Happy Tails

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Ash and Sabrina

Ash and Sabrina

February 13, 2019

Six months ago, we adopted pair of cats that bonded together while at THS - Ash and Sabrina. Because they were both rescued from off the streets, they were incredibly shy when we took them home. The first few weeks were a struggle, I admit, as we worried whether we were doing the best we could.

Six months later, I am excited to say that they are now happy and comfortable with us! Ash, our beautiful slate-grey boy, has learned to love getting his bum scratched, getting his fur brushed, and playing with toys. He’s a real charismatic little fella! Sabrina, our little tabby girl, is shyer and still wary of physical contact. However, she will show us her belly, eat in front of us, and accept treats. A particularly momentous thing happened today: Sabrina ate some treats directly out of my hand, and even licked my fingers after! What a long way she’s come from hiding in the most inaccessible spots she can find.

Although these two didn’t meet each other until they were brought to THS, they are definitely brother and sister now—eating together, sleeping together, grooming each other, and more. We are so pleased to have given them a loving home and the chance to experience some security and stability. We’re so honoured to have earned their trust. Here’s to many happy years ahead! ‚Äč