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October 17, 2019

My new kitten Blueberry (formerly Calleloo) has been doing so well since I brought him home in August.

My other cat Ser Pounce, whom I adopted from THS in May, started showing signs of anxiety while I was at work, so I knew I had to get him a buddy. Little Blueberry was the sweetest little fuzzy bean that I thought would fit right in. It only took about 2 days until Ser Pounce warmed up to his new kitten pal and they have been inseparable ever since, forever running and playing, cuddling or giving each other licks, they are best buddies.

Two cats are so much better than one! They both bring me so much joy between Ser Pounce being a cuddly lap cat, and Blueberry’s goofiest kitten antics I’m so happy to have them both.