubs, treats (as you can tell from her belly!) and laying in the sunshine. I've also discovered that she has a strange obsession with my bobby pins, and I am constantly finding them around our apartment from where she hides them!

She is an absolute doll, and we couldn't have imagined a better cat for us. I encourage anyone who is considering adopting a pet to check out the Toronto Humane Society. Once we move into a bigger place, we will absolutely be back to get Billie a friend!


Katherine Palumbo, and Matt Proctor.


May 13, 2011


We are writing today to let you know how wonderful our adopted German Shepherd Bea (Dishka her new name) has turned out to be! We knew she had not had a very nice life before she got to the THS but you would be amazed at what a wonderful dog Dishka has turned out to be.  She loves running on the endless trails we have up north and LOVES to play fetch with sticks, she is so fast!  She is doing very well and really likes playing with her brother, a chocolate lab named Jake, when we visit Toronto.  Our girl has so much energy and gets along so well with all people and other dogs we even had to connect our yard and our neighbours so her an her best friend Marley, a King Shepherd,  could hang out more and have more room to chase each other!  She has almost grown into her ears now and we can't take her for a walk without getting at least a dozen compliments on how beautiful she is!  Dishka has come such a long way from when we adopted her in December.  

Thanks to everyone at the THS for letting us bring our girl home and for taking such great care of her before she found her furever home!

Adam, Kelsey and Dishka!


May 07, 2011

I came to the Toronto Humane Society April 18th, to look at cats as I graduated from school and am home for good. When I arrived Ginger was the first kitty I saw. She was so vocal and rubbed up against her cage to get my attention. I just knew she had to come home with me. It had taken her a couple day to get used to everyone in my family, as it seemed she was nervous around men.

Now Ginger is the biggest cuddle bug we have ever had. She knows I'm her "Mama" and she enjoys sleeping with me at night. She usually sleeps above my head on a pillow. Ginger is very loving and evergetic. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She also does really well with my two nieces, who are 7 and 4. I couldn't have asked for a better addition to my family! Thank you THS and thank you Lynn for helping me through the adoption process.



May 04, 2011

On March 22, 2011, I adopted a cat named Tigger. Now that Tigger is in my home I know that she is the head of the house! I am sending you pictures to let you know how much she has adopted me as her owner. Tigger is a cat that is her own person and I am thankful that she has come into my home to bless me with her energy, humour and pure silliness; I love her everyday more and more. I would like to take this time to thank everyone at The Toronto Humane Society for all of their help in adopting Tigger.

Gwen and Tigger Kidd


May 2, 2011

I adopted Zoey back in October of 2008 from the THS after I had moved out on my own and missed having the company of a family cat. There were so many cats there is was hard to know which was the right one until I saw Zoey. She had come right up to the front of the cage and stuck her paw out towards me and that was it, I started the adoption process and a couple days later took her home. She was a tiny little kitten and a few days after I brought her home she had gotten really sick with a respiratory infection. I was worried she wasn't going to pull through but being the feisty cat she is, she recovered and three years later she is happy, healthy and full of energy.

She has a very distinct personality and curious about everything and I often times find myself laughing at her quirkiness. She loves attention and follows me around wherever I am in the house and greets me at the front door when I come home. Definitely can't imagine not having her around!



May 2, 2011

Huron (snuggle bunny on the left) lost his partner Annie and he was very sad and lonely ... until I brought home Tansy from the THS just a few months ago! She was abandoned in an apartment laundry room so no one knew her history. She was skittish but also curious and spirited when we first met. It was a quick and easy bonding process (not an easy feat with rabbits!) and after just 3 weeks Tansy and Huron were living together and loving each other. She's funny, feisty, a huge explorer and has an insatiable appetite! She's taught Huron to explore more and not be so lazy! Now the two are inseparable.

Thanks THS!
Marni, Huron & Tansy


April 21, 2011

The minute my husband saw Oreo in his cage he knew he was our dog. He had a medical condition report on his cage for his ear and he seemed so sad. I was sent in right after as we had the twins with us in the stroller at the time. I didnt hesitate. I loved him too. Getting him home and settled in was a challege for him as he was used to a farm rather suburban living. He has done well and is definitely part of my family.  A good boy he is. :) 
His previous owners did send a note with him and unfortunately I was to send pictures to them. If they ever get to see this part of the website. He is in good hands with a loving family and we Thank You.


April 21, 2011


We adopted Bridget (now, Rita) from the Toronto Humane Society on March 26, 2011. It took her just a couple of days to get used to her new home and family. Rita is with us just for three weeks, but we feel like she has been with us forever. The whole family is absolutely in love with her. Rita is very affectionate kitten, she loves playing with her toys and with us. Rita is very energetic - she can play for hours without being tired. We are so happy that we have a new family member - thanks to the THS!



April 21, 2011

We wanted to update you on "Tank", the most handsome german shepherd in the GTA!  We already had a 7 year old shepherd and a 4 year old lab, but when we saw Tank's sweet little face on the THS website, we knew we had to meet him.  It was love at first sight!

Tank arrived at the THS with a broken leg after having been hit by a car and underwent emergency surgery and he had a long rehabilitation. Our vet is very impressed with the quality of Tank's surgery by THS vets, and how well he has recovered. You would never know Tank has a plate in his leg the way he runs and plays. He was a little timid and shy when he first arrived home with us, but he has really grown into a confident and self-assured boy. He loves his doggy siblings and his best friend is his cat sister Roz. The first thing Tank does when he gets up in the morning is check on Roz, greeting her with a big sloppy kiss, which she seems to actually enjoy! He is such a sweet and affectionate boy, he insists on sleeping next to one of us and is inseparable from his lab sister Dolce. Thank you for taking such good care of our boy until he found his forever home with us.  We just cannot thank you enough for the good work that everyone at the THS does for animals in need in our community.

Thank You,

Alicia and Emad


April 21, 2011

We adopted Rudy from the Toronto Humane Society in April, 2009, when he was 11 months old. His original name was Trouble. This might have put some people off - but not us.  When we had our meet and greet with "Trouble", he ran up to us with his tail wagging and promptly sat down at our feet, his big brown eyes full of excitement. That's when we knew he would be our dog. 

Rudy has enriched our world in so many ways.  He is loving, loyal, inquisitive and fun-loving. Although it has required some small adjustments, Rudy has fit into our lives very well. When we get home from work, he is so excited to see us his whole body wags.  When my husband is away, Rudy is on high alert - "protecting" me from "danger". Rudy has also become an active participant in our annual canoe trip - at first he was scared of the canoe - but now he's quick to jump on board and he leads the way fearlessly through the bush during our portages.

Rudy has introduced us to many new parks in the city.  He loves to play fetch and will spend hours swimming, running, investigating and frolicking. We spend much more time outside than we ever have before and we are getting to know our community in a new way.

I am so happy that we made the decision to adopt Rudy. If Rudy could talk, I'm sure he'd say thanks for looking after him until he found his forever home. He's a pretty happy pup - and we feel very lucky to have found him.


April 21, 2011

We adopted Scarlet many years ago when she was 11 months old. She was a stray that the Humane Society picked up in downtown Toronto. She is now 15 years old. She is a wonderful part of the family. She is always my alarm if our autistic son decided to run down the driveway. She's my little tattletale and always protecting. She tolerates the additional animals to our family and even taught our newer dog the ropes. Now she is much slower and is hard of hearing but still a wonderful member of our family. She has been with us through all our moves and now is relaxing in the country since we bought a rural property in Tottenham Ontario.

We love her very much.



April 20, 2011

Hi Everyone at Toronto Humane Society!

It's Koko and BigFoot just checking in with all you folks that looked after
us until you found us a new Mom and Dad! Thank you so very much! And thank
you so much for keeping us together. We don't know what we would have done
without each other. Our new parents are glad THS has this adoption policy!

Well, we've decided that we're going to keep these new parents. You should
see all the room we have to play. We can watch all the birds and squirrels
from all the windows. Holy cow man....we discover a new corner or place in
this house every day! (It's me, BigFoot, I don't like all the stairs in
this house though. It means I have to get some exercise going up and down
to my food and litter box! Geez!) These new parents keep telling us that
when both of us purrrrr the windows in the house rattle.

We went to see the new Dr. yesterday at Richview Animal Hospital. Dr. Porch
said we're in good health but both of us need to lose a little bit of
poundage....especially me, BigFoot. I know all these stairs are going to
help out and I'm getting better at going up and down. (You know I have a few
extra toes to carry around with cut me some slack!)

We have a favour to ask you....can you let our old parents know we've given
our new parents the 'seal of approval' and not to worry about us. We miss
them and hope the new baby is doing well. Our new parents said we were
brought up really well and were loved and it's obvious these new ones are
going to do the same!

