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September 29, 2020

We were told that Duff had severe anxiety, he did not like people, and that there was a good chance he was feral before they got him off the streets. Its been about 6 months now, and the cat that used to hide 24/7 now follows us around the apartment all the time, meowing for pets and playing constantly.

When we first got Duff he was shy and angry. He would hiss every time we looked at him and would swipe at us when we wanted to refill his food. I really want people to know that even the “worst” cats can recover, and Duff is now so friendly and goofy, and a 24/7 source of entertainment.

Duff had a lot of health problems that THS treated him for before we adopted him, and he was also underweight. THS gave us so much information on how to help him get back to a good weight and answered all the questions we had.

Duff was, and sometimes continues to be, a difficult cat to deal with, but the payoff is being able to see how happy he is now. If you’re able, and your house is right, I strongly urge you to adopt a “difficult” cat, because they really need healthy homes and their personalities are so unique once they let them shine.