Happy Tails

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December 09, 2013

After we lost our 15 year old Jack Russell, Joan, and mother to Jane (pictured here) we felt Jane needed a companion. We visited the Humane Society in January 2012 and a staff member (I’m sorry I can’t remember her name) helped me find a good match for Jane.

I even brought Jane into the THS to spend time with several dogs we were considering. As you can see the Vizela cross who we named Charley was a perfect match and became firm friends and very tolerant of Jane !

Jane died last summer at 14 years old and now Charley is a solo dog so I suppose at some point we will visit the THS to find a companion for Charley - she is an affectionate, very sweet and energetic dog who we love having in our lives. Jane loved her too.

Thank you!