Let’s Give Animals a Voice This Election

| September 3, 2021

Canada’s upcoming Federal Election is the perfect opportunity to fight for animals, their welfare, and improve their lives through strong legislation.

Know who is standing up for animals

Naturally, no party or politician would be “against” making the world a better place for animals. But actions speak louder than words.

It is important as voters to do our research and make informed decisions based on each party’s platform and past records. This can help you and other animal lovers decide which party truly has animal interests at heart.

To help guide voters and create a unified call for action, Humane Canada has launched their Policy Platform. They have also included their Election Toolkit, a comprehensive guide that will, among other things, help you stay engaged with those who need your vote.

Let us all get behind the animals this year and show our representatives that animal welfare is not a secondary issue, but one that is important for most Canadians.