Happy Tails

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September 24, 2018

It’s Belle (formerly known as Elvira) letting you know how my first two weeks have been. The first week I was an elephant in a china shop, or a kid alone in a candy factory! Man, did I ever keep my owners busy. But I know my new name now. When I arrived I already knew how to sit, but now I have pretty well learnt down, stay, and off. I’m also learning that beds and couches are for humans, and that not EVERYTHING is for me to chew!

I love the cottage life and have four walks a day. Two in the morning to burn off the energy from sleeping all night. I like retrieving sticks and balls from Georgian Bay though I’m still on a leash at all times. I also like being in the water. The chipmunks and red squirrels are just too exciting! We have had some guests to the cottage and I try to bounce around saying hello, then I settle down. I just have to get my wiggles out.

Last week I visited my vet for a meet and greet. She also did the 2nd skin scraping on me, which came back negative. Yea! I just LOVE riding in the car.

After Thanksgiving my owners will be moving back to the house for the winter and they really hope I remember some of my new rules in a new building. I look forward to all my walks in the bush out back of the house. They tell me the track goes through 600 acres!

Thank you for helping my owners to choose me…a southern Belle! ‚Äč