Shelter Camp

The Toronto Humane Society works with Pawsitively Pets to provide an educational and interactive day camp program for children age 7 to 11.

Shelter camp provides campers with a behind the scenes experience at the Toronto Humane Society. Focusing on humane education, campers will explore the relationship between humans and animals and learn all about how the shelter operates. With vet clinic tours, animal interactions, enrichment and learning how to be an animal ambassador your child will gain an experience that will teach them empathy, caring and responsibility for living things, and a solid education of responsible pet ownership.

Shelter camp works solely with the animals living at the Toronto Humane Society so animal interactions will vary based on what animals are living at the shelter at the time and the suitability to interact with children.

A day at camp will include animal education, enrichment, socialization of pocket pets, cats, kittens and dogs, learning about different animal species, lifespans and care requirements.

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