Happy Tails

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Chloe & Pepsi

Chloe & Pepsi

March 20, 2016

Chloe came to live with me on December 28 and has changed tremendously. She is not so scared and furry anymore. I’ve had a friend shave her really mat ridden fur down and I’ll be brushing it constantly in order to keep her hair from matting. Then during the first week of March Pepsi came to join us in our new home.

The first few weeks Chloe and Pepsi didn’t like each other. Well Pepsi is always so chill and relaxed but Chloe who was dealing with major mats was very temperamental with him. She would his and meow at him and swat him with her paws but never has she used claws with him. Now they will lay side by side at my side as long as there is a bit of space between them. Since being shaved of her matted fur, Chloe is a totally different cat who loves to play and be rambunctious now. I love both of my cats very much and wouldn’t trade either of them for any other animal. My little family is now complete until my adoption comes to pass of children. Then I’ll have two cats and some children.

I’ll send more as time goes on since Pepsi is still new to the home. Chloe and Pepsi are spoiled by me and their grandma my mom. She calls them her grand kitties lol