Happy Tails

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February 21, 2020

I wanted to write to the you, the Toronto Humane Society, to thank you. I didn’t know walking into the Humane Society July 2006 would change my life forever! I thought I was walking into to save a life but actually, Buddy saved mine. He was with me through all my ups and downs. We had 15 wonderful years together and I hope he was happy with the life I was able to provide for him. I believe Buddy was my guardian angel and we were meant to meet the day I walked through those doors.

My baby Buddy peacefully passed away in my arms January 29, 2020 after 15 amazing, definitely not long enough years. It’s been extremely difficult to cope with his loss, he was my everything. I am grateful and blessed that he chose me to be his mommy that day and I am thankful to the Humane Society for allowing me the privilege and honour to adopt the most amazing and wonderful dog, my best friend, Buddy.