Well anyway, it's about noon and writing this letter to all of you is
exhausting and cutting into our afternoon nap so we're going to sign off.

Take care and thanks once again!

Koko and BigFoot


April 18, 2011

Hey there!

My boyfriend Matt, and I moved to the city in early February, and decided within the first week of living in our new home that we wanted to adopt a cat from the Toronto Humane Society. We arrived at the THS, and I immediately spoke to a wonderful, and extremely helpful volunteer on the kind of cat we were after. I knew we would be happy with any cat, but it was important to me to adopt a cat that was older, and who had been at the shelter for an extended period of time. The THS volunteer had many cats in mind that would be a perfect fit, and Billie (formerly known as Gwenevere) was one of them.

Billie had been born on the streets, and had been picked up by animal control services many times. She had been adopted at one point, only to be abandoned, and picked up by animal control services once again. To add insult to injury - she was missing half a tail that had most likely been taken off by another animal. Despite her rough life, she is the sweetest cat we have ever met. When we took Billie home, she opened up to us immediately and fit in perfectly. She loves her belly rubs, treats (as you can tell from her belly!) and laying in the sunshine. I've also discovered that she has a strange obsession with my bobby pins, and I am constantly finding them around our apartment from where she hides them! She is an absolute doll, and we couldn't have imagined a better cat for us. I encourage anyone who is considering adopting a pet to check out the Toronto Humane Society. Once we move into a bigger place, we will absolutely be back to get Billie a friend!

Katherine Palumbo, and Matt Proctor.


April 15, 2011


My girlfriend Amy and I adopted Ollie on Saturday April 2, 2011. We had been thinking about adopting a cat for some time to provide company for our cat Koda, who found herself alone most days until we got home from work. We took our time and did a bit of research in the attempt to find the perfect cat. We had come across Ollie on the Toronto Humane Society (THS) website and made arrangements to come down to Toronto and see him. Upon arrival, we determined quickly that he would be the cat coming home with us. His temperament was great as was his personality. We learned from THS staff that Ollie had been at the shelter for some time. Ollie had some prior health issues making most potential foster parents reluctant to take him home. Amy and I were very thankful to THS staff for giving us full disclosure on his health profile. They explained in detail how we could enrich Ollie's life through diet and how to ensure he was a healthy and happy cat. Volunteer staff at the THS also were especially nice, going out of their way to share their experiences with Ollie. Ollie came home with us that afternoon and has settled into a comfortable little routine at his new place of abode. Ollie likes having his run of the apartment and often can be found curled up on the edge of our living room sectional. Ollie and Koda are becoming friends and they both enjoy playing and admiring the fish in our fish tank. Ollie is very talkative and quick to greet you at the door when you arrive home. We are very happy to have him as part of our family and thank everyone at THS for helping us in the experience!

Jason, Amy, Koda and Ollie.


April 15, 2011

I picked out Fluffy in early 2010. I had just moved into an apartment on my own and knew that it wouldn't feel like a home without an animal.

I read Fluff's bio and knew that I had to take her home - it was her second time in the Human Society, she had been there for almost 6 months, and was 15 years old. Kittens are adorable, but older cats need homes too!

Fluff quickly made herself comfortable. She spends most of her day following the sun around, snoring, and stealing pancakes whenever she gets the chance. Getting her was honestly the best decision I've ever made - she's brightened up my life and made me a happier person.

Whenever I'm ready for another animal, I will defiantly go back to the Human Society!



April 15, 2011

When my husband and I got settled in our new house we decided it was time to get a cat.  My mother went to the THS with my husband because I knew that if I went I would have brought home every animal in the shelter.  My instructions to them were to simply find the kitty that needed me the most.

When they went in to see the cats they saw many lovely and deserving ones who were all friendly and coming to the front of the cages to allow the visitors to pet them.  Then they saw the other cat.  In one cage there was a small, meek, furry little girl who was at the very back of the cage, shoved right into the corner and facing away from everyone.  The staff told them that she was a very timid cat who had been treated very badly over the first two years of her life.  Both my mother and husband knew right away that she was the cat for me. 

When Plaidy (as she was then called) came out of the box at my house my first thought was that she was so gorgeous with her long white fur with just a touch of tortoise around her face and tail.  Then before I could get a good look at her she was off!  Hours later I finally found her, hiding in the store room in a tiny little nook behind all the suitcases.  If I lay on the floor I could just spot her face in the dark, all the way back against the wall.  And there she stayed (at least when we were awake) for about two weeks.  I came down often to lie on the floor and say hello and to leave her treats.  I renamed her Malaika (it means Angel in Swahili) because I didn't want her to have any memories of her past unhappy life.  She must have come out to eat and use the litter box but never when we were around. 

It took about six weeks in total for us to really meet our little Malaika.  During that time she had one or two accidents on our carpet, which prompted my husband to call her the Phantom Piddler, and her name has since been changed to Malaika-Piddles.  Now almost 4 years later Piddles is a happy, playful, and very sucky cat.  She has gained so much confidence that she is even happy to beg for attention from our friends who come to visit.  She is not quite as fond of our new baby but they are slowly becoming friends too. 



April 15, 2011

I adopted Lina from the Toronto Humane Society in January 2011. Lina was a quite cat with a stress licking problem and didn't eat a lot while she was in the shelter. Lina went through a hard time when her owner passed away and growing up with small children. We knew that Lina wouldn't warm up to us right away and she would be a very independent cat. and we were ready for that, she was just to beautiful to give up.

Once arriving at home she hid under my bed for a while and slowly crept around the house looking at everything. But to our surprise Lina has been the most cuddly, talkative cat I have ever met and she has totally stolen my heart. She sleeps in bed with me every night, talks all day and night, greets all of our visitors so warmly and cuddles the best.

Lina has also stopped her stress licking and has no problem eating. Although she is still a little nervous at times it is totally normal seeing how she has only been with me a few months. All she needed was a loving home and were so happy to have her with us.



April 15, 2011

We adopted Ross (now named Tony) back in February 2009. We walked in to see this tiny 10 week old orange sweetie sitting at the front of his cage looking for attention. We saw that he had a medical work-up due to his heart murmur and right away I knew he'd be the perfect fit into our family. I (Megan) work as a veterinary technician and knew I'd be able to take care of his needs. We right away filled out the paper work and took him home. We fell in love immediately and he fit in the second we walked in the door. He is the apple of our dogs eye and they cuddle and play together all the time. He is a bundle of joy. His heart has never acted up and runs around like a little kitten for two years.

Thank you for taking Tony in and giving him the workup he needed. He love every minute we get with him.

Megan and Steve


April 11, 2011


Just wanted to drop in to let you know that since adopting Oreo in August 2008, all is well. His transition from being on a farm to suburban living went well and he absolutely loves his feline friend Sammy and his new baby friends (our then newborn twin daughters).

We have always have been fond of your organization and have adopted from you prior to adopting Oreo. In 1993,we adopted Ferguson and beautiful,gentle Australian Sheppard who we loved dearly right from the start. We believe he was two when we adopted him. He lived till he was 15 years old and passed away on May 28, 2008. If everyone could open their hearts and home and see that all should be given and safe and happy home this world would be a better place.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.
The Young Family


April 03, 2011

We recently adopted a dog named Henry from the Toronto Humaine Society. When we made the adoption they gave us your email to give you an update on how he is doing. We have changed his name to Carter and he is doing great.

Carter and our cat Stitch have become great friends and love playing together and taking naps together. We live in the Beach so Carter loves going for walks on the Boardwalk and playing with his favourite ball in the park. He is getting lots of exercise in our backyard and going for many walks and is putting on weight nicely. Carter is happy and healthy and he has brought great joy to our lives. Carter is enjoying his forever home.

Take care
Katherine and James


March 27, 2011

When I got my first kitten from a rescue group in 2008 I struggled between 2 names - Achilles and Apollo. I settled on Achilles. Sadly it wasn't meant to be and at 3 months of age, Achilles left me.

A year later, in September 2009, I was looking on the THS website for a new little kitten I could call my own. That's when I found Apollo. He was at the Victoria Park location and I knew he was meant to be mine - he looked exactly like Achilles had and had already been named with the 2nd name I had considered a year ago.

I went down and adopted Apollo right away. I was told he was semi-feral, so I made sure to give him lots of room to get to know his new home. It didn't take him long before he was calling the shots.

Apollo is full of energy and keeps me laughing non-stop. He climbs into the bathroom sink and turns on the tap to give himself a bath (but never turns it off!) and has even opened the fridge a few times. He makes sure I get up in time for work, getting on my back to meow in my ear if he has to. He greats me at the door and lectures me if I have been gone too long for his liking. He tells me when he wants food, treats, cuddles or if the litter box needs to be cleaned and we fight, several times a day, over the desk chair. He has even won my parents over, who had never been cat people, and delights in tormenting their Border Collie during visits.

