Happy Tails

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June 06, 2016


Just wanted to say Thank You to the Toronto Humane Society for all the care and love given to the animals, and specials thanks to Morgan, for making the adoption process a great experience as I’m a first time adopter. The cat I adopted 2 weeks ago is so lovely. A 8 year old female black cat, named Splinter. I renamed her Frimousse (pronounced free-mousse, mousse like in chocolate mousse), Frimousse means Cute Face in French. I know it sounds like free mouse in English… and the pun was not intended at first… but why not? She is a cat after all smile Free Mouse… sounds also like a rallying cry for her feline rights. smile

She has settled very nicely into her new home. The attached are pics I took of her on day 2. The pic where she sleeps on top of a pillow on the empty sofa cracked me up! That was how I found her on the morning after her first night at my place!

She had a cold the first few days but now she is completely recovered. She has started to play a bit, which is nice since she needs to lose a bit of weight. I suspect she is a shy player and only gets into chasing after toys when no one is looking.

She is very mild tempered while being very vocal, which I found very endearing. She seems happy with her new humane LOL.

Once again, thank you very much for introducing me to Frimousse smile