Happy Tails

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January 09, 2020

(Formerly Croissant) Since being in his new home, Garth has grown so much. He has been eating well and discovered the litter box right away with no problems! Garth is a playful kitten (even at 3am) who loves his plastic string toys and wrestling with his stuffed llama toy. In the morning Garth always gives his mommy kisses to wake her up! He also likes to go outside on a leash when the weather was warmer and even enjoys car rides (he feels more comfortably when mommy holds his paw).

Garth loves to watch the water run for some reason and jumps up onto the counter whenever someone has the sink on. He has had so many adventures so far. Thank you for taking such good care of Garth until he got adopted. He is so happy in his new home!