I am very very happy to have found Apollo at the THS - he is happy and healthy and has brought a little ray of sunshine into my life. The story of how he came into my life has even become my first publishing success, so without him I wouldn't have achienved my greatest dream.

Thank you for all you do, THS, and thank you for helping to bring this sweet, yet mischivious, kitten into my life.

Tara & Apollo


March 22, 2011

Just wanted to drop a line to update you on how our two THS dogs are doing today. We adopted Carla, and Australian Kelpie (formerly Roxy) and Hooch (an akita) about a month apart from THS in late 2007. Both were red level dogs with some behavior issues, but with training and patience and a lot of TLC, they came around really quickly to being great dogs. We've since adopted two other dogs privately and all 4 get along great and spend the day running around the farm and playing. I remember a volunteer coming up to us when we took Hooch home, she was in tears, thanking us for taking him because she thought nobody would given all his behavior issues, she loved him and was happy for him, but also sad to see him go. I hope she sees this and knows that he is very much loved and appreciated with us and is a wonderful dog.

I'm attaching some photos of them playing on the farm and resting on the back deck after a long day of playing.

Kelli Edwards,

Cookstown Ontario


March 22, 2011

I had seen Scruffy on the Toronto Humane Society website, and knew immediately that I HAD to have him. I went to adopt him, but unfortunately I was not approved for the adoption! I went home upset, thinking I would go back in the next few days with the other member of my household. When I called to see if Scruffy was still there, he was on hold! I figured I would never get him, but, lo and behold, he was off hold and I went to adopt him the next morning! It was meant to be!

I had been told that Scruffy was a bit of a mischievous, rambunctious, agressive dog...not a bit, but a WHOLE LOT. I loved him anyways. Even though I've only had him for two weeks, he is fitting right in, and is the perfect dog! He had few problems, such as digging a hole in the wall (how ridiculous, you'd think he was digging a hole to China, the hole was so deep!), but since then he now has a crate which he can stay in while I'm out, which he seems to love! Scruffy has finally found his forever home.

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society!


March 19, 2011

I was just browsing your site and thought I'd add another success story!

I adopted Princess (Then Sully) in 2008. He was nervous to start and insisted on my sleeping on my head for the first few weeks! Since then he's become quite a character and very talkative! He's made the last few years great and I look forward to the warm greeting I receive every evening on my return from work.

He and I both love dogs and are hoping we find the perfect # 3 for our household soon.

Thank you to the staff member that led me to him!


March 18, 2011

hi I got my cat Yuki (then named Natalie) from the toronto humane society years ago in 2008 when she was only a year old. She stole my heart when i saw her. Yuki is definetly a one person cat, she wil follow me around my home and dosent like be left by herself.
She is doing well and I wouldnt know what to do with out her.



March 18, 2011

When my boyfriend and I came to look at cats at THS it was overwhelming. Almost one of the last cats we saw was Kenobi. She was sticking her paws through the cage and begging to play. We instantly knew that we wanted to take her home. We were told about her past which was so sad. She came to the shelter very young (around 1) and pregnant. She had four kittens and none of them survived because she was sick. When she was taken to the THS her eye was clouded from an eye infection that was left untreated too long.

It's been 2 years an Kenobi has become a completely new girl! She's no longer shy and she loves to be around people and having some pets on her belly. We couldn't be happier with Kenobi and we feel so lucky that we got to bring her home.



March 13, 2011

My daughter and I melted over Pudge the moment we saw him sleeping away in his cage!

Liz was a great help in preparing us to welcome him into our home.

Pudge immediately started exploring the minute we opened the box and was not shy about "saying" that he was happy. He is independent, yet loving, and we love him So much already!

Please see the attached picture of Pudge having a nap with his new "Mommy"!

Thank you!


February 25, 2011

We adopted Rocky, a 12-year-old poodle-basset mix, back in October. The poor guy had been at the shelter for a few months - he had a perfectly good temperament but I think people were put off by his age. I just wanted to let you know that Roger (as he is now known!) has adapted without any trouble whatsoever. He is healthy, energetic, trainable and loves to go for a walk; he's cuddly and playful and fits right in with our much smaller 2-year-old Maltese-poodle mix, Eric. In fact, they play together almost constantly.

Here's Roger wearing a snow-beard. He loves to plow through it face-first!

Adopting a senior dog has turned out to be a wonderful decision. Thanks THS!



February 25, 2011

Yoshi (also known as Charlotte by THS) did not take long at all to adjust into the new environment after adopting her from Toronto's Humane Society on October 3rd 2010. Yoshi is still as fun,cute and playful as when we first met her. As the day goes by we could all see that Yoshi is getting quite big, but no way does her size stop her from jumping around everywhere all the time. One of the things I love about her is that she so friendly and is always using what we call "soft" paws to play with others.Which means she never claws you.

My whole family is absolutely in love with Yoshi and we just can't get enough of her. Here's a few photos of her so you guys can get a slight idea of how big she's grown.



February 25, 2011

Jamie is doing just Great ! She is the most effectionate cat we've ever had or seen. From the very first day she explored her new home to that night on Val's lap, She has made her self right at home and us feel so good. Our son originally wanted a dog, but instantly changed his mind the first time she laid on his legs while he did home work on his bed.(Pretty much a nightly ritual).

Her favourite toy is a boot lace and will litterly spend hours playing with it. Jamie was to our vet Jan 28th for an exam and the FVRCP shot. Everything was good. She has healed fine from the broken upper left tooth she had removed at your facility. Jamie is a real joy ! We look forward to many wonderful years together.Please feel free to let everyone know of the wonder experence we've had with the Torono Humane Society Family.

Best regards,
Brad,Val and Tyler


February 25, 2011

It did not take long for us to fall in love with Cooper's loving and gentle personality, especially when we heard his loud purr. He has adapted extremely well into our household and daily routine, often ending his day with snuggles on the couch. Cooper has added so much to our lives, we already can't imagine what life would be like without him, even though it has only been two weeks since we first picked him out.

Thanks to everyone on the cat adoption staff for uniting the three of us together!

Tracy & Pat


February 25, 2011

Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how well Emme was doing. She has taken over the condo and has adjusted very well. When we brought her home she was very timid and shy. By the second day she was running around and playing like a regular kitten. She loves playing with her balls and toys. Her favorite thing is to have her belly rubbed.



February 25, 2011

Attached is a photo of our kitten Paddington who we just adopted a couple of weeks ago from the Toronto Humane Society and our dog Molly who we adopted as a puppy a couple of years ago from the Toronto Humane Society.

Molly came to us a very frightened and emaciated puppy. She is now the most wonderful dog anyone could ever imagine. She is extremely loving and just perfect.

Paddington has adjusted well to Molly and our other cat. He nows sleeps attached to Molly. They are best friends and love to play together.

Thank you for allowing both to enter our lives.

the Johns family


February 21, 2011

Back in early January I noticed a cat on your website named "Kugel". I was really taken with her and her spunky demeanour. When I went to meet her, she was pretty subdued after being at the THS for nearly six months. With all of the background and advice provided by Jenny at the THS, I decided to take a chance on her and bring her home. She immediately began to explore and check out my home. She has perked right up and is enjoying relaxing in sunbeams and having the run of the house. She also likes to sit on my desk and keep me company while I'm working and gives me the occasional head butt so I don't forget she's there.  She has a great appetite too and will even chase treats, which helps to give her some exercise. I did change her name to "Dougal" and she has been responding to that well.

So thank you all, and especially Jenny, for all your help in and for matching me up with Kugel/Dougal.

 All the best,



February 21, 2011

We wanted to send along a note of thanks, from Jason and me, for the time each of you took helping holly to come home. We understand it is early but Holly seems to have taken to her new surroundings quite well. She immediately found her bed and her toys with which she is very pleased and seems indefatigable in her amusement (solitary and shared) with them. She particularly loves sinking her teeth into her new squeaky toy. She is a sweet sweet sweet girl.

She ate well last night - though a little ravenously - and again this morning and we were happy this morning to see her take a bit more time and enjoy her food. She seems to like the fact that she can see us at all times - we live in a loft - and I was amazed when after explaining to her where the kitchen was she respected the no food rule and went to lie on her bed where she could chew her bone and watch me cook.
(A special thanks to all of you that worked with her on her manners - we keep looking for signs of "problem dog" and all we get is perfect dog.)

Every moment with her is a pleasure. In that she is so very loving and willing to please. And something more is witnessing this beautiful creature find her feet. All four of them. She has but had loving words and actions from us - and that is what we get in return - unconditional love.



February 20, 2011

Greetings THS staff and volunteers!

My name is Tooner, and I was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society back in June of 1998. I am still an active puppy, although I'm technically a grown up now. I will be 14 years young this summer.

