Happy Tails

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January 11, 2017

Good afternoon to all the T.H.S. staff!

I want to give you a fun update about my nine-year-old male cat Garfield.

His former name was Dolce Vita when he was at the Toronto Humane Society’s shelter.

I have attached the two photos above about the pet photos with Santa’s event that occurred in December 2016 there at the Toronto Humane Society; moreover, I have been taking my cat Garfield for pet photos with Santa every December at the animal shelter for almost four years already.

In addition, I have adopted my cat Garfield from the Toronto Humane Society back in October 2013 when he was only six years old.

Because I love my nine-year-old male cat Garfield with all of my heart, I always tell my friends that he is my son and also my best friend. Besides calling him Garfield, I have also been calling him, “my baby.”

Yours truly,

Daisy Maria G. Castaneda