Holiday Wish List - Daisy

Daisy’s Holiday Wish List

| December 17, 2021

Send the pets in our care a gift this holiday season

Our animals have written their letters and are waiting to send them out to the North Pole. They are hoping that someone special will find their letters and fulfil their wishes. Here is 7-year-old Daisy’s letter:

“Hi, I’m Daisy – yup, like the flower! Do you like flowers? You probably do because you like everyone. Except naughty cats. But I am a nice cat! One of my favourite things to do is climb my tree and play with my toys. I love, love, love toys! Feathery ones, stringy ones, plush ones – they’re all fun. So, this year I’d like more toys, please. Oh, and a new plush blanket for snuggles. It’s getting cold! At the top of my wish list is to find my forever family so that I can get limitless attention with full-body brushings as frequently as my heart desires.”  

It feels good to give. Especially when it does so much good for animals in-need. By sending Daisy a gift, you are doing more than filling her wish list, you’re giving her a gift of hope by reminding her, and other pets in our care, that their forever homes are just around the corner and that they’re deeply loved this holiday season.

In return for your gift, you’ll receive a personalized thank you letter with photos that will warm your heart better than any hot cocoa could.