Happy Tails

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Chloe and Pepsi

Chloe and Pepsi

May 23, 2016

Chloe came before me by a little over a months time but she didn’t like me much at first. But then dads mothers health wasn’t the greatest so he got us ready to move and we had to spend time in closer courters then we were used to during the last few weeks at the Toronto residence. We learned to get along very well honestly during that time and now race around playing for the most part.

Daddy took us to Hamilton Ontario where we stayed with his mother and sister for a little since his mother had to have surgery. We then moved once more into the place we are at currently.

Chloe and I adore this new place and just want to laze around or race around depending on our moods!

Daddy recently adopted two guinea pigs from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA who are cute girls but me and Chloe leave them be. Daddy never has to worry we don’t bother then. Only list and watch them sometimes heheh!

We love our daddy and our guinea pig sisters!