The Toronto Humane Society does not currently have a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. At this time, we are unable to accept wild animals into our care.

Injured or abandoned animals must be taken to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. If you have found a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal in distress, please contact the Toronto Wildlife Centre Hotline: 416-631-0662, or visit their website at www.torontowildlifecentre.com.

Before taking an animal to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, please take some time to read the information provided on the Toronto Wildlife Centre website. Do not take a wild animal to a Rehabilitation Facility before first contacting the facility by phone. It is very common for well-meaning members of the public to mistake an animal for being in need of rehabilitation when it is better off being left in its natural environment. The Rehabilitation staff will be able to council you over the phone as to the best course of action for the animal you have found.

Thank you for caring for our diverse native wildlife. Help us to keep wild animals wild!