Happy Tails - Gremlin


| August 14, 2023
Happy Tails

I adopted Gremlin (formerly Twix) about two weeks ago and wanted to give an update on how he is doing!

After thinking about a name for him that suits him best for a week I have finally decided on Gremlin as that is the true energy he gives. I originally chose him in the shelter because of his nonstop purrs and biscuit-making, and I can assure you that hasn’t changed. At home, he immediately found his voice and he sure does have a lot of opinions that need to be said! I have found that he needs attention at all times and he needs it right away!

He has made many attempts to play with his new ferret brother Noodle but unfortunately, Noodle feels he is coming off too strong and is unsure about him as he is much larger. Still, both continue to be very curious about each other. Noodle has been alone for a long time and will need time to adjust to this new ball of energy that tries to steal his food all the time! With time, I am sure they will enjoy being two chaotic balls of energy together!

Thank you so much for everything and helping me bring Gremlin into my life!

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