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November 21, 2019

We adoped Arlo when he was 5 1/2 months old. We had already adopted another rescue from Tennessee a year and a half earlier and weren’t really looking to adopt a second dog. But then we saw him. A white, tan and black fluff ball with floppy ears, that was full of beans, joy and exuberance. It was love at first sight! We wondered how such an amazing puppy was still available for adoption. After our meet and greet, where Arlo showered us with hugs and kisses, literally bowling us over with his love for life, we took him to his new fur-ever home.

Arlo has been a roller coaster ride of love. Despite his many health challenges, he has run, romped, rough-housed…and ravaged our hearts. We love him to pieces! We always say he’s such a character, and still such a silly puppy, especially when he’s trying to catch bees! His furry brother Blue couldn’t imagine life without him-they’re two peas in a pod-and two partners in crime!

We are all so very honoured that Arlo chose us as his (not so furry) family. He has made our lives infinitely richer by his goofy, yet astonishingly intelligent, presence. Every day he teaches us about resilience and determination. Every day he reminds us to be present and grateful for the next moment, the next adventure. Arlo is the gift that takes a licking, but keeps on giving. Thank you for being in our lives, Arlo!