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January 26, 2021

About 13 years ago I adopted my first cat from Toronto Humane Society, and we had 13 beautiful years together. After we lost our little angel in December to lymphoma, we missed having a sweet, little friend to love and snuggle. I knew how wonderful my experience had been previously and we wanted to work with Toronto Humane Society again to find our next little cat friend.

The team was as helpful and lovely as I remembered, even amidst a global pandemic and lockdowns that limited the usual process. They discussed with me the characteristics of the kitties I saw online and helped us figure out which little cutie would be a good fit for our family.

Enter Pebbles, the sweetest calico kitty we’d ever seen! Upon having our virtual meeting, we knew right away that she was exactly the right fit for our family. The adoption process was made a breeze by the staff and her transition to her new home was smoother than we ever could’ve imagined. Even from the first day we felt her love and affection.

Pebbles has been everything we want in a new kitty companion. She loves her new bed but loves snuggling more. Our beautiful little girl has the loudest, cutest purr and is amazingly cuddly. It truly feels like she was meant to be a part of our lives and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to spend a lifetime loving her.

Thank you again to Toronto Humane Society for making this all possible. Everyone has been wonderful, and we are forever grateful to you all for bringing both our sweet girls into our lives. You all do such amazing work, and we feel so lucky to have found our beautiful kitty with your help.

Chonk and LB

Chonk and LB

January 22, 2021

January 19th was Chonk and LB’s 2-year adoptaversary, but it feels like they’ve been our babies forever.

We’ve grown so close as a family and we can’t imagine our lives without them. Last year they became West Coast kitties – here are some of their adventures.

We like to hang out at parks and at the beach. We live downtown so they’re a close walk for us. The boys love being by the water and watching all the birds from their little pods. We once stayed at an Airbnb in the mountains. We’re also leash-training so they can explore more. And even though we left, we’re still cheering for the Raptors! Thank you again for bringing all of us together.

Lalo and Yumemi

Lalo and Yumemi

January 21, 2021

Late 2020 we began the virtual process to adopt kittens Lalo and Yumemi (formally Russet and Auburn). Toronto Humane Society staff were amazing through the whole process. We could not be happier with the communication and service.

Both Lalo and Yumemi love to play individually and wrestle together. Lalo, the male sibling, loves to swat and carry his favourite toy (springs), while his sister, Yumemi, chases around the red beam from a laser pointer.

We know when it’s feeding time around here - they let us know when they are hungry with a chorus of meows. They love to cuddle with us early in the morning, late at night and follow us everywhere we go.

Being first time cat owners, we were concerned with how they would adjust and our ability to train them. Much to our surprise, and relief, it was them that train us. They are playful, obedient, and well-mannered little kittens. We are glad we received both, together, because they help each other burn off energy and become more confident in their everyday adventures. Thank you so much Toronto Humane Society!



January 20, 2021

My name is Philly Boles and here is my Happy Tails story.

After talking about getting a dog for many years, mommy, daddy and big brother decided to go take a drive into Toronto to “just take a look” at Toronto Humane Society. They saw many dogs and put their name down for 2 different dogs, but they got adopted by other families which made mommy and daddy very sad, but the nice Toronto Humane Society lady said, “Let me show you this cute black lab.”

I came from a shelter in Alabama. I was very nervous and scared when mommy and daddy saw me for the first time. Mom, Dad and big brother had to wait a few days while I get a small surgery and then they could come and get me. November 21, 2018, I left Toronto Humane Society and started my new life of being a spoiled dog.

I get to do everything with my family. We go for LOTS of walks and long hikes on the weekend. They make holidays fun and I get to be included in them all. I was top of my training class because I am so smart. I also have a dog walker, so I have a group of friends I get to see every day.

I’m so glad that Mommy and Daddy found me. They tell me that they love me a million times a day. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for finding me my forever home.

Pompom and Toto

Pompom and Toto

January 18, 2021

We adopted Pompom and Toto (formerly Bootsie and Vango) on December 27, 2020. When we expressed interest in Pompom and found she was bonded to Toto, well we knew it was meant to be.

Toto is definitely the braver of the two. She adjusted very quickly to our family with three young children and is an indiscriminate cuddler. She will cuddle any and everyone.

