Happy Tails

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November 02, 2018

​Last Thursday, my fiancé and I lost my best friend, Bluebell. We adopted him as a special needs cat in 2014 from THS when he was 8.

This little guy jumped right into my fiancé‘s lap when we first opened the cage at THS, and seemed desperate for us to take him home. He needed a lump removed, and all of his teeth, and we had to foster him at first. He had numerous issues, but he always had a playful and loving attitude. He loved his wand and play-wrestling with my hand, we gave him shrimps for snacks. At first, we were told he might have to be put down, but after a couple of years he was a vibrant, friendly, healthy cat.

I took a job in New York in 2016, and my fiancé moved to her parents’ to finish school. We decided the best thing for Bluebell was for him to move with me, so he took his only plane flight!

Since then, he has been my whole world. Every morning he would wake me up, we would cuddle before I left for work; he’d be at the door waiting for me to pick him up, and he’d be first to bed, waiting for me to hold him.
Thank you THS for providing me with the best friend I’ve ever had. As much as I hurt now, it is because he gave us something to look forward to every day, and loved us (and us him) with every moment.

He was perfect, and changed my life forever.