I love to catch my frisbee in mid air (the here-to-for unknown verb "to friz"), and I love to sniff my way around the off leash dog park. My forever family has turned into just that - forever. We moved to Saskatchewan from Toronto in 2002 and I can't believe all the space out here! I'm not hearing so well anymore, but that's turned into more of a blessing than a curse as I have a two year old human sister who revels in testing her voice's limits. My little puppy brother just has to tolerate the sound, but I am happily oblivious.

I wanted to say thanks for my time at the Toronto Humane Society - my parents are so thankful they found me and I am so thankful I found them! We're a match!

Love Tooner


February 15, 2011

We adopted Serena, now called Holly, just before Christmas. 20 lbs of mischief but was house trained and crate trained in days. Had to work really hard with her as she could be nippy and found it hard to trust. We now take her to the leash free dog park and she is very well behaved and socializes very well with all other dogs. She now shows affection and likes to be petted. We adopted a second dog and after two weeks they are best of friends. Next week her shots are done and we can take them up to the park together for the first time. Thanks to the Toronto Humane Society. It was great to see her sister found a home too.

Brian Duffield


February 5, 2011

Hi there, I was just reading through your success stories and thought I would send in my own.

I adopted Midnight (now Calvin) and his littermate Shadow (now Hobbes) during one of your adopt-a-thons in June of 2000. I just wanted to let you know that they are still doing well, still the loves of my life. In the last 10 years I have moved several times, changed jobs, boyfriends have come and gone, but these two have always been with me. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to bring these two beautiful souls home with me.



February 1, 2011

I'm such a proud parent I wanted to share our adoption success story. We adopted "Arthur" in March 2009 (we changed his name to Ted Baxter or Baxter for short) and while our first schnoodle Charlie (on the bottom in the picture) wasn't completely ecstatic about the idea at the time, as you can see they're now inseparable and the very best of friends! They do everything together, and do not even want to be separated to be examined individually by the vet!

We are so delighted to have been selected to give Ted Baxter his forever home and are so appreciative of the work of the Toronto Humane Society. I can't imagine why anyone gave this adorable dog up for adoption, but he is definitely appreciated and loved to bits where he is now.

Steven and Jennifer Taran


January 29, 2011

Dear Toronto Humane Society

We adopted Elsie and Perry in early December 2010 - we were still recovering from the loss of our beloved rabbit Nina (previously known as Siam) who we had adopted from the THS in 2003. Elsie and Perry are wonderful - Elsie is a good big sister and looks out for Perry, who is just a little bit slower and more apprehensive at trying new things. It is so amazing to watch a bonded pair of rabbits share everything - they never quarrel and always seem to figure out how to make 1 baby carrot feed both of them. It is funny to watch them learn new tricks - Elsie was positively smirking when she first leaped up on a bed and looked around! There is usually a great deal of commotion and binkying going on in the house and then they will both settle in for a long rest.

Elsie and Perry have settled in well to their new home and they are free-range bunnies when we are home. They love to be out and about and getting into mischief - we have already had to replace 2 phone cords and 1 TV cable cord. Several magazines have also met a bad end. Here is a picture of them in the magazine basket, having some fun.

Thank you THS and thank you to the wonderful worker in the rabbit room when we came for Perry and Elsie. Our house is full of rabbits again and we could not be happier.

Ann, Liam and Katie


January 26, 2011

Hi Liz, It's been more than 5 months since we brought Rose, now known as Rogue, home from the THS on August 14, 2010. Rogue came to the THS by way of Toronto Cat Rescue and we were told at that time she was one of the cats who had been at THS the longest. She seemed to be depressed as well because she wasn't eating as much and she was extremely shy when we met her. Despite her first impressions, we decided she was the one for us and took her home.

It didn't take Rogue long to get used to her new life with us. She quickly identifed her favourite places in the house to lounge and sleep, including the foot of our bed at night. Her appetite fully recovered and she comes running when we get out her cat treats. She likes to be with us wherever in the house we are and we love her companionship. She has fun playing with her toys but her favourite game is hunting the laser pointer light as it dances across the carpet.

Rogue has figured out our daily routines and escorts us around the kitchen and washroom as we get ready for the day. She particularly loves sitting in the washroom sink and doesn't mind the occasional splash of water. She doesn't quite understand the concept of sleeping in on the weekends and has a number of very creative ways to wake me up without actually meowing, including rattling the closet doors and body slamming.

Rogue has gained confidence in her new home and has really blossomed into a wonderful and fun companion. We're very grateful that we didn't pass her by. Thanks to Jenny at the THS for advising us and showing us what a great cat Rogue was for us.

Please feel free to share Rogue's story.
Charlotte and Jan Shalla


January 21, 2011


I just wanted to give you an update on Ellie, whom we adopted back in 2005. She was 6 months old when she came to us, a dog completely unaccustomed to being a dog (she didn't like the leash or know how to "do her business" outside). She's opened up over the years, especially in the dog park, where she runs straight for the long grass and deep bushes to look for mice, snakes, and ducks.

She makes a great cuddling pillow and loves to snuggle. She's very protective of her younger brother, Rocky, also an adopted dog (but not from the THS). We love Ellie with all our hearts, and we were very upset when she tore both rear knee ligaments last year. With some TLC, she recuperated perfectly and is almost back to normal. We can't imagine life without her. Thank you for giving us many wonderful memories with Ellie, and many more to come! Here's a picture of her enjoying her favourite past time; lounging around outside.

Sincerely, Kasia Szymanek


January 18, 2011

I adopted Tiger almost two weeks ago after seeing him on the THS website and falling in love with him. I couldn't stop thinking about this sweet little guy and I wanted to give him the forever home he so badly needed.

Tiger's previous owners surrendered him for house soiling and aggression, and described him as a fearful cat. I have seen no evidence of any of these behaviours. Tiger previously had problems with his urinary tract, but he's now back on his prescription diet and has used his boxes consistently since we got him. He has never been aggressive with my mum or me; in fact, he's quite a gentle little kitty with us. He even liked his new vet and was calm throughout his examination. As for being fearful, we expected him to be shy at first. Surprisingly, he didn't want to stay in his sanctuary room during his first night; he preferred to be in the living room with us instead. When I went to bed that night, he decided to join me.

Since then, Tiger has settled in beautifully. Now that he knows we're not going to disappear, he's more confident about going off on his own to explore, look out a window, or have a nap. He loves to be petted and brushed, and he loves to play. His favourite toy is a straw. At first, Tiger liked to sit between us on the couch, but lately he's found a favourite chair to curl up in when we watch TV.

I'm so glad that Tiger is part of our family now. He's the most adorable little fellow and has brightened our lives immensely. I like to think we've made him as happy as he's made us. Thanks so much to Debbie and the rest of the THS staff for letting us give Tiger the home he deserves.



January 17, 2011

Hi there,

We wanted to thank you for helping us to adopt the cat "Trouble" from you. He is an awesome pet - quite nutty at times but definitely lovely and adorable.

Rose and Neil


January 16, 2011

Cricket (now Nyx) was adopted July 20, 2010. She is now eight months old and thriving. There were some early issues with our elderly alpha-cat and her second but Nyx has integrated well, she is even learning to respect the rabbit.

Nyx is an outgoing, snuggly little girl who loves to play and help out around the house. Current interests include keeping the toy mouse population in line, unpacking groceries, filling sneakers with paper balls and stealing tape measures.

I would like to thank everyone at the THS for the love and care they gave this little kitty.



January 12, 2011

Hey guys, it's me, Annabel! (née Mandy)

Thanks for finding me a loving new home with a big backyard! I'm really happy that there's lots of fresh snow for me to tunnel around in like Bugs Bunny. My new favourite past times are watching TV, chewing bones, getting tummy rubs, playing with my fur-friends at the dog park and most of all hanging out with my new best friends. I miss all of my friends at the Humane Society, but don't worry about me, I'm a very happy pup with plenty of socks to chew!

Sending you lots of wet kisses,


January 10, 2011

Just updating the THS Staff at the River Street location. I know you have a lot of dogs going in and out of the shelter but the staff really seemed to like Ozzie (Newfoundland/Retriever), he was brought in from Timmins, Ontario. When I saw this gently giant, I knew he was for me. At 10 months old he was pretty big, but he had an even bigger heart.

We brought him home and changed his name to Berrin (Bear Like). He fit in very well with the family, very sociable, gentle and very handsome.

Anyway, I got Berrin a sister. Her name is Pheonix and they're like two peas in a pod. She's a Great Pyreness. He watches out for her, they play and sleep together, it's so wonderful to watch. I've never laughed so hard and my heart is filled with love and joy.



January 10, 2011


Just wanted to share a success story. I adopted "Tilly", (originally named Mathilda by the THS) from the River St. facility on Thanksgiving 2010.

