Mr. Paws

| April 24, 2021

Name and photo of pets and guardians changed to protect privacy. 

Meet Mr. Paws, a cuddly and friendly black-and-white cat just short of six years who’s a big fan of forehead scratches. His guardian, Leroy, needed to travel for a few months in order to receive medical treatment, and didn’t have anyone who could take their beloved pet while they were unavailable.  

Toronto Humane Society was able to help Mr. Paws and their guardian through our Urgent Foster Care program. Mr. Paws was brought to Toronto Humane Society and assessed by our medical staff. The foster family that took in Mr. Paws was given supplies and pertinent information to make Mr. Paws comfortable as they adjusted to their new, temporary home. 

Regular updates were given to Leroy and when Leroy was finally home and able to care for Mr. Paws, they were re-united. 

Leroy said, “You are simply excellent, I only saw great and professional assistance and special care for my cat, thank you so much.”

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