Happy Tails

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Elk and Bear

Elk and Bear

January 13, 2019

​Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary with our girls.

Elk our little blondie has come a long way, she’s gaining her confidence; she walks around the house (at first she would only leave her corner when she had to go out to potty). Now she lays on the couch and comes when called (she loves her liver treats) but always makes sure she has an escape. If she get nervous or uncomfortable she will go into her room. At bedtime she loves to stretch out and get her belly rubs (it’s only a queen, so it’s very tight for us humans), and she hates car rides!!

Bear our little brindle loves her car rides but doesn’t like to be without her sister too long. She’s a lot more confident than Elk and you can see all she wants is to belong. She too loves her liver treats and at bedtime she loves to squeeze in nice and tight in between us and just purrs when she’s getting her rubbings.

When we were originally told that we probably would never be able to touch these dogs, we figured its fine as long as they are happy, safe and at peace but we are glad they were wrong. These girls love to spend time with us, and love their lovings; of course only on their terms.

We still have a long way to go and they will always have their issues but they definitely found their forever home!

We’d like to thank everyone at the THS for helping animals and giving them a safe place.