After a couple of months of adapting to her new "penthouse lifestyle", Tilly has blossomed into an incredible pet. She's relaxed, well behaved, easily trainable, great with dogs and people, and couldn't be a more perfect companion. She even sits quietly in the elevator no matter how many people are in it with us! (usually...unless someone has dog treats in their pocket!)

I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of her and giving me the opportunity to provide her forever home. We've already created more memories together than I can count, and I'm looking forward to many years more to come!

And if you choose to publish this, I'd like to send the message to anyone reading to please please adopt, don't buy. THS and other humane societies have great animals just like Tilly and you can help save a life!

All the best,



January 7, 2011

We adopted this fluffy, 5-pound, nameless, 2 year old girl in June 2009 and named her Dolce, because she was just so sweet. Since that day, she has become a dear member of our family.

She is one of the most social bunnies I have ever met and LOVES being center of attention. She always greets guests by sniffing them and jumping on them when they sit on the couch to try and get to know them better. She just loves to be petted and treated.

Originally, we were going to adopt a smaller rabbit, because Dolce looked very large and we weren't sure if we could accomodate her with a large enough pen. But due to her amazing non-chewing behaviour and litter-training we now allow her to roam free in our apartment.

I cannot even imagine our household without her and I am so lucky to have met her. She just makes my day with her clumsy binkies.



December 28, 2010

Riza (AKA Foxy Cleopatra) came home with me in early November. She adjusted to her home extremely quickly and within minutes was doing binkies around my apartment.

She stayed in her own cage for only about two weeks and then was moved into her new husband's cage. Shino (her new husband) still tries to be the dominant rabbit but it looks pretty clear that Riza is running the show. While they still enjoy doing their own things they have started doing almost everything together. They eat together, groom together, play together, even beg for food together.

Shino's attitude had changed greatly since Riza's arrival, he is more playful, much more calm and as a whole seems happier. Riza has affected me in such a way too. I cannot remember life before this wonderful joy came home with me. Thank you for giving this loving, happy rabbit a second chance.


December 21, 2010

Boris had a dramatic few weeks before I adopted him but he's adapted quite well. He is a noisy guy, greeting me everytime I come home. Boris likes to play with his toys, especially his ball of yarn, and I have to play with him every morning and night to get rid of his energy. He's incredibly strong and really gets into his playing - I have a couple of scratches as proof. His other favourite toy is his toy mouse, which squeaks like a mouse when it's moved; he plays with it around 4AM.

He can be pushy around food, and isn't shy about begging and trying to jump on my chair, meowing loudly. However, I make him wait.

Boris is a cuddly guy, although he doesn't like to be held. He loves being talked to and petted and follows me around wherever I go. Overall, I'd say he's quite happy.



December 19, 2010


Myself and my boyfriend adopted our cat, Rikku, over a year ago now from the THS.
We remember walking around and looking at all the lovely animals - but it was love at first sight when we walked past Rikku's cage and she put her little paw out on my boyfriend's arm and miaowed!

So that was it, we had to have her.

She was very small when we took her home, she had recently had kittens and was so skinny, at only 1 year old.
However, I am pleased to report that she is now a very well pampered puss!!! She settled in so well, and according to our vet, is the perfect size and is in great health!

She is the most wonderful addition to our family, it was the best decision we have ever made to adopt her - and we couldn't imagine life without her!



December 16, 2010

We adopted 2 month old Calypso (re-named Chloe) from the THS in August of 2010. She has adapted well to her new home and we love her very much. Chloe is a very fearless kitty - we could tell right away when drove home with her from the THS. She did not meow, but instead, curiously looked out the window. When we got home, she bravely inspected all her new surroundings. The first night, she did not sleep and kept running around and attacking everything (including our feet). She was so tiny and cute.

For the first month, she was not very vocal - instead she meowed without a sound by just opening her mouth, which we thought was adorable! Now Chloe loves to talk. You should see her when we throw her favourite ball down the hallway and she chases it. When we come home, she always greets us with a long hello.

Every morning, Chloe gets up with us. She loves to hop quickly into the shower to get drenched and quickly run out. After her "shower", she sits on the bathroom counter waiting to be picked up and held as we go about our morning routine. We've never seen a cat who loves water and to be held so much!

We're very happy to have adopted Chloe and can't wait to see her grow up.

Daniel & Edita


December 14, 2010

I adopted Estelle back in November, 2009. I had always wanted a pet but my parents wouldn't allow it, so one week after getting the keys to my new house and finishing up some renovations, I made the trip, along with my boyfriend to the THS. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of cats that were there and my heart broke for each one of them. I came across Estelle and she paid me absolutely no attention. She was half awake, half asleep and looked at me like, ugh, go away. I decided her face was too cute to ignore and adopted her.

Her first few days at my house were a bit rough since she needed to see a groomer as she had a bit of a problem around her bottom area. It was a saturday night and I couldn't find a groomer open until Monday so she had to reside in my basement (fully finished, warm and spacious) until I could get her sorted.

I took her there Monday and went off to work having arranged with my mom to pick her up and put her back in my basement until I got home as I didn't want her being overwhelmed without me to introduce her to her surroundings. I came home Monday after work and opened the door to the basement and called her name, but then I just waited in the living room so she could come at her own pace. A few moments later she was exploring her new surroundings and even snuggled with me that night on the couch, purring her little heart out.

She is now the Queen of the castle. She greets me, cuddles with me and follows me around, but still acts aloof enough to remind me that she is the cat and I am simply her companion.

I love her and I'm so glad she had a safe place in the THS to call home until I could come and make her a part of mine.



December 2, 2010

Colt is doing extremely well. He had no issues in the car coming home!! No anxiety since the first night. He sleeps throughout the night. Takes turns which room he sleeps in.

It is like he has been with us for years. He is eating and drinking well. Loves the kids, playing ball, really loves his walks and car rides. He has a couple dog friends from his many walks and knows where his home is already. He gets really excited when he gets close to the house. Brings his leash to one of us. Has about 4 to 5 walks a day, runs in the backyard and can already play football!!

The only downfall is he is now addicted to his and my Tim Horton's coffee runs. I told him he is too young for coffee but I admit I do pass him a small piece of my donut. Lol.

He is truly a great addition/gift to our family.

Thanks for believing that our family would take great care of him.

Yes and I forgot to mention he wasn't really responding to Gage so we have changed his name to "Colt". Which funny enough responds to really really well. Truly an amazing pup!

-Debi, Dane, Kyle, Austin, Mackenzie and Colt Gentles


December 1, 2010

Just over a year ago I was adopted and since then I've had a great time with my new owners. I live close to a park and every day I take a slow (after all I am 11 years old) but "sniffingly" good walk. The park is shared by a school and I have made lots of friends with the kids (who love to pat me and play football with me!!) the teachers and of course my other tail wagging friends.

In the last year I have travelled to Florida twice and spent about 4 months there… lots of parks and squirrels to chase , although at my age they are much faster than me.

I have been given this new lease of life thanks to all my friends at the Toronto Humane Society, who looked after me for 6 months and advertised me in the Sun newspaper where my new owners saw me.

Thank you, Thank you… woof woof, woof

My owners love me so much and are thankful to your efforts that they are sending a donation by mail to help you help other animals so they can also enjoy life at, and after the T.H.S.

Happy holidays to you all



December 1, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that Max is doing well and settling in with his new family. He tolerates our other dog Chewie and is allowing Chewie to sleep next to him. We bought a bed big enough for two. Max walks very nicely, our six year old often hold his leash when we go out. He has some difficulty managing stairs so we carry him. He is so sweet! I'm impressed with how good he is about getting the eye drops put in. He does not care for the dog food you gave us. Is it the same food he was eating there? I found a low protein dog food recipe online and I made that for him and he ate it. I would have eaten it.

It has always been easy for us to feel compassion for an old or disabled animal. It just wasn't so easy to take the step to adopt one. We are very glad we did. It feels good to act on that compassion, to live it, not just talk about it. We understand that his health will continue to decline but we hope to give him a really good time for as long as we can. As parents of two special needs kids we have faced many challenges but the rewards have always been greater. That played a large part in our decision to adopt Max. Thanks for saying yes to us. We'll keep you posted. Beth and Bill Edwards


December 1, 2010

Sending THS an update about Teeka, who we adopted November 13.  Teeka is doing great, she has fit in perfectly with our family and we love her so much.  She loves going for her walks on the beach everyday - she's great with other dogs and loves chasing seagulls and leaves all over the beach.  I have included some pictures of the past week, enjoy!  Please share this with anyone at THS that knows her and feel free to share Teeka's success story.

