Happy Tails

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April 02, 2017

Hey THS,

I was reading the newsletter today and got to picture next to the second article and thought… Hold on, I know that fuzzy little face it’s the one that is currently sleeping next to me! It’s the one that my grandmother calls “the big one with all the colours” or as I know her, Bernice! It’s been a year since I saw that same picture on your website and read her blurb. I thought my house would be perfect for her, it’s quiet and calm and I must say it’s working out very well. She’s definitely a kitty who needs to build trust before being affectionate, but I now call her “lap fungus” because once she sits on you, you’re pinned for hours. If she’s not on a lap her favourite thing is to find any clothing that may have fallen to the floor. She likes it so much I’ve started leaving things lying around so that she has somewhere new and fun to sit. She also really enjoys her Catnip Ravioli and a little pink pom-pom, both of which get lost daily and can usually be found under the couch or tv cabinet.

Below left is a picture of our first night. After hiding in the closet for a few hours she finally came out for a nap. To this day I can’t tell if the paw was affection or so she could keep tabs on where I was. Either way, still super cute. The other picture is from this summer. She and I were sitting on the balcony watching birds. She loves watching the little birds that come to visit and when she gets super excited she hisses at them. Which I find hilarious.

I just thought you’d enjoy an update on her new(ish) home!