Pompom is shyer and a discerning accepter of pets. She loves a good pet (even on the tummy) just when she’s feeling it. She also loves to eat and chat.

They are both gentle, affectionate, amateur wrestlers and sprinters. My daughter likes to ask, “how did we get the cutest cats?” I don’t know, but we’re very grateful. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for all you do!

Here is a photo of their “cuddle puddle”.



January 14, 2021

Bandit (formerly known as Hickok) lived until he was 14. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have such great rescue dogs (I also adopted Merlin in 1997 from Toronto Humane Society).

Bandit was brought up to a farm upon adoption, in 2011, and was introduced to horses. He loved running around he loved to get up in the morning and help. We went on many walks and explored.

After the farm life, he moved with me to a subdivision in Barrie. He tried agility classes and was very good at it. He was my kayaking partner and got comfortable on the water. We explored the woods and the many trails in the area on our many walks. He got to go camping and learned to love car

His passing was peaceful. For some the loss is too much. But for me, I’m so happy I was able to give him a great life and I will do it over again in a heartbeat.



January 13, 2021

Horton is enjoying the stay-at-home rules - only one friend over and social distancing.

This little guy who was tagged as 7 years old less than two years ago, but he is actually 13 years old now.

I love him and would not be sane during this extraordinary time. I cannot thank you all enough for allowing Horton to move in with me and order me about – he wakes me up at 4am in the morning for little face kisses, his face not mine. I bend to his every command. He is the main man.



January 12, 2021

It has been 5 weeks already since we adopted Max and he has settled right in.

With the coming of the snow, we have seen a side of Max that is new to us. He loves the snow! He will shove his whole face into it and eat as much as he can. He also loves to zoom around the yard in the snow.

He is obsessed with squirrels and can spend hours watching them from a window or chasing them around the yard. He is sweet, smart, curious, and very quiet - but when he does bark, it is a ferocious one. He came to us with a lot of tricks and he’s also learning new ones. He loves his walks and has been
exploring a lot of different places.

We cannot thank Toronto Humane Society enough for letting us adopt him. We consider him to be our best Christmas present ever. The two of us are looking forward to a lot of years of adventures with this this lovebug. 2020 has been hard for a lot of people, we consider Max a ray of sunshine in
our lives.



January 11, 2021

Even though Willy has only been with us for a couple of months, we cannot imagine our lives without him.

Willy has been exploring the various parks Ontario has to offer. Whilst he is still quite reactive to other dogs, squirrels, racoons, skunks, and the occasional snowman, he seems to be calming down. Every walk is a learning experience for both of us, and a great workout to get rid of the holiday bulge.

We are working on getting him to interact with other dogs. Willy has made a friend who he has regular playdates with. We have also done some controlled introductions at the nearby dog park.

Even though he is a little crazy on walks, at home he is the perfect companion to chill out with and watch a movie. Willy is an angel in the house - a bit of a lazy angel who snores, but nevertheless it is great to come home to his lovely face and wagging tail.

Thank you very much Toronto Humane Society for allowing us to adopt Willy - we love him to bits.



January 08, 2021

We adopted Brook in May 2013 after we had an immediate connection with her when visiting Toronto Humane Society. She was about 5 when we adopted her and was quite small, perky and curious. She came from a hoarding environment and had FIV but we decided to adopt her because her personality was so charming. She did not disappoint! We were told she might need a few days to adjust to life in her new home, but within minutes of arriving she had already explored our condo, even the bathtub, and she was snuggling us on the couch.

She was a constant warm and loving companion who was with us through our wedding, the adoption of our second cat, the purchase of our house, and the birth of our son. She adapted so well to everything.

Her favourite activities included toasty naps by the fireplace, looking out the window to see birds and squirrels, snuggling on our laps, basking in a patch of sunlight, getting her belly warmed on an air vent, and rolling around on the bed while we were trying to make it.

She passed away at around 12 years old, at the start of January 2021. While we are sad that she is no longer with us, we are so grateful to have met her and shared so many years with her.

To others thinking of adopting a cat, we’ll hope you consider taking home an adult cat or one with FIV. Brook gave us so much joy and we wouldn’t change a thing.