-Kirsten and Chris


December 1, 2010

I adopted Shiloh (formerly Lola) from THS in October 2008. She was in the 'special needs' room, where I found her hiding in a carpet covered kitty nook. She was very thin and I could tell immediately that she had not been eating well; mainly because she was the smallest in a room full of big angry cats and her fur was looking very matted and dry. I was told she was feral and that it would take time before I could pet her, if at all. She came with a letter from her previous owner/foster home that painted her to look like a very angry and scared kitty. I didn't care. Her big green eyes made my heart melt the moment I saw her.

Presently, it is November 2010 and Shiloh is doing very well. She has gained some weight (around 8lbs now) and she has grown significantly in the last 2 years. The bond that her and I share is incredible. She does still get anxious around people she doesn't know, but those who she knows she loves dearly. She loves her blankie and chasing her toys around my house. She is the sweetest cat in the world, and having known what she has been through you would think she is a different cat all together.



December 1, 2010

I adopted a cat named Julia last week. Julia is just over a year old and was taken to the shelter with nine kittens at the end of August. All of her kittens were adopted and when I went to the Humane Society I fell in love with her as she was so friendly and loved having her face scratched. Julia has adapted very well in my home and gets a long wonderfully with my two roommates. Her favourite hiding spot is under my roommates bed and she also loves sitting on the window ledge. I have actually renamed Julia - Remy as I thought it fit her personality better. She has a lot of energy, which is great  because she also loves eating. She enjoys being around people, but still is a little skidish. She also loves giving kisses and handled, although she does not like to be picked up just yet.

Remy is a perfect fit and she is very loved and I am thrilled to have her as a pet. I want to thank Mitch and Debbie and the rest of the Toronto Humane Society for giving me the opportunity to care for such a precious soul.




November 24, 2010

I recently adopted Singer (now Lola) back in October at 5 Months. She is doing quite well settling into her new home and family. She has a very outgoing personality and loves to play anytime of the day! She has brought so much happiness and joy to me and my mom, and we will continue to give her the best forever home.

I am extremely happy because although I have gained a new feline friend & have given her a home, she has given me so much more in return. Thank you to the Toronto Humane Society for being an outstanding agency.

-Sarah & Lola


November 16, 2010

Kiki and Socks are still here and just doing excellent in the barn. We have had them going on 2 years now. So here are a few pics from this summer. They love their home here with the horses.



November 15, 2010

Tasha was adopted from the THS in June 2002. Unfortunately, when her original owners moved, they left her behind, alone in a basement apartment. It was the kind heartedness of the superintendent who took her in. However, as she didn't mix well with children, she was brought to the Toronto Humane Society.

Today, Tasha is thriving. She is affectionate beyond any cat lover's expectations. She follows me everywhere and as I write this, she is hugging my keyboard!

Thank you to the superintendent who found and cared for her and the Toronto Humane Society for connecting us.



November 15, 2010

Smartypants (now Netty) is a delightful kitty - she has adapted very well to her new environment, and was accepted fairly easily by our alpha-cat (another successful adoption from THS, in 2002).

She plays like a kitten, loves being brushed and petted, and we're working towards making her a lap cat.

We'd like to thank the adoption counsellor for her advice on getting Netty, this little panther is a perfect fit in our family.

Cristina & Martin


November 15, 2010

Sid is doing wonderfully! He's taken over my apartment and made himself comfortable everywhere, from the ledge of my headboard to the top of my couch. His favourite place to hang out, though, is my bed. He's even begun sleeping with me.

He doesn't like to be held, much, but does require a good twenty minutes of sitting in my lap and being stroked. He has a weird habit of watching TV more intently than any animal I've ever encountered. He divides his time between that and sleeping or playing. His most treasured toy is - believe it or not - a bottle cap. He absolutely LOVES to bat it across the floor then go chasing after it. I now have a collection, so when he looses one I can replace it.

He's very particular about his environment. Anything new that's introduced needs to be inspected carefully, for at least a day, before it's accepted. I had to leave his brush on the floor for sixteen hours before I could get it near him. =)

Oh, and Sid's a champion purr-er. It's really loud, and the only vocalization he makes other than the occasional meow.



November 8, 2010

I adopted Eddie in July 2009 after getting to know him while volunteering as a dog walker at THS.  Eddie had been in THS for three years prior to me taking him home and appeared to be dog aggressive.  He has become a wonderful pet and gets along with everyone, people and dogs alike.  He is a real cuddle muffin.  Although he is 8 years old, most people take him for about 4 or 5.  He loves to run in the park and swims in the lake almost every day.  Life is very good for both of us.



November 2, 2010

We just wanted to give you an update on Leopard, the 12 year cat we adopted 2 weeks ago.

We were told that she had complicated needs such as kidney and heart problems, arthritis and dental disease. We also quickly discovered that she is deaf. However, we found Leopard to be extremely loving, gentle, inquisitive and adores being brushed.

She settled in within minutes and has secured her place and role in our apartment. We are delighted to have such a beautiful companion in our lives.

Keep up the good work.

Jeff and Gary


October 29, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that about 18 months ago I adopted a cat named Crash from the Toronto Humane Society. He is now six years old, black and white. A non-descript cat I nicknamed him El Gordo due to his size.

Crash has been put on a diet and has gone from 21 pounds at adoption time to 17.5 pounds. The story was that he peed everywhere. Since I've had him I have had no instance of peeing.

Crash has lost his nickname, is very happy, and well loved in his new place where he's free to roam.

Thanks so much...


October 25, 2010

I adopted Edwin (now Gobo) in February of 2010. I just want to let you know that he's doing great, and he is bonded to our other rabbit, Ruby. He has been such a pleasure to have in the family. I have included a picture of Gobo and Ruby...Gobo is the Rex on the right. Thanks so much for letting us take him home!

Crystal and Brendt

October 18, 2010

I adopted Sarah on Oct 11th, and was asked to send a picture or two and let you know how she is.

I renamed her Inks. She is a happy and affectionate kitten who seems to look up to my older cat, Baphs (who I also adopted from THS.) Inks likes to do everything Baphs does, such as sit in her spots, drink from her bowl (though Inks was given her own) and follow her around. Baphs is slightly unimpressed with her territory being invaded, but she seems to be warming up to her. I caught them playing tag on a couple occasions, already! Inks is cute, loves to play and demands attention. I'm happy to have brought her home.

Thank you.



October 18, 2010

We wanted to let you know that we are sooooo happy with our new friend Dusty the hamster. He is everything you said he would be. Today we will go out shopping for the food and bedding you suggested, and we will find an appropriate aquarium style enclosure for the second deck living space.

Thanks for everything.



October 14, 2010

I adopted Bailey from the Toronto Humane Society last Novemeber and she really is my best friend.

She is a loving cuddly girl and she has really come a long way from the skinny puppy I adopted almost a year ago. She is extremely intelligent and always playful.
I really dont remember what life was like before I got her, and I dont care to.

Her story was that she was a stray taken in by a family who already had too many pets, I dont think she was at THS long before I came in, but looking at her in the cage, I knew right away she was mine. The whites of her eyes looked up from me and it was love at first sight.

She plays well with other dogs, and has on occasion tried to protect me. She is an awesome dog and I am lucky to have found her!



October 14, 2010

About 3 weeks ago, my husband and I adopted Phineas from your shelter. As we already owned a much larger male dog, everyone was a little hesitant to see if the two would get along...but I can proudly say that not only do they get along famously, but they're inseparable! As we have 25 acres of land for them to run and play on, as well as a cottage up north, I think its safe to say that he's living the good life :) Not only that, but he's enriched our lives as well as that of our other dog, Rambo, who's very happy to have a brother and a companion to play with. Phineas is an energetic, loving, well-tempered dog that we are very blessed to welcome into our family. Thank you THS for making this connection possible!

Sharyn & Paul


October 07, 2010

Mouse was surrendered to the Toronto Humane Society in the spring of 2005, at 19.5 years of age.  After having her since she was a kitten, her family was moving and couldn't take her with them.  THS quickly began a search for a palliative care foster home for Mouse which was made difficult by the fact that it had to be a home without other cats.  I wasn't looking for a cat as I didn't want a long term commitment, but after much debate I decided to foster her.  Within 6 months I knew Mouse had to be "mine" officially, so I adopted her in October ‘05. 

Over FIVE years after being left at the shelter (yes that makes her 25 years old!!) Miss Mouse is still going strong!!  She has developed a thyroid condition which is easily managed, but is otherwise healthy, still fairly active and a very happy girl.  We've discovered her love of licking plastic bags, lounging behind the TV, and taking water from the bathtub faucet.  She loves catnip toys, but doesn't chase them around much anymore, preferring to just rub up against them.  Her favourite time of day now is bedtime when she gets to cuddle up with us and purr her little heart out.   

I am incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to spend so much time with this wonderful little old lady, as she is so very lucky to have been given a second chance at life at such an advanced age.  Thank you Toronto Humane Society for being there for Mouse!! 

Sarah L.


