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October 08, 2020

In July 2019 we were greeted by the friendly staff at Toronto Humane Society. We were given the opportunity to see the kittens who had just been rescued. In that room is where we got to meet Faron (formerly Pan). She instantly connected with her papa and purred like crazy whilst melting like butter in his hands.

Faron is now living her best life right by the water. Everyday she watches the planes leave the airport and the birds fly along the waterfront.

Now that she is a year old, we’ve let her try a variety of food, amongst her favourite are mangos, fresh caught bass, and little licks of milk. Also, she is quite a fan of the Avatar: Last Airbender series.

She is a constant reminder that no matter what has become of 2020, to stay positive and enjoy all the little moments. This photo comes from one of those moments when the city was in lockdown, and she was calmly enjoying the outside whilst sitting on her papa.