Happy Tails

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February 28, 2019

‚ÄčThe first week with Chibi (aka Trigger) was great!

The first two days I had a makeshift bed on the ground and slept on the floor near him at night and that helped us bond really fast! Within the first few hours of bringing him home he met my then only other cat, Pumpkin. It took them a few weeks to really click and get along, but I’m happy to say that each day their friendship grows and they are good friends now! Chibi will follow Pumpkin around like her shadow. He’s never more than two feet away from her. Anything she does, he has to do too; when Pumpkin naps, Chibi naps, when she runs around, he runs around, when she looks outside the window, he looks outside the window.

6 months before Chibi came along we had another kitty but he passed away from heart complications and it shattered our hearts. Pumpkin was clearly in a depression that was making her more nervous, specifically with loud or unfamillar sounds, and scared when she was/thought she was alone. Chibi, our new loving boy, has helped bring Pumpkin out of her shell and every day she’s becoming more confident in general and less nervous.

Chibi is growing into a curious, confident, playful, vocal, cuddly boy. With any kitten there was a learning curve but he is a really smart boy who has learned how to sit, stand up, come over, and not to poop in my plants.

I am so happy that I met this little kitten, he is the perfect little guy for Pumpkin and I and we love him very much.

Thank you Toronto Humane Society for all the work you do!