Happy Tails

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January 20, 2016

Chloe has become more and more outgoing as well as she now only gets soft food once a week. She eats her grain free Good Nature cat food from Petsmart like a champ. She adores it and is found crunching often which is good because she was a finicky eater when I got her. She is gaining some weight which is great.

We are bonding very well and when I come home from being out she hides until she hears my voice. Then she comes out mewing for cuddles. She isn’t a lap cat but she will lay beside me or on the top of the couch wanting chin and ear scratches. She will quickly paw you and give a low meow to let you know that she doesn’t wish for anymore petting for the time being. She is becoming less and less jumpy when someone moves their hands or bodies towards her. If strangers come around as I have a nurse come in several times a week to change my dressings from my surgery. She rubs against their legs meowing telling them to stop tending me and pet her lol.

Chloe is my wonderful soulmate who may be eight years old but she acts like a young kitten still. She loves to play with her fish on a stick as well as her other toys. She adores treat time and already knows tricks! She will take treats very gently right from my fingers, sit for a treat as well as climb up onto her back paws and wrap her front paws around my hand no claws and use her nose to nudge the treat out of my hand so she can eat it. She is a clever beautiful wonderful cat who I’ve started calling Glowy Chloe as a nick name and she responded to it. When I got her from THS she had come all the way from Sarnia and gone through several adoptions where she was the only cat left, poor girl.

But that was because she was patiently awaiting me to come in and take her home with me!

Chloe meows at random sometimes but only for short periods of time. I’m keeping an eye out for a second cat that is between 7 months and four or five years of age to be her companion and playmate. I’ve noticed that she seems to be looking for the other cats that were always around here since she has been with me. So I’m looking for the right match for Chloe and I who will complete our family.

She doesn’t even bother my fish who recently passed away but nothing that she did as she ignored the fish!

With Love From Chloe & Skylar