Happy Tails

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February 27, 2017

He’s awesome! Remember the surprise bags with sweets? Banjo is the same. Under his towel as he used to like it I didn’t know what I was getting. And it was three months since Ashley (a cat I adopted via THS) died. Banjo loves pets and he likes it when I brush his fur.

For the first two weeks my comforter was his ...if you know what I mean…and he hide under it & he used it as his bed and sometimes created a bed with it on the floor.

He doesn’t hide much now. And as I have gotten to know him I got the impression that his previous owners were not gentle. Banjo needs a gentle and loving parent. That’s me.

During the night when it’s sleepy time for me he runs around in my bedroom. I gently tell him that mama needs her sleep and he stops!

I am keeping him until the day he goes to Heaven and joins Ashley. These two are my family forever!