Happy Tails

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June 02, 2016

George (formally Maurice) came home with me late January. His personality bloomed as time went on. He loves to greet you at the door when you come home and demands gentle belly rubs, he loves it more if you lay down with him and continue to show him affection. What a prince.

He’s recently discovered this weird contraption, known to us humans as a sink. He’s still trying to figure out why he hasn’t caught the water yet. He loves to bring you his toys into your bed in the middle of the night, incase you decide to wake up and want to play. Did you know the type of adventures you can have in the bath tub with a foot towel? George does. He also knows how to play tag, albeit, sometimes he doesn’t like to tell you that we started the game. Wouldn’t change a thing.

So full of energy and spunk, he’s my growing curious George.

Thank you THS for making my life complete!