Happy Tails

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April 21, 2017


Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I feel lucky to have the cats thst I’ve had.

I for sure feel that way about Banjo. The first time I visited him he was in the Cat Communal Room hidden under a bath towel. One of the volunteers set me to meet him and he went from under the towel to the cardboard box. The time with him I was able to see that he was a gentle soul.

He still is. He is playful with another kitty in the home. He He plays with another indoor cat every day. Different times of the day, too.

Banjo loves it when I brush his fur. He even stretches his body and I can brush more of it!

Most moments with him are as you see in this picture: Banjo likes to be close to mama. He doesn’t mind when I hug him while he lies next to me.

He’s a teddy bear of love!