Pets as gifts

Giving Pets as Gifts

| December 17, 2021

The Holiday Season makes us more open to grand gestures with our gift giving. We want to shock, surprise, and move those we love. What better way to do this than with a surprise pet?

Skip the surprise

It is so important for people to do their homework before considering bringing a pet home for the Holiday Season. The realities of pet ownership can come as a surprise to new pet owners, once the excitement and novelty has worn off. Pets of any species are a serious responsibility, each with their own specific needs. Pet owners must have the time, the energy, and the dedication to care for their animal appropriately.

Additionally, costs should be considered as well.  At the very minimum, every pet needs food, supplies, and annual visits to their veterinarian. Not to mention unexpected costs, such as visits to the vet in the event of an accident or illness.

No matter what time of year, Toronto Humane Society will always support animals finding their forever homes. At the same time,  we do not support giving pets as gifts.We instead encourage families to consider the commitment required before bringing an animal home for the holidays to set adopters best up for success.

If you and your family have thought long and hard about bringing home an animal, visit our adoption page to find your new family member!