Humane Champion - Fendi


| April 19, 2023

Fendi was six months old when she was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society. She had been limping for two months and x-rays showed a fracture in the left hip. Considering how uncomfortable she must have been, she was very friendly and relaxed during her intake examination although she squirmed when bloodwork was taken.

Our amazing medical team performed a surgery called an FHO or femoral head ostectomy which aims to restore pain-free mobility by removing the head and neck of the femur (the broken bone bits).

Fendi had a tough time recovering from her surgery. Her pain was well managed, but she had no appetite for two days. Our medical team monitored her around the clock and adjusted her medications to make her as comfortable as possible. By day three, Fendi was up for cuddles and eating very well. Fendi will still need some recuperation time in our care before she is ready for adoption.

Thank you for sponsoring Fendi through this very difficult time. She will remain in our care until our medical team gives the “all-clear” that she is ready to take on her new life!

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