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Chloe and Pepsi

Chloe and Pepsi

May 06, 2017

Just wanted to update you all on how Chloe and Pepsi are doing. They are both full of love and purrs. I found out that both of my precious kitties have been declawed which saddens me. Pepsi who was thought to be about 2 years old when I got him a year ago is actually 7! Chloe is a healthy and happy kitty who loves to race around and meow in order to say it’s treat time every few minutes lol. Pepsi is laid back cuddly and full of life. Pepsi has many allergies including fleas so I have to be vigilant about keeping fleas from the home. I also have to watch the food that he eats and things that touch him. So for him it’s good that he doesn’t like human foods because his tummy is so sensitive as is his skin. Poor baby but he is well loved and cared for so he is healthy as can be and happy just like Chloe.

I’ve settled in Hamilton Ontario and live in housing now so things are good for us all. We live in a bachelor so it’s a tight squeeze until we get our one bedroom but both Chloe and Pepsi still have room to race around chasing each other and to just lay down to relax! They are my beloved fur babies along with my four guinea pigs and nothing would make me let go of any of them.