THS Wish List

If you or your organization would like to help the animals in our care, here is an updated wish list. We have abbreviated our list to the items most in need. But if you have items to donate that are not on the list, call us at 416-392-2273.

For the Foster Department:
Puppy pads, new leashes, reusable bags, plastic uncovered litter boxes and scoopers, kitchen scales (so foster parents can weight their immature foster kittens!)

For the Feline Behaviour Department:
Wand toys, furry mice, scratch pads, kitty beds (for our longer stay felines), drinking fountain for our communal cat room

For the Canine Behaviour Department:
Peanut butter for kongs! Treats, dog beds, dog crates of all sizes, kiddie pools (to use as whelping boxes for our birthing mums)

For the Special Species Department:
Critter Nation Cage (double cage)
Large Flight Cages for Birds (1/2 inch bar spacing)
150 gallon or larger Stock Tanks (for turtles)
Wooden Chinchilla Ledges ("Sleep-N-Ledge," "Leap-N-Ledge") and "Lava Ledges"
Wooden & Willow Chew Toys (for small mammals & birds)
Largest Diameter Plastic Tunnels (for rabbits)
Shredding and Chewing Toys for birds
Rabbit-sized Plush Toys (for surrogate partners for single rabbits) - no squeaking/noise-making toys
Extra-Large Saucer Wheels for Chinchillas

For the Adoption Department:
Pens, plastic clipboards, digital picture frames (to highlight our adoptable animals during off-site adoptions), bright kitty collars (to highlight our overlooked black cats), pet costumes!

Something else to consider:  we are always looking for gently used towels and blankets (for bedding), leashes and collars of all sizes and dry cat food is always in high demand for our food bank

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