Happy Tails

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August 20, 2018

On July 1st, 2006, we adopted a dog during the “Adopt-A Thon”. His name was “Mister”, and he had been adopted out twice and returned twice- the second time, after one day! The third time was a charm. We renamed him “Eko”, after the character Mr. Eko on the TV show “Lost”, which was our favourite show.

It wasn’t long before Eko adopted us. For the next 12 years he was part of our family. Our morning walks became the best part of my day. He was always there to greet me when we came home, with a tail wagging and ready to go out for a game of “rope”. Just before I fell asleep most nights I could feel a thud as he landed on the other side of the bed. He would stay there until he heard my wife coming up the stairs when he would move to his spot on the floor.

Every morning after breakfast he would sit in his spot while we made lunch, waiting patiently for his treat- a baby carrot. Eko was a special dog. Our oldest son said he always looked like he was smiling. And he had a will and sprit most humans would envy.

We enjoyed a great life together. But on July 10th this year he was suffering the ravages of age and could hardly walk – he was put down to end his suffering.

We miss him every day. But we will always be grateful for having Eko in my life.