Happy Tails

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November 18, 2018

​Just wanted to give you a long overdue update on Bowie (aka Caramilk). She was adopted her from the Paws in the Park event in July. We’d been following the husky-mix puppies for sometimes and were so excited when they were finally up for adoption (got there at 8am)! It was a tough choice between Bowie and her 3 adorable sisters that Saturday morning but we haven’t regretted a thing.

Bowie is the sweetest, most adorable well-behaved pupper in the world. We are loving every day with her. She loves long walks through High Park, playing with her friends at the dog park, chewing ice or a bone with some PB in it and playing her with puppy BFF at our dog-friendly office, Newton. Bowie totally aced her puppy training course and everyone constantly comments on how well-behaved and chill she is, especially for a puppy. We couldn’t agree more.

As you may or may not remember, we also adopted the sweetest cat in the world from THS in the Spring named Bohemian. While he is great with other cats, we quickly learned he does not care for dogs. It’s definitely been an adjustment for him but he’s slowly coming around to Bowie. We are constantly trying to make sure he has as much attention as ever and knows he is still very loved and in charge. Bo(hemnian) is such a chatty little angel and we look forward to moving to a larger house up north where they have more space to share.

Anyways, just wanted to share our story and may thanks. THS does so much amazing work and we are so happy to support them. Bowie has grown so much (just over 5 months now)! You can also follow her on Instagram at @bowiethehuskymixpup.

Thanks for all that you do Toronto Humane Society, these animals are so lucky to have such a great organization. Take care.