Happy Tails

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January 02, 2017

Hi there,

And a Happy 2017 from a family full of two happy cats, two happy dogs and two happy humans!

We adopted our latest family member “Balto” (previously known as Wilbur) only four days ago, but could not possibly imagine our lives without him anymore! He is such a smart and good-natured pup, full of confidence, happiness and loyalty! Our other dog Lucky was a rescue himself, also from your shelter (his name was Furrest then). They both share similar stories: living on the street up north in a native reserve. Maybe that is why they bonded so well and quickly.

Lucky is the best adoptive big brother any pup could have, and Balto follows in his footsteps, literally.

Those two are not the only beautiful souls we found in your shelter, our oldest animal, Diego (previously known as Tobias) comes from there as well, we adopted him 2.5 years ago. He has been in good company of dogs and, since December 2015, of a little kitten Lulu, adopted from a Mississauga shelter.

We are a multispecies family/pack that is full of energy, love and laughter. Thanks so much for all the great work you guys do!!!


Marion and Ayana. (and of course Diego + Lulu, Lucky + Balto).