October 07, 2010

I just wanted to give an update on Theo (formerly Buster) who I adopted maybe a month and a half ago or so.

He is doing really well... he loves my bed, and he's getting cuddlier every day (probably because I smother him).  I've got him up to date with vaccines/boosters and whatnot, and he's in great health (the vet even said that he has excellent teeth for his age). And also, of course, he's gorgeous (see attached pics).

A happy match for sure.

Thanks guys,



October 04, 2010

I first met this little guy 2 years ago. While I had originally intended to "just visit", as soon as I reached Sushi, I was hooked. The minute we met eyes, it was love. I always say "He picked me": he pranced about his cage, purring and staring at me with his beautiful eyes. I later found out that he came to the shelter as a worn down a stray and that he was a special needs cat who had spent most of his life in a cage waiting to be adopted. I filled out the adoption papers and came back as soon as I could the next day. Cage-free, I have watched him blossom, as he learned, in his awkward little way, how to climb, jump, cuddle and explore. He is a such a lovely fellow, peaceful and calm, sweet and loving with many quirks, including a love for hummus. He is not a "fashionable" cat, due to his genetic skin condition which means his skin doesn't quite "fit" and it tears very easily. He often needs extra attention to keep healthy and sore-free. It is well worth the time for the joy he brings to me everyday. Everyone who meets him comments on his extraordinary personality and infallible cuteness. I encourage anyone adopting an animal to consider taking in one with special needs, especially those who are not as "adoptable". I feel honored everyday to share my life with such a lovely little fellow and I hope you too can find the same joy.


October 04, 2010

We adopted Cate on September 18 and we couldn't be happier with our decision. She is a wonderful bundle of energy and we wouldn't ask for anything else.
Before we adopted her, our family had been separated in different rooms, doing different things, and now we seem to all come together to watch her play. I guess you could say she is the glue holding us together.

We have changed her name to Kaitee, and she seems to love it very much.

She loves everyone and enjoys the company of our two dogs Shelby and Misty. Even though she did have a bad day and scratched Misty, it doesn't seem to stop them to run around the house.

She's already gotten herself in a routine of a 10 o'clock bedtime and is very grumpy when she misses it.

She has learned to climb many things, but her favorite is our legs.

She is a very happy kitten and we can't wait to see how she will be when she gets a little older.

Thank you so much for helping us find such a beautiful wonderful cat.

-The Martin family

September 28, 2010

Oliver was  right at home with us and it felt like he had always been around us! He chose Kevin's sock shelf as his favourite spot and it has become since, his little place wheneer we look for him.

He was a little shy at the beginning since we have another 2 cats and 1 dog, but within a day he was playing with all of them. He loves to be pet and will now come around the house to demand more  affection or just to cuddle...

We are so happy to have him in our life. I would tell everybody to choose an older animal because they are really much more calm than kitttens and have already their personality, which allows you to know quickly how to deal with them.

Thank you for helping us with finding Oliver, we are so happy to have him around in our lives.

-Anne-Laure and Kevin


September 23, 2010

Luci, left, was adopted from the THS in Oct/04.  Ricky, right, was adopted from the THS in April/06.  After an initial period of adversity, pictures like this one are now a regular occurrence.  Ricky's never quite figured out how to get the sand over the right spot in the kitty litter, but he doesn't need to - Luci takes care of him. They're the sweetest pair!

Both are happy, healthy, and beautiful spirits.  Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for helping to protect those who can't protect themselves, and for helping give them another chance.



September 16, 2010

Oliver and Charlie are the LOVES of my life.

Oliver was my first adoption from the Toronto Humane Society.  He was brought in as a stray.  I had visited the THS to look at another dog I saw on the website and ended up tripping over Oliver's crate, it was LOVE at first sight.  Those lovely big brown eyes looking soo sad.  I bent down to talk to him and then there it was, a TAIL WAG, for a short time he looked happy!  I had to bring him home!  Unfortunately for me he was not available for adoption.  I was informed by one of the staff members that he would be available to be adopted out the following day.  I didn't SLEEP!!!  I left early from work to run to the THS (fingers crossed the whole way) hoping Oliver would still be there and he was.  It was meant to be!  He is a beautiful and amazing boy who is a very important part of the family!

Then came #2…

Charlie came home with me about a year later.  He was surrendered by a kind woman who saw that he was mistreated.  On this particular visit to the Humane Society I went to give a donation of food "I may as well look around" I thought, and then I met Charlie!  How could I resist those HUGE eyes and wagging tail. it was also love a first sight - AGAIN!  I filled out an application that day, and was told that my application was one of MANY (over 40) for Charlie.  My heart sank, I wanted to give this little creature a home.  So I went back slightly sad that maybe they would find someone else for him. I waited, and waited and waited.  Then one day at work I got that call, I had been chosen! The rest is History! Charlie has become a wonderful part of our home and has grown into a very affectionate, and loving boy!

I just want to Thank the Humane Society for what they do.  Without your good work I would not have found the 2 best dogs in the WORLD (Ollie and Chuck), and my boys would not have had each other, whom they LOVE very much! 



September 15, 2010

I adopted my two cats from the humane society. The first one I adopted was Lucy. She was the last one out of her litter. She was all by herself and I knew I had to take her home. She was brought to her new home in September of 2007. She was my birthday gift since my birthday is in September. She is the best cat. She loves attention and she is very disciplined. I love her sooo much. My other adoption at the Toronto Humane Society was Schatzi. She was adopted last year in August 2009. I picked her because she was very unique. She has the most cutest face. She loves her sister Lucy and she plays all day long. She behaves like a dog wherever you go she comes with you. She talks all the time especially when you come home from work. Lol. I love them both very much.It was the best decision I ever made adopting them both. They always put a smile on my face. The black and white with longer hair is Schatzi and the other one with Gray is Lucy.



September 14, 2010


Just thought I would drop you and the THS a quick note to let you know how Tripod (aka Yvonne) is doing!

My boyfriend Mike and I had the pleasure of adopting Tripod on August 24, 2010 from the THS.

When we found Tripod at the THS she had just had surgery to remove her back right leg and was very timid. I am happy to report that after a few days of hiding under our bed she became very adventurous, exploring the house and becoming familiar with her 6 year old big brother (our other cat - Forrest - also adopted from the THS). She is very playful, full of spirit and cuddles. She also has a big soft spot for Forrest who she follows around like a shadow.

Forrest initially had a difficult time with the new "situation" but only took a few weeks to be totally convinced of Tripod's cuteness.

They now spend hours cuddling on the the couch together as well as chasing each other around the house in their own version of Cat & Cat (aka Cat & Mouse).

Thank you so much for taking care of Tripod before she came to her new home.

She is already a cherished part of our family.

I have attached some pictures and would be a happy for you to share them and our story on the THS website.

With many thanks,

-Paige & Mike


September 7, 2010

It has been one year since my fiancé and I have adopted Pinky and Daisy.

I still remember the day when we were walking down the halls and I felt Pinky's little paw hit my arm for my attention! We intended to get one cat that day but didn't have the heart to separate the two sisters. Getting Pinky and Daisy was the best decision we ever made, these two are the most affectionate, playful cats I've ever come across. We never go to bed or sit on our couch without one of them trying to cuddle with us.

Thank you THS  for bringing us together with our little darlings.



September 5, 2010

I adopted a beautiful 3 month old Belgium Shepard in March of 2007 as a birthday gift for my 7 yr old son. We named him Sygone and call him Sy. He was shell shocked when we first got him. Having never been outside other than come to the centre with his 2 sisters. Everything spooked him, sounds, people, cars and most specially stairs. For the first few days I had to carry him up and downstairs to take him outside (no easy task as he was a very large puppy) 50.8lbs by 6 months. It took him over a year to grow into his over sized ears and paws. Sygone has become the best new addition to my family since my son was born. Thanks.



I got Sabrina from the THS back in December 2006. She was in the last cat room; curled up in a little ball at the back of her cage. While I was reading her description, Sabrina woke up. She sleepily came up to the front and started rubbing her head on the door of the cage. And for some reason, I knew she was the cat for me.

Sabrina has been my constant companion these past few years while I complete my university degree. She stays up late with me when I'm studying and only crawls into bed with me when I'm done for the night. She's a lovely girl and I am so lucky to be her last owner.



