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February 19, 2017

Casper was adopted from THS in Dec 2003 (after years of begging our parents for a dog!). When our parents finally relented, we went to THS to adopt a young Sheltie we saw online. By the time we got there, we found out it had already been adopted to another family! One of your staff members saw my sisters and I crying and told us he had an even more perfect dog. He came out with our Casper – a rambunctious 1 and a half year old American Eskimo Dog. Fate intervened that day – who knew we would be so lucky as to adopt such an amazing dog!

At the time I was only 10 years old. We grew up with one another and I can’t recall many memories that Casper isn’t a part of. When we were younger, I could always count on Casper for a game of soccer or fetch, even though both games usually ended with us chasing him around the backyard because he never understood the “retrieve and give back” part of the game. He was always bounding with energy and his endless laps around the backyard would always put a smile on my face. At the end of a long and playful day, he would sleep outside our bedroom doors as if to protect us and keep a watchful eye.

As we grew up, so did Casper. He began to enjoy the more silent moments of life – going on walks through the ravine with my dad or sitting on the dock at the cottage.

He was a young dog at heart his whole life, constantly challenging us to keep up with him. He was with me on my first day of high school, my first day of university, my first day of work and everything in between. With a simple hug, the stress of everyday life seemed to melt away. His goofy personality could easily lighten up any situation and his greatest quality was his ability to put a smile on your face. February is the 1 year anniversary of his passing but there is not a day that goes by he is not in our thoughts. Thank you THS for letting us meet our best friend some 13 years ago. Casper was a once in a lifetime dog!


Kathryn, Sabrina & Caroline Vizl