Happy Tails

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January 07, 2015

Hi there!

I just wanted to send you a quick note regarding our recent adoption of ‘Bobcat’ from the Society on December 21.

We are so incredibly happy to have Bob, as he now goes by, in our home! He is so sweet and loves to cuddle, and even to be picked up and held like a baby, which I have never seen before in a cat! Bob immediately explored our condo to discover his new environment, and rubbed up against our legs and ‘head butted’ us throughout. He always lets us know when he wants attention, and he has loved meeting our extended family for visits. Bob loves to look out the windows, and found himself a bed right near the window in our bedroom. Likely due to my love to talk to him, Bob has become very chatty and meows lots to take part in our conversations at home.

We are so thankful for all of the hard work of the staff and volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society. The volunteer notes on Bobcat’s cage when we walked through were so spot on and really helped us to make our perfect choice.

Bob has also been to our local vet twice, and we are happy to announce that he now has a clean bill of health - his ears are much better, no head tilt, and he is so happy to be off of antibiotics. Bob is also on track with his weight loss plan, and loves to play and impress us with ‘backflips’ when we play with his new ‘fishing rod’.

I have attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure! Bob loves to scratch, but has been VERY good at not scratching furniture, and instead took fondly to his ‘chaise lounge’ scratch pad and scratching post.

Thanks again for all of your hard work, and for helping us to find Bob! We love him SO much!

Jess, Kyle, and Bob