August 31st, 2010

I adopted Ethan, my diabetic cat from the Toronto Humane Society on April 10, 2010.  Ethan is 14 years old but now has a new lease on life.  I was at first overwhelmed with information about diabetes for cats but after gaining a lot of practice checking his blood glucose levels and giving him a shot of insulin twice a day I have become quite good at it.  I also curve him once a month(taking his blood glucose levels every 2 hours).  Ethan is a very quiet cat who has a lot of places to chill out(i.e.  In the cupboard, on the kitchen table, on the coffee table, in a box, and on his cat bed).  More recently, Ethan has become more sociable and is starting to hang out in the living room.  He even lets my cats Lynx and Wimsey groom him. He has had all of his teeth removed but he prefers dry food.  (What a trooper).  His diabetes is under control.  I love Ethan a lot as I do all cats.  Thank you THS for all the hard work you do and giving all the animals the best care in the world.  A special thank you to Dr. Karen Ward for taking good care of Ethan.  I appreciate it and so does Ethan.  Please support the Toronto Humane Society.  They have great veterinarians, staff and now a great new Board of Directors.  They need your donations to continue giving the best care to these wonderful animals. I am so glad that I became a volunteer.



August 27th, 2010

In January 2009 I adopted a German Shepherd mix called Perry, who I later renamed Boone. I was actually working at the shelter at that time and despite trying to avoid it I ended up falling for him. For what ever reason he decided he liked me and while there were a few other people he got along with well he really seemed fond of me and how could I resist that face and those ears? Boone had fear aggression, and wasn't overly open to new people or places, he had to wear a muzzle for several months it had gotten to such a severe point but we worked through his issues.

I later ended up adopting a "little" brother for him after the loss of my Lab mix. Woof came from TAS who got him from a Quebec puppy mill. Boone and Woof adore each other and are rarely seen apart. Shortly after the adoption of Woof all three of us moved to Newfoundland. He (and Woof) handled the move like stars, even having to be left in the car on the ferry ride for 6 hours didn't seem to cause any bother. He's come a long way now and is constantly being praised for being such a well trained dog. A lot of people don't believe me when I tell them what he used to be like, he's still a nervous dog but far from what he was and a joy to own. He loves his swims in the ocean, chasing the wildlife, trekking down wooded trails, going out in boat.



August 26th, 2010

In November 2009 we adopted a 6 year old male rottie from the Toronto Humane Society. When we first took him home he was timid and fearful. His name when we adopted was "Money", but we changed it to Mannie which means "God is with us". Mannie is now a very secure and happy boy. He loves us as much as we love him. He enjoys is several long walks a day with us, and he loves his new sister, our 6 yr old female rottie "Callie. We have always rescued our animal family members and we are so glad that we have adopted Mannie. "Kudos" to everyone at the River Street Shelter on all of your hard work and dedication to the animals.


August 9th, 2010

We adopted Darcy on July 2nd 2010. In the one month that he has been with us, he has grown from a frightened little guy into a loving and playful kitten with an abundance of energy that knows no bounds. Though intially shy, he has developed the funniest, quirkiest personality and keeps us constantly entertained! We thank you for helping us bring this beautiful little kitten into our home,and though Darcy is currently distracted by a ball of fluff, we know he thanks you too!

Poorva and Michael

August 9th, 2010

"I saw that you guys like to hear the stories of successful homing of newly adopted pets and I felt like I want to share my story!

I adopted Duffy, now renamed François, last weekend and he's doing amazing. As we speak he is playing with his toys and causing all the kitten ruckus he can. It didn't take him long to adjust and he's already a very laid back kitten when his energy is on recharge after a good time running around and playing. He's so relaxed that he even let me clean his ears, no problems. He just laid there until I was done. I am very pleased with my experience with the THS as I feel I have a new best friend. I'm glad you guys are doing what you're doing and I want to wish you all good luck on that mission. I'm glad to have helped out in some way!

Here is a picture of him just lounging on my bed after a fun time of dancing which is the follow two pictures."


August 2nd, 2010

"Just wanted to let you know, as we approach the 1 yr anniversary of the adoption of Lauralie and her foster kitten (named onyx), that everything is still going well.
they've fit into the new house (we moved in the day we adopted them so they and our older cat - also a ths adoptee - would all be on equal footing to start) and fit in perfectly with our family (the 2 of them, me, hubby, other cat Noelle, parrot, and reef-tank).    The kitten onyx is now taller and longer than either Lauralie or noelle (though noelle is overweight, so still weighs substantially more than onyx (who's at the ideal weight for her size and age).   Lauralie is still a little bit thin, due to her food allergies.  my vets and i are working on a way to either be able to let her (but not the other 2) free-feed on hypo-allergenic food, or to find a food that she doesn't react to.    Her granuloma (fat lip) is still usually flared up, and a few times she's also become itchy enough to lick bare patches, but luckily that doesn't happen often.   I'm sure we'll eventually find a way (even if it ends up being meds) to fatten her up a bit and not aggravate the allergies.   Despite the ongoing allergy battle, she's as happy, friendly and social as always.  

The 3 girls (what we call the cats) all love looking out the patio door or screen doors together, and Lauralie and onyx also spend hours watching the fish in our 90 gal tank.  we even leave a stool in front of it so that they can sit and watch.   the 2 tank-bred clown fish even like to swim over in front of them and hang out right in front of them (i think the clowns hope that all movement outside of the tank will result in getting fed, and since they're tank-bred they've never known any predator so have no fear of anything).  I'm CONVINCED i've seen the fish and cats playing with each other through the tank-glass (as opposed to the cats "chasing" the fish, as usually happens with cats and tanks), since the clowns often swim TOWARDS where the cats' feet and heads are on the other side of the glass, stay in the vicinity of where the cats are sitting, and don't dart off to hide when the girls "pounce" onto the glass sides of the tank.
The attached is not the best picture, but it does show how big onyx has become (we've nicknamed her "monster" because of her size, and because of her way of trying (but not succeeding) to look fierce during kitten-play.
the other pic shows the girls snoozing on our bed.  noelle has become "auntie" to onyx - she grooms the kitten, plays with her, helped to teach her house-rules like not jumping on counters etc.... she'll even share a food dish with onyx, lol (and for chubby noelle, that's a REALLY big deal).  Lauralie and noelle occasionally have hissing matches, but there's never been a real scrap of any kind, and i've seen them snuggled and grooming each other several times, so i know they get along even if they sometimes have disagreements.
Just wanted to let you know they are all doing well, and we love each one of them to bits."  


August 2nd, 2010

"We are following up with you on our adoption of our cat, Alex!  We have also attached a picture of him in his bed.  As you can see, he likes to hang out a bit!  You have our permission to post our story if you are interested in doing so.

We adopted Alex 10 days ago and he is definitely the cat for us.  He is a real 'talker' and replies to us all the time when we talk to him.  He slept in his new bed the first night after his adoption, eats well, and responds to both my husband and myself in a friendly, positive manner.  He always uses his litter box also.  He loves roaming around our house as we have three levels.  He has fit into our household in a positive and wonderful way.  We are very thankful to all the Staff at the Toronto Humane Society for all that they did to help us find "our cat"!"

Carolyn & Robert


July 30th, 2010



"A quick note to let you know that Lucy is doing REALLY well! We are so grateful for her company and antics- she is a truly lovely cat.....but she wasn't always this way.

When we first fostered little Lucy we realized she had an alter ego -Lucifer- she was plain mean! Nothing we did could stop her from scratching, biting, lunging & attacking both of us (unprovoked), as well as any unlucky family & friends who dropped by our apartment. When you came in the door you were armed with a spray bottle & it was every (wo)man for himself. Having grown up without a mother Lucy lacked certain social skills that she should have learned as a young kitten making her clueless about the differences between play and rough play. She was downright aggressive and after several phone calls (& visits) with the fostering department & the vet we were armed with pamphlets, websites & tactics. It took several months, lots of TLC and heaps of patience but our little monster has turned into a balanced, happy, calm, purring machine. Who knew?!? We have since adopted her and are so happy she's part of our family! There is nothing more rewarding than coming home to her chirping away and weaving between our legs. So thank you THS for Lucy and for giving her a second chance at life. We love her so much!


June 10th, 2010

"I am writing to say thank you for helping to bring a delightful young kitten into my life. last year I went to the Victoria Park location and found an adorable, tiny and vulnerable, 3 month old Calico. It had been a year since my dog had passed and I felt it was time to bring some life into my home and help out an animal in need. Her trusting and sweet personality made it easy to give her a home and now almost a year later, she has grown and become a delightful and sweet member of the household. She has a trusting nature and ability to say hello and get friendly with pretty much any animal she has met while visitors come and go or during her visits to the vet.

Thanks for your services and 'Koffee' thanks you too from that happy little heart of hers. She truly has been a healing experience after losing my dog and has definitely made a bond that will last a long time.

My best to all the great people that make the Humane Society what it is."



June 8th, 2010

"Hi everyone! It's me Kara!! I just dropped by to thank you for helping me find the bestest forever home,... Ever! I'm very happy, my Vet. says I'm healthy and my Mom and Dad say I'm Absolutely Wonderful!! I know your busy, I'll let you get back to your work, I just wanted you to know I truly appreciate all the help you gave to me when I was alone. Wet Kisses, Kara"