Happy Tails

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September 14, 2018

I adopted Chester from the Toronto Humane Society on August 30th, just over two weeks ago. He got accustomed to our home very quickly and has already found his favourite places to sleep or just “chill out”. This photo was taken on one of the spare beds he likes and has become quite attached to this comforter, which was my late mother’s favourite. That’s the reason I wanted to forward this photo as the first one from his new forever home. My 89 year old father just adores Chester, and the feeling is mutual as Chester always comes to greet him every morning.

I am so happy that I came to the THS on the day that I did and was introduced to Chester. I knew he’d be perfect here and it definitely turned out that way!

I hope all the animals at the THS get adopted and find their forever homes too. All the staff and volunteers should be commended for doing a stellar job each and every day! ‚Äč