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Humane Champion

By becoming a Humane Champion, you are helping to strengthen the Human-Animal bond and ultimately improve the lives of animals. As a thank-you for your commitment to supporting our cause, you can choose what type of program updates you would like to receive. These updates will let you know how generous gifts, like yours, impact the lives of animals at Toronto Humane Society and in the community. 

The cost to provide care to each pet who comes through our doors averages around $2,500. As you know, we rely on donations to support the programs we have available, and monthly donations are a great way to help Improve the Lives of Animals. We do not receive government funding to run any of our programs.  

Help Improve the Lives of Animals. Become a Humane Champion today.   

Humane Champion

As a Humane Champion, you directly impact the lives of thousands of animals in-need. It is through your monthly support that thousands of animal’s lives are improved each and every year.

Did you know that the average cost to care for an animal at Toronto Humane Society is over $2,000 per animal? Each day we deliver best in class, quality care for each animal who needs us.  For some animals this can mean life-saving surgery, for others it means providing a roof over their head while they await their forever home. By becoming a Humane Champion, each month you are contributing directly to the care provided to animals who need it most.

The selfless contributions from donors like you have a direct impact on the programs we have designed which aim to improve animal welfare and help to expand our impact beyond our building alone. It is with your help that we can increase the number of animals’ lives we improve each and every day. Without you, we would not be able to run all the life-saving programs and services offered at Toronto Humane Society.

Become a Humane Champion today.

What Your Monthly Donations Support

Toronto Humane Society has evolved into an animal care organization that stretches beyond the bounds of a shelter. Our Humane Champions allow us to support the community at large through various programs such as:

Our Public Veterinary Service clinic offers high-quality, high-volume services to animals in need. Available services include vaccines, microchipping, dental services and spay/neuter services. Through our public veterinary service clinic we also offer a free Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program which attends to the medical needs of community cats.

Our Urgent Care program provides temporary housing for pets whose owners are facing immediate, temporary hardships. Reasons pets are admitted to the program range from an owner who is having housing instability, is fleeing domestic violence or needs to be hospitalized/admitted to receive treatment.

The Animal Transfer Program re-locates animals to our location here in Toronto from a variety of locations and shelters that may not have the capacity to care for them.

The Pet Parent Support Network is an interactive database that provides pet owners support, guidance and resources. This network also helps to mitigate pet abandonment when alternatives to surrender can be provided thus keeping pets out of the shelter.

Donations from our Humane Champion program also contribute to funding new research studies and advancement initiatives that help to improve animal welfare for animals everywhere.

Who Your Monthly Donations Support

As a Monthly Donor, you are teaming up with Toronto Humane Society to Improve the Lives of Animals everywhere. Your support is invaluable to the work we do everyday to protect animals – animals like these. Please click on their image to read their stories. 

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